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The MCF is outside St. Luke's church, watching flowers being carried into the church as final preparations for Austin and Carrie's wedding are in full swing.

MCF: (whispering via voice changer): What a special day!! A wedding...a happy day. Or it's supposed to be...ha!!

The MCF's phone vibrates. He or she looks to make sure no one is around and heads further into the wooded area near St. Luke's to answer the call.

MCF: Yes?

Ernesto: We are nearing Salem. We should be there by midnight tonight. You sure you made sure no one in the harbor will question us being there?

MCF: Not to worry. I have taken care of the harbor master and James and Alan are monitoring things.

Ernesto: Have you called Johnson yet to get the ball rolling?

MCF: Not yet. I am just about to. He will be conflicted but he will give in. He has to. He knows what I am capable of.

Ernesto: Just let me know when are new guests are on their way here.

MCF: Yes. I shall.

Ernesto: Where are you? I can hear church bells.

MCF: I am outside St. Luke's church. It's Austin Reed and Carrie Brady's wedding day.

Ernesto: Ah, so...is she going to go through with it? Based on what you told me, she is quite conflicted over keeping the secret about her baby. Based on what little I know about Roman's oldest daughter, she has high morals and is one of those goody goodies.

MCF: I'm not sure. That is part of the fun, though. Seeing her tortured by this...it's invigorating.

Ernesto: So, you never did tell me what happened with Kiriakis last night. Did Philip decide to to help us go after his pops?

MCF: He is quite conflicted but I got through to him. I told him he could monitor things. He won't stop us though. We will still have our way. Not too worry. Even if he changes his mind and wants out of this, I will leave him no choice but to help us.

Ernesto: Excellent. Sounds like the pieces are coming together.

MCF: Indeed, they are. Time is ticking away for our friends in Salem.

Ernesto: Tick, tock!! (laughs)

MCF: Yes, my friend. Tick, tock...

The MCF chuckles with glee as the screen freezes on him or her and then fades into...



1.) daysfan (only one to submit, all right including bonus)-20 pts

2.) Tishy, DH23, psychofan, Rick, Ryan Chandler- (nothing submitted)-0 pts

-daysfan is the only one to submit trivia. daysfan and Tishy are the only ones awarded clues this week


1.) Tishy (117 pts)

2.) daysfan (74 pts)

3.) DH23 (48 pts)

4.) psychofan (41 pts)

5.) Ryan Chandler (32 pts)

6.) Rick (0 pts)


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I'm confused. I didn't comment for this week at all? I thought I had one comment. So I don't get a clue even if I commented?

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I'm confused. I didn't comment for this week at all? I thought I had one comment. So I don't get a clue even if I commented?

Tishy, your right. You only had one comment for week 6 but you do get a clue. I had a brain freeze or something. My bad. I should know better. You always participate in some way. :lol:

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Awesome clip! That MCF...I am so confused on the identity...this person is so evil...barely anyone who's not Stefano has been THAT evil!

I'm slowly climbing my way up there!!!!! :lol:

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