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April 30, 2007




-It's a new day as Cal's search for Katherine takes him to a train station near Green Mountain Lodge. He calls Jed to ask if he has found Katherine. Jed responds now and says that Nora just called him and has nothing either. Cal begins to get worried but then sees Katherine sitting in a waiting area. He tells Jed that he found her and to inform Nora. He then hangs up and walks over to Katherine.

Katherine is reading a newspaper and trying to forget about Cal and her running away from their wedding the night before. She is then shocked to hear:

Cal: Hey, gorgeous. It took all night to catch up to you.

Katherine: Cal...

Cal: Yep. I am glad I was able to stop you from making a huge mistake.

Katherine: It's not a mistake. I am doing what is right.

Cal: Why is that? Are you afraid? Is this too soon?

Katherine: Cal...my train is leaving in 15 minutes. I should be going.

Cal: No...I won't let you. I won't let you throw what we have away.

-At the Kiriakis Mansion, Jack and Billie are filling in Greta, Victor, Nico, and Shane on Abby and Chelsea's kidnapping.

Billie: Our children were kidnapped by that monster. Now, not only do I want this person found, I want this cloaked one dead!!!

Jack begs Billie to calm down and says they will find this person and put an end to his or her terror. They bring their children home. Greta wonders where Frankie is as he went out to get the final piece of equipment to get the surveilance center up and running. Shane volunteers to go look for him.

Meanwhile, Frankie returns to the mansion and rings the doorbell. Henderson opens the door and tells Frankie to come in. Frankie is then shocked to see Max behind him, who says he saw Frankie go by him around the block and then pull into Victor's driveway. He thought it was weird that Frankie was there. Frankie says he has legal business with Victor and asks Max if there is a problem. Max says he needs to talk to him about Abby and Chelsea. Frankie insists he has no time.

Shane then comes downstairs and asks Frankie if he has what is needed for the monitors to work. Max overhears and asks what Shane is doing there and wants to know what monitors they are talking about. Frankie tries to cover but can;t come up with anything. Greta then comes downstairs after seeing Frankie's car up front and asks if everything is ok. Max then asks why Greta is there and wonders what is going on. Frankie, Shane, and Greta are at a loss for words. Max deduces there is something upstairs and races past Greta and Shane, nearly knocking Shane over. Max sees the open door the Victor's secret room and enters. Frankie yells at Greta for leaving the door open. She apologizes, saying she went to get him and didn't know anyone else was there.

Max is amazed by the surveilance center. Victor, Jack, Nico, and Billie ask what Max is doing there. Max turns to Frankie and asks what is going on. Realizing he has no choice, Frankie tells Max that he, Greta, Jack, and Billie have been investigating the MCF for weeks and now they have set up this trap to find him or her and bust him or her. Frankie explains with help from Shane and his ISA contacts and from Victor, they set up camera and mini camera bugs all over Salem. Frankie begs Max to keep this a secret as not staying silent would blow their cover and the plan. Billie says it's just as important now to make sure this all works as Chelsea and Abby's lives are at stake. Frankie and Max ask what Billie is talking about. Jack gives Billie a cold look for letting the truth about Abby and Chelsea's disapperance slip out.

Billie apologizes. Max then pieces it together and asks Billie if she is implying that the MCF is the one behind Abby and Chelsea leaving. Frankie realizes that is what Billie means and is horrified. Billie looks at Jack and realizes she has no choice and confirms what Max said. Max is shocked and turns to Frankie and says:

Max: I want in on this. If this cloaked person has Abby, I want to help bring him or her down and bring Abby home, along with Chelsea.

-At Salem Place, Carrie is shopping with Sami and Belle for a wedding dress and bridesmaids gowns. Carrie says that is all she has left to do and that she is thankful she was able to get everything done before her wedding tomarrow. Carrie thanks Sami and Belle for all their help. They say your welcome and they are happy to be there for her. Their family needs something good to happen. Carrie only wishes things were better for everyone and that her mother and Marlena could be at the wedding. Carrie says she is worried about her mother as she can't get a hold of her.

Later, they try on dresses and decide on the ones they want. While Belle and Sami talk to the store clerk, Carrie takes the opportunity to call Unviersity Hospital to check with Nurse Jean about the DNA tests on Evan. Nurse Jean tells her that they aren't done yet but should be sometime before this evening. Carrie thanks her and hangs up, continuing to worry about the results and still feeling as though Evan could be hers. She still feels the connection. Sami comes over and asks if she is alright. Carrie smiles and says she is fine.

