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Converting from a DVD-RW for online?


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Okay, I've done searches and read messages on other sites and even downloaded some suggested software but maybe I'm missing something. If anybody knows what I am doing wrong, please let me know!

I have a combination VHS/DVD-RW recorder attached to my tv. I am able to copy stuff from my VHS tapes onto a DVD-RW and I have played it back in the player. However, when I lent the DVD-RW to friends, it came up blank for them. Likewise, it will not show up in my computer. My desktop has these drives: DVD+R Double Layer/DVD+-RW (both plus and minus) and DVD-ROM. I have been able to play DVD movies I purchased on my computer but it doesn't read anything I recorded to a DVD-RW. I tried downloading some conversion software but I can't convert when it's showing me there's not anything on the DVD to convert. Am I missing a step? How come I can play it on my DVD player but the disc shows up blank everywhere else? :(

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Never mind! I figured out what I missed. I didn't realize there was a finalization process once I recorded something in order for the DVD-RW to be playable somewhere else. Couple of steps involved to this now, I see. :P

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