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DAYS #168: Marlena confronts John about Bo's mission, Anita and Brady reminisce over Ariana Hernandez





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco



C5cbJrD.png Qpowg4X.png
Brady sits on the sofa at Anita's cabin, reading the newspaper, as Anita finishes up the dishes in the kitchen area. Brady calls out to Anita about a news item he's reading.


BRADY: Hey Anita, you read this?


Anita shuts the kitchen tap off, and grabs a rag, drying her hands as she heads toward Brady.


ANITA: Read what?


Brady gets up from the sofa, closing the newspaper and showing her the headline:




Anita sighs as she reads the headline, realizing the gravity of the situation. Brady drops the paper onto the coffee table and walks over to the fireplace mantle, leaning against it, frustrated.


ANITA: Oh no. Brady, I'm sorry.


Brady shakes his head, sighing before stopping Anita from continuing her apology.


BRADY: No, it's my fault, I shouldn't have encouraged you to sell those shares off, and once again...


Brady slams his fist against the mantle, causing one of the framed family photos on the mantle to fall off, cracking the frame, as the pictures inside fall out.


BRADY: Damnit! I just make everything worse.


Brady looks down, as he bends to pick up the photos from the floor, and spots a familiar face.


A photo of the late Arianna Hernandez.




8MG0qil.png qbHTtOQ.png
Marlena and Hope sit at a table at Horton Town Square at the café, Marlena looking inquistively at a distracted Hope.


MARLENA: So are you going to go on this date with Aiden?
HOPE: Honestly, I'm not sure.
MARLENA: Bo's been gone a long time, Hope. I know he loves you desperately, but I think it's incredibly unfair of you to wait for him forever.


A voice snaps both women out of their conversation, causing them to look over. It's John.


JOHN: Thankfully, he won't be gone forever.


Marlena looks at John, somewhat displeased to see him, while Hope looks on, confused.




hcGfOtp.png 19kvVLL.png
Valerie steps out of her office at University Hospital, with "Crystal Clarke" following closely behind (really Sheryl Connors in disguise). "Crystal" listens eagerly as Valerie finishes their conversation.


VALERIE: So, that's about it. I know you've had a lot of experience with this in...
SHERYL: Birmingham.
VALERIE: Right. I think you'll a perfect fit here, Crystal. I knew it from the moment I spoke with you at the interview.


"Crystal" smiles broadly, appearing appreciative of the compliment.


SHERYL: Well, I just gotta thank you, Dr. Grant. You've been amazing. Ah...if you don't mind, I know it's my first day and all, but I have an appointment I gotta keep. Getting everything settled moving into town and all, I need to finish unpacking.


Valerie nods in reaction, smiling approvingly, as the two women walk down the hallway toward the nurses' station. As Valerie responds to "Crystal", the door to the elevator behind the nurses' station opens, and Daniel steps off, overhearing Valerie's words.


VALERIE: Oh, absolutely! Today is mostly just orientation and paperwork. You're fine to head out. 
SHERYL: Oh, thank you, Dr. Grant. It's great to finally meet you.
VALERIE: Pleasure's all mine, Crystal. Good luck getting yourself settled in.
SHERYL: Thanks!


Daniel looks on as Sheryl walks off, making a beeline for the locker room. Daniel steps over to Valerie, who is standing at the nurses' station.


DANIEL: Ahh...Dr. Grant.
VALERIE: Yes, Dr. Jonas, what can I do for you?


Valerie turns toward Daniel with a smile.


DANIEL: Ahh...the nurse you were just speaking to...Crystal...Clarke was it?
VALERIE: Yes, she just started today.
DANIEL: Right. Ahh...has she...been assigned any patients as of yet?


Valerie looks at Daniel, confused. She looks over toward where "Crystal" had walked off, then back at Daniel.


VALERIE: Uh...no, she...she just did her orientation just before meeting with me. She won't be taking on any proper nursing duties until Monday. Why?


Daniel looks down the hallway toward where "Crystal" had walked as well, before shaking his head and turning back toward Valerie.


DANIEL: Nah, nothing. Just...curious about the new staff member, that's all.


Valerie looks back at Daniel, unsure whether to believe him or not.




