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May 11, 2007




-At St. Luke's, guests are filing in for Carrie and Austin's wedding. Caroline is talking with Doug, Julie, Alice, and Maggie when she sees Bo and Hope arrive with JT. Julie is so happy to see them together. Doug hopes this is a sign that things are getting better for them. Bo and Hope come over with JT to greet everyone. Alice smiles and says it's good to see them together as a family. Hope says it feels good too. Bo smiles back. Caroline smiles and whispers "Thank you" to Bo. He nods.

Jack is with Frankie, Greta, and Max. Jack looks at his watch and wonders where Billie is. She is a member of the wedding party. Frankie wonders where Shane is too. Nico is monitoring the cameras at Victor's so everyone could be at the wedding. Max says he wishes he were back at the mansion. They have yet to see anything worthwhile on the cameras. They need to have a breakthrough soon or else they may never bust the MCF or bring Abby and Chelsea home. Frankie tells Max to calm down or else he is out of the operation. They just need to take it one step at a time. Max bites his tongue in frustration.

Billie and Shane then arrive together. Jack asks where they have been. Victor arrives and says he heard about the lack of progress on the surveilance front. Billie says that may change. She explains that she has a plan to trap their cloaked friend. Billie explains that it's ok to talk in the church. Shane already had the church canvassed for bugs and cameras and put his own outside in case the MCF decides to make a visit. Billie explains that Shane and her set up mini-bugs and cameras at the Penthouse Grille. The plan is to get Alan's phone number from Carrie and use a voice changer to call him, acting like the MCF. They get Alan and James to come down to the reception. The MCF will get upset they are out in the open and then they just collapse on him or her.

Victor thinks it's a good idea. Jack thinks they have nothing to lose. They need to do something. Everyone else agrees. Billie says they will put the plan into action after the wedding and once they get to the reception. Billie says she needs to go talk to Belle and Sami to get ready for the ceremony. She tells Jack and the others they will talk later. She leaves as Jack says he hopes this will lead them to the break they have been waiting for.

In the back of the church, Kate sees Nicole come in with Evan. She confronts her, saying what a hateful bitch she is being to bring Evan there. Nicole says that Evan is her son and she is a guest. Therefore, she has a right to bring him. Plus, she thought it would be nice if Carrie sees him on her wedding day. Kate says it will torture her and Nicole knows it. She is always taking pleasure in other people's pain. Nicole resents that and tells Kate to back off. She walks away as Kate looks at her in disgust.

In the bridal room, Belle and Sami ask Carrie what's wrong. Carrie says it's everything. Sami repeats what she told her earlier and says that her and Austin will get each other through the death of her baby. They need each other to heal and they need to be in each other's lives. They are meant to be. Sami explains that Carrie's baby would want it that way and is probably looking down like a little angel, smiling and happy to see his parents getting married. Carrie smiles and thanks Sami. Belle asks if the wedding is still on. Carrie says it has to be. Sami will make sure she goes down that aisle even if she forces her. Sami says she's damn right. They all laugh.

Billie and Caroline enter and say they have something to give Carrie before the wedding. They are shocked to see Carrie isn't dressed. Carrie says she is a bit behind. Caroline says it's time for the traditional gift giving and she is giving her the something old. It's an old piece of Irish lace inscribed with "Brady." Caroline explains it has been a family heirloom on Shawn's side of the family for generations and she wants her to have it. Carrie thanks her and embraces her. Billie then steps up, saying she has the something borrowed. She pulls out a pair of pearl earlings, saying Carrie let her borrow them years ago when they were living in her apartment together. She never gave them back and, eventually, Carrie told her to keep them so she did but, today, she is giving them to her for her special day. Carrie embraces her and tells Billie she will just have to give them back to her on her wedding day. They both laugh. Carrie tells Billie she wishes Chelsea were here to enjoy the day. Billie says she does to and, as tears well in her eyes, she says she misses her.

Belle then comes forward with the something blue and presents Carrie with a blue garter. Carrie smiles and says that will come in handy later and embraces Belle, thanking her. Sami says she has the something new. Carrie laughs and says it's saving the best for last. Sami laughs as she pulls out a diamond pin that says, "Hope, Faith, Love." Carrie tells Sami she can't accept it. Sami explains she had some extra money lying around and it's the least she could do after all the trouble she put her through. She tells Carrie that the words on it apply particularly to what Carrie is going through and she hopes they will give her the strength to get through this day and to keep moving on with her life. All the women cry as Sami and Carrie embrace. Sami notes the pin matches with Carrie's earrings and dress. She checked. They both laugh. Carrie then thanks them all and says she would like a few minutes alone while she gets dressed. She will call them all in when she's done. Caroline, Billie, Belle, and Sami leave as Carrie sits on the couch and breaks down in tears.

