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Soap Opera Cast Lists and Character Guides- Cancelled and Current

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On 11/27/2020 at 7:07 AM, Paul Raven said:

Search for Tomorrow

Some more characters with no actors attached.

Mrs Jackson - prison employee when Jennifer was incarcerated

Sgt Burns

Sgt Dorene Mathews

Chuck Stearns - Tourneur Instruments employee from Louisiana

Dog Evans - former boxing opponent of Brian

Dr Hitchcock - testified at Janet's trial



Search for Tomorrow

Additions   thanks @Paul Raven



Ronald Dawson        early 1950s   (175th role on television)

Bill Moor

Joseph Warren

Samuel E. Wright



??????       Joy Franz


22 hours ago, Paul Raven said:

Where The Heart Is

Erin O'Connor

Vicky Lucas Hathaway...

...Lisa Richards...1972-73



22 hours ago, Paul Raven said:

The Hamptons

William Cain




Msgnr Fratellini Mitchell Jason (not Jason Mitchell) was going to suggest him in Soaphoppers and noticed this.



On 11/21/2020 at 2:00 AM, Paul Raven said:

Concerning Miss Marlowe

Ralph Marquez Donald Buka 



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JULY 5, 1954-JULY 1, 1955 NBC


Ronald Blake...Bert Thorne

Linda Cabot...Sarah Burton 

Marion Cahill...Elaine Rost

Kit Christy...Chris White    ingenue actress; daughter of Maggie; dated Ralph

Cindy Clayton...Patricia Bosworth 

Dot Clayton...Helen Shields 

Harry Clayton...John Gibson 

Tommy Clayton...Eddie O'Brien

Bill Cooke...John Raby 

Mike Donovan...Byron Sanders   lover &killer of Barbara

Hugh Fraser,,,Lauren Gilbert 

Barbara _____ Gavin...Sarah Burton killed by lover, Mike Donovan

"Belle Mere" Gavin...Kathleen Comegys       Mother, Jim

Jim Gavin...Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. Attorney; +Maggie accused of Barbara's murder

Louise Gavin...Jane Seymour    Jim's sister

Augusta Gorme...Maggie Leubecker

Bud Gowan...Douglas Taylor

Jean Guthrie...Barbara Townsend

Lt. Hansen...Jim Boles

Bernie Kanner...Stephen Chase

Mrs. Koester...Leora Thatcher

Margaret Marlowe...Louise Allbritton   theater actress; discovered Kit was daughter; dated married Jim Gavin

...Helen Shields 1955

Ralph  Marquez...Donald Buka       +Kit

                 Joe DiReda

                 Jerry Jarret

"Nana" Carol McClure...Lois Holmes

Mrs. McClure...Abby Lewis

Mr. McClure...John Seymour

John Moran...Phil Coolidge

Katie Patrick...Vera Rivers

Dr.  Paul Sims...Norman MacKaye

Senor Zaragoza...Don Mayo




Adorno... Monty Banks, Jr.

Bojalian...unscrupulous director; +Kit...Ross Martin

Celia...Lois Bolton

Harriet the Hat...Jane Seymour

Jenny... Katherine Raht

Lilia              Muriel Berkson

Rudi         Richard Newton

Tom     Kozaku  Mozumoto


Desk Clerk...Carlos Montalban



?????...Helen Jean Arthur 










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Ed Setrakian   

Joseph Warren   

Ruth Klinger 




Priscilla  the maid that tried to seduce Jonathan and was almost raped by Seth...Wendy M. Owens  1983




Paul Joynt

Bill Moor

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??????      Ruth Klinger           






?????      Ronald Dawson 






????                Valerie French

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Steve Hurley...Mark Gordon        1969                  ...

                    Paul Stevens    1968-69



Rita Gonzalez    Beret Arcaya      1964-65    tried to steal Brock Hayden from Maggie.



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Mrs. Atkinson   Never Seen    Parker and Faith's teacher   2010
  Alan  ????      4/9/10    masseur
  Alexa    Never Seen   Liberty's friend    2010 
  Alison...   ???...  +Dusty     5/85
  Amy the Al's waitress  ????     7/23/2010 
  Anjelica  who waited for Johnny at the elevator Never Seen  2010
  Angela...   Deborah Twiss   5/14/19 Johnny's babysitter 
  Annette    Never Seen   Janet's cousin     2010
  Arthur the boy witness to Damian/Holden fight  ????    2/2010 
  Audrey   Never Seen    2010  mean girl at Faith's boarding school
  John Barber    Never Seen   Reid's friend from Dallas     2010 
 Professor Behrens    Never Seen    teacher SIU law school    2010 
 Dr. Blanchard Never Seen        Jacob's Doctor      2010 
  Dr. Bonner    ?????   3/1/10    Liberty's dr. in Minneapolis 
  Dean Alan Brewster John Hillner     expelled  Casey and Luke      08-09       
  Mrs. Briggs Mildred Clinton    Landlady, Joyce Colman        80 
  Dr. Brigham    Joel Hurt Jones  10    Parker's doctor
Dr. Bryson    Never Seen         Faith's doctor     2010  
  Billy          Never Seen      owner Billy's Take Out    2010 
  Brandon   Dominic D'Ippolito 10  friend, Parker and Liberty  Detroit
  Brittany         ?????     10   girfriend Brandon  Detroit 
 Marcus Calman    ?????   2/17/10  potential Monte Carlo investor 
  Mr. Carlucci    Never Seen    knew Janet and Blackie     2010
  Dr. Channing   Never Seen     Neurologist from Chicago   2010 
  PI Chapman     ????     Lucinda's P.I.   2/2/2010
  Josiah Clack   Richard Gallagher  7/ 2010 Vulcan   Minister  married Vienna and Henry 
  Mark Clayton  Never Seen  coordnator air rescue  Parker and Liberty
  Janie Cobb-Goodwin   Paige Conner     1986; 1988        Holden's ex
  Jackson Cobbler   Never Seen  Henry's business associate 2010 
 Mrs. Collier    Never Seen  Neighbor   Henry and Vienna  2010
  Cecelia    Never Seen    Johnny's babysitter   2010  
  Charles  with Gabe   ???     4/26/2010  
  Christine     Never Seen    Sage's friend   2010 
  Nurse Claire       ?????     9/1/2010
  Colby      Never Seen      Ethan's friend     2010  
  Judge Curt    ????   1/25/2010   Bob's golf buddy  
  Ms. Dewey    Never Seen   Parker and Liberty's teacher  
Clive Diedrichson  ????    3/26/2010  owned clothing store Archaeology
Mary ___ Diedrichson Meredith Collins   2010 wife, Clive
  _____Doyle   Stephen Payne  7/6/2010  Gabe's poker game 
  Deanna    Never Seen   Faith's fried     2010
  Debbie  Never Seen 2010  Jacob's babysitter    
  Dylan, Parker's friend    ????    5/14/2010 
  Dr. Evans  ???Emily's doctor    1/7/10  
  Mr. Exeter     Never Seen    Henry's associate    2010
  Edith    Emma's friend    Never Seen     2010 
  Eduardo   Never Seen   Dusty's associate   set up inheritance for Janet    2010
APRIL 2, 1956-SEPTEMBER 17, 2010 CBS



