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Episode 17



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(EXT: Capwell Hotel)

---Pamela flashes back to overhearing Sophia reveal to Rosa that she has a brain aneurism. She then looks down at the copy of Sophia's chart she made at the hospital. She smiles at the implications of it all. Someone knocks at her door and Pamela eagerly answers.

"Edmund, it's so lovely to see you, it's been so long......" She embraces him, but he pulls back.

"Pamela, you're as beautiful as the day I met you. Your very allure is the only thing I can imagine that would bring me back to this God-forsaken town. That and you were quite mysterious over the phone- which left me quite intrigued. Please, tell me who this patient is and why I should be so interested in her."

Pamela gets up and retrieves an old photograph of Sophia. Pamela asks if he recognizes her, which he claims not to. She tells him that it is Sophia Wayne- he remembers her as an actress from the old days. Pamela explains that she went on to marry Marcello Armonti & CC Capwell. Edmund stops cold at the mention of CC's name.

"I thought she was dead."

"So did everyone."

(EXT: Cruz & Eden's Beach House)

---Eden wakes up, looks at her sleeping husband and smiles. She playfully begins nibbling on his neck to wake him up. Cruz twitches at first, and then giggles. He mumbles for her to stop- his wife could walk in at any minute. At that, Eden bites down harder and Cruz howls in pain.

"Your wife could walk in? Just who are you dreaming about detective?"

Cruz laughs at her, telling her he was only pretending to sleep & knew exactly what she was doing. He remarks that this reception is a nice change from the day before and asks what has inspired the turnaround. She ignores him and begins kissing his neck again, telling him not to ask so many questions. Cruz agrees and pulls her up to him and kisses her. He removes her night gown and they make love.

(EXT: The Capwell Mansion)

---CC reads the Santa Barbara Chronicle. The headline reads CAPWELL ENTERPRISES IN TROUBLE- TAKEOVER IMMINENT CC bemoans Warren's entire article to a worried Sophia. Sophia questions whether he has any kind of plan of action. CC fills her in about Joann's proposal of a merger. Sophia remembers helping CC out in the last crisis, and CC tells her that his very problem with the whole thing is she had no hidden agenda, where he doesn't know that with an outside buyer. Sophia tells him that she has faith in him- he's a smart businessman and will find a way out of the mess he's in. CC smiles at his wife and tells her faith will be misplaced if he doesn't resolve things by the end of the day. Sophia asks what he means.

"The buyer, whoever is behind this, they're very close to getting what they want. According to the projections and the pattern the buys have followed up until now, they'll have enough stock to take control by the end of the day today."

Sophia looks at him, obviously concerned. Frustrated, CC tells her he'd better get going to the office, since he has early meetings to attend. Sophia offers to walk him out, but has a dizzy spell when she gets up, and loses her balance. CC rushes to her, helping her over to the couch in the living room. He asks her what's wrong, but she shrugs it off as a migraine headache, saying she'll be fine. CC insists if she continues feeling this way that she go to see a doctor. Sophia thanks her husband for his concern but says she'll be just fine. CC kisses her good-bye and heads out the door. Rosa then enters and sees an upset Sophia on the couch.

"Sophia, you can't keep this up, CC has a right to know about your condition. He would want to be by your side every step of the way, your children as well."

"Rosa, I'm fine, really. I've been taking the medication that Ben prescribed for me and there really is nothing more that can be done. According to Ben, I could live with this for some time, maybe even a long time if the treatment is effective."

"And if it isn't?"

"I don't even want to think about that possiblity, Rosa. I have to be strong for CC and for my children. Besides, if they knew, all they would do is scrutinize every move I make and watch me like a dog. How would that be helpful to me in any way? No, there's no need for them to know anything and Rosa please, please I hope that you'll respect my wishes."

Rosa nods in affirmation. "Of course Sophia. You can always trust me, I know that. But I also will tell you when you're making a mistake, which I believe you are here. But it is your mistake to make and I won't interfere in any way."

(EXT: Capwell Enterprises)

---Gina tells Keith what Lionel had learned the previous day- that CC was considering a merger. Gina asks him if this is part of the mystery buyer's plan and Keith is unsure. Keith is insistent that Joann is on their side, though Gina has her doubts.

"How could a merger possibly be helpful to someone who is attempting a hostile takeover? I may not be the shrewdest businesswoman, but even I can see it makes no sense Keith."

"Unless......unless.....the buyer owns the company that Capwell merges with."

Gina ponders that for a minute and admits it does make sense. Keith's cell phone rings.