Carrie makes mention of having to drop off the other dress to Billie as she told her the size and the exact dress she wanted for her bridesmaid gown but couldn't be there with them. Sami asks about Chelsea and Carrie says that Billie told her she is out of town. They then leave the store.

On the other end of Salem Place, a drunk Philip is walking around aimlessly. He is upset he get kicked out of the Blue Note bar and begins to lash out at random strangers around the mall, asking where he is supposed to go to have a drink. Carrie, Sami, and Belle are on their way to get coffee when they bump into him. They notice right away he is drunk as he lashes out at them, telling them to get out of the way. Belle is stunned that Philip doesn't even seem to know who they are. She tries to snap him out of his drunken stupor. Finally, Belle decides to slap him and does so.

Philip: What did you do that for?

Belle: Because you were out of it and you are acting like an...

Philip: Now don't treat your husband like that, Belle.

Philip smiles and begins to put his arms around Belle. Sami and Carriepush Philip off her and to the ground,

Sami: Buzz off, Phil.

Philip: Who asked for your...opinion you little...

Belle: Philip, you are nothing but an embarassment. You father is probably so ashamed or he will be when word of this...

Philip: He won't know. No one will tell. You better not...

Belle: Oh, don't worry. I won't have to. You have been walking around here so someone is bound to have caught the great son of Victor Kiriakis walking around Salem Place two sheets to the wind. You are ruining your own image. All the good will, honor, prestige...your good name...your family's good name. What happened to you?

Philip: You....you took my dau...

Belle: Oh, that's it. I'm finished. You truly are lost. So much for all that progress.

Philip: Wha...

Belle: Let me say this as simple as I can... You will never see your daughter again!! I am going to call the court tomarrow and have your visitation rights revoked. I don't want Claire exposed to this.

Philip: You can't do that.

Belle: I will...you did this Philip. Not me. You.

Belle has had enough and walks away. Philip tries to grab her but Sami pulls him off her again. Sami tells Carrie to take Belle away.

Sami: Keep your hands off her.

Philip: This isn't...you...business.

Sami: She's my sister. Claire is my niece. It's my business. God...look at you. Victor would be ashamed. Good thing he never did really die. Leaving a lous like you in power would be the biggest mistake one could make. You don't have what it takes. Your weak and you know it. That is why you have to run to daddy or mommy. Whine, whine, whine. Always have to get your way, rich boy. You keep downing that alcohol if it makes you feel better and more powerful.

Philip: Shutup!! Damnit...Belle can't take her...

Sami: She sure can. I took Will away from Lucas too when he drank like you are right now. He was endangering Will, just like what you would be endangering Claire. Suck it up, Phil. Maybe if you clean up your act...there will still be hope. See you around.

Sami leaves and rejoins Carrie and Belle. She asks if Belle is ok. Belle says she is ok but will feel much better when Philip is away from her daughter...for good. Meanwhile, an upset and seething Philip clenches his fist and says:

Philip: Your naive, Sami. Everyone in Salem is. They have yet to see what I am capable of. Power or no power. Father or no father. Whatever I have to do...they'll all see...s....so...soon.

-Back at the train station near Green Mountain, Cal begs Katherine to reconsider her decision.

Cal: Look....I know you were never in love and that...

Katherine: Your right. I am middle aged and never had love. Hell, I hardly had any boyfriends. It was always about the work. So many sessions with patients that I had focused on love and how it drove people to do these things...unbeleivable things...

Cal: In the name of love...that's what it's about. That is what you need to remember. Love...marriage. It's not easy. I was having doubts too. Ask Jed. I was worried about my past. I was fearing the unknown...what I can't remember. All I kept thinking about what was would happen if something came back to haunt or hurt us. Or worse. Jed convinced me that I can's worry about that. You can't change what will happen and part of marriage is facing trials and tribulations together. Being there for one another in the good times and bad.

Katherine: That's fine, Cal. That's not my problem though. Since I never felt love...I mean, the closest to love I have been is hearing about it from my patients. My parents were divorced and my father passed so I never saw the love between them that conceived me. I just never had experience in love or seeing love on display. I never had many friends. I saw couples but....I just don't know if what I feel is real. If it's so special that we should do this. I just don't understand the depth of my feelings...how deep they go. Is this worth getting married? Will this last? I can't do it!! Don't you understand!! I can't marry you!!

