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DAYS #164: Nick taunts Victor, Sami gives Marlena a piece of her mind





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco



Sami storms down the hallway at University Hospital, making a beeline for Marlena's office. Visibly enraged by the news Kim has just passed onto her, she knocks loudly on her mother's office door.



Inside, Marlena looks up from her desk, concerned by the urgency of the knocking sound.


MARLENA: Come in!


Sami throws the door open, taking everything within her not to shout at Marlena.


SAMI: How could you, Mom? 


Marlena takes her reading glasses off, and sighs, already knowing the answer to the question she's about to ask.


MARLENA: How could I what?


Sami slams the door behind her, looking intensely at her mother.


SAMI: How could you ask us to get DNA tests to prove dad isn't really who he says he is?


Marlena sighs, looking frustrated.




C5cbJrD.png Qpowg4X.png
Brady sits down at the dining room table at Anita's cabin, as Anita lays down an omelette on a plate before him. Brady looks up at Anita and beams with delight.


ANITA: Western omelette, and your coffee coming right up.
BRADY: Oh yeah! Anita, I gotta ask...


Anita stands at the kitchenette counter, pouring Brady's coffee as she answers him.


ANITA: Yes, Brady, dear?
BRADY: How is it that you can make this just as good as my dad used to when I was kid?


Anita turns with his cup of coffee and sets it down before him. She shrugs casually.


ANITA: Maybe we're both gifted chefs? Who knows?


Anita and Brady share a laugh as Anita sits down with her own plate of eggs and toast.


BRADY: Well, I thank you.
ANITA: You're welcome, Brady.


Anita smiles, as she picks up her fork. She suddenly remembers something she needs to tell Brady.


ANITA: By the way, I've been meaning to ask you if you were able to get that part for the backup generator or not.


Brady finishes a bite of his food before responding.


BRADY: Mm! I did. But I haven't put it in yet, it's in the shed.


Brady gets up from his seat, and sets down his napkin by his plate, while Anita tries to stop him from going.


BRADY: I'll bring it in now while I'm thinking about it--
ANITA: Oh Brady, no. You don't have to now, finish your breakfast.
BRADY: No! No, it's okay. It'll only a take a minute. I'll be right back, I promise.


Brady begins to take off, out the front door, as Anita calls out to him.


ANITA: Okay, but don't let your food get cold.
BRADY: I won't!


As the back door closes to the cabin, Anita shakes her head in amusement. As she's about to sit back down at the table, she hears a loud knock at the front door.


Surprised, Anita turns around, and walks over. The knocking continues, an almost frantic tone to it. This prompts Anita to call out to whomever is there.


ANITA: One second!


Upon opening the door, Anita is stunned to see a very familiar face before her.


ANITA: Tyler?!


Tyler looks at Anita, a frustrated look in his eyes.


TYLER: How could you do it, Anita?
ANITA: Do what?
TYLER: Sell your shares. Do you know what you've just done?


Anita looks on, puzzled by both Tyler's visit, and his tone, as he invites himself inside.





Victor lays silently in his bed, resting in his hospital room at University Hospital. The darkened room lay silent save for the gentle hum of his respirator and the gentle rhythmic beep of the heart monitor.


A moment later, the door to Victor's room opens, and Nick steps inside. 


Closing the door softly, he steps over to Victor's bedside. Slowly, a smile grows on his face, as he tries to hold in the laugh that's building inside him, as he sees the powerful man he appears to have defeated lying motionless before him.


NICK: Hello, Victor. Good seeing you like this.







Anita slams the door to her cabin behind her as Tyler walks in, with an indignant expression on his face.


ANITA: I beg your pardon? 


Tyler turns to face Anita, his voice raised as he responds to her.


TYLER: You sold your shares in Titan. 4% of the company stock, and now we've been bought out.
ANITA: What do you mean?
TYLER: I mean that that was the amount we needed to hold onto Titan, and you just sold it. Now we have a novice running the show, bankrolled by God-knows-who, because if there's one thing I do NOT believe, it's that a lab technician can afford to buy 51% of a company's stock. Even a company in dire financial straits like ours.