Meanwhile, Nicole is walking in to the church after her altercation with Kate when Eric confronts her. Nicole rolls her eyes and says not again. Eric says he saw her interactions with Kate and Carrie last night. He saw how intense it was and how upset Carrie was and he wants to know what is going on. Kate sees them both talking and then overhears Sami and Belle when they go by as Sami is telling Belle that she hopes Carrie has the strength to go through with all this. She is still really affected by her baby's "death" and everything else. Nicole then tells Eric to stop interrogating her. She is sick to death of it. The two of them argue as Kate watches. Evan's stroller is turned and Nicole and Eric's backs are both turned against it. Kate sneaks over and looks to see if anyone is watching. She bends over, unbuckles the stroller, and takes Evan as Eric and Nicole argue.

Roman arrives at the church and walks in with Kayla. He says it's about time they have a happy event in Salem. Kayla agrees. Kim wheels in. Shane is pleased to see her and says he has been waiting. Kim apologizes and says the call-a-bus took awhile. Shane apologizes again for not being able to get her. Kim says it's fine. She doesn't plan on staying long anyway. Most of her family hates her guts. Kim begins to cry as Shane comforts her. Bo is playing with JT when he sees Roman and Kim. Cold stares are exchanged. Just then, Cal and Katherine enter. Caroline, Kayla, Kim, Shane, Bo, Hope, Roman, Sami, and Belle are shocked to see him. Cal announces they are back in Salem for good. His treatment has progressed enough for him to be back around him. He heard about the wedding and just thought he should be here. Caroline embraces him and says he will always be a part of their family. Even if he is Cal Winters. Kayla agrees, saying that whatever he did was in the past. Kim also agrees as she notices the cold looks of Kayla and Bo.

Cal is happy to hear that and says he has a big announcement to make...him and Katherine got married. Everyone is stunned. Caroline, Kayla, Roman, Hope, Bo, Shane, Kim, Sami, and Belle embrace him and Katherine and express congratulations. Cal tells Sami, as he hugs her, that he will always feel like she is his little girl. Sami says that she will always feel a special bond to him too. She tells him that maybe he should go in and see Carrie before the ceremony. She would like to see him. Cal says he would like that.

Back in ther bridal room, Carrie is in tears when there is a knock at the door. Carrie asks who it s and Kate says it's her. Carrie says she doesn't want to see anyone but Kate tells Carrie she will when she sees who is with her. Carrie stands as Kate enters with Evan in her arms. Carrie smiles and runs over, taking Evan in her arms. Kate's eyes well with tears as Carrie cries tears of joy over holding her child. Kate tells Carrie that she thought she would like to hold her son on her wedding day and then tells Carrie that is why she has to marry Austin today. She knows Carrie feels guilty for keeping things from him but she needs to marry him for Evan. The day will come where the MCF will be caught and the truth can come out. She will then have her child again and she will want them to be a family. She can marry Austin today and have it all be perfect when that day arrives. She tells Carrie that Evan would want his parents married and needs them married. She tells her to do the right thing and that Austin will understand that she lied to protect those she loved, including her child.

Carrie isn't so sure. Kate tells her it will be fine. Marrying Austin is the right thing. Carrie looks at Kate and then back at Evan, enjoying the moment.

Back in the chapel, Maggie is lighting a candle, praying for forgiveness. She says she didn't mean to start the fire and hates covering it up but is doing it for the family. Fr. Jansen overhears and tells her if she has sins for which she wishes forgiveness, he will hear her confession. Maggie says she knows but she doesn't think she could do it right now. Besides, it's Carrie and Austin's wedding. Fr. Jansen understands and says that she can come to him anytime. Maggie smiles and nods.

Doug asks Julie if everything is ok with her. He has noticed that her and Maggie have been a bit off since he woke up from his coma. Julie reminds Doug they have all been through alot with the fire and everything else. Doug understands but just wants to make sure it's nothing more. Julie lies and says that is all it is. There is nothing more to tell. Doug smiles and says he is happy to hear it. They kiss and embrace as a guilty Julie looks on.

Victor comes up to Austin and extends his hand, wishing him and Carrie good wishes. Austin thanks him. Victor admits he was shocked that he was invited due to the tension between them over the war with Stefano. Austin says it's no hard feelings. It's a day of new beginnings and putting the past in the past. Victor admires that thinking and wishes Austin well as he has always been a stand up guy. Austin thanks him.