Bill Abbott....Patrick O'Neal  [Early 60's; had an affair with Claire]
Nurse Karen____ Adams...Doe Lang   67-70  dated Michael Shea
Mr. Adams...   Aaron Remey       prosecutor   2007
Nurse Adams...????...sanitarium, Barbara    2/83
Dr. Roger Adams...   Mark McConnell   +Annie    83
Tyler Adams...Peter Gatto...   90-92
Detective Adamski...Roscoe Born    Chicago cop (3 days)    01
Reg Addington...Mark Jude Sullivan       08-09    Luke's friend
Dr. Adler..... Michael Lombard      
Dr. Randall Adom...Fred Waggoner   
Dr. Aikido...   Ron Domingo   Alison's doctor   07
Mr. Albert...Lanny Flaherty        97     Carly's neighbor  
Bart Albertini...Robert Turano   gambler with Henry, owner Al's Diner   07-08
                   "Al"....Ralph Buckley
                   "Al".....Hardy Rawls                
Buffy Alcott...Remy the Dog   92-93
Michael Alcott...   Richard Bekins          93          [Neal's husband]
                      ...Stephen Bogardus...   93
Neal Keller Alcott...   Mary Kay Adams   Lucinda, Sam, and Royce's sister    92-93
Dr. Alderman...   Peter Kybart    owned infamous "tea set"   97
Greta  _____Aldrin...Joan Copeland   James and Ariel's mother   82-83
                           Rosemary Murphy        89-90
Rodney Alexander...   Jack Brewer...   top designer   01
Marian____Allen...   Never Seen    adopted David Stenbeck
Warren Allen...  Never Seen...   adopted David Stenbeck
Dr. Alsop...   Jack Koenig        1993
Diego Alvarez    Never Seen       owner of Alvarez Oil
 Sylvia____ Alvarez...Taro Meyer  88  Diego's widow, possible affair with Tonio
Ben Anderson...Stephen Bogardus... dated Frannie   86
Burt Anderson...  Mike Hodge     Burt's garage   LOV   05-06
                         ...Willis Sparks
Edward Anderson.  George Connell  father Kirk occasional, 88-89
Ellie Snyder ___ Anderson...   Renee Props    88-92 
Josie Anderson...Kristen Connolly   (AKA Josie Matthews Driver) hired to trick Dusty by Paul   08-09
Kirk Anderson...Tom Wiggin   Lucinda's business friend/foe   88-98  
Laura___ Anderson   Jane Connell   Kirk's mother  occasional  88-89
Lenore Barclay Anderson...Breon Gorman   Kirk's ex wife  occ. 88-95?
Linda Ann Anderson...Rebecca Brown   daughter, Kirk and Lenore      89
Nels Anderson... Einar Perry Scott   James's assistant  80-84     
Samantha Markham Anderson...Brooke Alexander   Lucinda's con-artist sister     94-96
                                       ...Sherry Alexander     97-98
Stephen (Barclay) Anderson     Tommy J. Michaels    3/1989
               Buddy Smith   son, Kirk and Lenore   89
                             ...James VanDerBeek       95
_____Andrews...Matthew Nicklaw          08
Dr. Andrews ...   Kris Bratton          07-09
Garth Andrews...Tade Reen    Katie's stalker     00
Grace Wescott Andrews...   Kelly Bishop    diner owner, Dusty/Lily     87
Judge Andrews...  Stephanie Berry     
Logan Andrews... Don Chastain...married Grace     87
Mrs. Andrews ...   Barbara Christie   04         Nanny
Andrea Korackes Andropolous  Patricia Mauceri  thief, ex-wife, Nick 
Betsy Stewart Montgomery Andropolous...Pat McGuiness     71
                                 ... Suzanne Davidson   on and off 72-80  
                                         ...  Tiberia Mitri  72 (temp.)                                                         ...Maurine Trainor   72-73  (temp)       
                                       ...Simone Schacter  72-73 (temp)
                                                         ...Lisa Denton   81-82
                                                         ...Meg Ryan   82-84
                                                      ...Mary Kane 84 (bandages) 
                                                        ...Lindsay Frost  84-88
                                                 ...Jennifer Van Dyck (V/O)   96
                                                   ...Jordan Baker       95
                                                         ...  Tracy Sallows    91
Costas Andropolous... Never Seen   father of Nick, raised Steve as his own
Danielle "Dani" Andropolous...    Colleen Broomall    raised (briefly) by Craig Montgomery   84-88
                                         ...   Kristanna Loken...   94
                                ...Ashley Williams   95-96, 97-99, 00-01(occ)
                                                ...Deidre Skiles    08
Deborah Andropolous...Never Seen  deceased daughter, Nick and Andrea
Diana McCall Andropolous  Kim Johnston (Ulrich) married Frank, loved Steve, owned Riverboat     83-85
Lt. Frank Andropolous...Jacques Perrault  cousin of Steve, Nick dated Maggie and her sister Lyla  83-85
Thea Irene __Andropolous... Nina Dova                84
Jill (Randolph) Andropolous...???... daughter of Cal Randolph, adopted by Maggie
Thea Lena ____Andropolous...Eleni Kiamos   mother of Frank         1984
Maggie Crawford Andropolous...Mary Linda Rapelye  dated Tom, adopted Jill married Frank    81-85
Marina___  Andropolous (fbs)...Katerina Razelou    Nick and Steve's mother, had affair with Michael Christopher which                resulted in Steve    84
Nick Andropolous...Michael Forrest  owned The Plakka, married Kim     80-82
Petros (Pietro) Andropolous...  Loukas Skipitaris  father Frank  84
Steve Andropolous ...Frank Runyeon   owned construction company   80-86     
Dr. Angelo Anteuacci...  John Capodice       89
Sheriff Applegate...  David B. McConeghey    8/92
Colonel Araca...Emilio Del Pozo      Montega   89
Dr. Ashford...   Hugh Karraker   
Mrs. Atkinson   Never Seen    Parker and Faith's teacher
Philip Austere   Dominick Aries   
Patti Austin   Patti Austin   sang with Johnny Mathis   91  
Steve Avery... Samuel Stricklen       06
Dean Avian   Donald Berman    boss, photographer, Andy   89-90
Gordon Avildsen   James Horigan    boss in Rome, Jennifer   01



A.J.  ...   A.J. Vincent    waiter, Mona Lisa       90s
Acacia...Adrienne Hurd
Adam...   Jordan Lawson      
Adeline....Caris Corfman   87
"Prince" Adolphe...Jordan Lage   06-07  Prince with Vienna; Carly and Simon stole his diamonds
Sister Agnita...   Pam LaTesta     
Aileen...Pippa Pearthree   cancer patient   98  
Al...???...  bartender...(Cal, Maggie, Missouri Spats   85
Alan  ????      4/9/10    masseur
Alec ...Jed Cooper    84
Alex   Soterios Vainalis   student   02
Alex...   Curt Karibalis     4/90
Alexa    Never Seen   Liberty's friend    2010
Alfonso   Lou Bonacki    janitor, victim, Rick Decker  10/2/04
Alice...Phyllis Somerville   (Rosanna)  
Alice...???...   roommate, Betsy in boarding school   2/78
Alison...   ???...  +Dusty     5/85
Alphonse...Nathan Dean        7/99
Amanda...Leslie Stefanson   Model   
Amanda  ...Sarah Abell
Amazonia...Kristen Johnson   tattoo artist      [1994; she was a lead followed by Hal in a case]
Amber...   Colleen Dunn     +Doc     04
Amber...Jennifer Regan   bodyguard, James   97
Amy...Vedette Lim   Casey's date   08
Amy the Al's waitress  ????     7/23/2010
Anatoly...Lev Gorn   involved in Nick Kasnoff's problems   06
Andrew...Blaize Conlan
Andy...Michael Emery  6/7 and 8/25 2010 
Angel   , Alison's friend at her shower  ??????   8/17/2004   
Angela...   Kathleen Doyle          96
Angela...   Deborah Twiss   5/14/19 Johnny's babysitter
Sister Angelica...   Susan Bigelowe   nun 
Angelina  ...Lizzie Mahon  friend, Bonnie     01
Angelique...    Anna Katarina     at spa     02
Anjelica  who waited for Johnny at the elevator Never Seen  2010
Angelo...   Jason Brill   kidnapper, Shannon, Harriet   9/86
Anika...Roselyn Coleman   99
Anita...Yvette Lawrence  +Tonio   11/92      
Anita...Mariam Jabr   07
Ann  ...   ???   nurse   10/77
Sister Anne   Barbara Pitts    6/13/08
Sister Ann...  Hilary Prentice   2/8/06   Knew Jade
Annette...   Alicia Renee Washington
Annette...Never Seen... Jack Snyder's childhood crush
Annette    Never Seen   Janet's cousin     2010
Anthony     Peter O"Hara    6/30/10
Antonella...   Antonia Vasquez   cafe owner     85
Arabella...  Amanda Tree 
Archie...Christopher Fuller   secretary, Emily    89-90?
Archie... William Prael   knew Julia Larrabee     04
Aretha...   Christine Farrell     commune
Ariel...Elysia Thompson   girl with Duncan   
Arnie...Richie Allen   78
Arnold...D. Scott Eads   97
Arthur...Never Seen...   +Rosanna
Arthur...Bill Randolph   99
Arthur the boy witness to Damian/Holden fight  ????    2/2010
Ashley...Chloe Cmarada (Brooks)  2/25/09
Audrey ...Ann Marie Nest   1/9/08    speed dater
Audrey   Never Seen    2010  mean girl at Faith's boarding school