Downstairs, in the University Hospital parking garage, inside the back of Sheryl's SUV, a still-unconscious Crystal Clarke lies, tied up with her mouth taped shut, her hands and feet bound.


After a chilling moment of deafening silence, Crystal begins to wake up, her eyes twitching as they slowly open. 


She looks around her, and tries in vain to move. She attempts to scream, but the duct tape prevents her from making much sound, as she panics, writhing about in the back of the SUV, unable to free herself, and with no one anywhere nearby able to help.







Brady leans over, picking up the picture that fell to the ground. Turning around suddenly, he looks up at Anita, who's quickly walked over with a dustpan, before realizing what Brady has in his hand.


BRADY: You know, I know you're their grandmother, but...I guess I just can't help but be surprised to see her picture.
ANITA: You miss her a lot, don't you?


Brady nods, unable to take his eyes off the photo.


BRADY: Every day.


Brady sits down on the sofa, as Anita sweeps the broken glass off the floor.


Setting it aside, sits down beside Brady.


ANITA: You know, she didn't talk much to us later in her life. I think she was still upset...knowing what had happened with her father. How he left them.


Anita shakes her head, visibly upset by Eduardo.


ANITA: That never left her. And then to find out she wasn't even related to me.
BRADY: What?
ANITA: Oh, no. We...never spoke about it, but...(sigh) Eduardo got another woman pregnant, she couldn't keep the baby but wouldn't abort. I...quite stupidly suggested that he and Adriana raise the baby as theirs, and try to work out their problems. 
BRADY: And did they?
ANITA: Oh, for awhile. I didn't want the affair to destroy them. It...I lost my husband because of a stupid mistake I made. And...it nearly cost me everything. Including my life. I didn't want that for them. 


Brady listens intently, as Anita looks on, thinking back on her daughter's marriage.


ANITA: It ended up all for nothing. They had Dario, then Gabi, and...then...Eduardo up and left one day, never came back. And we struggled. Oh, did we struggle. But I made sure those kids were fed. Clothed. I did everything I could for them. Adriana didn't want the handout, but...I knew she would struggle to do it all on her own.


Anita sighs, taking Arianna's picture from Brady, and looking wistfully at it.


ANITA: Then about...fifteen years ago? Arianna's last year of high school, she found out. Her and Adriana got into it. You know how mothers and daughters do. But Adriana let it slip.
BRADY: That Arianna wasn't really hers.


Anita nods, before biting her lip, trying to keep the tears at bay.


ANITA: (sigh) Ari was a mess. She withdrew. Oh, she was already involved with the wrong crowd, but it got ten times worse after that.
BRADY: I'm sorry, Anita.
ANITA: Oh, Brady, don't feel responsible. You were a bright spot for her before she died. The few times I did talk to her, she said some wonderful things about you. When I realized who you were after I found you by the river...I knew it was fate that brought you to me. Arianna's spirit, giving you a second chance.


Anita puts a hand on Brady's and squeezes it tightly. She looks with a weak smile on her face, but love in her eyes.


ANITA: Don't waste your second chance, Brady.


Brady looks at Anita, feeling touched by her words, though still unsure of his future.




Back in the locker room at the hospital, Sheryl walks quickly over to her locker. Opening it up, she checks Crystal's phone once again. Ringing up Crystal's voice mail, she listens to the message Kim left.


KIM: (via phone message) Ah hi Crystal! It's Kimberly Brady. I'm just calling to check in, I know you're probably busy at the hospital getting started up with work, but I just wanted to see when would be a good time to meet up so I can give you the key to the apartment. 


Sheryl's eyes widen with delighted surprise at her good fortune, as the message continues.


KIM: (via phone message) I know you're new in town, you probably don't know your way around very well, but just meet me at the Brady Pub near the pier. I'll take you up to the apartment from there and we can get you settled in. Ummm, just give me a call when you get this. Thanks, Crystal!


The sound of rustling as Kim presses the 'end call' button on her phone prompts Sheryl to hang up the phone herself. Sheryl beams with delight, realizing her plan will take further shape now.


SHERYL: (sigh) Sheryl Connors, or should I say, Crystal Clarke, you are, without a doubt, the luckiest woman on the planet.


