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May 10, 2007




Milan, Italy-Lexie and her team are searching a Dimera lair that is located under the Dimera crypt. Lexie makes a remark to Hector about how creepy it is. Hector says it may be creepy but it's also effective. A short distance behind them is Abe and Celeste. Abe tells Celeste he is glad he kept that tail on Lexie. Otherwise, they would've never caught up with her and her team so quickly. Abe is still not happy with Celeste for not going home as she is still recovering from the explosion in Paris. Celeste assures him that she is fine and that wants to complete their mission.

Meanwhile, Steve is lurking behind Abe and Celeste. He is quite frustrated with simply following Lexie and everyone else around parts of the world. His cell then vibrates. He finds a corner where no one will hear him and answers.

Steve: Yeah?

MCF (via voice changer): Steven! I call with good news.

Steve: What? Is my assignment over?

MCF: Sort of. You have new orders. I group of men I assembled will be arriving soon. They are dressed in black. They will coming to pick up Commisioner Carver, Ms. Perrault, and Ms. Dimera and her team. Your job is to be their cover and to help make sure they make it to port and the cargo ship that is there without being noticed. Once everyone is aboard the ship, you board as well.

Steve: Wait...first off, how did you know Abe and Celeste were here?

MCF: I know all, Steven. I also know you helpd save them from that explosion in Paris. No matter...I want them alive. I'm not mad. They need to be around for my grand event.

Steve: I never signed on for this. You told me I would follow Lexie and her team and report to you. Now I am aiding in a mass kidnapping...

MCF: Steven...don't worry. No one will get harmed. I am simply bringing them all back to Salem. I am worried about then discovering something that could affect my plans. As I said, I need them alive. You can't back out, Steven. Remember...you know what I am capable of.

Steve: No. I won't do this.

MCF: Steven...you are well aware of all the turmoil I have stirred up already. You know very well I won't hesistate to harm someone you love and care about. I know you don't remember but you know they exist. Let's also remember I promised to help you get your life back...your memories back. There is far too much at stake, Stevem. This is non-negotiable. You have no choice.

Steve: Fine!! Alright!! But...if anyone gets hurt...

MCF: Good boy, Steven. Not to worry. Now...follow the instructions of my men until you hear from me. They know what to do. Good luck.

The MCF hangs up just as ten masked men appear. Steve turns and tells one of the men that they must be the men he was told about. The man nods and then motions for his crew to follow him. All ten bolt past Steve as he looks on, wondering what he has gotten himself into.

-Back in Salem, at University Hospital, Cassie enters Stefano's room and is shocked to see him up and out of bed. She asks him what he is doing. He says he is leaving the hospital. He needs to find Lexie and find out what is going on. Cassie explains he just woke from a two month coma. Stefano says he has people to care for him and that he can't stay any longer. He needs to get down to business. Cassie says she won't let him risk his health. Stefano says it's not up to her. Cassie then says that, if he insists on this, she will be helping him. Stefano laughs. Cassie says she is serious. Stefano refuses to let her, saying it's too dangerous.

-Back in Milan, Lexie and Hector hear footsteps...quite a few of them. Hector draws his gun and says something isn't right. He leads Lexie and the team around a corner. Meanwhile, Abe and Celeste also hear footsteps. Abe draws his gun as Celeste says she can't help but feel like this may be a trap. Hector comes around the corner and yells out, "Freeze!!" Lexie is stunned to see Hector is pointing his gun at Abe, who is aiming his gun at Hector, and Celeste. Lexie asks what they are doing there. Just then, the ten masked men ambush them all. Abe and Hector's guns are knocked loose as they are grabbed and taken away, along with Lexie and Celeste and the rest of Lexie's team. Steve watches, horrified, One of the men motions to him to follow. Steve pulls at his hair, wishing things didn't have to be like this, and then follows hesistantly.

-Back in Salem, Cassie reminds Stefano that the MCF shot him and that he is the one who has been in a coma for months.