Anita stands, arms folded. Her expression one of defiance, as she paces the living room area.


ANITA: And there it is. The reason I sold the shares in the first place. You know, Victor told me that if I took those shares, I would never want for anything in my life ever again. I would have my home, I would have enough to live on, comfortably. I would have enough to retire on. That was our deal, Tyler. I stay out here in this cabin in the middle of nowhere, build a new life, and he would take care of the rest. 
TYLER: He's done his best, and so have I.
ANITA: And you failed. You, and Victor failed me. And you failed Brady. You failed Isabella. You're damn lucky I was able to get Gabi, Rafe, and Dario out the door and into good careers before you failed them too with your incompetence, though I guess the jury's still out on Dario, since you have him on your payroll.


Tyler sighs, realizing the precarious position Anita's in, as he looks around the room. It's run down, in bad need of repairs. Water damage apparent on the upper walls. As he does, the kettle begins to whistle on the stovetop. Anita walks over to take it off the element.


TYLER: Speaking of which, you'll be pleased to know Dario's job is secure, for now.


Anita responds with an acidic sarcasm, as she pours herself some tea.


ANITA: OH! Well, that's a relief. You haven't failed another member of my family. YET. Would you like a medal?
TYLER: Anita...


Tyler turns to rebutt but is struck by two placesettings at Anita's dining table. Realizing she's probably not in the house alone, Tyler's expression changes. He looks quickly around the room and spots nobody. Anita barely notices, as she's putting a lump of sugar in her tea before turning around.


ANITA: No, I'm not done, Tyler. You have an awful lot of nerve coming into this house and chastizing me for protecting myself from being out on the street, penniless.
TYLER: We wouldn't have let that happen, and you know it.


Anita turns around, placing her tea on the table, and looking up at Tyler, speaking gently, but firmly.


ANITA: I don't know anything. But I certainly was not going to trust you with controlling interest in Titanic Industries.


Tyler shakes his head, sighing again, as he holds his hands up, hoping to stop the argument.


TYLER: Look, I get it. I wish you had consulted with me or Victor before you had sold the shares, but...I get it.
ANITA: I wasn't about to do that. The payout was more than enough to ensure I could reinvest the money in a company that wasn't about to bottom out. Simple as that. Now, if that's the only reason you came out here--
TYLER: It's not. 


Anita looks at Tyler, confused by his answer.


ANITA: Alright. Tell me, then. What did you want to tell me?


Tyler sighs heavily before answering Anita, almost ashamed to say what he's about to say.


TYLER: Victor's in the hospital from a heart attack.
ANITA: I heard.
TYLER: Well...what you probably haven't heard is that he ah...he was sinking a lot of company resources into finding Brady, even though we all know Brady's dead.


Anita remains tight-lipped, knowing better, but not saying anything.


After a moment, she nods slowly.


TYLER: Justin...and I, we made the call to...call off the search.


Anita feigns showing sadness at the news. Her muted reaction to the news is curious to Tyler.



8TXGAKf.png th6jCsG.png 2C8TX0C.png
Liam stands midway down the Horton house stairs, as JJ and Laura look up at him from the foyer, surprised by his appearing there.


LIAM: JJ! You ah...you all packed up?
JJ: Yeah, just...couple more boxes. Ahh...Grandma, did you wanna help me out?
LAURA: Sure.


Liam walks down the rest of the way, sensing something is off. Meanwhile, Laura bends down to pick up a box of JJ's things, and turns to head out the door.


LIAM: Oh, don't trouble yourself, Laura. I'll take it.
LAURA: Oh, you don't have to.


Liam stops Laura, putting his hands on the box Laura is attempting to carry out.


LIAM: Look, I must've interrupted something very important, so...I'll just help in any way I can and let you both finish.


JJ looks uncomfortably at Laura, who smiles awkwardly at Liam, before letting go of the box.