Cleo Babbitt    Jennifer Landon   06-07 Gwen's doppelganger 

Dr. Babcock   Jack Murtaugh      99
Reverend Babcock     William Hardy     91
Nelson Badillo     Fabio Polanco           
Corinne ____ Bailey     Pearl Bailey      82   friend, Ellen Stewart while David was lost with amnesia
Fran ___ Bailey (?Bendel?) ...Aida Turturro  ..    4/98 private investigator
Agent Joe Bailey    Don Billett   86-93 occasional task force
Marty Bailey (?Bendel)  Ed Moran     04/98  private investigator
Dick Baker    Carl Low      56-61   father, Jeff Baker 
                      Court Benson     61-62     
Dr. Baker    Geoffrey Horne     12/92
Grace____  Baker     Selena Royle   56-59  Jeff's meddlesome mother
                                   Frances Reid   59-61
                                   Murial Williams  61-62
                                   Grace Matthews 
Jeff Baker   Mark Rydell    56-62   love of Penny's life
Mike Baker     Michael Mantrell
Suzanne Baker   Erin Cressida Wilson
Trip Baker    Mark Jacoby     07- 08   Emily's lawyer
Derek Baldwin     Remak Ramsey   87  father, Taylor       
Judy Baldwin    ????    86  murdered teen hooker
Michael Baldwin     Christian J. LeBlanc   05 attorney   [Represented Jack and Keith in the custody case for J.J.]  
Dr. Taylor Baldwin    Maggie Baird    87-88  old girlfriend, Casey Peretti   
Shashi Balooja   Shashi Balooja     08     award winning star
Doc Banks    David Piel     6/03 &7/04  Carly's doctor in Montana
Officer Banks   ??????       8/1/2008       Emily's source
Phil Banner     Douglas Parkhirst    61-62    Baker employee while Jaff was gone
Ted Banner    Duncan Gamble      84   movie producer  L
Jack Bannerman    Don Draxler   
___ Bannon      David Copeland     8/83
Doug Bannon  Michael Mastro    1997   lab tech 
John Barber    Never Seen   Reid's friend from Dallas     2010
Cabot Barclay.    Never Seen    father, Lenore
Virginia Hathaway Barclay   Martha Byrne  (FB)    mother of Cabot and Caroline Carpenter
Officer Don Barker      Robert Cuthill   4/08      
Roy Barker    ???   79-80    loan shark/partner, Matt/Chip Kelly
Dr. Barkin    Firdous Bamji        99
Hazel ___ Barkley    Gay Jordan     1970-73
Governor Barnes   Edwin C. Owens
Karen Barnes    Diane Sitter      [1989; Derek Mason's assistant]
Meg Barnes    Gail Strickland    72     
Tyson Barnes   Chris Spain   05
Kelly Barnett    Marceline Hugot   
Sandra___ Barnhill     Barbara Stanger          84    
Kenneth Barry    Jeff Stafford    96
Dr. Bartlett   Kevin O'Rourke   02     Katie and Margo's doctor
Hank Barton    Peter Burnell     67       Tom's roommate, got him hooked on speed
                         Paul Falzone      67     
                         Gary Sandy  69-70    
Lance Barton    Jason Prendergraft   07   tried to hurt Emily     
Mr. Barton    Barnard Hughes   67   father of Hank, pharmacist  
Reggie Bascomb   James Lorenzo      06     contractor
Timothy Alfred "Alfie" Basker     Herb Foster    85   Stewart Cushing's butler, killed Veronica Cushing
"Garth Basnum"   character from Dobson papers
Dr. Bruce Baxter   Steve Harmon    72   married Susan    
                             Ben Hayes      72-73     
Roy Baxter   Victor Verhaeghe         buddy, Teague          1997      Sean Baxter   Burke Moses     exec   89-91                                Mark Lewis   91-93
 Agent Noah Beachman     James Carroll         00
Maria Bealer   Christa Scott Reed    12/06
Missy Beauchamp   Joan Buddenhagen    95   boarding school mate, Rosanna
Lacey Beaujolais    Lorri Bagley     98    
Charles Beaumont   Jeff Whiten   
George Becker     William Parry    88    Josh's boss at the construction site
Irv Becker   David B. McConaghy        00     Landlord Katie
Officer Becker   Dylan Price 
Suz ____  Becker   Betsy Palmer   82    friend, Ellen Stewart while David was presumed dead 
Tad Becker  Tanner Cohen   06
Harvey Beech   Bill Kiefer      03     Country Club  
Thomas Beeton   Mark Pinter    (FB)           [Beatrice McKechnie's deceased fiancé, bearing a striking resemblance to Brian McColl]
Professor Behrens    Never Seen    teacher SIU law school    2010
Chuck Bekins   Gary Hillborn     07   
Dr. Bellows   Brock Peters        66         Y&R  [African-American prison physician, who encouraged Roy McGuire to go into medicine]
                      P.Jay Sidney   67                 TD
Walter Benay   E. Claude Richards    93   
Iva Snyder Benedict     (young)    Kelly Mealia
                                      (temp)     Lois Robbins     92            
                                  Lisa Brown    85-94; 98; 00; 01;  03 
Agent  Jason Benedict   John Hutton        89      

 [District Attorney; tried to prosecute Paul Stenbeck; later married Iva Snyder]

