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DAYS #165: Nick falls into Victor's trap, Kate gives Billie some unsolicited advice re: Daniel





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco



W9BIuJj.png SLDcIpu.png
Kate stands in her penthouse condo, finishing pouring a smoothie in her kitchenette, as she hears the front door unlock.


She turns to see who it is, and smiles upon seeing Billie's face.


KATE: Ah! You finally made it.


Billie walks in, clutching her jacket, trying to hide the fatigue in her eyes. Kate turns around and smiles wider, trying to hide her laughter at her daughter's disheveled appearance.


KATE: Long night, I see.
BILLIE: Shut up, Mom.


Kate sours her expression momentarily, scolding her daughter for her response.


KATE: Hey, now! Watch it! I could just as soon use that room I've given you as a home office.
BILLIE: Sorry. What's that you're drinking?


Billie plants her purse down on the kitchen island, as Kate takes a sip of her green smoothie. She winces as she tastes it. Setting it down, she passes it over to Billie.


KATE: Green smoothie. My nurtitionist said it'll help my immune system and help keep my weight in check, but I think the only reason I won't gain weight is from being too nauseated to eat anything the rest of the day. Try it.


Billie looks down. She gives an unimpressed look back to Kate and turns away.


BILLIE: I'll pass.
KATE: Ungrateful child.


Billie laughs, as Kate picks the smoothie back up, and tries another sip of it. Billie sets herself down on the sofa in the living room area.


KATE: So how was last night?


Billie looks back over at Kate, a wide smile on her face.


BILLIE: Absolutely beautiful. We were gonna have a moonlight picnic, but it was raining so, Daniel set his place up to be just like the park, and the place was lit up with all these lights...oh, I'm telling you, Mom. It was amazing.
KATE: That's good to hear. I just hope he isn't using you like he used me and Chelsea.


Billie sighs, immediately exasperated by Kate's overbearing nature.


BILLIE: Mom...
KATE: I'm sorry, but he's screwed over me, your brother, and your daughter, and I'll be damned if he makes a fool out of three entire generations of this family.
BILLIE: And just how is he gonna do that, Mom? He loves me.


Kate scoffs at Billie. She steps over toward her, sitting next to her on the sofa.


KATE: Honey, I know this man. He's with you on the rebound from Jennifer. As much as he's going to deny it, he's still in love with her. And I know you know that.


Billie grimaces, furrowing her brow as she looks back  disapprovingly at her mother.




Qpowg4X.png 413Fbzy.png
Anita stands facing Tyler in her cabin. She sets her cup of tea down on the dining table, as she nods to Tyler, feigning a solemn expression.


ANITA: Well, it's disappointing to hear, but...I don't see why you should put Victor through any more pain. If Brady's gone, then....he's gone.
TYLER: I'm sorry, Anita. 


Anita shrugs. She paces past Tyler, leaning out the window by the doorway.


ANITA: (sigh) Not much you can do. I understand.

TYLER: You seem...somewhat resigned about all this.


Anita turns back to face Tyler, snapping at him for his line of questioning.


ANITA: Well, what am I supposed to say, Tyler? What do you want me to feel? Happy? I know there's nothing we can do. Just like there's nothing I can do about my situation.


Tyler walks towards Anita, appearing sympathetic.


TYLER: I know. I'm sorry. I...I wish there was another way, but...it's been too long. To change things now would just...it would cause more problems than it would solve. You know this. I know this.


Tyler puts a hand on Anita's shoulder, as she sighs, shaking her head.


ANITA: I guess so. (sigh) But I do wish I could be closer to Salem...my loved ones.
TYLER: We both know that's not possible.
ANITA: The threat is gone, Tyler. It has been for years. I know it's going to be complicated, but...


Tyler grabs Anita by the shoulders, trying to shake a bit of sense into her.


TYLER: But nothing, Anita. You are going to stay living as Anita Hernandez, and you are going to stay away from Salem. And that's final.


Anita looks at Tyler, wide-eyed, infuriated by his forceful manner.




NO1SJYT.png cIkI8Ip.png
Nick stands inside Victor's hospital room at Univeristy Hospital. As Nick watches Victor's comatose body, he continues to speak to Victor.


