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Days: The Kaman Love


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Kaman was - and can be again - just magical. I just watched a couple of Kaman clips and they were so HAPPY. Kate's smiles were huge and she just glowed when she was with Roman, something that I've never seen her do with John. And Roman was soooo happy too!! His smiles were just as big as Kate's were - sigh.

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Welcome to the thread Rebecca. It's nice to see another face here. I've been a fan of all of Kate's pairings except for the last one. Just not my cuppa tea I guess.

Anyway, Kate and Roman were just something special. I can't put it into words, but while they lasted, they were wonderful together. It just worked for me and for a lot of other people.

I don't think it's so much the fact that they're not together anymore that angers me. It's the glossing over or completely forgetting what these two characters once meant to each other that really is upsetting.

I think once and awhile that my Kaman love is just a happy memory, and I can move on and be okay with what's going on now. But then I see an old tape or a clip of what once was, and I know, given the proper care and time, it could be again. Like I said in a previous post, there's just so much unexplored between these two characters.


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