                                       Jonathon Hogan   92-93           
Arnold Bennett   Never Seen   publisher, Seth Snyder   88-92
Camille Bennett   Lauren B. Martin    97-00       
Hillary Bennett   Hudson Leick                      
Howard Bennett    Brendan Corbalis    
Officer Bennett      Frank Sallo    2003  Oakdale PD  officer assigned to follow Barbara
Sara Ruth____ Bennett   Ernestine Jackson  97  mother, Camille
                                         Lonette McKee     97-00
                                          Saundra McClain    98;  00
Tony Bennett     Tony Bennett       85; 07
Vincent Bennett     Dave Lenny               5/84
Walter Bennett    Matthew Sussman       94
Nurse Wendy Bennett   Leigh Lassen   67-68 liked Paul Stewart   
Judge Benoit   Adam LeFevre   8/27/2010  
Anna Rose Benson   Frances Helm        88   widow, Arnold     [Used to live in Tom & Margo's house]
Arnold Benson   ???        murdered mailman          88
Dr. Benson    ???       76
Miss Benson   ...  ????    police officer dating Captain Striker    4/82
Nurse Bentley       Perri Gaffney                 05
Dr. Benton   Ryan Cyrus Shams            07
Aaron Benward      Aaron Benward       05      member of "Blue County"
Dr. Elizabeth Berg   Audra Rapaport      6/05 & 10/05
Mrs. Berger   Harriet Miller   84        nanny
Officer Berger    ?????   11/22/2004     with Barbara
Officer Berger    ?????         5/1/09
Judge Berlin   Adam LeFevre      09      see Judge Benoit
Frank Berman     Ruben Nicolai     06      [Bartender at the Lakeview]
Stan Bernard       ???    2/85       crime boss
___ Berns    Eugene Smith   1960s
Mrs. Berrysea    Never Seen     83  parent, Nicole Donovan
Mr. Berrysea       Never Seen     -83 parent  Nicole Donovan
Dr. Bertie Bertrand    Pamela Gray                              
Marilyn Best        Randie Jean Davis   82     employee, James S.
Derek Bickford Jay Ingram    79    nephew, Henry Bickford, read Bennett Hadley's book
Dr. Henry Bickford    Charles White       79   
Ambrose Bingham Bernie McInerney 85 attorney/confidante Lucinda
                                 Dillon Evans              86
                                  William LeMassena   87-93
                                   Dick Latessa   93       
Jane McDonald Bingham   Ann Mitchell    85-93; 97  Lucinda's secretary/friend
Yolanda Birch   Judith Roberts      
Construction Worker Bishop     Frank Martinelli    2008
Officer Bishop      Nicholas Calhoun     3-10-10
Antoine Bisset      Jean LeClerc      82-83    spy, lover Miranda 
Ian Black      Ian Novick      06    murder victim, Raven Lake
Agent Danny Blackmoore       Luther Creek    04                         
Anthony "Blackie" Blackthorne     Billy Warlock   10   ex Janet
Meg___ Blaine    Teri Keane   60-61  kept Jeff away from Penny  
Harrison Blake      Matthew Crane  85               dated Lily
Martin Blake   ????  11/79  brother, Hester Pierce;  mental hospital
Sheriden Blake   Michael Cone       02
Captain Blakely   Jack Wallace   
Dr. Blanchard Never Seen        Jacob's Doctor      2010 
Judge Blanchard   Evan Dexter Parke          99         
Skye Blue     Maggie Argyris         06; 08  friend, Gwen, babysitter for Carly
                      Haley Joel    06
Mrs. Blumenthal   R. Kayne  Boar   
Inspector Guido Boggia   Olek Krupa         01
Judge Elaine Boland      Jean DeBaer                              
Dr. Bolton   John Newton        86     
Peter Bolton    David Gibbs     1997      gigolo, hired by David Stenbeck to seduce Lily
Dr. Bonnard      Bob Adrian      3/1989
Dr. Bonner    ?????   3/1/10    Liberty's dr. in Minneapolis
Reverend George Booth   Paul Keeler   [Jennifer and Kim Sullivan's confidant; confirmed that Melinda was Jennifer's daughter]
                                      Philip Sterling         76-79 
Nurse Boothe   Brooke Noelle
Mr. Borg    Jos Laniado         94       
Dr. Borkow       Edmond Genest         97         
Stanley Bosworth   Will Osborne   95
Leslie Bourdeaux   Kim Snyder   92-93  Native American lawyer        [Simone's sister; tried to block Cal from buying up tribal land]
Simone Bourdeaux     Kimberly Norris      92-93     [Navajo girl; rented a room from Lyla]  
                                   Kateri Walker   93 
Dr. Bowen   Pauline Flanagan        88   Craig's doctor          
Rocky Bowen    Roger Morden                  92
Stone Bowman   Garrett Dillahunt             
Doris ___  Boyd   Ethel Mae Mason   
Justice of the Peace Boyd  Jack Poggi
Martha ____  Boyd   Patricia O'Connell     1996      wife
Dr. Jim Brack      Dave Eveler          99-00        
Agent Del Brackett    Jay Acovone          03     he was an FBI agent looking into Dusty Donovan's illegal activities... although I believe he turned out to be working for James? He was also involved in kidnapping Lily and Rose and putting them in a well, which may have been on James' orders?]
Louise_____ Brackett     Deidre Madigan               03
Tim Brackett    Greg Perelli
Dr. Bradford   ????    1983  Chief of staff at Denver hospital; choked during a dinner interview and was saved by Jeff Ward;  hired Jeff and Annie
Kent Bradford   Ernie Townsend     84     Manager, Juliette Hanovan, former fiance        
Ellie Bradley       Swoosie Kurtz      71   
Mrs. Bradley      Elspeth Eric           71      
Nate Bradley      Robert Gorrie         06         [Part of the 2000s teen scene; dated Maddie for   while; 2nd victim of the Oakdale Slasher]
Gary Bradshaw    Neal Bledsoe       07        Lawyer    
Rick Bragdon      Nick Wyman         
Rose Brando     Ethel Everett (Remey)     late 60s    
Judge Brandon      Graham Brown     Steve's trial    11/84
Dr. Brennan      Steve Pearlman            93       
Franny Brennan   Toni Darnay          63-65    Stewart housekeeper, delusional, murdered  
Candace Brenner   Barbara Walsh       00    
                           Sharon Washington        
 Dean Alan Brewster John Hillner  expelled  Casey and Luke      08-09         
Dennis Brewster     Harry Spillman       92   
Ed Brewster        Donald Barton            85
                            William Cain               87   
Dr. Jordan Brewster   Neal Canavan   1987-88
                                 William Bell Sullivan  1988
Marshall Brewster   Michael Houston                  07
Clifford Breyer      Sean Patrick Reilley  87   baby broker, sold Lily  
Mrs. Clifford Breyer   ????       3/20/87      widow
Ingrid Brice     Deborah Whitefield      8/28/2003
Officer Bridges     Nicholas Cabrera      10/09
Nurse Carla Briggs     Lisa Gay Hamilton                     
Dr. Briggs          John Gould Rubin       96       
Judge Briggs         Kathleen Chalfant        1988-89     L
Mrs. Briggs Mildred Clinton    Landlady, Joyce Colman        80
Dr. Brigham    Joel Hurt Jones  10    Parker's doctor
Constable Brighton     Marc Aden Gray                   
Gaston Brinks      Joe Hickey                               
Josh Broder        Bray Poor     95
Betty Broderick        Never Seen       ex girlfriend, Jack Snyder
Dorothy ____  Brodie   M'El Dowd     
Elaine _____Brodie         Joan Lovejoy                   late 60s
                                         Trinity Thompson
Henry Brodie   Joseph Daly                                    late 60s       
Nate   Brodie        Leo Burmester              98        attorney, Cal
Ms. Brodie        Frances Conroy              97
Dr. Brody     Jason Kravits          08   
Ted Bronson        Jason Workman            90-91       business exec
Allen Brooks      Peter Rini         96             
Dr. Joyce Brothers       Dr. Joyce Brothers                 81
Detective Brown    Brian Cromwell       10/09
Inspector Kevin Brown    Ian Stuart
Ralph Brown    Staats Cotsworth       67-68           
                         Hugh Franklin             68-70         
Eve Coleman Browning      Bonnie Root       06    Raven Lake killer
Louis Browning     Robert Maschio     06     murdered by wife, Eve
Charles Brubaker    ??????     1/80    attorney, Joyce Colman
Mrs. Bryce      Judith Elder         79       [Patient at the hospital, that Barbara was taking care of]
Dr. Bryson    Never Seen         Faith's doctor     2010
Dr. Bullock     Harmon Walsh         07         
Mr. Bundy       John McGovern            mid 60's             
                        Ivor Francis                   "         "                  
                        Charles White               "          "               
Dr. Brian Burke     Bill Gross                                        
Detective Burke    Harold Scott          77      Pete Larsen case
Dr. Fred Burke  William Van Sleet late 60s  father, Susan Stewart                    James Karen           67-70  
Judge Burke     Marc Kudisch            4/23&24/08  
Julia ____   Burke    Fran Carlon,        68-75         mother Susan      Mary Alice ____Burnham     Bev Sheehan     88
Celeste Burns       Judith Drake         88     
Officer Burns   ??????        2/5/1990
Grace __ Burton         Eugenia Rawls       73  had son with Wally    
Marion  Graham Burton     Margaret Klenck        73   wife, Peter
                                           Laurie Heineman         73      
Peter Burton    Chris Hastings     73    husband, Marion, son , Grace and Wally Matthews
Sergeant Gerry Butler (Parker, alias)  Katell Pleven           86-88    
Jerry Butler   Bernie McInerney   76   attorney, Teddy Ellison trial  
Dr. Matt Butler  Robin Thomas   82 Betsy and David  psychiatrist  
Cameron Butterfield      David Aaron Baker       95      
Daniel Byrd     David Cummins          09               