Cassie: You are weak, grandfather. Look...this is dangerous. The MCF could be involved. He could have my father and aunt Lexie. I know you want to find them but...

Stefano: My dear...I am the Phoenix...Stefano Dimera. I can handle this.

Cassie: I know but...please let me help. Look...this is my family. I have proven myself to you that I can handle standing up for this family. No one else in this damn town likes me. My place is with you. Please...let me help you. I will follow your orders and...

Stefano: I can see you aren't going to give up. Your determination is noted, my dear. Fine...as long as you listen to my orders. You may help me.

Cassie embraces Stefano.

Stefano: Now...what we must do first is return to the mansion and wait for my contacts to call. I have a few of them working on tracking down Alexandra and the team of men she took with her. Once we learn where they are, we can act from there.

Cassie: Sounds like a plan.

Stefano: Now...be a dear and get me my release papers.

Cassie: Are you sure they will release you?

Stefano: I'll make them.

Cassie smiles and then leaves.

Stefano: Hmm...there is much to be done. I need to find you, Alexandra. I just hope your safe. If I learn that you or Tony are in any danger, whoever is responsible will pay...mysterious cloaked figure...those involved with him or her. They will feel the full wrath of Stefano Dimera. This person may have shot me but...they are no match for me. They won the battle but...I will win the war.

At the Brady Pub, Bo comes out of the kitchen and tells Caroline that he brought in the deliveries and handled the delivery man. Caroline thanks him and says that now they can close up and go to the wedding. Bo reminds Caroline that he told her he wasn't going and that he would keep the Pub open. Caroline tells Bo that it's his niece's wedding. It's family affair. Bo says he isn't interested in dealing with interrogations and fighting. Roman and him already went at it last night at Austin's party. Caroline begs him to do this as a favor to her. She assures him she will do her best to make sure people back off him and don't bother him about his secret.

Caroline tells Bo she knows he is going through alot. She reminds him of how he has barely spent time with JT since returning and promising that he would. Bo says he plans to change that and to spend time with Chelsea once she returns to Salem. He knows he has a responsibility no matter what he is going through. Caroline explains that it's time for their family to heal and come back together and him going to the wedding would do that. She tells him Hope is bringing JT and to go with them as a family. She points out to him that people may back off questioning him about what is going on with himself if he acts normal and puts up a front. Bo still is reluctant. Caroline tells Bo he needs to try to move on and try to do something normal again. If he does this, he won't come off as distancing himself from everyone anymore and people will leave him alone and let him work through his issues.

Bo realizes Caroline won't let up and reluctantly agrees, figuring it may help get some people off his back. Caroline says that even if won't, she will do her best to make sure he isn't bothered too much with questions and so forth. Bo thanks her for that and says that he is doing this more for her then himself. She thanks him and orders him to go upstairs and get ready and then to head to Hope's so he isn't late. Bo shows a slight grin and goes upstairs as Caroline smiles with glee.

-At St. Luke's, Eric and Austin arrive and are greeted by Lucas and Will. Lucas tells Austin that Fr. Jansen wants to speak with them both before the ceremony. Austin says ok and follows Lucas and Will to talk to Fr. Jansen. Eric turns to see Kate enter. Eric recalls what happened the night before at Austin and Carrie's parties at the Penthouse Grille and how things were tense and emotional between Kate, Nicole, and Carrie. Eric approaches Kate and says:

Eric: Kate...here rather early, huh?

Kate: Well, I am the mother of the groom. I should be.

Eric: Hey...uh...I wanted to ask you something...about last night. When we all caught you, Nicole, and Carrie on the terrace, you all seemed rather intense. Carrie looked like she was about to cry and then I see you and her on my way out later. She told Nicole to leave and then she broke down and you comforted her. As Carrie's brother and Nicole's husband, I just want to know what gives. Is everything ok?

Kate is silent.

