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May 1, 2007





-Katherine has her dressed zipped up by Nora as she puts on her earrings. She looks in the mirror and says to Nora that she still doesn’t know if this is the right thing to do. Nora tells her to stop complaining. When Katherine turns around shocked, Nora is smiling at her. Katherine smiles back as Nora tells her that this is not the time for any of this. Cal is a good, decent man and anyone would kill to be walking down the aisle towards him.

In his room, Cal has just put his jacket on and prepares to head out the door when he stops. When Jed asks him what is the matter now, Cal stands there quiet. Jed calmly walks over to him and asks if he is ok. Cal doesn’t turn around and then barely says that he hopes he is doing the right thing by her. Jed places his hand on Cal’s shoulder and then he turns to face Jed, telling him that she may be giving up too much marrying a man with no past. Jed looks at him, straightens up his collar, and tells him that she is marrying for her future not because of his past.

Cal looks at Jed and smiles, telling him thanks for being a good friend. As the two men start to get emotional, Jed wipes the tears from his eyes and tells Cal in a booming voice that it’s time to get this show on the road. At that moment, the scene fades to Katherine’s room where Nora ask Katherine if she is ready. Katherine looks at Nora and says no time like the present. She then says that her daddy always told her that when she finds a good man to do everything she can to hold on to him. She intends to do just that as she picks up her bundle of flowers and stands tall, ready to marry the man of her dreams.

Twenty minutes later, the scene has shifted to the cliff where a small gathering has occurred. Cal is standing at the end of the altar with Rev. Stewart and Jed as they see Nora walk down the aisle. She drops rose petals on the freshly cut lawn as she looks at Jed. They both smile at each other, thinking back to the day that they were married, as she takes her place at the end of the altar. The guest then stand as the wedding march is played and Katherine walks towards the aisle, looking stunning in her wedding gown. Cal smiles broadly as Katherine starts to walk down the aisle, unaware of how scared she really is.

With each step, Katherine wonders if she is doing what is in her best interest. To marry a man with no past and no memories. What is she thinking? She can’t do this. She can’t live and love someone who doesn’t even know if he used to be in the military or was married and was a wife-beater. She thinks she is the one who has to have her head examined because if she goes through with this she feels she will making the biggest mistake of her life. She continues walking down the aisle but when she gets close to Cal she suddenly stops dead in her tracks and just looks at Cal. She stares at him, seconds away from running away on him.

But Cal, who has a worried look on his face, reaches his hand out. His look then changes from one of worry to one of calm and he smiles at her. As Jed and Nora look on anxiously, Katherine hesitates then gently takes Cal’s hand as he leads her forward to stand by his side. They then both stand in front of the reverend as they look at each other and Katherine’s feelings turn to what she knows they always have been for this man.....

To feelings of deep, unwavering love and devotion.

As Cal looks at her and the reverend begins speaking, the guests sit down and his mind goes back to the first time he saw her........

Rev. Stewart: We humbly stand in God’s Country, looking out over his magnificent work, as two souls that He created have decided to join as one in the presence of friends. As we have gathered here today......

Cal remembers Katherine walking into the hospital waiting area as he was watching North & South. He didn’t want to admit it then but even with her hair up and wearing glasses, she was the most beautiful lady he had ever seen........

Rev. Stewart: To join this man and this woman, we bless the love that is prevalent her today. We give thanks to Almighty God for His blessings and his grace and say a special prayer for this lady, who has devoted her life to helping those of His children who have lost their way, and this man, who has the future to look forward to as he tries to regain, with God’s help, the memories of his past.....

Katherine remembers the moment that Cal proposed to her. She thinks of the moment that he slipped the ring on her finger and the moment she promised to be his lady, for the rest of her life........

Rev. Stewart: And now, without further adieu, Katherine and Cal would like to express their love for one another here, in front of this gathering.

Katherine turns to Cal and speaks first, saying to him......

Katherine: I want to start off by saying.....how sorry I am, my love. To almost having walked out on you....I don’t know what I was thinking. I want to say here, now.....that your past means only as much as you want it to. I am your future. Never forget that, my love. I will spend the rest of my life having you never doubt me again. No matter what you call yourself, or what your name is, all I know is that I’m in mad, passionate, unwavering love....with the most wonderful man that God Himself ever put on this Earth. And I’ll spend the rest of my life proving that to you.