Bambi          Emily Frankovich    worked with Henry     2/20/2003

Beatrice        Kim Kennedy Blair     04    secretary    
Becca           Hailey Wegryn Gross    00   Lassiter,PA   
Ben              Anthony Fusco        had AIDS; lover Gil   1992
Ben               Mark Keller                 07
Benjamin       James Congdon               88-89    faux Earl
Benji              Michael Starr         87     tough guy      
Father Bernard  Harry Danner             12/4/08          priest
Bernie            Leopold Lowe          08     
Beth               Heidi Kristoffer           06-07    nurse   
Betsy  Sophie Hayden 2/1/2007 Alcoholics Anonymou Sponsor    
Betty                Ellen Evans                 78
Betty               ????????                  80    secretary Grant Colman
Betty Lou         ???????      79         friend, Betsy and Lois
Betty Louise      Kate Jennings Grant     97     dated Jack Snyder
Bev                   Lisa Datz                  05       
Bev               Susan Kelechi Watson   05   
Biff                  Marcus Collins    06   
Bill                    Ken Kamlet                         96
Billy          Never Seen      owner Billy's Take Out    2010
Billy                 ?????        80           found Joyce
Billy                 Nick Matthews                 student
Billy                  Macklen Kennedy           01
Billy                 Brian Hartt Green     97       friend Abigail
Billy                Stephen Beach      84     biker  
Billy Jean        Kate Roe             01
Blaine         Nahanni Johnstone      Assistant, B-R-O    1-2/2004    
Blanca          Millie Tirelli                          05
Blondie            Dorothy Bryce   86     (Scott Bryce's mother)
Blue County (Band)     Oscar Cary              05
                         Kurt Goebel                          05
                         Michael Gailey                      05
                          Ty Smith                             05
Bo                    Robert Wesley         89-90
Bob                 Carl Charroux           07        EMT      
Bob                  Timothy Mandala               09           
Bobbie            Rita Pietropinto                 99    waitress Java's
Bobby             Anton Evangelista         94      Italian Waiter        
Bobby              Zach Hanna                06-07
Bonnie              Catherine Larsen            83                      
Boris                Albert Makhstier
Brad                 Clay Adams                          faux Brad    
Brandon              Don Hampton             4/86
Brandon   Dominic D'Ippolito 10  friend, Parker and Liberty  Detroit
Brandy               Teri Furr                          pony girl
Brenda               Colleen Smith Woodall                     maid
Brent                  Alec Phoenix                    98        
Brittany     Nicole Weaver      10   girfriend Brandon  Detroit           
Bronc                  Drew Bongianni              84
Brooke                Denise Krueger              90       
Bruce               Jamie Walters            1989
Bruno                 ???????               2/82      henchman, Mr. Big
Bruno                  Bruno Amato      00-01    thug, Cindy Harrison  
Buck                     David Conley            tough guy/ trucker
Buck                    R. Ward Duffy                    
Bucky                    Matt Kautz                  A/V Guy
Bud                    Graham Beckel               1982
Buddy           Loren Dean     89   -worked for James Stenbeck
Buffy                    Caroline Slaughter           06-07
Bunny                Courtney Cox            84           knew Frannie
Burt                      Ross Gibby                    98               
Burt                       Jason R. Moore             07               
Butch         Doc Dougherty               06        owner, Galaxy Club  Butch                    Paul Sampson               95               boxer           

Alexander Cabot     Paul Hecht    1992-95     [Rosanna's father]

