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DAYS #140: Sami gives Abby an ultimatum, Eric tells Marlena about the Chyka file





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco


khWXGnW.png 7mpLHru.png
Sami glares at Abby as they stand in Nicole's office at WXIR. Abby looks on, somewhat uncomfortable by the position Sami is putting her in, and stands with her arms folded.


SAMI: Well? Should I be worried that this report is going to implicate Will?


Abby sighs, dropping her arms to her side in frustration.


ABBY: Sami--
SAMI: I think I have a right to know. My son took a job at Titan, and no, I'm not happy about it, but I am still going to protect him.


Abby responds, looking away thoughtfully.


ABBY: I understand that. I would...(sigh) I would want the same for my child.
SAMI: Then, as your boss, I should tell you that if Will is involved in this EnerNext mess in any way...you will keep his name out of Nicole's report.


Abby looks at Sami, struggling to answer.




pqf6Pp5.png tLs5Hlt.png
Daniel stands at the nurses' station at University Hospital, as Kim approaches him, a look of concern on her face.


KIM: Daniel!


Daniel turns around with a start, looking pleasantly at Kim.


DANIEL: Kim! Hey! I'm glad you're here.
KIM: Well, I heard there was some news about Theresa and I headed straight down.
DANIEL: Yeah...


Kim's brow furrows as she questions Daniel's peculiar reaction.


KIM: It's good news right?


Daniel struggles to give Kim an answer, causing Kim to look even more concerned.




8MG0qil.png lSjicCp.png RmmvEqJ.png
Marlena walks into her living room, surprised and worried, as Roman and Eric look over at her.




Eric looks at Marlena, respondingly politely but coldly.


ERIC: Mom.


Marlena, unsure how to approach the situation, looks over at Roman as she continues to approach.


MARLENA: Roman...what is going on? Are you alright?


Roman relaxes somewhat, but is still deeply frustrated. He turns, and, without looking at Marlena, begins to walk away.


ROMAN: Yeah. Fine. I'm gonna head out.


Roman grabs his jacket, but Marlena tries to stop him.


MARLENA: Roman. ROMAN! Where are you going?


Unable to stop Roman from leaving, Roman quickly responds before walking out and closing the door.


ROMAN: To work!


As the door slams shut, Marlena winces, and Eric looks over at the closed door. He looks back at Marlena, suddenly worried, but trying to hide it.


ERIC: Mom, I'm sorry. I...


Marlena interrupts, overwhelmed and angry. Unable to stay calm anymore, she grabs Eric's arm, forcing him to look her in the eye.


MARLENA: Eric, what did you say to him?


Eric meets Marlena's stare, confused and surprised.







Eric pulls away from his mother, looking away after a moment of intensity between them.


ERIC: I didn't say anything. I realized he didn't remember me or the entire Kristen fiasco and he...he lost it.


Marlena stops a moment, before turning back to Eric, a bit confused.


MARLENA: Kristen?
ERIC: Yes, Kristen. The whole mess that YOU helped create.


Marlena stops herself, looking down partly in shame and partly to cool her misplaced anger.


MARLENA: I know.
ERIC: I came here to give you both news about it, in case you're wondering.


Marlena looks up, intrigued.




Eric nods, remaining cold and sombre, not quite able to look Marlena in the eye.


ERIC: (sigh) Yeah. A package came in the mail for me after Nicole and I got home from City Hall.


Eric reaches over to the sideboard where he'd placed the envelope containing the Chyka files. He hands them to Marlena, who immediately pulls them out, looking them over in an increasingly excited way.


MARLENA: Oh my...Oh my God, Eric! This is the evidence you needed! Oh HONEY!


Marlena lurches forward, hugging Eric tightly, causing him to tense up, before gently forcing Marlena from her hug.


ERIC: Mom. Please.
MARLENA: Wh--Eric, I'm sorry.
ERIC: Just...don't right now. After the stunt you and Sami pulled today, just...don't. I came here to tell you the news, that's all.


Marlena reaches out to stop Eric before he leaves.


MARLENA: No. Eric, stop. 


Eric stops in his tracks, rolling his eyes and sighing as he turns back to face his mom.


ERIC: Mom, I don't have time for this, I--
MARLENA: This, this will just take a second. I need to know what this means for you and...you and the priesthood.


Eric looks to Marlena, as Marlena waits impatiently for his answer.




NO1SJYT.png 413Fbzy.png SLDcIpu.png Te6Bwvm.png 9MZ77zM.png YtWN1ZI.png W9BIuJj.png L7qoPYw.png s8zyCRx.png wK1rXOr.png
Nick stands behind the podium at the press conference in Horton Town Square, gesturing for Tyler to step forward and join him at the podium. Once Tyler does, very reluctantly, step forward, Nick continues his announcement.