NICK: You know, I didn't set out to do any of this, yeah? All I was trying to do was get enough evidence against you to stop EnerNext from taking over Percy's land. 


Nick sits back down on the stool facing Victor's bed. He rests his arms on the edge of the bed.


NICK: You know Percy, right? My right hand at the lab. Says "Greetings" when he walks into a room? Yeah, him. Well...he saved my life a little while ago when your friends Kate and Sami tried to drown me in the river. (laughs) I know, right? Unbelievable. Two known killers trying to kill again. 


Nick giggles as he rests his arm on the side of Victor's bed. He sighs, pausing a moment before continuing.


NICK: How did I get so lucky? I should be honoured. They were willing to throw their lives away for little ol' me.


Nick's expressions changes, as he remains laser-focused on Victor's eyes, he becomes more stern.


NICK: Well, this time...they weren't so lucky. Percy found me, and this....this is my thank you to him. Watching you suffer. And believe me, it feels good.


Nick sneers the last part of his sentence, never once moving or looking away from Victor's face.







Billie closes the door to the fridge in Kate's kitchenette, frustrated with her mother's intrusiveness. Kate, meanwhile, sits on the sofa in the adjacent living room, looking Billie's way.


KATE: You know, I'm only telling you this for your own good, right?
BILLIE: (sigh) Mom. Remember why I left Salem the last time?
KATE: Because I was interfering in your life, and being deceptive.


Billie holds her arms out, as though denoting Kate's 'a-ha' moment.


BILLIE: She gets it! She finally gets it!
KATE: Yes, well, a leopard can't change its spots, and I guess, maybe I'm protective of you and Austin because I lost so many years with you.
BILLIE: Yes, but you don't get it. The more you try to control everyone's lives, the more years you go without us in your life. You have to let us live ours, make our own mistakes. 


Kate gets up from the couch as Billie speaks and reaches over to take Billie's hand across the kitchen island.


KATE: I just don't want you repeating the same ones I made. Daniel can be a very charismatic man, and I'm sure he really is enjoying his time with you, but you're going to have to realize that he does this whenever he loses somebody he loves. 


Billie bites her tongue, looking away as Kate squeezes Billie's hand gently.


KATE: And he loves Jennifer. Very much. 


Billie pulls away from Kate, and looks at Kate defiantly.


BILLIE: Well, maybe he loves me just as much. Did you ever think of that? Or is it just impossible for you to believe that I could be the woman to help him get over Jennifer Horton?
KATE: Maybe you're right. But I'd rather spare you from finding out you're wrong.


Billie looks at a concerned Kate, trying to maintain her stern expression, but a hint of uncertainty is in Billie's eyes.




Anita shakes Tyler off her suddenly, her enraged look never leaving Tyler's eyes as she raises a finger in stern scolding.


ANITA: Don't you EVER lay a hand on me like that again, Tyler Houston. 


Tyler backs away slightly, looking sheepishly.


TYLER: I'm sorry, I--
ANITA: You have absolutely no grounds to keep me here. Not anymore. I am not beholden to Victor Kiriakis, and certainly not to you.
TYLER: Anita, now, hold--
ANITA: I will not hold on. 


Anita looks increasingly emotional, as she stands a good two feet away from Tyler, scolding him like a child.


ANITA: You and Victor have spent the last 30 years controlling where I go, what I do. You threatened to pull my stake in Titan when my grandchildren moved to Salem, and I had to beg you to leave them alone. What good has that done me? What good has any of this done me?
TYLER: We were keeping you safe. That's all we wanted to do.
ANITA: That's great. Well, I'm safe. I'm alone, I'm facing destitution. But I'm safe. I bet you don't even know what you're protecting me from anymore.


Tyler looks sternly at Anita.


TYLER: If you come back to Salem, there will be too many questions that need to be answered.


Anita steps toward Tyler, she looks him dead in the eyes, with the same sternness he showed her. She speaks softly, but firmly.


ANITA: You go back to Victor, and you tell him to bring 'em on. I'm ready for every single question they can throw at me.


Tyler shakes his head, frustrated by Anita's determination.


