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Ms. Walsh


Well, I already have a Live Journal, but it's "friends only" and I have a Dead Journal but it's private. So I guess this wil be my totally-public blog. Plus, I'm kind of a non-fan of fan fiction...lol. I mean, I like what other people write, but I suck at writing fiction. So this will be about my real life, and if it's boring...too bad! Isn't that why we all watch soaps anyway??


The second semester is starting in 4 days. I'm looking forward to this semester's classes:

MWF- Intro. to Women's Studies

I'm looking forward to this class, but at the same time I don't want to deal with all the "too cool for school" bitches who decide to be WS majors and badger the rest of us to burn our bras and wear rags during our periods. :rolleyes: But if I want to continue taking more WS courses, I have to have this course under my belt. Plus, a few people I know are taking it whom I like. So maybe it won't be too bad.

MWF- Spanish

Okay, I love Spanish and I'm still pretty sure that I'll be going to Spain my junior year. But 220 is "Intermediate Conversation and Comprehension" and my least-favourite part of the Spanish language is speaking it! :lol: I mean, why else would I go abroad??

TTh- History

This is the class that I'm looking most-forward to. It's going to be a lot of work because there is a ton of reading involved, but from what I heard, it's a really great class and the prof. is awesome. The topic is "Women in the US 1865-Present." I guess that's one of the perks of going to an all-female school...or is it?? Maybe this semester will be Female Overload and I'll wind up hating my own sex. :lol::lol: Who knows?!?

TTh- Economics

This class scares me!! I don't think I'm going to do well, but I refuse to get graded S/U because I did that for English last semester. :blink: Hopefully, it will be easier...the book looks totally confusing though!

Anyway, since I've been here I've been kind of lazy. Granted, classes haven't started, so I have every right to do lazy. I have started working out though. I go to the gym at 9 to watch The Golden Girls , and then I go again at 2 to watch ATWT. Unfortunately, when classes start, I won't be able to watch ATWT on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 2.30, and my MWF class ends right at 2, so I'll miss the first 10 minutes then. :angry:

But I'm buying t a VCR! lol! :lol: Either tomorrow or Saturday...whenever I get the chance to take the bus to Target or BestBuy. I'm worried that I won't be able to hook it up because the cable is directly connected to the TV. I **think** that I know a way to hook it up. If not, I'll bug my roomie to do it for me...I mean, she is an Engineering major! And if she can't do it, I'll bug some of the other Science and Math nerds to do it. :lol: And if nobody can hook it up, then I'll just return it.

I think it's a good investment because I've been wanting to start taping ATWT for quite some time, and since there's the possibility that it will get cancelled in 2007 (which I pray does not happen!) :( , I want to at least have some episodes to watch.

So, I digress...

I haven't been eating breakfast. Well, I have a Slimfast bar and water, and then I hit the gym. Fortunately, I will be able to watch GG every day at 9 because my classes don't start until 10.30 and 11. That is good because after I work out I can grab something at Hubbard (like toast or an English muffin, since they serve continental...or just a cup of coffee) before heading to class. And then...after class, I'll go to Tyler for lunch. Tyler has great lunches because they serve soups, salads, and sandwiches so, obviously, you can't go wrong with those. I've been eating there everyday for lunch, and it's been really good. Then I'll go to my second class, hit the gym again to watch ATWT, return to my room at 3, shower, and then start my homework at 3.30-4.

As for work study, I might just do a Sat. brunch shift and a Sun. dinner shift. That way I don't need to go to dinner on weeknights if I don't want to (usually I just take enough food from lunch to make a sandwich for dinner).

In other news, I **might** not be able to stay in my house next year (at school) because of my allergies. The house is really old and has bad floors, and because of that it attracts a lot of dust. I'm going to try to move into the smaller house, but if I don't I might just have to move into Quad. <_< I don't want to do that because it's too far away, but...we'll see. Hopefully, the housing lottery will be good for me! I don't want to move away, so maybe I'll have to send a sob-story to the housing people and they'll give me a room in the smaller house. Now, the only trouble is that I'll have to convince my roommate to come w/ me. Either that, or I might have a totally different one...which I don't feel like taking a risk on.


PS. If you want to know more about me, look @ my infomacion! (aka "about me")


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