Eric and Nicole are still arguing. Nicole gets fed up and says the wedding is nearly about to start. Eric tells her to mark his words...he will bust her. He then leaves as Nicole turns the stroller around to see that Evan is gone. She deicdes not to panic and looks around. She looks outside and them begins to worry that someone kidnapped Evan.

Meanwhile, Carrie tells Kate she better get Evan back to Nicole. Carrie thanks her for bringing him and says it meant alot. Kate apologizes that they have to go through this. Carrie says she is glad she isn't in it alone. Carrie kisses Evan once more and then Kate leaves with him. There is then a knock on Carrie's door. She opens it to find Cal. Carrie is shocked to see him and says she knows everything about who he is now and how he was away for treatment. Cal fills her in on what he has been up to and his marrying Katherine and tells Carrie he knows they haven't seen each other since the reveal that he wasn't Roman but he will always have a special bond to her. Afterall, he thought he was her father for years. Carrie says he will always hold a special place in her life, no matter what he has done and who he is. Nothing can change her feelings for him. They embrace.

Everyone begins to be seated for the wedding. Kim and Shane sit near the back as she tells Shane she feels like an outsider at a family wedding. Shane says he knows how she feels. Kim says she knows.

Kate is in the back of the church and notices Evan's empty stroller still there. No one is in sight, including Nicole. She puts Evan back in the stroller and then goes into the chapel. Nicole returns and finds Evan in the stroller, wondering how he is back and what happened.

Philip arrives late, as an angry and embarassed Victor looks on, He apologizes to Austin. Austin says he is glad he could make it and stand up with him. Philip says whatever and stands to the side with Will, Eric, and Lucas. Austin asks once more if Lucas has the rings. He says he does and says it's time for him to say "I do." Austin smiles.

In the bridal room, Billie and Sami put the finishing touches on Carrie, who is all dressed now. Belle comes in with Claire and says the flower girl is there. Carrie, Sami, and Billie greet Claire with kisses. Sami then says that they are ready to go. Roman knocks and Billie answers the door. Roman asks if they are good to go. Sami says they are. It's time!! Belle carries Claire as Billie follows her. Roman tells Sami they are on their way. Sami says ok and follows Billie and Belle. Roman asks Carrie if she is ready. Carrie nods.

Roman: You looks so beautiful. I know Austin and you did this once before and it didn't go so well but, this time. it will. You two are meant to be. You know that. He knows that. You've been through alot and I want you to know we are all here for you on this day. We are here to help and to make sure this is the happiest day of your life. Forget about everything else and just enjoy. Austin and you will get through whatever is lingering from what you've been through.

Carrie: I know. Thank you, dad.

Roman: I know I just found out I am your father again but you have always been my daughter in my heart, pumpkin. I never stopped thinking of you that way. I never stopped loving you that way. I am so proud of you.

Carrie (crying): I love you, dad.

Roman (tears in his eyes): I love you too.

They hug and he kisses her cheek.

Roman: Alright. You ready?

Carrie nods. Roman says ok and escorts her out.

The church begins to fill with the sounds of wedding music as the bridesmaids begin their march. Billie walks down first as she smiles at Jack, who smiles back. She takes her place at the altar as Belle carries Claire, the flowergirl, down the aisle helping her to drop flowers along the aisle.

Sami then follows as the maid of honor and, as she takes her place at the altar, the crowd rises as it's now time for the bridal march (PLAY THIS AS YOU READ...IT ENHANCES THE WEDDING SCENE). Roman appears with Carrie at the back of the church. He tells her this is it. Carrie looks ahead and sees a smiling Austin at the altar.

Roman: Here we go!

Roman moves forward but Carrie hesistates and then stops. Roman asks if she is ok. Carrie, staring ahead, doesn't answer. Roman asks her again if she is ok as the bridal march continues to play and everyone in the church has their eyes fixated on Carrie.

Roman: Carrie? What's wrong?

Carrie continues to stare ahead as the screen freezes on her face and fades to black as the song of the bridal march continues to blare.


Celeste to Abe and Lexie: These visions...DEAR GOD!!

Tony to Anna: There is something I want to tell you.

Forrest to Abby: You have nothing to worry about. I would never think of hurting you.

Roman to Carrie (as bridal march plays): Tell me, sweetheart. Do you want to marry Austin or not?

MCF: This wedding may not happen afterall. (laughs)

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LOVING ALL the scenes with Carrie and her family. Listening to the harp and it adds so much more emotion to everything.

Tell him Carrie, TELL YOUR FATHER! The perfect person to tell..... :)

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