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Looking for anyone that has episodes/edits of Y&R from 1976-1981, 1983-March 1984, and 1989

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I’m looking for anyone that has episodes or edits of Y&R that aren’t already in circulation from January 1976-September 1981, January 1983-March 1984, and from May 26-June 5, 1989. They could be in any video format (VHS, DVD, Beta, etc.). I’m mainly looking for episodes and edits featuring the following characters:

January 1976-September 1981

-Kay, Jill, Liz, Suzanne, Nikki, Eve, Julia, Victor, Derek, John

January 1983-March 1984

-Kay, Jill, Nikki, Lauren, Eve, Julia, Patty, Jack, Victor, John, Traci

I’m looking for the full episodes of May 26-June 5, 1989.

If you’d feel more comfortable messaging me privately, feel free to do so.

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Still looking for these! I’m mainly looking for episodes from 1979-80 and 1983. I already have the following episodes from those years:

-April 14, 1980

-June 16, 1980

-June 24, 1983 (this one isn’t very good quality, if someone has it in better quality, then I’m definitely open to it)


I really hope someone can help me out. Again, if you’d like to contact me privately and don’t want the public knowing what you have, feel free to do so.


Also, if they’re still on VHS, Beta, U-matic, or any other physical video format, I’m willing to have them transferred and pay for it.

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I’m also open to edits of those 3 years surrounding or featuring these characters:





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