LAURA: Alright. Thank you, Liam.
LIAM: Anytime.


As Liam walks out the door with the box, Laura looks on, turning back to face JJ the second the door shuts behind Liam, her voice speaking with a newfound urgency.


LAURA: I don't trust that man.
JJ: Neither do I. But there isn't a lot we can do right now.


Laura sighs, frustrated by the situation.


LAURA: Look, I know it's going to be hard trying to research this from afar, but...honestly, JJ, maybe it's safer for you this way.
JJ: I hope so.


At this point, Jennifer descends from upstairs, all smiles.


JENNIFER: Hey, guys! Have you seen Liam at all?


JJ turns to face his mother, feigning a smile, himself to put his mother's mind at ease.


JJ: He just stepped out to help me finish packing.


Jennifer beams, thrilled by Liam's supposed cooperation.


JENNIFER: Great. Ahh...so Abigail left early, she had to finish some kind of assignment for Nicole, but she says she'll meet us at the pub and we'll all grab lunch there before you head off, okay?
JJ: Sounds good, Mom.


Jennifer looks at her son, beaming with pride. She gently carresses his cheek.


JENNIFER: You know how proud I am of you right now, JJ?
LAURA: We all are.


JJ blushes a bit, laughing awkwardly at his family's fawning over him.


JJ: You guys are too much. (laughs)


JJ pulls himself together, looking a bit misty-eyed as he smiles at his mom and grandma.


JJ: Thank you. Thanks for supporting me. I really appreciate it.
JENNIFER: Anytime, JJ.
JJ: I'm gonna miss you guys.


Laura, and Jennifer get emotional as JJ pulls them both in for a group hug.


As they do, Liam returns from the car, and witnesses the tender moment. He flashes back to his mysterious phone conversation earlier, while he was in Jenn's bedroom.





Liam paces the room, looking intensely at the chest of drawers, where a photo of Jenn, JJ, Abby, and Jack rests. Liam glares at it, menacingly.


LIAM: (into phone) Trust me. They'll never know what's really going on. Promise.




Liam sighs as he observes the family bonding moment, holding in his unsteady emotions.




19kvVLL.png pqf6Pp5.png
In the Salem University Hospital parking garage, Sheryl suddenly gets up from being crouched over Crystal Clarke's lifeless body in the wheelchair. Having heard the voice of Dr. Daniel Jonas behind her, she turns around suddenly, putting on her best southern accent for him.


SHERYL: Ah...no. Nah, I'm good. But thank you!
DANIEL: Well, I know it's not easy helping someone into their car. She....she not waking up?


Sheryl shuffles nervously, trying to hide Crystal's face from Daniel, though she's covered by a blanket.


SHERYL: Oh she's pretty sleepy. We ah....she's a very quiet old lady. Just gettin' over the flu, ya know? She's being discharged, but her daughter just had to go validate the parking ticket, so I agreed to help get her mama up and at 'em so they could get home.


Daniel looks on, a curious look on his face, as Sheryl smiles at him.


DANIEL: Yeah. Yeah, I'm sure. You, ah, you're now around here?


Sheryl smiles warmly, extending a hand to Daniel.


SHERYL: Why, yes, I am! I'm Nurse Crystal Clarke.


Daniel smiles in turn, slowly extending his own hand to "Crystal's".


DANIEL: Ah, Crystal. Yeah. Valerie mentioned she was looking to hire a few new nurses. Welcome aboard.
SHERYL: Well, thank you, Dr. Jonas! It's a pleasure to meet you.


Daniel once again tries to get a look at the patient in the wheelchair, but Sheryl once again distracts his attention.


DANIEL: You sure you don't want a hand there? I don't have to be upstairs for another few minutes--
SHERYL: Oh, oh no, I appreciate the offer, but...I gotta take care of this one myself, ya know?
DANIEL: You sure?
SHERYL: Oh I am. Thank you, though!


Daniel starts to walk away, though unsure if he's making the right decision. As he walks toward the elevator, Sheryl crouches down by Crystal, pretending to gently wake her up. All the while, her eyes are on Daniel.


