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DAYS #139: Roman explodes at a worried Eric, Sheryl makes the connection





Written by A. Washington-Beeby
Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco


In Marlena's penthouse, Roman walks through the living room, sandwich in hand. He's evidently walked in for a quick bite to eat while on duty.


ROMAN: Thanks, Doc for the sandwich, I'll be back around 7.


He grabs his jacket to quickly put on as he's heading back out to work, when the doorbell rings. Looking back to see if Marlena's headed over or not to answer it, Roman walks over and opens the door to find Eric standing there.


ERIC: Dad! I've got some great news.


Roman looks at Eric, trying to appear upbeat but confused, regardless.




19kvVLL.png uetqIub.png
In her motel room, at the edge of Salem's city limit, Sheryl stands in front of Jerome, laughing at her great fortune, as Jerome stands next to her, somewhat less enthused. The TV plays quietly in the background as she and Jerome speak.


JEROME: Brady Black...as in, the guy that drove himself and his girlfriend off an embankment into the lake trying to kill himself and her?
SHERYL: The very same. And trust me, I know it's him. 
SHERYL: He's the one I bought our getaway vehicle from, silly. I've got it all planned out. Just need a few things from in town...


Sheryl walks over to the desk, and grabs a notepad and pencil. Quickly jotting down what she needs, Sheryl tears the paper from the pad and hands the list to Jerome.


SHERYL: ...which...I will need you to order for me. Make sure the Salem PD can't track your IP address or you'll have to make a break for it, too.
SHERYL: Anyway, so, knowing that Brady's alive...it means that if we can get the word out that Brady isn't actually dead...the EnerNext project can be delayed if not completely halted.


Jerome sighs, before shaking his head, causing Sheryl to look at him, somewhat alarmed.


JEROME: You may not need to use that information after all. Not that I'd be able to spill that tea anyway since that makes a clear line between you and me.
SHERYL: Okay. Still not getting why we may not need it.


Jerome wordlessly points up at the TV, where Nick Fallon appears, giving a press conference. Sheryl looks on, curious, as she quickly grabs the remote and turns the volume up.


Nicole's voice blasts through the TV, giving a preamble to the proceedings.


NICOLE: (via TV) ...Mr. Fallon will be making his address shortly, he is expected to make a major announcement in Titan's name.




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Nick stands at the podium at Horton Town Square, where most of the Titan board, as well as Nicole, and various other members of the press, are gathered to hear Nick speak. 


Nicole finishes her report as the rest of the crowd begins to simmer their conversations.


NICOLE: Now, this is unusual for a lab technician to be speaking for a corporate board at his level, but, as we've learned with Titan in recent months, expect the unexpected.


With the TV cameras on, Nick lays on the charm for the masses, as he waits for the crowd to go silent. He leans into the microphone slightly, and begins his speech.


NICK: Today, Titan Industries has a new hope for the future. After months, perhaps, years of struggling in an uncertain economy, we have decided as a company to make a radical change of direction. 


Kate looks on from the crowd, trying not to roll her eyes as she listens to Nick's speech. Billie leans over and whispers to her mother.


BILLIE: Is it too late to sell a chunk of my Titan stock?
KATE: Honey, if this ship is sinking, we go down together.


As Nick carries on, Anjelica appears from the back of the square. She hangs back, not wanting to be seen by the larger crowd, standing with her head ccovered by a black scarf and dark glasses, as she observes Nick from afar. Nick is still able to spot her, as he carries on in his speech.


NICK: Due to a series of tragedies that have befallen the Kiriakis family in recent weeks, the....board felt it best to appoint someone...more youthful. An outsider with a clear, decisive vision for the company. One who would be willing to make the changes neccessary to carry the company well into the next decade.


Anjelica nods approvingly from her post at the back of the crowd, as Nick looks right at her as he delivers his announcement.


NICK: That person is me.


The crowd buzzes at the announcement, with camera flashes going off, the board members standing around, solemn as Nick looks around from his perch, beaming.







Abby sits at Nicole's computer, working her way through the documents Nick sent her about EnerNext, when Sami steps in.



Abby looks up from the computer, surprised to see Sami.