Grabbing the rest of her things, Sheryl then closes the door to her locker, and locks it. She walks out with a glowing confidence, heading for the car park.




Downstairs in the parking garage, the real Crystal continues to struggle to free herself from Sheryl's bondage in the back of her SUV. 


As Crystal attempts to kick at the back door of the vehicle, hoping to break the taillight of the truck and possibly free herself, Crystal pulls a muscle, and lets out a muffled scream of frustration and pain.


Crumbling in a heap on the floor of the SUV, Crystal cries, equal parts angry and scared.




7mpLHru.png NO1SJYT.png 8fxuDEk.png
Abby looks at Nick, standing with his hands on Gabi's shoulders, as they stand at the Brady Pub. Abby is stunned by Nick's news that he and Gabi will be moving in together.


ABBY: Moving in together?
GABI: Yeahhh, it's a big change.
ABBY: I'll say! How are Sonny and Will taking the news?


Gabi looks aside awkwardly before answering.


GABI: I....haven't told them yet.
ABBY: Gabi!
GABI: I know! I Know! There hasn't been any time. I...I'm gonna talk to them this afternoon.


Abby stands with her arms folded, uncomfortable with the news, she tries to feign being happy for them, but fails.


ABBY: Well...I just...I want you to be happy, both of you, but...
NICK: But...


Abby looks at Nick, flashing back to his episode at Salem University not long ago.






Nick stands in the main hall of Salem U, taking deep breaths as Abigail and Jerome stand back, stunned by Nick’s behaviour, and obvious pain. Nick holds his head in his hand, his head pounding, his vision blurred. He stumbles, trying to collect himself, as Abby steps back towards Nick, trying to see if he’s alright.


ABBY: Nick…are you SURE you’re alr—


Nick turns abruptly back around, as Abby lurches backwards, scared by her cousin’s unpredictable behaviour.


NICK: I’m fine, just…just LEAVE ME ALONE!


Jerome jumps in as Nick raises his hand to Abby in a fury. Jerome grabs Nick by his jacket and slams him against the wall, holding him there for a moment, staring him down.




Abby snaps out of her momentary trance, trying to cover her fear of Nick's outbursts.


ABBY: I just want everyone to be...sure this is the right thing to do. We're all under a lot of pressure lately, and...you know...I'm just looking out for my friends.


Nick nods in agreement, studying Abby's face closely. Abby feels intimidated by Nick's stare, and looks away immediately back to Gabi, and smiles half-heartedly.


GABI: I appreciate that, Abigail. I really do. But ummm...trust me. I know I'm making the right choice.
ABBY: I'm glad to hear. If you need anything--
GABI: I'll definitely call.


Abby smiles half-heartedly, as Jennifer, JJ, Liam, and Laura all arrive at the pub. Gabi and Nick look up at the doorway, as Abby spins around to see her family walking in. She turns back to face Nick and Gabi, pointing back at the group as they filter into the pub.


ABBY: My family's here. JJ's....taking off for college today, so we're gonna have lunch together before he takes off. I should...join them.
NICK: Yeah. It's nice to see you, Abby.


Abby feigns a smile, as she tries to look at Nick without setting off any alarm bells.


ABBY: Yeah, you too. Good luck, Gabi. Nick.


Gabi looks on at Abby as she steps away. Nick squeezes Gabi's shoulders as he stands behind her. Gabi looks uncomfortable, but plays along with Nick, putting her hand on his gently. 




John stands before Marlena and Hope at their table at the café in Horton Square. Marlena looks at him, annoyed by his presence, while Hope immediately notices the awkwardness, but is curious as to what John meant.


MARLENA: John, what are you still doing in town?
JOHN: I came back, Doc. I had some business I had to take care of.


Hope looks at John, with a glimmer of hope in her eye.


HOPE: ISA business?


John sighs, wishing he could say one way or another.


JOHN: Hope, you know I can't tell you that.


Hope sighs, slumping in her chair, as John tries to reassure her.


JOHN: Hope, I'm serious, okay? They're making good progress with their mission. I understand if you're ready to give up, but please don't. You're making a mistake.