NICK: Mr. Houston here has been a major help to me in not only tracking down these hackers, but also with giving me the...confidence to put my name in the ring to lead this company. With his help, and my vision, I firmly believe that Titan will be a successful power player into the coming decade and beyond. Thank you, everyone.


Tyler grabs Nick's arm and pulls him aside just out of the earshot of the microphones, as the press begin to buzz furiously within seconds of Nick's speech ending.


Tyler looks at Nick, enraged.


TYLER: What the HELL do you think you're doing?


Nick laughs softly, giving Tyler a shrug.


NICK: I thought you'd be thrilled. I keep your secret, you help me fullfil my goals.
TYLER: And what if I don't. I have no loyalty to you, kid.
NICK: Then I guess you'd better develop a loyalty to the colour orange. Cos' that's the only colour you'll be wearing if you back out now.


Nick quickly looks Tyler up and down, before chuckling to himself.


NICK: ...Nah. Not your colour.


Nick walks away, heading out of the square, leaving Tyler behind, incredulous. Justin approaches him, his eyes trained on Nick. Justin puts a hand on Tyler's shoulder.


JUSTIN: Something tells me that appointment wasn't exactly a mutual decision.
TYLER: You'd be right. And it's not going to happen, either. Excuse me.


Tyler walks off, following Nick out of the town square.




Daniel and Kim step into Theresa's room. It's dark, and the only sound is the beep of the heart monitor, as a comatose Theresa lays in the bed.

Kim looks down lovingly at her daughter, as she holds Theresa's hand. Daniel looks over at Theresa before he begins.


DANIEL: I have reason believe she may be starting to...come out of the coma.


Kim looks on surprised and thrilled by the news, but it's immediately tempered by Daniel, as he interjects to stop her from reacting.


KIM: Oh my--
DANIEL: Wait...Kim, there's something else you need to know.


Kim's face drops as she moves from excitement to panic.


KIM: What? Is something wrong? Wh-what's happening?
DANIEL: She's...we...okay, I don't mean to alarm you, it's...it's likely nothing, but, I noticed something in her chart, I' ve never seen it before. Coma patients don't tend to start emerging from their coma and then immediately drop back into it...not unless they're being induced into it.


Kim clutches Theresa's hand, increasingly worried, as Daniel tries to keep calm.


KIM: Well you're not inducing the coma, obviously. I mean, that's...that doesn't make sense.
DANIEL: You're right. And we aren't.


Kim looks over at the door, then Daniel, confused and increasingly frustrated.


KIM: Well, then, I don't get it, I...I mean you have the door guarded, they would've seen anyone who's been coming in or out of here, they'dve had to. We're trying to keep Billie out, so...


Daniel looks away for a moment, sighing, as he tries to keep Kim from digging any deeper.


DANIEL: Yes...it's just been me, you, and the nurses. That's all, I promise you.
KIM: So, then, I don't understand, Daniel. Are you saying one of the nurses could be drugging my daughter?


Daniel sighs, unsure whether to tell Kim or not.




Abby folds her arms, as she furrows her brow, frustrated by Sami's interference.


ABBY: Sami, I can't force Nicole's hand. She's going to see right through me if I do that.
SAMI: Find a way, Abby. 
ABBY: It's not that easy.
SAMI: I'm sorry, who's your boss here?


Abby sighs, dropping her arms to the side, and tensing her hands into fists, as she stops herself from shouting at Sami.


ABBY: If I suppress information about this story to protect Will or anybody else, for that matter, I might as well kiss my career goodbye. We have journalistic standards to adhere to.

SAMI: Let me handle that. Just keep Will out of it.


Abby throws her hands up, exasperated. After a moment, she argues back.


ABBY: Look, Will's name probably won't even be important enough to mention on air.
SAMI: Like Hell it won't be. He wrote all their press releases.
ABBY: So we may have to speak with him to get more information. Look, Sami, I honestly don't think Will is the one you should be worried about right now.


Sami folds her arms, raising an eyebrow as she looks at Abby incredulously.


SAMI: Oh really? And just who should I be worried about?
ABBY: Nick. 


As Abby says this, Nicole opens the door to her office, not hiding her irritation at Sami's presence.


NICOLE: Abby's right. You should worry about Nick.


Nicole looks over to Abby, exhausted, and worried.


NICOLE: He just declared himself CEO of Titan Industries.


Sami looks back at Nicole, jaw dropped, as Abby's eyes widen, looking over to Sami with the same surprised face.




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