Edwina ___ Walsh Cabot    Rita Lloyd   1992-94    [Connor and Evan's mother; married Alexander Cabot]    
Lauren Cabot      Lauren Bailey       1995        [Rosanna's half-sister]
Peter Cabot     Chuck Santoro           1995    [Rosanna's half-brother]
Sheila Washburn Tenney Cabot   Leslie Lyles      1992     [Rosanna and Carly's mother]
Ryan Cabrera        Ryan Cabrera           [2004-10-12; Singer; performed his song 'Let's Take Our Time' at Metro]
Jesse Calhoun      Thomas Sadoski    2007                   drug dealer
                               Jesse Hooker        2007          
Lt. Kevin Callaghan    Ron McLarty    1983-84          boss, Margo
Mary Callaghan         +Duncan   ?????       = Beatrice    [Seen at the very end of the 1987-03-20 episode]
Marcus Calman    ?????   2/17/10  potential Monte Carlo investor
Jimmy Cameron   James Colby     1998       insurance adjuster
Brian Campbell     Jason Kimmell    1979-80             [Doug's son]
Dr. Doug Campbell   Dennis Romer   1979-80     liked Annie 
Mrs. Campbell     Never Seen +Doug=Brian
Dr. Marcia ___  Campbell  Cynthia Bostick-Sherber  1979-80    wanted Jeff Ward
Mary Hopkins Campbell  Lisby Larson   1993-94     ["Aunt Mary"; Hutch Hutchison's mother]    cookie magnate
Senor Candido    Adriano Gonzalez       1992
Dolores Cantina   Caroline Rosi
Dr. Cappello    Michael Pardy
Gabriel "Gabe" Caras      Ben Levin     2010       Craig's son by former maid, Lydia
Lydia Caras   Never Seen   +Craig= Gabe    maid, Craig and Sierra
Dr. Carini   Philip Polito Astor
Barry Carlson   Wayne Armstrong   1979      Ian M's agent
Officer Carlton    Michael Reed Carter  2009-10    5/25/10
Mr. Carlucci    Never Seen    knew Janet and Blackie     2010
Jasper Carlyle   Sean Cullen  1998     David's attorney
Jim Carlyle        Gary Sloan 1989      warned Emily that  Brock was being pursued by organized d crime
                             Michael Raymond   1989-90
Arlene Carmen   Carolee Caromello      1993
Chase Carmody   Gerald Bunsen      2010 escaped bank robber, hunted by Emily; subject of an interview by Emily
Caroline Barclay Carpenter  +Jared      Never Seen Iva's natural mother
Jared Carpenter Warren Frost 1988 sweet on Emma, Iva's real father
                             Lou Bedford        1988-93 occasional
Oliver Carpenter    Never Seen   son, Jared and Caroline
E.J. Carr        E.J. Carr              famous photographer
Eugene  Carr  Gordon Stanley
David Carrerras    Seth Kaynor    1995      publisher, Devere
Bill Carrey      Mark Kaplan   1986     Shannon/Brian's wedding
Dr. Carrollton    Darrell Carey     1998
Angela Carson    Vanessa Bell-Calloway    1983  
Gloria ______ Carson....??????   wife Oliver    1976
Oliver Carson  ??????   man owed Jay Stallings   1976
Private Investigator Carson    Anthony DeSando    1998 
Red Carter   Arch Johnson    1984         
Robert Llewellyn Carter    Phillippe Brenninkmeyer   1999-2000   2002
Roger Carter      Boyd Gaines    1998 -99     
Tina Carter     Tisha Roth
Sister Domenica Cartwright Karen Ludwig 1991 Virgil's sister, a nun
Virgil Cartwright   Steve Deighan  1991   [Henry Lange's crony]  
Dr. Casey    Kerry O'Malley       1997
EMT   Jim Casey    Christopher Bryan Barrette     1997-2000  occasional
Dr. Doug Cassen   Nat Polen  1956-66  husband of Claire, father of Neil Wade
Lenore ___   Cassidy     Emma Walton   1988     cellmate, Barbara
Oleg Cassini    Oleg Cassini      1985      famous clothing designer
Sergeant Nick Castelo   Rick Giolito           1986-88        dirty cop
Jose Castillo       Eduard  DeSoto    1982-83    Annie's first patient
Charles Cavavaugh    ????   1987   Duncan's pal
Nurse Tiffany Cazier    Maureen McNamara      1979-80   
Pete Cerone  Paul Vincent    1993     
____ Chaney (?Clancy?)   Michael Speero   1986   kidnapper  Shannon, Harriet
Judge Chaney     Rob Donahoe    7/2003
Mei- Linn Chang   Lia Yang     ?2000-01     [Winston Lowe's housekeeper; killed Flashdance; 
Dr. Channing   Never Seen     Neurologist from Chicago   2010
Tad Channing    Andrew Potter   1986  murdered ex of Iva Snyder
                               Larry Pine 1986 .
Dr. Peter Chapin   D.W. Moffett   1986   
PI Chapman     ????     Lucinda's P.I.   2/2/2010
Dr. Chase    ??????       1/11/1980
Harvey Chase    Nicholas Pratley     2010
Linda Chase   Margo McKenna   1981   ex-girlfriend of Hank R. He beat her up.
Nurse Chastain   Ann Williams   1982    
_____ Chavez    Barney Fitzpatrick
Senor Salvatore Chavez   Anthony Herrerra    1989    gardener, one of James' disguises   
Martin Chedwyn      Simon Prebble   1996 Lisa's final ex-husband
          (YOUNG)    Matthew Mabe    1996
Dr. Chen    Doan Ly   2006       fertility expert
Judge Chen    Keenan Shimizu
Dr. Tien Hung Chen      ????        5/85   accupuncturist
Joe Chessley   John Dossett       2010         date, Barbara
Agent Michael Christopher    Harris Yulin    1984-85   [Steve Andropolous' biological father]
               (YOUNG)     Michael Maniatis    1984
Ernie Chronister      William Prael      
Karen _____ Chronister     Laurie Williams
Ivy Churchill    Jennifer Mudge      2005   Henry's friend
Lieutenant Keith Churchill   Frank Ryan   85          cop
Eddie Ciccone   Haskell King    2010     brother, Janet/Teri
Maryanne Ciccone   Never Seen   2010     sister of Teri, Janet
Mother Ciccone    Never Seen   2010
Rocco Ciccone   Ernest Mingione     2010   Janet/Teri's father
Teri Ciccone        Vanessa Ray    2009-10 Janet's sister
Mrs. Cipperley         Suzanne Sheperd    1987
Josiah Clack   Richard Gallagher  7/ 2010 Vulcan   Minister  married Vienna and Henry
Alice _____ Clark   Barbara Tirell    1997
Ben Clark   Mark Gordon    early 70s 
Ed Clark   John Avner     1996   
Harry Clark   Ray Girardin     1997 
Jane ____ Clark   Lois Smith    early 70's
Lorrie Clark   Nandrea Lin   1988-89        manager
Russell Clark   Clark Gregg     1993    Elroy Nevins lawyer
Sally Clark    Rita Morley     1957   girl in love with an ex-convict, hoping to reform him
Santa Claus   Leonard Gibbs          
                       Chris Cooke   1997
                       Eric Peterson    2007
                       Berto Colon   2007         
                       Bill Buell                            2009
Arthur Claybourne    Mike Tomlinson         1990    [Carolyn Crawford's lawyer; was in cahoots with the Harper crime family; 
                       Bill Tatum        1991-92
Charles Clayton     ???? possibly Never Seen 88-89   +Hank Eliot
Judith Clayton    Jill Larson   1986-87      tv reporter
                      Cedering Fox           1989
Julia __ Clayton     Joan MacIntosh      Charles' mom   3/1989
Mark Clayton  Never Seen  coordnator air rescue  Parker and Liberty
Dr. Peter Clayton    Robert Trumbull    Charles' father  3/1989
Laura Cleary           Blair Ross      4/9/2004
Willie Cleaver    ?????  1980     Suspect, damage to Grant's car
Aaron Clegg   Bruce Kilpatrick     1996             
Ms. Clemens    Maryann Urbano    2005        [Gwen's former teacher; helped Gwen when she ran off to New York]
Donna Clifford   Kate Boleyn
Colleen_____ Cloche    Susannah Hay    00           [Enos' wife]         Enos Cloche    Tom Spackman      00       [Fisherman on the Canadian border, who had helped Vicky McKinnon deliver the twins before she died; took care of Bridget and Michelle until Jake tracked them down]
Janie Cobb-Goodwin   Meg Tolin   1998
                            Paige Conner     1986; 1988        Holden's ex