Anita, meanwhile, walks over to the door. She opens it wide, showing Tyler the way out.


ANITA: Now get out.


Tyler walks toward the door, stopping momentarily before he leaves.


TYLER: I will come back. And you'd better still be here when I do.




Tyler walks off, as Anita slams the door behind him. Brady walks back into the living room moments later, confused.


BRADY: Anita? Was someone at the door?


Anita brushes off her frustration, and puts on her best smile for Brady.


ANITA: Nah, just someone lost on the road, needed directions.
BRADY: Oh, okay.


Brady accepts the answer as they make their way back to the dining table.




Outside, Tyler lingers outside in the bushes near the front door of Anita's cabin, struggling to see who is inside with Anita through the dirty window. 




Nick steps away from Victor, holding his head, wincing slightly in pain as he reaches for his meds in his bag. He pulls them out as he continues.


NICK: You know, It's really funny, Vic. 


Nick opens his bag up, and pulls out a metal water bottle. He pops two pills in his mouth and washes them down with the water from his bottle before continuing.


NICK: You almost had me there.


Nick turns back to face Victor, smirking again.


NICK: But I got the drop on ya. And the best part of all this is...well, I got everything I wanted. 


Nick slowly walks over to Victor's bedside again, and plants himself back on the stool next to the bed.


NICK: ...And then some. See, the part you don't know, and that you're neeeeever gonna figure out, is who's helping me out. I mean, obviously I got the oil sands project stopped, but...with a little persuasion from two of your favourite people, I was able to pull off the coup of the century!


Nick laughs, holding his water bottle up, as if to give a toast.


NICK: Wanna guess who I'm talking about?


Nick waits a moment, mockingly waiting to hear an answer from an unresponsive Victor.


NICK: That's right. Anjelica Deveraux....and Stefano DiMera.


Nick laughs heartily at the "genius" of his own plan. 


NICK: Crazy, huh? Yeah, see, our future governor's in cahoots with Stefano DiMera. Betcha didn't know that lil' tidbit. Oh, I had some other help along the way. See, Jordan and Sheryl, they're really these internationally known eco-warriors, and they were gonna plant this virus in the Titan mainframe. You remember that, right, Vic?


Nick waits a beat before continuing.


NICK: But, see...I stopped them, and the board were SO grateful to me for saving their asses, that...with a little bit of extra incentive, they gave me to top slot. Go figure, eh? (laughs) I swear, you would be so proud of what I've managed to pull off. I'm just playing by your rulebook, you know?


Nick's smile fades, he looks a little more intensely at Victor, shaking his head before he carries on.


NICK: But, you know what? The best part of all of this...is knowing that I can finally be the man that Gabi needs. I fought my way up to the top of the food chain. I got mine, I am a success thanks to MY hard work. 


Nick becomes more intense, more cutting with his words, as he leans in close to Victor.


NICK: All the people, all the people in this town who get away with everything because of their power, and their money...


Nick suddenly pounds his fist against his chest, hissing his words out at Victor.


NICK: I own them now. I will ruin them. And tonight, on Nicole's special, I'm going to make sure that everyone knows....they're on notice.


Nick smirks, as he gets up from his stool.


NICK: Godspeed, Victor. Hope you live to see what Titan can be now that it's part of DiMera Enterprises.


Nick grabs his bag, and steps out of Victor's hospital room. 


Moments after the door shuts, Victor's eyes open, intense with fury. He musters the strength to reach for the telephone on the table by the bed. He immediately calls Tyler.




Tyler is surprised by the sudden vibration of his cell phone in his pocket. He turns back, away from Anita's door, and answers quietly.


TYLER: (into phone) Hello?




VICTOR: (into phone) Tyler, it's me. Get your ass into my hospital room, RIGHT NOW!


Victor slams down the receiver, before laying back in his bed, shaking with fury at what he's just experienced.




Tyler looks down at his phone, checking to see that the call's ended. He looks baffled by Victor's harsh tone, but looks back one last time to see inside Anita's cabin, before giving up.


TYLER: I know someone's in there, Anita. But who the hell could it be?


Tyler shakes his head before turning back away and walking to his car.




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