-At the Penthouse, Belle opens the door to let Sami in. Sami asks if Carrie is awake. Belle says she brought breakfast up to her and she was rather quiet and seemed upset. Belle thinks she is nervous but that she is also thinking about her baby. Sami says she will go up and talk to her. Belle tells her to inform Carrie they need to get going or they will be late.

Sami goes upstairs and enters the guest room Carrie is staying in. Sami can see Carrie has been crying and is upset. Sami asks her if she is ok. Carrie says she is fine. Sami says that she knows Carrie is a little nervous. Carrie nods and admits that she is. Her and Austin have been down this road before and this time she hopes it works. You just never know. Sami says she is sure it will. Afterall, she is not in the picture anymore. Carrie laughs and says she just wants things to go perfectly.

Sami tells Carrie she also knows she is thinking about her baby. She tells Carrie that her and Austin can help each other. They can heal together. She knows how much Carrie is hurting but says that she needs to do this. Her baby would want mommy and daddy together. Carrie smiles. Sami tells Carrie that her and Austin can work through the grief together. Carrie thanks Sami. They embrace. Sami says she is happy that not only will this be a new beginning for her and Austin but also for them. She feels closer to her then ever. Carrie says she feels the same. Sami tells Carrie they must get going or they will be late. Carrie nods and says she will be right down. Sami smiles and leaves as Carrie breaks down in tears on the bed and says:

Carrie (crying): How can I do this? I have this big secret that I am being forced to keep...my God...I am going to enter into a marriage lying to my groom. This is supposed to be the happiest day of my life...why? Why does it have to be like this? Why?!

-Back in Milan, Steve watches from a distance as Lexie, Abe, and Celeste are boarded on to the cargo ship. Steve asks one of the men why Lexie's Dimera henchmen aren't being boarded on. The man says they have who they came for. Steve seens the men tied up and being put in an old boathouse. The man tells Steve to hurry up and get on board before they are seen. On board the ship, Lexie wonders why this is happening. It can't be her father. As far as she knows, he is still in a coma and would never put her through this. Abe and Celeste agree. Lexie wonders what will happen to her men as they weren't brought on with them.

Lexie then asks why Abe and Celeste followed her to Paris and then Milain. She reminds them they nearly died in Paris. Abe explains they knew she was looking for Tony because she thought the MCF had him kidnapped so she wanted to know for sure that he wasn't still out there somewhere and all. Abe says that Tony was always known to try to clean up the Dimera name and Celeste and him had hoped to follow Lexie and find Tony in hopes he would help spill Dimera secrets and bring Stefano down. This way she would come back to them and they could protect her and Theo from the Dimera's. Lexie is outraged and reminds Abe that lives are at stake. The MCF is on the loose and he or she may have Tony and God knows who else this person is terrorizing. He or she may be behind their kidnapping and all he can think about is himself.

Abe says it's not like that. Celeste tells them both to stop fighting and to focus on the crisis at hand. She tells them both she feels what they are involved in is something big...bigger then any of them think. Abe asks if she is having a vision. Celeste nods and says she is...a vision of impending doom. Not just for them...for everyone they hold dear. Abe and Lexie look in horror and bewilderment as the scene shifts to outside the room they are locked in. Steve is there, hating the fact that he is a part of this.

Steve: I had no choice. I may not remember them but they exist and, deep down, I know they are people I love and care about. I need to protect them and, if doing all this helps me get my memory and life back...I am so sorry I had to do this. If anyone gets hurt, though, all bets are off.

-Back in Salem, at Bo and Hope's house, Hope yells to JT to hurry up or they will be late. JT yells that he can't get his tie on. Hope tells him to come downstairs and she will try to help him. The doorbell rings and she goes to answer. She is stunned to see Bo there.

Hope (shocked): What are you doing here?

Bo (flustered, smiling): Wow...you look amazing.

Hope (smiling): Thanks. You look pretty good yourself. I thought...

Bo: I wasn't going to the wedding. I changed my mind and thought we could go...as a family.

Hope: Wow, uh...yeah. I've been waiting a long time for you to say something like that. If you don't mind me asking, why the change of...