Jackson Cobbler   Never Seen  Henry's business associate 2010
Derek Coburn   Benton Greene   2008-09      GG      [Jade Taylor's father; dated Bonnie McKechnie]
Mrs. Cochran    Sheila Ball
Lee Cody     Chris Kowanko       1988
Rachel Cohen   ??????         5/21/2007     Realtor  Jack hired to look at the Milltown house
Judge Steve Colby   Tim Hopper   2006       married Will and Gwen
Louise ___  Cole   Mary K Wells   1958   [Tim's wife]
Officer Cole   Dave Warberg    
Tanya Cole   Sadie Alexandru     2002        [Aaron's former girlfriend from Seattle]
Dr. Tim Cole   William Redfield    [1958; Louise's husband; had an affair with Ellen, which resulted in Jimmy/Dan]
Audrey ______Coleman   Lynn Herring   2009       Henry's vivacious mother   
Barbara Ryan Stenbeck Stenbeck Munson Dixon Munson Montgomery Stenbeck Coleman Judi Rolin 1971  fashion designer
                                    Donna Wandrey   1971-73  
                                 Barbara Stanger  73-74  
                                   Colleen Zenk    1978-2010    
Bernadette Coleman   Never Seen, sister Henry
Henry Coleman   Trent Dawson      1998-2010       Katie's bestie
Maddie Coleman    Alexandra Chando    2005-07; 2009       Henry's sister, dated Casey
                              Kelly Barrett   2008-09
Mr. Coleman    Never Seen   Audrey's Hubby
Sister Coleman   Never Seen
"                                              "
"                                              "
"                                              "
Vienna Hiatt Coleman    Ewa da Cruz          2006-10     Heiress, married Henry
Claudia ___ Colfax   Mary McDonnell       1980   adopted Paul with her former husband
Raymond Colfax   Tom Everett    1980      [Claudia's husband]
Mrs. Collier    Never Seen  Neighbor   Henry and Vienna  2010
Fred Collins             George Sampson       1965-66
Judge Collins     Adam LeFevre      2008
Grant Colman     Konrad Matthaei  1973-74            Attorney
                       James Douglas   1974-81; 1988-89; 1993; 1994-95
Sheriff Comers    John Conley     1986
Mr. Comstock   Ron Keith         1987
District Attorney  Sarah Comstock  Judith Barcroft    1983-84
Nurse Marion Connelly    Clarice Blackburn   1976-78
Dr. Steve Connor  Joaquin Perez Campbell   2006
Dorothy ___ Connors     Nancy Pinkerton Peabody   1983-84       [Jay and Kirk's mother; killed Whit McColl]
Jay Connors     Breck Jamison    1983-86           [Dorothy's son]   dated Frannie
Thornton Converse      Dan Hamilton   1988-89         [dated Jessica]
Valerie ___ Converse  Cynthia Mace    1988    ATWT       [Thornton's meddling mother]\
Nick Conway   Doug Travis   1978   dated Tina C.   ex hubby, Valerie
Dr. Tony Cook   Jeffrey Donovan     1995     [ambitious resident at Memorial; blackmailed and was killed by Orlena]
Willam Cooley   Don Chastain  2000; 2001     Boat Captain stranded
                         Christopher Wynkoop    2002
Rita Coolidg   Rita Coolidge  sang with Lee Greenwood     1992
Bradley Cooper   Paul Rolfes   2003   accused rapist/patient
Matt Cooper  Edward Grover      Early 70s
Harriet Corbmann   Sloane Shelton    1985-91 [Shannon's friend and confidant]
Vera (Verna) Corbmann   Sloane Shelton   (Flashbacks) 1985
Nurse Glenda Corcoran    Jacqueline Anderson   2003     
Signora Cordina   Rosemary DeAngelis   2001   
General Alberto Cordova    Nestor Carbonell    1989   MP         [commander of the opposition in Montega]
Sergeant Joan Corey   ?????   came to arrest Joyce    1980
Tina Cornell   Rebecca Hollen   1978   dated Nick Conway
Regina Corrado    Priscilla Lopez    2003
Frank Costello     Danton Stone   
Ben Coyle   Justin Smith             6/5/2008
Faux Ben Coyle    James Villemaire        2008        
Dr. Craig     Peter Austin Noto     2000; 2005
Meryl Craig   Lauren Valentine   2006
Dr. Jim Crane     ?????     7/85    dated Lyla
Madge  Crane   Kathleen Claypool    1993
Zoe Crane   (Yates)      Aisha Henderson     1996      singer
Bodyguard Crater    Brian Anthony Wilson   2003 (watched Rose)
Carolyn Dewitt Van Doren Crawford     Leslie Deniston  1990-91 
Carolyn Dana Crawford    Schuyler Quinn   1991 believed to be the child of Darryl and Carolyn, was actually the child of surrogate, Dana Lambert and her husband, Billy--both dead. adopted by Frannie and Darryl........
                                          Felicia Cambi   1991-92
Darryl Crawford   Rex Smith     1990-92   accused of murdering Carolyn. Affair with Barbara, father of Jennifer
Frannie Hughes Crawford  Kelly Campbell   1973
                                   Maura Gilligan   1975-79
                                    Tracy O'Neil       1980
                                   Melanie Candel   1982
                                       Helene Udy     1982-83
                                  Terri VandenBosch  1983-84
                                 (YOUNG) Kerry Doherty 1986 (Flashback)
                                    Mary Ellen Stuart 1989-92
                                  Mary Kane (temporary) 1991-92
                               Julianne Moore 1985-88; 20
 Helen ____ Crawford    Fran Barnes   1991    mother, Darryl
Jill Crawford   Never Seen   Mother of Lyla and Maggie
Louis Crawford     Whit Vernon    1991      father, Darryl
Maggie Crawford   Maggie Crawford    12/22/2008
Donald Creel   Sean Haberle     2004       [hired by Craig to kidnap Lucy]
Elizabeth Carpenter Cromwell   Katherine Kane   1988-91  occasional       [Iva's biological sister; Jared and Caroline's daughter; married Stuart Cromwell]
Nigel Cromwell   Never Seen,    Boat Captain, killed by Emily
Stuart Cromwell       
       Greg S. Ryan      3/1989
             George Nye   1991    [Married Elizabeth Carpenter]
Mona Cross    Donna Bullock   2010   
Judge William Cross   Bill Raymond    2005   
_____  Crowe   John Palumbo   2010  caused trouble for Dusty
Colin Crowley     Jeff Hayenga   1986      [Sabrina's ex-boyfriend-turned-husband] artist
                           Howard McGillin   1987   
                           Chris Cousins  1988-90  
Sabrina Fullerton-Hughes Crowley   Julianne Moore   1986-88    Frannie's half-sister/cousin dated Seth and Tonio
                             Claire Beckman    1990-92
Stan Crumley   Stewart Steinberg    2003  Patient, Bob, murdered
Charles Cryer         Pepe Douglas   1993
Judge Cullum      Michael Hodge    1996
Caroline  Talbot Cummings   Never Seen    [Douglas' deceased wife]
Douglas Cummings   John Wesley Shipp   1985-86   
  [Frannie's fiancé; Kim's stalker; Killed by Marsha Talbot]
Elaine Cummings    Never Seen   Mother Amy Hughes
Anton Cunningham    Patrick Horgan       1986-87; 1989     [Penny's husband; race car driver; English]
Pat Cunningham   Jean Mowry    1958
Penny Hughes Baker Wade McGuire Cunningham 
Phoebe Dorin 1971
         Rosemary Prinz  1956-68; 1985; 1986-87; 1988; 1993; 1998; 2000
                         ?Abigail Kellogg??   1964 or 65  (temporary)
Jaden Currier   Lucas Kelly      2/2004
Jane Currier  Regan Southard     2/2004
Donovan Curry Paul Leyden  2002 [Simon's doppelganger in Avanya]
Marcy Thompson Cushing     Marisa Tomei   1984-85  [had a crush on Bob; dated Kirk; married Stewart]
Lord Stewart Markham Cushing   Ross Kettle    1985        [Paul Stewart's long-lost son; married Marcy]
Lady Veronica ____ Cushing  Never Seen +Paul Stewart=Stewart murdered
Dr. Cutler   Steven Mailer     2007
Geraldine __ Cutler  Chevi Colton 1987-88 spied on Duncan   maid
Simon Cutler    Richard Clarke     1987-88            butler