SAMI: Abby! How's everything?
ABBY: Good! I uh...I'm just...working on something for Nicole.
SAMI: I figured. Listen ah...I hope you remember exactly why I'm having you work with Nicole.


Abby looks up from the screen to look at Sami. She sighs.


ABBY: Sami, I'm not....really comfortable with what you were suggesting, I--


Sami interrupts, holding her hands up to stop Abby from continuing.


SAMI: I know. I know. I know, I shouldn't have asked but...(sigh) Nicole's not exactly a model employee. She's incredibly...tricky.


Abby turns away from the computer, giving Sami her entire focus, still sitting in Nicole's chair.


ABBY: Oh, believe me. I know. She and my mom have a hell of a history. But I'm trying to just...let the past stay in the past. She's doing some...really great work on this EnerNext story.

SAMI: So I've heard. I just want you to tread carefully. If anyone you love is implicated in this story...Nicole...can't be trusted. A lot of people could get caught in the crossfire.


Abby gets up from her seat, walking over toward a frustrated Sami.


ABBY: You're worried about Will, aren't you?


Sami turns around to look at Abby, sternly.


SAMI: Should I be?




Roman steps back to let an excited Eric in. Somewhat awkwardly, he responds.


ROMAN: I...uh...I'm just about to head back to work. Wh...what is it?
ERIC: Dad, I...well...I just got some really good news about what...what happened with Kristen.


Roman looks at Eric, trying to appear excited but looks almost blankly at Eric, who slowly realizes something's horribly wrong.


ERIC: You don't...you don't know what I'm talking about, do you?


Roman explodes, shouting in a frustrated rage at Eric.


ROMAN: Dammit, would you cut that out? You know, between you and Doc and the rest of the damn family trying to take any opportunity to test my memory. I've had it just about up to here with it!
ERIC: Dad! Calm down, I was just--


Roman gets right in Eric's face, shaking with rage, as Eric grabs Roman's hands and holds them tightly, trying to stop Roman from physically attacking him.


ROMAN: I WILL NOT CALM DOWN!! You...Dammit, let me GO!


Marlena races over from the opening to the kitchen, worried about the shouting she hears from the living room.


MARLENA: What is going on here? Eric?? Roman? Are you two alright?


Eric and Roman turn to look at a deeply concerned Marlena, who approaches them cautiously.




At Town Square, Nicole's voice cuts through the din of the rabbling crowd, as she asks a question of Nick.


NICOLE: How is it that you, someone with exactly zero experience, have managed to secure the vote to take over Titan?


Nick smiles at Nicole before responding with a phony graciousness to her question.


NICK: I'm glad you asked. Ah...well, you see, the board had to make some tough decisions. It actually brings me to a very important point I need to bring up. See, last night, Titan Industries was targeted by outside forces in a major attempt to breach our computer systems, steal vital corporate information, and destroy our servers. I will be in contact with the Salem PD later today to track down the perpetrator or perpetrators, and make sure they are brought to justice.


Nick clears his throat as he continues, looking directly into Nicole's camera. Nicole takes this opportunity to interject again.


NICOLE: Do you know the name or names of the hackers?
NICK: I can't speak on that at this time. However, I will say this. The Titan board was grateful to me, as I was the one who discovered that there had been a security breach, and was able to prevent the virus from causing any major damage. Thanks to my efforts, as well as my proposals, which I will be detailing at a later date for the turnaround of Titan Industries, I have been named CEO of Titan, with none other than Tyler Houston as my right hand through the transition period.


Tyler looks on, stunned by the news, he looks over at a shocked Justin, while Nick smiles his trademark smirk as the crowd once again begins to buzz with chatter, as Anjelica, still at the back of the crowd, gives Nick an 'ok' gesture with her hand.




As the press conference plays on TV, Sheryl and Jerome look on, stunned by the news. Sheryl looks on, slack-jawed as her rage builds.


SHERYL: That little BASTARD.


Sheryl looks over at Jerome, whose head twists to meet her gaze. Sheryl speaks to him with intensity, finger pointed at the TV screen.


SHERYL: HE'S the one who stopped the virus. And I'm gonna make that little twerp pay.




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