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  1. Internet at it again, and since I have a full week that does not involve sit down at a place with good internet, I guess it's me reading recaps and responses this week.


    The life of the writer trying to make it. La sigh.


    On the good side, I kinda like RC's first episode of DAYS. Can't seem to watch the last 5 minutes, but intrigued.

  2. I feel it on that. Just saw it yesterday after a very busy July. So no spoilers here.
  3. So @Cheap21, thoughts? Seem you were dead on on your predictions.
  4. Ooooooo
  5. Please, Kim is lucky Kenya didn't go Season 4 Reunion Marlo on her.
  6. Erza Miller is cool in person...and apparently likes to make out.


    Overall, great Comic-Con weekend.

  7. I've been waiting for your opinion.
  8. So two actresses doing double duty for the price of one this week? La sigh
  9. MADE IT UP TO LAST THURSDAY... I think the build to the concert has been nice. And seeing everyone dressed up has been nice. Ladies are looking great...faves being Sharon, Abby, Ashley, and Mariah. And wow at Noah...when did you get so hot...or more important...those dressed pants sure do show off a nice...uh..back. I see Victoria vs Abby is being featured which I liked and loved Abby telling Vicky off so far. was that jealousy I saw with Mariah? Over Kevin/Chloe. Miffed that Jill has already left...but happy she does not know EVERYTHING about Cane yet. Gives me hope. That said...I'm sorry Team Billy on that. After Cane had been throwing shade at Billy for months, I love Billy doing the same for me. Victoria can get over it.
  10. Well, that's a DAYS spoiler I don't feel will go over well with you all here...

  11. THIS.
  12. Kristen's return hands down for me. I haven't seen it completely, but the setup (was she good? evil?) leading to that excellent NYE reveal with JOhn/Brady fighting over her with the camera angle laugh was great. But the writing was well paced from what I saw and heard.
  13. Well, I knew that some scandal was supposed to land in Hillary's lap. Could it be the Victor/Chloe thing??
  14. After seeing that towel picture of him in the new SOD, I am saddened on a character level. lol. I might in the minority, but I liked JV on AMC and liked what little I saw of him on GL so he will be missed.
  15. Thank you for the summary. I asked for the cover earlier today so that's on me. My bad!!!
  16. I totally want to see the cover.
  17. That was my response. It was 'God...where is his drive?'
  18. THIS. Like father, like son. Woof. That reminds...the only false note for me at the 4th of July party was that Nick was not liking Noah being motivated to expand the business. I miss ambitious Nick who wanted to just that with Crimson Lights. Done with last week and yep...transition week.
  19. That moment when some DAYS fans start posting clips from Kristen's return again...*gets popcorn*

  20. I thought that was in jeers. re: Ashley/Karen. They seemed on good terms...well, the left couch period.
  21. Darn!!! So busy working on a new blog I forgot that was together. Funny since I know Southern Charm's reunion should be tonight and I'm ready for Kat to shut down DolphinVoice.
  22. Cambias