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PCE: Episode 29



Endgame- Episode 29
Saturday, May 12, 2007

Jason flings open the door to his penthouse and immediately grabs a bottle of liquor. Instead of drinking it, he flings it against the wall and begins pacing back and forth. After a while, he goes into his closet, taking out his locked box. After entering his code, he takes out his 9MM and sits down on the couch.

"This isn't happening…it can't be happening," he says to himself. "Sam….how could this happen." Jason doesn't want to think about the horrible things that Sam may have gone through. Instead, he focuses on how things could have been if he had found her months ago. Soon after his phone rings startling him. He sees it’s Sonny calling and throws his phone in the other room. He doesn't have the time to deal with Sonny right now.
Meanwhile, Lucy realizes how alone she feels. She has no one…no one to in her life to make her feel wanted or needed. She came back for Kevin but he's with Monica now. She asks the "universe" if she's done something so wrong that she deserves to be punished. She's nice to people, she does good things, yet there's nothing in her life that has meaning anymore. She hates to admit it….but she's alone. Suddenly her phone rings.

"Hello," she says. "Lucy Coe speaking."

"Hello Lucy," says a familiar voice. "It's nice to hear your voice again."

Lucy's heart swells once she recognizes the voice. "Scotty! Oh my god, it's been like forever! How are you? How's Serena? How's London?"

After a short silence, Lucy gets a response to her answer. "Things are going ok. I'm actually calling you to talk to you about Serena."

"What about Serena?" Lucy asks curiously. "What's wrong with her?"

"Nothing's wrong with her. At least nothing that I can help her with anyway."

Lucy begins to get upset. She can feel that something is wrong and doesn't feel like waiting for Scotty to give her the set up to the story. "Tell me Scotty! I want to know what's wrong with my daughter!"

"She ran away Lucy. She's having a hard time not being near you and I guess it finally got to her."

Lucy tells Scotty to fill her in on everything she's missed…and he'd better not miss one detail.
Monica makes arrangements for her and Alan to spend a night together at the Port Charles Regency, a place that still remains special to them still to this day. After getting off the phone, she promises herself this will be a night that will put her and Alan in the past….where they should be.
Carly steps off the elevator at the Harbor View Towers. She's in desperate need to speak with Jason. What is she gonna do? She knocks on the door, but it comes open. Inside, she finds Jason sitting on the sofa tapping his gun on his head. She slowly makes her way in and sits down next to Jason. He looks at her, and she looks back. He tosses the gun and starts to break down. Carly decides her problems can wait and decides to be there for her friend…..

On the next Port Charles: Endgame
-Without Jason by his side, Sonny and his men attack Lorenzo's warehouse.


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Great episode! I loved that Scott called Lucy, you know how much I love Scott :)

Awesome that Carly set aside her problems and wants to help Jason. Really in tune with what she is made of. Nothing stands between her relationship with Jason.

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