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DAYS #166: Nick tries to ease Gabi's nerves, Victor gives Tyler some explosive info





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson



Tyler steps off the elevator at University Hospital, making a beeline for Victor's room.


As Tyler opens the door, he's followed in by Daniel, who tries to stop Tyler from advancing.


DANIEL: Ahh...Mr. Houston...
DANIEL: I'm sorry, I'm...just about to do a quick check-up on Victor, and...


Victor, hearing Tyler and Daniel's voices, opens his eyes, and interjects.


VICTOR: It's alright, Daniel. Can you give us five minutes?


Daniel sighs, knowing Victor won't budge.


DANIEL: Victor, I gotta finish my rounds before noon. I have a lunch date with Billie.
VICTOR: Tell her to postpone. This is important.


Daniel takes a moment, before giving in.


DANIEL: Yeah. Okay. But just five. I'll be at the nurses' station.


Tyler turns, nodding in appreciation to Daniel, as Daniel reaches for the door on his way out.


TYLER: Thank you.


As Daniel shuts the door, Tyler turns his attentions back to Victor, speaking dryly to his longtime business associate.


TYLER: You called?
VICTOR: Yes. I was just paid a visit from our good friend Nick Fallon. How long were you all gonna keep me in the dark about what he's up to, anyway?


Tyler sighs, frustrated and disappointed that Nick's broken the news to Victor of his takeover of Titan.




Sheryl emerges from the service elevator at University Hospital, checking around to ensure no one has spied her with the wheelchair, before placing it back by the locker room door, as before.


Sneaking back into the locker room, she walks over to her locker, realizing that Crystal's phone is inside, ringing.


She checks to see who's calling.


It's Kim.


Ignoring the call, Sheryl puts the phone back in the locker, and locks it up.


SHERYL: Okay, Crystal. Time to deal with your next problem. Jordan Ridgeway.


Sheryl walks off in search of Jordan.




tLs5Hlt.png NO1SJYT.png
Kim puts her phone down from her ear, as she stands behind the bar at the Brady Pub, somewhat confused by "Crystal" hanging up on her, as Nick walks into the pub, a bright smile on his face.


Kim turns to greet him.


KIM: Nick!
NICK: Hey Kim! Ah...have you seen Gabi anywhere?


Kim shakes her head, as she scans the restaurant to be sure she hasn't missed Gabi somehow.


KIM: Ahh no. Can't say that I have. You're supposed to meet her here to get the rest of your things?


Nick leans casually against the bar, smirking with his usual self-satisfaction.


NICK: Mmmm...you could say that.


Just then, Gabi steps in, causing Nick to turn his head around excitedly.


NICK: There's the woman I've been waiting to see!


Gabi walks in, suitcase in tow. Nick looks down, and realizes what this means. He looks back up at Gabi, with a growing smile on his face.


NICK: You....is this what I think it is?


Gabi smiles ,nervously, breathing in deep before answering. She flashes back to what EJ told her when they met earlier:






Gabi stands with EJ on the pier, her face lined with worry, as she speaks to EJ softly, trying not to be heard lest someone overhear.


GABI: Alright. So how am I going to go about finding these pictures?


EJ looks at Gabi, deadly serious.


EJ: He'll have them. You're going to have to put yourself in very close proximity to him to get them. Make certain you bring your weapon to keep yourself protected, but don't let him think for a second that you're nervous around him.

GABI: Even if that means I have to go to bed with him?
EJ: Absolutely, if you have to.
GABI: EJ, I...I can't do that. The thought of sleeping with that man again makes my skin crawl.
EJ: I realize. But your family's lives are at stake here. You need to be prepared to do whatever it takes to take Nick down.




Gabi smiles at Nick, feigning a warm look as she tells him her decision.


GABI: Yeah. I'll do it, Nick. I'll move in with you.






qbHTtOQ.png MQVp9QL.png
Hope walks out of the café in Horton Town Square, a coffee cup in hand to go, as she see Aiden approach the café at the same time.


Catching each other's eyes, Hope moves to go around Aiden without greeting, but Aiden calls out to her, stopping her in her tracks.


AIDEN: Hope.


Hope responds coldly, not even turning to face Aiden.


HOPE: What do you want, Aiden?
AIDEN: I wanted to...apologize for how I behaved the last time we...heh, ran into each other.


Hope turns around, speaking politely, but not warmly.


HOPE: Aiden, there's nothing to say. Just....forget about it. You live your life, and try to stay out of mine.
AIDEN: Well, wait. Look, I...I kinda wanted to make it up to you. If you don't mind, that is.


Hope furrows her brow, unsure what Aiden means.


HOPE: Don't mind what?
AIDEN: Well...I was hoping to maybe...heh, maybe I could buy you dinner or something? Maybe meet up at Club TBD tonight?


Hope looks on, stunned by Aiden's turn in attitude.




Nick beams with delight as he hugs a tense Gabi, who looks on as Nick embraces her, positively stunned by what she's doing. 


Nick laughs obliviously with excitement as he pulls Gabi out of their hug.


NICK: Oh wow! This is...this is the best news I've had today. Seriously. 
GABI: Well, you...you've had a lot of good news lately, I...I'm just the icing on the cake, I'm sure.
NICK: That you are.