Cal: Your not even giving us a chance. You don't anything Katherine until you try. What do you tell your patients who are reluctant about the treatment you give them? You tell them to try, right? Because that is the only true way to know if it will work. That is what you told me when I began therapy with you. To try...to wait and see if what we were doing worked. That is what you need to do here. I know you love me. I can see it in your eyes and I know you know you love me. If you are worried about it being for real or the kind of love that last a lifetime, there is only one way to know for sure and that is to give it a shot and part of that is getting married.

Katherine: But..what if it doesn't work out? What if we end up hurting each other?

Cal: I can could hurt you, you could hurt me. It's a leap of faith. It's a risk that people take when getting married. It can happen to the best of couples. I know this is fast and that we haven't known each other long but I love you. I love you with all my heart and soul and I want to spend my life with you. Let me ask you...how often do you think about me?

Katherine: Nearly every moment of every day.

Cal: How often do you dream about me and our future?

Katherine: I have had you in my dreams since the day we met.

Cal: Do you feel like, in this moment, you could live without me in your life?

Katherine:...No. I don't.

Cal: That's love.

Katherine: It is?

Cal: Sure is. So, what do you say? Let's take a chance. Look, there are risks. My past...your feelings. Let's just give it a whirl. Nothing will change. We will just be married. Let's just think of it that way. We can go back to the hotel and we can get Rev. Stewart to come back and we can do this later today. We will only be a day late but better late the never. What do you say?

Katherine's eyes well up with tears as she smiles.

Katherine: Yes!! Yes...let's do this.

They then embrace and share a kiss in joyous celebration of their impending nuptials.

-Back at the Kiriakis Mansion, Jack speaks out against Max joining in the plan, along with Frankie. Billie tries to calm him and reminds everyone this is wrong. They don't need fighting or tension. That leads to nothing getting done. Billie tells Frankie and Jack they could use the extra help and Max is going to want to do something with or without them so it's better having him work with them so he doesn't get himself in trouble. He has backup if he works with them. Jack and Frankie realize she's right and reluctantly agree. Victor and Shane do warn Max to not tell anyone about this other then the people in the room and to follow orders to the letter. Max agrees.

Jack reminds Max not to expect any pleasantries from him because of how he treated Abby. Max says not to worry, he wasn't expecting anything. Max then says he must share something with everyone. He fills them all in on his confrontation with Cassie on the pier after leaving the Deveraux house last night and he admits his belief that Cassie may be involved in Abby and Chelsea's kidnapping. Victor doesn't buy Cassie being a part of it. She is Stefano's granddaughter and the MCF shot him so it's doubtful Cassie or any Dimera would be in league with the MCF. Shane thinks they should still keep an eye on her as anyone could be in the MCF's web of decei. Max says she acted flustered and quickly tried to cover for something she felt "bad enough about already." Max says she was definitely hiding something.

Shane and Billie get the surveilance center up and running with Nico's help. Jack, Frankie, Greta. Max, and Victor are pleased as they can now monitor everything and begin to track down the MCF. Shane says they will just keep an eye out for Cassie and others who are suspicious, even if they are loved ones and friends. There is no telling how much the MCF's reach extends. Shane reminds them that they know James, Marlena, and Alan already work for him or her. They will just need to monitor everything. Jack, Billie, Victor, Nico, and Greta agree. They all watch the screen as Frankie again warns Max to stay in line. Max says he will. He is doing this for Abby and Chelsea. They have to find them and he owes it to them and their families to help in any way he can. It may help make up for the damage he caused. Frankie says that's a nice gesture and pats his brother on the back. Max says he just hopes this works. He doesn't know what he would do if something bad happened to Abby and Chelsea.

Meanwhile, on a speedboat in the middle of an ocean, an unconscious Chelsea and Abby lie board. Abby's wheelchair is folded up near her. James and Alan are driving the boat and they are pleased with the good time they are making and that things went smoothly back in Salem. They tell the unconscious girls they are almost there...almost to paradise.

Both James and Alan's laughs can be heard as the screen freezes on an unconscious Abby and Chelsea and then fades out.








Clip of Katherine about to walk down the aisle with Cal at the end and Nora and Jed watching.






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