Bo: No questions. That is one of the conditions. Please don't badger me. No questions about what is going on...nothing. Let's just go and try to have a good time. Nothing else. Ok?

Hope (smiling): Sure. Whatever works.

JT then comes downstairs.

JT: Mom...I can't get it on. Daddy?

Bo: Hey there, big guy.

JT runs into Bo's arms.

Bo: Sorry I haven't come around much. I know I promised when I came back I would and I haven;t. That all changes now. I promise I will be around more, little man.

JT: Cool! I miss you!

Bo: Miss you too. So...got trouble with the old necktie, eh? Well, let me give it a whirl.

Hope smiles and then goes over to the phone to make a phone call as she watches Bo and JT laugh as he helps him with his tie.

At St. Luke's, Caroline arrives and waves to Eric, who waves back in the middle of talking with Kate. Caroline's cell rings and she answers.

Caroline: Hello?

Hope: What did you do to Bo? I know it was you who changed his mind.

Caroline (smiling): Let's just call it motherly magic.

Hope: Well, whatever you did, thank you.

Caroline: It's time the family comes together, Hope. We all need to heal. And there is no time better then a family wedding.

Hope: I couldn't agree more.

Elsewhere, Lucas, Will, and Austin finish talking with Fr. Jansen. Austin asks Lucas if he has the rings. Lucas says he does. Lucas asks if he is excited. Austin puts his arm around Will and says he sure is. He is ready to marry the love of his life and, this time, it's forever.

In the back of the church, Kate tells Eric that what happened is between her, Nicole, and Carrie. It's none of his business really. Eric says it is if something is wrong with his sister or his wife. Kate says she knows him and Nicole are estranged and, as far as Carrie goes, she told her something in confidence and she plans to keep that. She tells Eric to back off and to just enjoy the wedding and be there to support his family. Eric tells Kate she is being awfully testy, as if whatever secret is will be huge. Kate smiles and says there is no secret. She tells Eric to enjoy the wedding and walks off.

Eric: I know something is going on. What could be going on with the three of them? And Victor? Victor helped Nicole...what did she do for him? I have to find out because I have a feeling that whatever is going on is big and could change lives. I just hope it can change lives in a good way. I don't think our family can take more bad things happening.

The scene then shifts to the bridal room. Belle and Sami are now in their pink, silk bridal gowns. Carrie is behind the dressing screen. Sami calls out to her and asks what is taking so long. The guests are beginning to arrive and there are things they have to do before she walks down the aisle. Carrie is silent. Sami and Belle look at each other and then can hear crying. Sami asks Carrie if she is ok. Carrie doesn't answer. Sami calls out to her and goes near the screen. She is shocked when Carrie emerges crying and is still in her robe and not in her dress.

Sami: What's wrong? This is your wedding day, Carrie. I know you are nervous and you are thinking about the baby and sure I am sure you are so happy you could cry but...

Carrie: Sami!! I...I...I don't think I can do this.

A stunned Sami looks at Belle, who looks at her back as the screen freezes on Carrie's tear stained face and then fades to black.


Billie to Jack (Frankie, Greta, Victor, Max, and Shane): I have a plan to trap our cloaked friend.

Kate to Carrie: You have to do this. You have to marry Austin.

Eric to Nicole: I am going to bust you. Mark my words.

Cal to Caroline (with Kayla, Kim, Sami, Belle, Roman, and Bo): I have an announcement to make. Katherine are I got married.

Lucas to Austin: It's time. It's time for you to say "I do."


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I knew Carrie would be having those second thoughts! I could practically see it happening. Love seeing that Sami and Carrie interaction, what a change of pace :)

Bo and Hope were so cute together. Excellent job with them. It's nice to see that JT was remembered and not like in real soaps, children are born, shipped off to boarding school for a year and come home and are 16.

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Oh, I TOTALLY love the Sami/Carrie stuff. I expected somehow Carrie would turn to Sami in this. Especially because Sami's had these wedding experiences before.

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