Marlena gets up from her seat, now enraged by John's insistance.


MARLENA: OH? So Hope's supposed to put her entire life on hold for God-knows-how-long for Bo, but you're ready to divorce me on the drop of a dime? 


John looks away, sighing in exasperation.


JOHN: Doc, it's differen--
MARLENA: Oh, the Hell it is. 


Marlena moves to make sure John looks her in the eye when she speaks.


MARLENA: You expect Hope is supposed to have unwavering loyalty, even when there are plenty of other men in Salem who would be only too lucky to have her. 


John looks down, knowing the talking-to he's about to receive.


MARLENA: And yet, when I try to defend my children...YOUR children, from being entangled by a sociopath, a RAPIST? Suddenly I'm a villain. Suddenly I'm not worthy to live in the same house as you.
JOHN: Doc, come on, it's not like that--
MARLENA: You know it is. You are angry with me because I wouldn't sit by and let you handle Kristen your way. But you should have involved me from the get-go. Instead you play the martyr, and look what you have to show for it. Brady is dead, Kristen has ruined Eric's life. 


John looks back up at Marlena, trying to hold his emotions in, and Marlena continues to chastise him.


MARLENA: But you and your pride. You just couldn't admit you were wrong. And now we're all paying the price for it. 
JOHN: Doc. I'm sorry. Alright. I'm sorry. I wish I could take it all back, but there are reasons I can't go into why we needed to divorce that go beyond anything that happened with Kristen.
MARLENA: Like what?


John hesitates, and Marlena immediately notices and reacts angrily.


MARLENA: Damn it all, John, tell me.
JOHN: I can't.


Hope cuts in, getting up from her seat and putting her hand on Marlena's shoulder.


HOPE: Marlena...look...I know you and John are going through a hard time, but...I really do have a strong feeling that whatever he isn't telling you...maybe it's important that we just sit tight and wait.
JOHN: Hope's right, Doc. 
MARLENA: Well, I'm not going to wait around for you to decide whether you're going to make it make sense for me or not.


Marlena turns sharply to face Hope.


MARLENA: And neither should you. You've waited long enough for Bo. As much as I love him, it's time you lived your life. Enjoy yourself with Aiden, alright?


Hope nods, as Marlena turns back to face John.


MARLENA: Now, if you'll excuse me, I have someone I need to meet in a few minutes.


Marlena marches off, leaving a saddened John and a curious Hope behind.


HOPE: And just what is all that about, John? What are you keeping from her?


John sighs, knowing it's best he not tell Hope anything either.




On the island off the coast of Italy, Stefano walks into the catacombs underneath his compound, with Dr. Rolf in tow. They make their way down to the cage where The Patient sits, tied up. 


A black rubber mask covers The Patient's face, with only his eyes, nose and mouth exposed.


Stefano looks over from outside the cage, gleefully.


STEFANO: Ahhh I see this is going exactly to plan.
DR. ROLF: So far so good, Stefano. I think he is nearly ready.


Dr. Rolf inserts the key to the cage into the lock, opening the door, as the two men step in. The Patient looks on, quietly surveying their movements.


When the two men are standing before The Patient, whose arms and legs are bound to a metal-framed chair, Stefano smiles, speaking directly to The Patient.


STEFANO: Alright, my friend. I know you've been waiting awhile, wondering where we've been.


Stefano begins to pace in front of Rolf and The Patient, almost sermonizing as he explains himself.


STEFANO: But we had many things to take care of before checking in on you. We had to remove your friend from the adjacent cell. His time had come, you see. And soon, yours will as well.


Stefano pulls out his wallet from his suit jacket pocket. He pilfers through it before pulling out a single photo.


STEFANO: But...first, the test. Rolf?


Dr. Rolf looks back at Stefano, pulling a syringe out, ready to react to the Patient's response, as Stefano slowly turns the photo around.


The photo of John Black appears, causing a vicious reaction from The Patient. Snarling, spittling, and trying to fight through his bonds, Stefano can't help but smile with glee as The Patient fights to attack the image before him.


Dr. Rolf injects the syringe into the patient, as Stefano laughs heartily. The Patient's rage begins to simmer, as he lapses quickly into unconsciousness.




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