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DAYS #167: Victor gives Tyler disturbing instructions, Sheryl tries to scare Jordan into leaving town





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco


qbHTtOQ.png MQVp9QL.png
Hope stands outside the café at Horton Town Square, looking in disbelief at a downright humble Aiden.


HOPE: You want to take me out for dinner? I'm sorry, are you feeling okay?
AIDEN: Hope, come on, I'm trying here.
HOPE: No no, I mean...cut me some slack here. We haven't had a single conversation since we've met where we haven't argued. I mean...I would think you wouldn't want to share the same zip code with me, never mind a meal.


Aiden shrugs, slightly amused by Hope's reticence.


AIDEN: I mean...I know it's hard for guys to admit when they're wrong, but...
HOPE: Don't I know it.
AIDEN: But I do want to make it up to you. Seriously.


Hope cocks her eyebrow as she takes a sip of her coffee. She looks to one side before shrugging casually.


HOPE: Okay. Dinner it is. TBD tonight.


Aiden smiles at Hope's decision. 


AIDEN: You're on. I'll pick you up at 7?
HOPE: (laughs) Not the way you drive. I'll meet you there for 7:30.
AIDEN: Deal. I'll see you then.


Aiden walks away, leaving Hope standing by the café, bemused by Aiden's change of attitude.




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Sheryl closes the door to Jordan's office, standing before a stunned Jordan in her getup to emulate Nurse Crystal Clarke.


Jordan is speechless, as Sheryl smiles, almost laughing as she speaks.


SHERYL: Surprised to see me?
JORDAN: Wh...what are you doing here?
SHERYL: I came to get you. I'm going to save you from ruining your life, and ours. 


Jordan looks at Sheryl, worried of what's to come, but baffled by what Sheryl intends to do.




413Fbzy.png cIkI8Ip.png
Tyler sits on a stool next to Victor's hospital bed, reeling from the news that Nick's working for Stefano.


TYLER: Victor, are you absolutely sure Nick told you he was funded by Stefano. You didn't mishear him.
VICTOR: 100%. 


Tyler shakes his head, resigned but not totally surprised by the news.


TYLER: You know, it makes almost too much sense.
VICTOR: I agree. That's why we have to take action, immediately.
TYLER: What kind of action?
VICTOR: Simple. We'll send Stefano a message, and clean up the filth that's rotting this town from the inside.


Tyler sighs, knowing what Victor's implying.


TYLER: Victor, we can't be working underhandedly.
VICTOR: Too late. The gloves are already off. Get rid of Nick Fallon. By any means neccessary.


Victor looks steely-eyed at a concerned Tyler, who is far less convinced of Victor's plan than Victor is.







8fxuDEk.png NO1SJYT.png
Gabi and Nick sit at a table at the Brady Pub, next to Gabi's packed bags. They sip their coffee as they finish their brunch. Gabi looks pleasant, but nervously at Nick, as Nick discusses his decorating plans for the Kiriakis mansion.


As he does this, Abigail steps into the pub and Gabi and Abby's eyes immediately meet.


NICK: So I wanna give Ari the biggest stuffed toy collection for her room, and we'll give the stuffed toys their own crib just like Ari's...


Gabi interjects, trying to tell him that Ari won't be staying with them.


GABI: Nick...don't get carried away.
NICK: Why not?
GABI: Well, Ari's...


Nick notices Gabi's eyes turn away from his, causing him to turn his head around toward the door. He calls out excitedly to Abigail.


NICK: Abby! Hey!


Abigail looks surprised to see Nick and Gabi together, but smiles upon seeing them, and heads toward their table.


ABBY: Hey, guys! How are you? 
GABI: I'm good. You wanna join us?
ABBY: Oh, I'm just...I'm waiting for my family to get here. JJ's leaving for college today, and...
NICK: Oh! Wow! Wish him the best from me.


Abby smiles awkwardly at Nick. She nods as she responds, folding her arms in slight discomfort after Nick's prior volatile interaction with Abby at Salem U.


ABBY: Oh definitely, I will. Thanks, Nick.  Ah...you... you guys going somewhere?


Abby points at Gabi's bags, and Gabi laughs at Abby's question.


GABI: Ah, not...not really...


Nick interrupts Gabi, telling Abigail the news excitedly.


NICK: Gabi's agreed to move in with me.


Abigail looks a bit shocked, but tries to stifle her reaction, smiling in a subdued way.


ABBY: Ah...ah wow. That's...a surprise. I guess I should be congratulating you too?
GABI: Thanks, Abby.


Nick notices Abby's less-than-enthused reaction, and comments on it.


NICK: You seem a bit...concerned, Abby. What's wrong?
ABBY: Well, no, I just...I guess I'm just surprised. You seemed really happy at Will and Sonny's, and Ari had her whole family there, and...it's just so sudden.

GABI: Yeah, I know.
ABBY: Plus, I mean...there's not much room up in Nick's little room upstairs--


Nick cuts Abby off, smiling widely as he shares his other news with her.


NICK: Oh! That's not gonna be a problem. We're moving into the Kiriakis mansion. See, I own it now.


Abby's face drops in response to Nick's news.




Jordan stands facing Sheryl in her office. Sheryl, dressed up to emulate Nurse Crystal Clarke, stands blocking Jordan's office door, and smirks at Jordan with arms folded. Jordan stands nervously, stuttering out her words.


JORDAN: Wh...Sheryl, what are you doing here?
SHERYL: I came to get you out of this hospital, and out of Salem before it's too late.


Jordan glowers at Sheryl, now folding her arms herself in defiance.


JORDAN: I'm not going anywhere, Sheryl. Besides, what you doing dressed like that, you look ridiculous.
SHERYL: Thank you. I'm the new nurse here, Crystal Clarke. 