"Hello.....no, I'm not, give me a second....."

Keith tells Gina the buyer is on the phone, so he needs privacy. Gina shoots back to let her listen in, it's time she knows who she's dealing with anyway. Keith insists that when the time is right, she will know everything. Keith excuses himself and fills the buyer in on Joann's suggestion to CC. The person is obviously furious and informs Keith that Joann may be a loose cannon and that was not a part of the agenda at all.

(EXT: Santa Barbara Police Station)

---Cruz arrives for work and Vic informs him that Angel is on his way to meet with them. Cruz wonders why Angel would be coming there at all- he has all the information he needs from them and should be focusing on the investigation. Angel storms in and informs them they might as well lock him back up, that there's no way any of this is going to work. He screams that his cover is probably blown already thanks to Cruz. Vic gets him to calm down and Cruz asks him what he means.

"Your wife, Castillo, your precious Eden- she was at my house yesterday, talking with my wife."

Cruz is stunned and tells Angel he knew nothing about it. Angel asks how Eden even knows he's been released in the first place and Cruz admits that Eden followed him there on Thanksgiving. Cruz insists she knows nothing about the investigation. Angel warns him that he'd better keep a tight leash on her, because if she's spotted at his home, it could blow everything wide open.

"I'm not going to stick my neck out there just to be killed because your little blondie wife can't mind her own business."

Cruz insists it won't happen again and tells Angel he'll talk to Eden. Vic asks for an update of how things are going so far and Angel tells him that he's met with some contacts, but it's a work in progress. If they want results, then the cops are just going to have to be patient.

(EXT: Capwell Enterprises)

---CC arrives at CE and is greeted by a nasty Gina at his office. She shows him the newspaper and asks if he's read the article. CC says he has and Gina warns him that he'd better find a way out of this mess, that she's not going to watch her son's future just crumble and do nothing. CC claims to have things under control.

"Under control? How do you call entertaining the idea of a merger under control?"

"How do you know about that Gina?"

"Nevermind how I know, the point is I do. CC- you can't really be thinking of just handing half of your company away. I won't let you."

"YOU won't let me? Frankly, Gina, you're lucky to even be working here. Channing owns a piece of this company, not you. So don't think you can come in here and start spitting out orders. It will be a cold, cold day in HELL before I let you have any influence over this company.....or Me!"

Kathleen interrupts them, telling him that Joann will be there shortly for their meeting & Ted and Mason have left messages saying they'll be there as well. She also informs him that a mysterious call came in, regarding the possibility of the merger. CC asks who it was but she claims not to know, only that the person said that they'd be interested in helping and would be by this afternoon. Kathleen tells him she asked over & over what this was about & what company it was, but the person was very mysterious. CC wonders if it could be the mystery buyer, just playing games with them. Gina exits and heads back to her office where Keith is waiting.

"Well.....what did our mysterious buyer and future leader say?"

"The merger isn't part of the plan. Joann could be playing for the wrong side."

"I'd gloat, but we've got bigger problems then. Someone is interested in merging with Capwell and they're meeting with CC this afternoon. You think it could be the buyer?"

"Not likely. No way would CC want to deal with them. Gina, we've got to stop that meeting."

(EXT: Capwell Hotel)

---Edmund finishes going over Sophia's chart and tells Pamela her situation is quite severe. Pamela tells him of the medication Sophia is receiving and asks what it does exactly. Edmund explains that it keeps the condition under control, but doesn't solve the problem in any way. Without the proper treatments and surgeries, she won't live another year. Pamela asks if he can help her and Edmund says that he can, but doesn't see why she'd want to help Sophia, nor why he would want to save CC's wife.

"I don't want her dead of course, Edmund. However, I don't think you're seeing what I'm getting at. Yes, you could help her. But I didn't say anything about saving Sophia....."

"I don't understand what you mean."

"CC took your wife away from you........Perhaps now, you could take his wife from him....."

She smiles deviously at him and he looks back at her with wonder. Intrigued, he begins to smile himself.


Sophia, sitting on the couch in her living room, reading. She begins clutching her head in pain and reaches for her medication. It spills and she bends to collect them from the floor. She falls. Sophia begins to cry as Rosa comes in and helps her back up. Sophia takes her pill, with Rosa's help.

"Sophia, oh Sophia, you can't go on like this."

"I don't have a choice."

THE END.....................for today


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Glad you're enjoying it sevilla! And I'm very happy that you went back and started from the beginning. I have a feeling you'd be pretty lost had you not done that!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

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