Cal wipes away a tear from his eye as the reverend motions him to speak. Cal looks deeply into Katherine’s crying eyes as he begins.....

Cal: I don’t know what to say. The only wonderful thing that has happened in the past year to me.....is you. Period. You went from being my doctor, to my protector, to my lover, and now to my best friend. I honestly don’t know.....where I would be if God hadn’t of put you in my path through this life. Being with you, my love, is like living inside pure joy. It’s also very scary because even though I really can’t remember a thing, I know that I honestly could not go on if you were not in my life. It just......wouldn’t be worth it. So.....I’ll spend the rest of my life thanking God Almighty for joining us together. The rest of my life, my love.........

The wedding is paused for a moment as Nora hands Katherine a handkerchief to wipe her eyes with. Everyone smiles as Cal takes the handkerchief.......and dries Katherine’s tears himself, before kissing her hand. Cal and Katherine then turn back towards the reverend, as he speaks once again.....

Rev. Stewart: Cal, do you take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold....for better, or for worse.......for richer or poorer.....in sickness, and in health, for as long as you both shall live?

Cal: I Do.

Rev. Stewart: Katherine, do you take this man to be your lawful wedded husband? To have and to hold, for better, or for worse, in sickness......and in health, for richer, and for poorer, for as long as you both shall live?

Katherine: I Surely Do.

Everyone smiles broadly as the reverend then says....

Rev. Stewart: Then, by the law invested in me and by the wisdom giving to me by Almighty God Himself, I now pronounce these two wonderful, beautiful souls.....

Husband......and Wife. Cal, you may kiss your bride.

Cal lifts Katherine’s veil and steps forward, as Katherine does the same, and then they both gently kiss one another for the first time.......as husband and wife. Everyone breaks out into applause as Rev. Stewart ends the ceremony, saying.......

Rev. Stewart: May I now present......Mr. And Mrs. Cal Winters!!!

The couple walks down the aisle as everyone cheers and applauds. But, meanwhile, an uninvited guest has shown up at the ceremony, and is very interested as they see Cal and Katherine disappear into the hotel. This person just says one thing......

Person: Congratulations.

As the limousine that the person is in drives away, the scene then slowly fades to black as the car drives down the road.

-Back in Salem, at the Brady Pub, Hope walks into the Pub to see Bo standing behind the counter. She slowly walks over to the counter and asks why he is there. Bo says that Caroline asked him to watch the place while she went upstairs to lie down. Hope hopes that she will feel better to which Bo doesn’t respond. Hope looks at him and asks what is the matter with him to which Bo responds....

Bo: Damn, woman! Why don’t you put that to tape and just press play when you see me. That will save you from constantly asking me the same question over and over again.

Hope: Bo, you don’t have to get nasty with me.

Bo: Then let me ask you.....why are you here?

Hope: I just wanted to see how you were doing, that’s all.

Bo: Well, I’m doing just fine. Now......would you please leave me alone?

Roman: Aye, little brother, why don’t you lay off her, ok?

Bo and Hope look up to see Roman standing behind her. Hope looks at Bo, who she now sees has rage building up inside him and asks Roman.....

Hope: Roman, what’s up? How you been?

Roman: Ok, I guess. Just wanted to come by and see my brother....

Bo: And then tell me how to speak to my wife, right?

Bo walks from behind the counter as Roman tells him....

Roman: Look, I don’t want any trouble. Why don’t you just talk to Hope better then what you are. She hasn’t done one thing to you for you to treat her like this.

Bo: (Pausing) You know something......bro?! Why don’t you head over to the hospital and take care of that wack job you’re married to and stay the hell out of my marriage.

Roman: Now, you’ re getting really out of line. And...you still aren’t too old that I can’t keep you in line.

Bo: We’re not kids anymore, Roman. Those days are long gone. So......take your best shot.

Roman: You know, I think I will.....

Roman takes a swing at Bo, who ducks out of the way. When Roman turns back around, Bo clocks him with a roundhouse right cross sending Roman almost over the counter. When Bo then tries to walk up on Roman, Roman kicks Bo hard enough to send him crashing over some tables. He then picks Bo up and takes another swing, connecting with Bo’s jaw and sending him over more tables but when he tries to follow up, Bo hits him in his gut, raises his chin, and hits him again with a roundhouse right cross, sending Roman back across the room.

