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already slacking

Ms. Walsh


Today was the first day of classes, and I'm already slacking off. :lol: Nice one Rachel!!

My classes today were really good. Women's Studies looks like it's going to be a lot of fun, yet there's a lot of work involved. I'm really excited about the class though. The lecture today made me happy to have a vagina! :lol: There was one guy in the class though. :rolleyes: I'm definitely not going to get much rest this semester though! There are like 100 people signed up the class, and as usual, there's a bunch of stupid bitches in it. But that doesn't matter.

Spanish was great too. My professor is amazing. She's from Spain, so she was telling us about how she always uses the vosotros form, even though we don't have to. And she talks really fast, which is good since I understood most of it. Finally I'm in a Spanish class that's actually going to be interesting! It took me almost 6 years to get through all the grammar crap. From now on, my classes are going to involve actual Spanish novels, short stories, and learning about the different cultures in Latin America and Spain.

Tomorrow's History and Economics. Looking forward to them. :rolleyes:

They fixed our heater. Hopefully, it will start functioning properly. I still think there's a ghost in it though. We watched this show on the Discovery Channel today, during lunch, about a woman who was causing a poltergeist in her house...it was so scary. I seriously think that there's a ghost in here because there's always tapping coming from inside the wall...like RIGHT NOW! It's scary because it's on my side of the room, right near my desk, where I am currently!

Well, I have a ton of work already!


PS. I finished my work. I drank this weird vitamin concotion that's supposed to help you concentrate, and it actually worked really well...after an hour or so.


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