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Endgame- Episode 30
Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sonny used the phone in the office at the warehouse and called Jason. Unfortunately all he got was Jason’s voice mail. He was unavailable, again. This was becoming a habit and Sonny didn’t like it.

“Max!” Sonny called and Max came running.

“Yes, Mr. C.” he said as he came into the office.

“Close the door, Max.” Max did as instructed and waited for more from Sonny.

“It's time to make a move against Lorenzo. Again, he continues to interfere with my business. Lorenzo has gotten away with this for the last time!”

“Yes sir. I’m sure Jason can help you out with that.”

“Jason isn’t here, you are. Don't you think I tried to call him? He's not answering his phone. Therefore I need you to take charge and handle this for me. Do you think you can do that?”

“Yes, Mr. C. I can do that.”

“I’m counting on you Max.” As Sonny and Max discussed plans, the cell phone in Sonny’s pocket began to ring.

“Corinthos,” Sonny answered. He was on the phone only a minute or two, but long enough for him to get an update on Lorenzo’s whereabouts.

Sonny wrote down the address of one of Lorenzo’s warehouses and handed it to Max. “You gather the boys and go to this warehouse. I want Lorenzo out of commission, permanently!”

Max left the office with instructions and Sonny immediately got on the phone to some of his contacts to replace the shipment that Lorenzo stole from him. He calls to Max, telling him to wait. He wants in on this.
Across town, Lorenzo was at one of his warehouses conducting business with some associates who had flown in from South America. As Lorenzo and the associates did business, Sonny and his men strategically surrounded the warehouse. Max instructed his brother Milo to keep watch and to be ready to flee the scene in the limo if things went wrong.
Four of Sonny’s men rushed the back door of the warehouse, while Sonny and 4 more rushed the front. Their guns were drawn and fired at anything that moved. Lorenzo and his men were taken by surprise as gun fire could be heard coming from the warehouse.

Chaos ensued as Sonny’s men fired upon Lorenzo and his associates. As they did, Lorenzo took cover and snuck out the back. Sonny chases after Lorenzo but looses him in after a sharp turn in the corridor.
In the wake of the ambush, 3 of Lorenzo’s men are dead. Max, Sonny and his men came out of it relatively unscathed. As for Lorenzo, he was on the phone with other business associates in South America, letting them know it was time to take it to Sonny. This last ambush was the last straw. If Sonny wanted a war … he got one!
When Sonny went back to the main area, Max realized Lorenzo had taken off out the back of the warehouse and took chase after him. By the time he had gotten outside all he saw were the red taillights of Lorenzo’s Beemer. Milo was ready to go chase him down as he pulled the limo up beside Max and Max jumped into the front seat. Another car pulled up after, with Sonny jumping inside.

Max and Milo took chase after Lorenzo as they made their way down the dim lit streets of downtown Port Charles. Running red lights to keep up, Lorenzo’s speed increased as the tires could be heard squealing as he made the turn onto Prescott Street.
As Max and Milo chased down Lorenzo, Max called his boss to get further instructions.

“Mr. C, Lorenzo’s on the run. What do you want us to do?”

“Don’t get yourselves arrested! Come back to the office, we’ll deal with Lorenzo another day.”

“Okay, Mr. C, we’ll be there in a few.” Max flipped the phone closed and told Milo to cease chasing Lorenzo. He would live for another day.

Max and Milo went back to the warehouse and picked up the other men who had been with them in the ambush, but by the time they had gotten there, the police were already on the scene. They had hoped everyone had escaped capture as the two headed back to Sonny’s office, undetected by the cops.
Lorenzo’s heart was pounding so hard against his chest. He knew it was Sonny who had set up the ambushed and he already made contact with his associates in South America. If Sonny wanted an all out mob war, he has one. He wasn’t going to let Sonny take his territory without a fight.

He knew the police would want to ask questions so he drove to the airport without going back to the mansion. He had the manifest altered so the police nor Sonny would know he was out of the country and back home in South America. He had received word that Sonny’s people would be laying low for a few days as the heat was too high to come after him. He escaped relatively unscathed …. This time.

On the next Port Charles: Endgame
-Skye realized Edward may have been right about Lorenzo
-Sonny orders Max to bring Jason to him
-Carly learns from Jason what happened the night before
-Robin is determined to talk with Patrick
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Great episode! I was liking the Sonny getting into action, going after Lorenzo. I must be the only person lefton Earth that likes Sonny, but that is because in my heart, he will always be with Brenda.

The tone of the last few episodes have been on target. Nice and fast paced, and you are telling great stories. Excellent job with really catching the characters as well

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