Jordan rolls her eyes at Sheryl's get-up. Responding snarkily.


JORDAN: Original. How'd you manage to pull this one off, hm? You dropped out of nursing school in your first year.
SHERYL: It all comes back to you. Like riding a bike. Besides, I won't have to do this very long, it's just for the day to get you to come along with us.
JORDAN: Not happening. I'm staying right here.


Jordan turns to put a file away in her filing cabinet behind her desk, as Sheryl continues, walking toward Jordan while menacing her gleefully.


SHERYL: Oh you're not, hm? Gonna stay here with you cop boyfriend?


Jordan slams the door to her cabinet shut before turning around and raising her voice to Sheryl.


JORDAN: Actually, I am, Sheryl. Or...Crystal or whoever you are.


Sheryl looks on with a raised eyebrow, unconvinced.


SHERYL: Yeah. I'm sure. I'm sure he'll also be just thrilled when I tell him who you really are and that you've been lying to him about your identity this entire time!


Jordan smiles smugly, knowing Sheryl can't touch her with this information.


JORDAN: Nice try. But he already knows.
SHERYL: Oh, does he?
JORDAN: I told him not 20 minutes ago. He was here. He promised that no matter what, he was gonna stand by me.


Sheryl steps in closer to Jordan, calling her bluff.


SHERYL: Well, see now, THAT tells me that you've been pickin' cherries, my dear Kaylie. Except you didn't tell him your name was Kaylie Matthews, because THAT would mean he could find your name on an FBI casefile.


Sheryl begins to chuckle, as Jordan becomes more and more tense.


JORDAN: I told him everything I could, Sheryl. And I'm not afraid of you anymore.
SHERYL: Oh, really. What, are you gonna play informant now? Thow me and Jerome under the bus so you can have your little happily-ever-after? I don't think so.
JORDAN: I think it's time you left.


Jordan makes a beeline for the door of her office, as Sheryl turns around, watching Jordan huff and puff her way to the door.


SHERYL: You're right. I have a lot I need to do. Let me know when you're ready to come with me, Jordan. 
JORDAN: I won't be, because I'm not leaving. You are.
SHERYL: Don't be so sure about that.


Sheryl walks slowly over to the door, slowing her walk to whisper her threatening words to Jordan on her way out.


SHERYL: I'll be back later.


As Sheryl saunters out of Jordan's office, Jordan slams the door behind her. She leans back against the door, relieved that Sheryl's gone, but livid that she's still not rid of her.




Hope stands outside the café at Horton Town Square, texting Rafe to let her know she's on her way to the police station, when Marlena walks up behind her and startles her.




Hope jumps slightly, turning to see Marlena behind her, and breaks out laughing.


HOPE: Oh my God, Marlena, you startled me.
MARLENA: (laughs) I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. Did you have a moment?
HOPE: I do, just...not long, I have to head back to the station.
MARLENA: Oh, that's fine. I'm meeting Valerie here anyway, in a few minutes. I just thought I'd see how you were doing.


Hope looks to one side and shrugs as she responds.


HOPE: Wellll...confused.
MARLENA: About what?


Hope sighs, looking a bit flustered.


HOPE: Aiden Jennings.
MARLENA: What about him?
HOPE: Well...he just asked me out on a date.


Marlena looks at Hope, somewhat intrigued. Hope looks back, still baffled and a bit unnerved.




Tyler sighs as he stands beside Victor's bed.


TYLER: Victor, I am not playing your hitman.
VICTOR: On the contrary. That's exactly what you'll do, and it's the only way you're gonna get out of this mess.
TYLER: Oh, really now? And how do you figure that?
VICTOR: When I say Nick Fallon told me everything, I mean he told me everything. That includes him blackmailing the Titan board into making him CEO. Which means he knows about our previous connections and the fact you've been running my, shall we say, undocumented business dealings.


Tyler looks aside, sighing once more as he realizes Victor's correct.


TYLER: Okay, you got me.
VICTOR: And I also expect that that's how he got you to play mentor to his scrawny behind while he figures out what the Hell he's doing in a three-piece suit as opposed to a lab coat.
TYLER: That's exactly it. But I figured if I coached him, all the while working with you, possibly with Kate, and Justin, that we'd be able to steady the ship and lull Nick into a sense of security so we could oust him.
VICTOR: Not a chance. I'm not in any position to gamble with what little this company has left. We need Nick out of the picture, Stefano to relinquish control of our assets, and all without the public finding out all our dirty laundry. The only way that can happen is if Nick disappears, and you along with him.


Tyler looks at Victor, a certain disappointment and sadness in his eyes.


TYLER: I know this sounds somewhat...melodramatic of me, but...where will I go?
VICTOR: I'll see to it that you'll be financially stable, and no one will find you.
TYLER: So I'll be living out in the woods with Anita?
VICTOR: Nonsense. That'll put a target on both your backs. Anita's finally out of danger, and you wanna put her back in? You'd have to be mad to do that.
TYLER: I was out there today. She needs help, Victor. She won't admit it, but she does.


Victor looks at Tyler, confused.


VICTOR: What do you mean?


Tyler sighs again, looking down as he takes a moment before speaking.


TYLER: Anita sold off her stock in Titan. That's how Nick and Stefano were able to get the 4% they needed to have majority ownership.
VICTOR: Damn it! 
TYLER: I know. I was furious with her at first, but...the house is in a real state. The dividends weren't paying out like they used to and she's burning through her savings fast. I...honestly don't think she had another option.


Victor shakes his head in disappointment.


VICTOR: I'll make sure Anita's covered. Just make sure you get the job done, and get out of Salem. When you do, you tell me immediately. And do not come back under any circumstances.


Tyler looks back at a steely-eyed Victor, who stares him down unflinchingly.




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