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BRENDA RETURNS + Casting News!

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Brenda Returns! Additional Casting News


In some news that is sure to rock the foundation of Port Charles, the executives at the show have decided after months of speculation, that now is the perfect time for Brenda to return. However.....Vanessa Marcil will not be returning to the show. Instead, TPTB have tapped Emmy Winner Gina Tognoni (ex-Dinah, GL; ex-Kelly, OLTL) to take over the role.

"We asked Vanessa to return," says Jennifer Snyder, the consulting producer for 'Port Charles'. "However after some discussion, we felt it best for her to fulfill her commitment to NBC and 'Las Vegas'. I talked things over with Ryan [Chandler] and we both agreed to no longer pursue Vanessa."

Fortunately the show had a great alternative choice! "We choose Gina because we think she can capture the unique portrayal that Vanessa did, and build on top of that to make the role her own." Ryan Chandler says. "She tested very well with her scene partners and seemed genuinely excited about this new venture. She will work out great."

Now that Brenda is returning, does that mean she'll be with Jax...or Sonny? "Brenda's not in town for either one of them....though her return will surely ruffle their feathers. She comes back to town to help Robin with a series of problems, two in particular that will cause Brenda to stay in town longer than she expected." And how will Carly react? "Carly has other things on her mind besides Brenda, but that could change if she begins to feel threatened. We all know how territorial Carly can get."

"I'm looking forward to reuniting with Laura Wright," says Gina Tognoni. "We had great chemistry on Guiding Light, and i can't wait to recapture that magic here."



In additional casting news, the show has decided to again recast the role of Michael Corinthos III. When asked why the show is recasting, we were told it was for "storyline reasons." Apparently the show wanted to go with a more younger actor and felt that though Bobby Steggert was a good actor, he didn't fit the direction of the character. Former ATWT star Jake Weary (ex-Luke) will take over the role beginning Friday, May 18th.



Also, the show has opted to recast the roles of Serena Baldwin and Hunter Halloway before the actors set in the roles (Ashley Benson & Eric Winter) began taping. "We decided to make the character of Serena older than we originally anticipated. We felt we could get better story with an older actress in the role."

Again, keeping with the trend of picking up former CBS actors, Stephanie Gatschet (ex-Tammy, GL) will take over the role of Serena Baldwin. Hunter will be portrayed by Stephanie's former screen parter on 'Guiding Light' Scott Bailey (ex-Sandy). "We decided we can introduce these two characters together, and give them a backstory and have that play out on screen." Serena & Hunter are romantically involved and will debut on the show together. We have been told that Eric Winter is still being considered for a role coming next year, but nothing is set in stone. The actors are said to be slightly disappointed, but understand that this wasn't a personal decision.


GOING: Kristina Wagner (Felicia) and Lindze Letherman (Georgie) have taped their final scenes. The actresses will last air in three weeks, when the two decide to move back out to Texas. Could Wally Kurth be on his way out? Rumor has it that the actor would like a 6 month break to spend more time with his children.

STAYING: Stuart Damon, Leslie Charleson, Jane Elliot, & Lynn Herring have all extended their contracts with the show. The powers that be wanted to reward the actors for their long years of service with new extended contracts.

RETURNING?: Could Emily be returning? Sources are telling us that PC is gearing up for a big story that might require the presence of the beloved Quartermaine heiress. A former CBS actress was spotted on the set says an anonymous source.

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I must say that these are some great casting choices for these roles. I love me some Gina T! And I can see the role of Michael better w/ a younger actor in the part, and what better part than for Jake Weary to play! :)

Although I am not a big Scott Bailey fan...*ahem*......but good job on Stephanie Gatschet.

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Many reactions are going through my head right now. While I love me Brenda and I totally respect your casting choices, I am just going to pretend in my little Tishy world that it is Vanessa Marcil as Brenda. I love Gina, don't get me wrong. I almost cast her as Carly. So all is good in Tishy world.

So let me SCREAM OUT IN JOY THAT BRENDA IS COMING BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give me some Sonny and Brenda please!!!!!

Ryan Chandler is still my hero

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well well huge shake-ups going on backstage..

my brenda is coming! EEEEEEE! though I'd prefer VM we'll see.. I really would've liked Gina as Carly though.

but i'm glad your bringing her back for Robin and not Sonny & Jax.

So when do we get to see the updated opening?

Stephanie as Serena I can handle.. awwww i dont want Felicia to leave, l flove KW.

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