Hope and a few patrons jump in and break the fight up. As Hope tries to calm Bo down, Roman tells him that the reason why he came over was because....

Roman: I wanted to give you your badge back. We need help....(Breathing heavy) Hell, I need help trying to stop this mysterious cloaked figure from doing more harm and I need you back on the force to do that, ok?

Bo: Roman.......(Breathing heavy) Go to hell. There is no way I would be in the same building with you, much less work with you again.

Roman: Bo, don’t say that.....

Bo: Don’t tell me what to do!! I’m not your kid brother anymore. Besides, no older brother would do to me what you did and be forgiven for it. And now.....since you won’t leave, I guess I will.

Bo starts to walk out of the Pub, knocking over tables and chairs, when Hope grabs him and asks him.......

Hope: Bo! What is the matter?! What did Roman do to you?

Bo: Why don’t you ask him. Maybe some of that old pillow talk you two used to have will serve you now.

Hope slaps Bo across the face, hard. As Bo rubs his jaw and staggers backwards, Hope looks at him with regret, saying to him....

Hope: You really are lost, Bo. But, no matter what, I’m still not going anywhere. No matter what you say or do, I’m right here.....when you’re ready.

Bo: That’s going to be a long wait, Hope. And, if you want to know what happened......

Ask the cop over there. Maybe this time he’ll tell the truth.......this time.

Bo storms out of the Pub and slams the door behind him.

Hope walks over to Roman, who stands and watches his brother leave as he wipes the blood from his mouth. Hope asks him....

Hope: Roman, what did he mean by any of that?

Roman: In time Hope. In time. Reminds me of the fight we got into when he thought you were in love with me, remember?

Hope: Of course I do. But I was a teenager then. We’ve all grown from that.

Roman: Well, I hope we have. Because if not......

Hope: If not, then Bo just might be lost to us......forever.

Roman and Hope look at each other as they hope that one day, they are successful in reaching Bo.....before it’s too late. The scene then slowly fades to black on Roman and Hope.

-At the Kiriakis Mansion, Jack and Billie watch the cameras, hoping for some break that will bring their children home. Billie sits down next to Jack, who is deep in thought as he aimlessly looks at the many surveilance monitors. Billie looks over at Jack and then softly tells him how proud she is of him and the way he is handling everything. Jack turns to her and tells her that he doesn’t know what else to do. But, he thanks her for the kind words. He also tells her that she is no slouch either in the strength department.

Billie smiles, saying that she thinks that with everything she’s been through in her life, she had no choice but to be strong. She thought that the worse in her life was over. That is, until now. Having a child missing is one of the hardest things a parent can deal with. She is just glad, as she looks at Jack, that she isn’t alone right now. Jack looks back at her, saying that he doesn’t know what he would do if she wasn’t there to support him right now. He then looks down and takes her hand, telling her thank you for everything she’s done. Billie smiles at him, saying that it was truly her pleasure, as she rests her head on his shoulder while they both go back to looking at the monitors, hoping that their children are ok.

Meanwhile, James and Alan dock the speedboat near a large cruiseship and bring an unconscious Abby and Chelsea off of the boat as Ernesto has just arrived. James wheels Abby off as Alan carries Chelsea and Ernesto tells them to take them to the third level of the ship. They will be staying for quite some time. James and Alan silently obey as they take the girls down to the third level, while Ernesto looks out over the water in delight.

When James and Alan bring the girls to that level of the ship, the noise awakens two other guests of Ernesto’s. Tony gets up out of his bed and walks over to the barred up window, looking down on the scene that is taking place. He then looks shocked as he finally sees who has been brought onto the ship. He awakens Anna. Tony then goes and gets Anna, getting her out of bed and bringing here to the window as James and Alan bring both girls up the long, winding corridor and past their beautiful cell room.

