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The MCF is in his or her hideaway and is on the phone with Ernesto trying to get an update on things.

MCF (via voice changer): So, I assume everything is going well?

Ernesto: Well, James and Alan told me they should be arriving with the girls within the next few hours. Their speedboat is being slowed by some sizable waves but they should still be here in good time. Everything is ready for the young Ms. Deveraux and her cohort, Ms. Brady.

Ernesto then looks into a cell.

Ernesto: You sure it's ok that we stick them in with the other prisoner?

MCF: Sure. You did say there was nowhere else on the ship to put them. It shouldn't be an issue. Just make sure they don't cause a ruckus. Keep an eye on them.

Ernesto: Will do. Oh, and I should tell you that Count Dimera and his little girlfriend know who I am. They figured it out and managed to rip off my hood.

MCF: Eh...just make sure the girls and our other guest don't learn of it. Hell, whatever. They can't do anything while imprisoned on the ship anyway. None of them can. Just don't tell them anything or hint at our plant. No one has a clue who I am, right?

Ernesto: Nope. Not a clue. Don't worry. I will keep everything to myself. No hints. Nothing.

MCF: Good. Our day is at hand, Ernesto. We have worked very hard for this. I don't want anything to screw it up now.

Ernesto: It won't. Nothing will stand in our way. Everything is on track.

MCF: Good. Well, call me with an update once the girls arrive.

Ernesto: Will do.

Ernesto hangs up and then walks over and peers into the cell he seems to be fixated on.

Ernesto: Your getting company soon!! Two young girls. Hey!! You awake in there? Heavens...your a quiet one. Have been since you got here. I guess I should like that.

Ernesto then walks away as the scene fades to black on the cell door.

The scene then shifts to the MCF in his or her hideaway. He or she is looking at The Salem Spectator, which contains Carrie and Austin's wedding announcement.

MCF: Hmm...Carrie and Austin's wedding tomarrow. That should be interesting. Knowing those families, I would guess there are some bachelor and bachelorette parties tonight. These events could be a chance for me to further my plans.

The MCF gets up, tosses the newspaper aside. He or she heads to the door and turns the lights in the abandoned warehouse office off.

MCF: This could be a very productive and enjoyable evening.

The MCF laughs as he or she shuts the door and the scene fades into...




1.) Tishy

Comment Score: 10 pts (6 comments)

Trivia Score: 12 pts (all correct including Bonus, only one to submit)

Week Six Total: 22 pts

2.) daysfan, DH23, psychofan, and Rick

Comment Score: 0 (no comments)

Trivia Score: 0 (nothing submitted)

Week Six Total: 0

Total Vendetta Standings as of the conclusion of Week 6:

1.) Tishy (99 pts)

2.) DH23 (48 pts)

3.) psychofan (41 pts)

4.) daysfan (34 pts)

5.) Ryan Chandler (14 pts)

6.) Rick (0 pts)

***NOTE: Since Tishy was the only one to do anything this week, she is the only one to get a clue since it wouldn't be fair to award clues without doing anything :lol: . I will be making a big announcement this week that I hope will increase participation in the Vendetta game and maybe produce more excitement as we reach the major part of the game so look out for that.***


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