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Ms. Walsh


The heat doesn't work in our room. :rolleyes: Stupid piece of crap room! This is one of the downsides of living in a house that hasn't been fully renovated since 1899. :rolleyes:

Our heater has always been strange. This morning, at 5.30, though, my roomie and I were woken by the heater (and it was supposed to be shut off!!) because water was spouting out of it and it was so loud! And now, it doesn't even work! I'm sure that tomorrow morning it's going to be under 30*. This fricking room is so drafty (and it doesn't help that we have three windows--two of which don't close properly.)

At least next year I'll be in a house that was renovated in 2000, and I'll only be sharing a bathroom with about 7 other people (as opposed to 20+ people right now)

Basically, how the housing lottery goes is that you can choose to either to (1) stay in the house that you currently live in or (2) enter into the housing lottery. Since the house that I currently reside in is a complex (with a big house which I live in and a small house), I'm going to choose the first option and wait for the room draw in April. Now, *if* I get a good draw, then I can definitely get a room in the smaller house. There are 11 rooms in the smaller house (5 singles, which I definitely will not get, and 3 suites which I *might* be able to get.) Basically, there are only 3 rooms that I'm sure nobody higher than sophomore-standing will take those three. And, *if* I can't get a room in the smaller house, it will be nice to know that if I stay in the bigger house at least I'll get a bigger room (maybe with two closets?? or a corner room)

I guess my other concern, aside from the allergies (which are getting better) and the fact that the roomie might not want to be my roomie next year, is that I absolutely do not want to live next to (or worse than that...live with) those "too cool for school" bitches. It's bad enough that currently we live above two of them, and that I used to live with one of those bitches for over a month!! :angry: That's why living in the smaller house will be perfect because it's quieter and there's little or no chance that all of them will get rooms in the house.

Oh well...we'll see...there's still a lot of time, and I definitely shouldn't be worrying about something like this when my time will soon be consumed with massive amounts of homework. 2 days! I can't wait! :rolleyes:


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