Tony and Anna both look as he tries to keep Anna awake, telling her that he recognizes two of those people. When Anna starts to come to, she groggily asks him what he’s talking about. Tony tells her that he thinks he saw Alan Harris carrying Jack Deveraux’s daughter Abby into the room down the hall, along with two other people. When Anna stands up and asks him if there was anyone else, Tony tells her that he saw two other people but don’t know who they were. Then, both Anna and Tony stare out the window as they now see Ernesto walk up to it. He stands briefly and looks at both of them, and then smiles evilly at them as he continues walking down the hallway. Tony turns to Anna and then says, cryptically....

Tony: What have we gotten ourselves into this time?

Anna: Beats me. Reminds me too much of your father for my taste.

Tony: Well, we better figure out some way out of this.....

Before it’s too late....for all of us.

Ernesto walks into the doorway of the room that the girls were taken into. Both girls are starting to stir now and Ernesto orders James and Alan to put the girls down and to leave before they are seen by them. Both men silently obey and leave the room as Ernesto stands once again in the doorway. Abby, who is laying on the bed, starts to wake up and through her haze can make out Ernesto standing there, watching her and Chelsea. When Abby looks over at Chelsea, who is also waking up, Ernesto announces that both girls...

Ernesto: Should be comfortable in this room. I had it designed especially for the both of you.

Abby: Why? Why are you doing this? Who are you?!

Ernesto: All in good time, my dear. We will have many days and nights to discuss your futures. No need to wear you down now.

Chelsea: You are one sick dude if you think you can get away with this. Our familes won’t give up until they find us.

Ernesto: My dear child, your father doesn’t even know you’re here. And, as for you, Abby, there is no way Jack Deveraux will find you......at least, not until I want him to.

Chelsea: You sick bastard.

Ernesto: Keep a civil tongue, girl! Or tonight will be your last night alive.

Both girls grow silent with these words.

Ernesto: Now, since I have regained your attention, relax.....and enjoy. You two will want for nothing and I promise you to make it as pleasant as humanly possible for you both while you are here. And then, maybe......just maybe, you will be released. And now.....if you two will excuse me, I have some other pressing business to attend to. Please.....make yourselves at home.

Ernesto smiles at both girls and then walks out the door, leaving both girls terrified. As he closes the door and locks it behind him, the girls wonder where the hell they are. Abby says that what they have to worry about is staying alive until their dads find them. Chelsea wonders how long that will take. Abby tells her that if she knows her dad, he is working on that right now. What they have to do, she tells Chelsea, is just stay calm and do what that man says. Chelsea tells her that it will be easier said than done.

As Chelsea gets out of the bed and walks to the door, both girls hear something coming from the bathroom. They look across the huge room and into the darkness on the other side but can’t make anything out. Chelsea then starts walking over to where the sound came from and, at that moment, the girls hear someone walking out of the bathroom. They can’t see this person as the darkness acts like a shroud over them. Abby reaches out for Chelsea, who then runs around the bed and takes Abby into her arms. Both girls hold one another very tight as the person who was in the darkness slowly comes into the light and Chelsea screams at the person.......


Person: Calm down now, please. I didn’t mean to scare you both.

Abby: Then answer her question. Who the hell are you?! And what are you doing here?!

Person: Well, I can’t answer what I’m doing here because I’m just as much in the dark as you are. But.......allow me to introduce myself. My name......

Is Alamain.......


The girls look at this man in shock as the scene switches back to a smiling Forrest and the scene slowly goes to black.


Cal to Katherine: This is the first day of the rest of our lives.

Chelsea to Abby (with Forrest): I don't like this.

Philip to Victor: I have lost everything and you don't even give a damn!!

Cassie to Stefano: Oh my God...grandfather!!


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Fantastic episode. My favorite I believe is still the Marie funeral, but this one was still beautiful. I LOVED the wedding.

As for Forrest? YES! I did that on my blog as well just because the fact there had to be a Forrest Alamain somewhere! Glad you chose to bring him on. ;)

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Brilliant twist. Now if the writers from Days could take a page from your plots the show would not be in trouble. Brilliant that you brought Forest back and Peter Bergman seems to be perfect for the role. I think I now know who the MFC is

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First off, Happy Anniversary. Hopefully we will have at least another year of Salem Lives if not more :)

Wedding was great, very sweet.

And HOT DAMN!!!! What a twist. I never expected Forrest Alamain. I was thinking Lawrence actually. I love that you cast Peter as Forrest, perfect casting. I loved it!

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