After the doors to the elevator finally close, with Daniel inside, Sheryl sighs in relief. 


SHERYL: Thank God he's gone. Now to deal with you.


Grumbling to herself as she moves the front seat back, then hoists Crystal into the backseat of the small SUV. As Sheryl struggles, she dumps Crystal onto the backseat.


SHERYL: Alright. Do I take care of this orientation meeting now, or do I make sure you don't escape?


Sheryl thinks a moment before opening the glove box, and pulling out some yellow rope, and duct tape.


SHERYL: Always gotta be prepared. Glad girl scouts was useful for something.


Sheryl pushes the front passenger seat  gets herself back into the truck, where she ties Crystal's arms behind her back, as well as her feet together. She covers her mouth with the duct tape, then covers Crystal once again with the blanket.


Once Sheryl's finally done, she pushes the front passenger's seat back into place, and shuts the door to her SUV. Locking the vehicle manually before she does.


SHERYL: Well, that's one problem down. Time to take care of the rest of this agenda.


Sheryl walks away back toward the elevator, leaving a comatose, bound and gagged Crystal Clarke in her SUV.




Sami stands in the doorway of Marlena's office, visibly upset with her mother.


SAMI: How could you do this to Daddy?


Marlena stands up from her desk, trying to keep Sami calm, to no avail.


MARLENA: Sami, I have my reasons for this.
SAMI: There is no good reason to be doing this right now, Mom. Dad is dying, his memory is slipping away day by day.
MARLENA: And that is exactly why we need to do it now.


Sami looks at Marlena, incredulous, as Marlena steps away from her desk.


SAMI: What are you talking about, Mom? We don't even know what's causing his symptoms.
MARLENA: No, but I have a pretty good idea. But without Roman's medical records, we have nothing. 
SAMI: I know, Kim told me.


Marlena folds her arms, frustrated by the news, though unsurprised.


MARLENA: Well, that figures. Look, I don't know what your Aunt Kim told you, but she misconstrued my intentions--
SAMI: Oh, of course she did. Because nothing you do is ever wrong. Right?
MARLENA: Sami...
SAMI: No. Mom, enough. Look, we all know you don't care what happens to Daddy, otherwise you wouldn't have left him for John all those years ago in the first place.


Marlena snaps at her daughter's petulance.


MARLENA: Samantha Gene Brady, that's enough!


Sami stops interjecting immediately, holding her sniveling rage in while Marlena continues.


MARLENA: your father means the world to me. He is staying in my home. I have to watch him...deteriorate little by little every single day, right before my very eyes. 


Marlena begins to tear up, as she becomes more emotional telling Sami her reasons.


MARLENA: So maybe this feels for you like I'm giving up on your father. But for me, this feels like the only way I can keep your father with us. And I'm not going to let go of that hope, that...that dream that maybe we can keep him with us. Not until I know for sure that there is no hope.


Sami takes a moment, holding her own emotions in, as she responds, softly, but wavering with emotion.


SAMI: Well, I'm sorry, Mom. But forgive me if I don't go along with your dream this time. Excuse me.


Sami turns and heads out the door, leaving a sorrowful Marlena behind in her office. Marlena bites her lip, trying to suppress the tears building inside her.




Nick stands over Victor, lying motionless in his hospital bed, smirking gleefully at his rival's frail appearance.


NICK: You know, never in a million years would I think I would be looking down at you like this. But...here we are. 


Nick laughs to himself, holding his arms out, almost in triumph.


NICK: I get to run the company you started with all your mob money. I get all your toys. Your cars, your office...your desk. 


Nick saunters over to Victor's bedside, and pulls a stool over to sit on. As he sits down, he finishes, gloating ever-so-close to Victor's face.


NICK: Your house.


Nick begins to crack up, starting softly and building into an echoing horror that fills the room.


NICK: I am going to have everything I ever wanted Victor. And you and your pathetic family aren't gonna be able to stop me. 




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