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bring on the heat

Ms. Walsh


I think the heater is working fine now. Our room's kind of warm, which is muy bueno.

everyone's back in the house! I'm really happy!! I got a postcard from one girl who went to Japan during J-Term...isn't that insane??? Anyway, the house is back to being a nice big family again. It's great! :) This semester looks like it's going to be a lot of fun...the beginning's always the best because nobody has to worry about homework and commitments and whatnot. It's the best feeling: being here and being happy. :)

One more day left...lol. Let the stress begin!!

Anyway...the rooming stuff might turn out to be a bit complicated. I think that a lot of feelings might get hurt in this process because if I don't get a roommate I'll be very upset. :( The good thing, though, is that no matter where I'll live--whether it's in the big house or the small house--I'lll get an upgrade on the room. There are only 13 first-years right now, which is not a lot at all! I don't know what the quota's supposed to be, but I'm sure that it's a bit more than 13 people. Anyway, with such a low number of people, we're pretty much guaranteed suites and singles by our junior years, and nice BIG singles our senior years. If I can't live in the small house next year, I'll definitely try to get a suite junior year and a big single senior year.

Also, next year the doubles are a lot bigger and they have added features like bigger closets or two closets, windows on different sides, etc. I'm aiming for a room on the 3rd floor if I'm going to be in the big house. There's one room--across from my old room--that has two windows, two closets, and is a lot bigger...so that's a good choice I think. But there's also another room that's kind of isolated, but it's on a corner, has two windows, one decent-sized closet, and you get your own little area in the hall that pretty much nobody goes to unless they want to use the attic...and it's the room that Sylvia Plath lived in when she was here!! Insane, right??


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