Nick puts a hand on Gabi's arm, as Gabi looks on, trying not to let his discomfort with Nick's touch show. She looks over at Kim, who takes the cue and speaks up.


KIM: Ah, Gabi! Did you...did you want a coffee or something?


Gabi looks over at Kim, as she steps over toward a table for two.


GABI: Ah...double vodka, straight.


Nick looks curiously at Gabi as they sit down.


NICK: You ah...you drinking so early?
GABI: Nick, I need all the courage I can to live under Victor Kiriakis' roof. Especially if I'm going to be living there as your guest.
NICK: That's just it, Gabi. It's not Victor's....it's my house. I own it. 
GABI: Doesn't make it any less awkward. I mean, I'm moving out of Sonny and Will's and...I mean, I haven't even told them I'm leaving, and...


Nick grabs Gabi's hands and holds them across the table. He looks seriously into her eyes.


NICK: No. No, it doesn't need to be. Gabi, I'm serious. The Kiriakises are guests in our home. If anyone gives you trouble, you leave them to me. Okay?


Gabi nods slowly, feeling very uncomfortable with the situation. Nick lowers his voice as he leans in closer.


NICK: And as for Will & Sonny? We'll figure it out, we'll...we'll make a schedule for Ari, whatever you need. But you need to remember, you're entitled to live your own life. Now, I know Will won't mind as much, he usually doesn't...but If Sonny has that much of a problem with you living with me, I will make sure he stays out of our way, okay?


Gabi interjects, cutting the end off of Nick's last statement.


GABI: No, Nick, you don't have to--
NICK: No, I...I think this is important. Let me handle Will and Sonny. You just need to make yourself comfortable, and we'll choose some great furniture for Ari's new bedroom, and...
GABI: Nick, no, I can't--
NICK: I...insist. I'll ask Maggie to help you out. It'll be no problem. I just want this place to feel like home for you, okay?


Gabi looks down, nodding as she feigns a smile.


GABI: Anywhere I go with you feels like home.


Gabi looks up at Nick, hoping to see for sure if her lie was convincing to Nick.




Tyler steps towards Victor's hospital bed, trying to explain himself to an impatient Victor.


TYLER: Victor, we wanted to make sure you were alright before we bombarded you with business.

VICTOR: Oh, save it. It's not like I'm at death's door.


Tyler looks at Victor, vaguely amused by his resolve.


TYLER: Maggie just wanted to be sure you made a speedy recovery. Any undue stress would've risked a relapse.
VICTOR: I'd rather know now and get ahead of it than be blindsided by that arrogant weasel. He came in here giggling and bragging like he'd lost his virginity on prom night.
TYLER: Well, there's an unpleasant thought.


Victor relaxes slightly as he responds to Tyler's wry comment.


VICTOR: It was equally unpleasant to hear. But it wasn't the worst of it.


Tyler looks at Victor with a hint of confusion.


TYLER: What do you mean?
VICTOR: I mean that little worm's not working alone. 
TYLER: Well, we suspected that for awhile. I mean, no one gets their hands on enough money to singlehandedly buy out a major corporation like that without major financial backing.
VICTOR: Mmm, that's no lie. You'll be as surprised as I was to hear the source of that financial backing.


Tyler rests against the edge of Victor's bed, now extremely curious to know who Victor's talking about.


TYLER: And just who is that?
VICTOR: Stefano DiMera.


Tyler shakes his head, confirming his suspicions about Nick's sudden victory.




Jordan sits at her office chair at University Hospital, as she hears a knock at the door. Looking up, she calls out to the person.


JORDAN: Come in.


Checking her watch, Jordan assumes it's another patient. But it's Maxine, with some paperwork for her.


JORDAN: Maxine! Hi!
MAXINE: So...how'd it go with Rafe?


Jordan gets up from behind her desk, taking the paperwork from Maxine's outstretched hand.


JORDAN: Very well...I think we're gonna be okay.


Maxine beams at the news.


MAXINE: I'm so glad to hear it. 


Jordan quickly steps over to the other side of her desk and gives Maxine a warm hug.


JORDAN: Ooo thank you so much, Maxine. You don't know how much your advice helped.


Pulling away from their hug, Maxine gives Jordan a stern look, wagging her finger as she speaks.


MAXINE: Listen, Jordan. If you ever need anything at all, any advice, I will be here. Even if it's just to listen. Sometimes that's all you need.
JORDAN: I'll remember that. Thank you.
MAXINE: Anytime, honey.


Maxine steps out the door, closing it behind her, and Jordan turns her back to the door to check out the documents Maxine left behind.


A moment later, there's another knock on the door. Jordan calls out again without turning to look.


JORDAN: Maxine (laughs) what did you forget?


The door opens, revealing Sheryl disguised as Crystal Clarke. Putting on her best fake southern accent, Sheryl steps just inside Jordan's office.


SHERYL: Oh, nothin' big. Just came to get you.


Jordan looks up from her papers, confused by the voice she hears.


She turns suddenly, as Sheryl looks back at her, grinning widely. Jordan's face drops, terrified by Sheryl's arrival.




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