C.J,     Thomas Whyte      

Camal      Olek Krupa   1988     

Camille      ????    Woman hired by Henry (as Brad) to set up Simon    12/14 /2009

Candace     Candace Buckley      1998 
 Candi the trucker    Danielle Skraastad   
Candy   the hooker   Nancy Reilley    1987
Cara who was helped by Ben and Camille  Paige French      1998  
Carl        Ron Vail          teen with Betsy/Lois     1979
Carlo   Francisco Rivela
Officer Carlos   Tito Ortiz      
Carlos, Tonio's business associate   ?????           9/14/1989
Carlton   from Virginia Common   Thomas J. Simmons
Carol    JoAnne Camp
Carol from Maryland  Anname Phann   
Carol    Elizabeth  Schmidt      2006
Carol   Kimberly O'Brien     1990
Caroline    Freya Adams      2007         
Caroline   Patricia Dalen      1999
Caroline   Abby Hardwick
Carson   Nick Marcucci    2009
Carson     Rick Kincaid
Carter   the food service worker with Molly  ?????       11/6/2002
Cat the reporter   Melissa Dye   
Caesarfrom the spa   David Bottrell   
Cecelia    Never Seen    Johnny's babysitter   2010
Cedric  the airline clerk   David Melville    2001
Chad  that chased Ameera     Chris Hartl      2008   
Chardonnay   the dancer  Roxanna Carrascos  2006       [at The Galaxy strip club]
Charles   Terrence Markovich    11/92
Charles   Orlena's gardener   William Wurch        1995
Charles     Carl Stark    1990
Charles  with Gabe   ???     4/26/2010
Charles the Lakeview Clerk    ????     11/03/2008
Charlie   (with Carly) Tony Hoty         1997
Charlie the thug Clarke Thorell             
Charlie   the bartender   Vincent DePaul   2003      
Charlie  the security guard   Richard Preshong    2002   
Chase   the sleazy college guy   Matt Emmich  
Chase  that snuck around Betsy's cabin   ???????   1985 
Chastity    Jillie Simon       2003
Cherie   the singer      Cherie         [2004; sang 'Older Than My Years' in front of Dusty and Lucy at Metro] 
Cheryl , Hope's Babysitter   Jeanine Abraham  2000-01
Cheryl   Heather Simms           1997
Chester      Michael Minneart   worked with Teague   1998
Chester the railyard guy  Larry Mitchell      2002
Chick   Lawrence Arancio   4/04
Chloe   that dated Isaac    Rachael  Hollingsworth         
Christina   Carol Lyn Gustafson    1983
Christine     Never Seen    Sage's friend   2010
Christy from the shelter   Jill Gatsby     1990
Chuck the biker, beat up Spree   John Chardiet    1985
Chuck the prison inmate   John Ventimiglia       1995
Chuck    George Gerdes        1987
Chuckie     Steve Paskoski        1998
Cindy    Barbara King       2007  
Cindy  the nurse   Wendy Alane Wright    2003-04
Cindy   Che Landon    1997        
Circus      Chris Walker                    1990
Claire the nurse   Karen Fineman     1997
Nurse Claire       ?????     9/1/2010
Clarence  +Sharon, with the horses ??????     1980
Clarissa the jewel thief  with Simon   Paulina Porizkova  2009-10  
Clarissa    Soneela Nankani     2009-10      babysitter
Claudia the psych nurse    Kristin McGee  
Claudia    Sofia Sokolov   2008   
Claudine  Christian Corp   
Clem the clerk    George Hosmer
Cliff the bartender at the Oasis   Bryan Hanna   1999
Cliff the model   Brendan Shay Curren   
Clyde    David Myers Gregory 
Colby      Never Seen      Ethan's friend     2010
Colton   David Farcher
Cora from the Foxwood Lodge  Rica Martens
Courtney that dated Craig    ?????     1983
Cruiser that set fire to he Hayloft Lodge   ?????       1985
Judge Curt    ????   1/25/2010   Bob's golf buddy
Cynthia   that was Tonio's secretary????    9/14 /198




Anna Maria Romano D'Angelo     Never Seen        adopted Rose   

Joe D'Angelo      Tony Musante           2000-03       adopted Rose
Rose D'Angelo   Martha Byrne            2000-03; 2004; 2006     Showgirl, almostmarried Paul before Will killed her, Lily's twin
Will Dailey     Will Dailey            11/3/ 2008        singer/musician    performed in Oakdale       
Heather Dalton     Tonya Pinkins      1984-86         singer, almost killed by Douglas C., dated Tucker and Roy
Lionel Dalton  James Moody    1984    Heather's serious father
                              Roscoe Lee Browne    1984   
                              Earle Hyman             1984-85
                              Palmer Deane           1985-86  
Officer  Mitch Dalton     Edward Vassallo       2008
Dr. Daly    Sean Meehan           2008
Starr Danias   Starr Danias      1979      Joffrey Ballet dancer that starrred in Ian's ballet
Lester "Smitty" Daniels    Thomas Kopache    1985-86     Barbara's private detective
Mrs. Daniels    Joan Kendall      1987
Dr. Walker Daniels     Real Andrews      2003-04     forensic pathologist, dated Barbara
Regina ____ Dansby        Avery Summers       1997-98
Reverend ___ Dansby       Ron Bagden    1997      Ben's minister
                                      Andre DeShields      1997-98   
Valerie Dansby   Lisa Arrindel Anderson     1998
Mick Dante         Tom Pelphrey          2009-10          had an anti-aging potion, claimed to be James Stenbeck
Denise Darcy        Marie Marshall       1985-86; 1988   model, Simply Barbara, dated Hal, killed Tad C.
Chaz Dargote         D.C. Benny      2006-07     worked for Dusty
Pepper Dash     Julie Johnson        1996
 Darla Davenport     Jodi Stephens     3/5/2004
Mr. Davenport   ????   County Clerk who annulled Rosanna & Jordan's marriage    2004
George Davidson    Lawrence Weber  1973 see Hoppers      society couple that liked John D.
Marsha Wilson Davidson     Elizabeth Lawrence    1973 see Hoppers  society couple that liked John D.   County Clerk who annulled Rosanna & Jordan's marriage 
Warden Davidson       Barbara Andres             1988
Spence Davies    Robert Tyler  1988       transient mental case
Judge Davin      Roger Serbagi       2003
Ashley Davis   Leslie Ann Glassner      2008   dated Parker (once)
Jack Davis        Martin Sheen         1965-70     
Kevin Davis          Tyler Hudson        2005 Luke's best friend, homophobic
                            Karl Girolamo         2005-09
Miss Davis             Lois Smith       1984     DCFS worker, Marcy
                          Rutanya Alda            1984         
Reverend Davis       Reno Roop            2003
Sean Davis            Jonathon Fried         2006       GL       
Sondra Davis          Gwynn Gillis           1983-84  
Agent Dawson        Tom Day       
Marty Dawson   C. Cavanaugh Harris 1994(impostor twin, Royce)
Dr. Eric "Rick" Decker   John James      2003-04; 2008  serial killer
Dr. Susan Burke Stewart Baxter McDermott Decker   
Connie Scott1966-67    alcoholic ex-wife of Dan, Bruce, Larry and serial killer Rick Decker. Mother of Emily and Alison
                                  Diana Walker       1967
                                  Jada Rowland    1967-68
                                  Leslie Perkins        1968
                                  Marie Masters       1968-79; 1986-2010   
                                  Judith Barcroft       1978   (Temporary) 
Roderick DeFries   W. M. Brydon  1988 Lilith McKechnie's brother
Mrs. DeHaven         ????        1979    hospital board member
Mrs. Delancey     Ruth Miller   1988
Meredith Delaney     Wendy Benson     1992
Patty ____ Delaney  Barbara Biermann  1992 mother, Meredith
Marcey ____  Dell         Marissa Emmanuel 
Peter Dell                Jeffrey Lawrence
Dr. Phillip Deming         Ed Bryce         early 70s     Carol's father
Carole Dempsey       Kym O'Brien
Pam Dennison, realtor        Kate Hodge    2007, 2009, 2010
                                 Krissy Shields      10/&12/2007; 2010
                                   Claire Byrne    2009     
Dr. Denton  Larry Bryggman  1969 original name of Dr. John Dixon
_____Denver         Stephen Rowe      1988
Malcolm Dervis           Michael Conforti        1994   
Dr. Matthew Devan       Len Gochman   1978   psychiatrist, Betsy 
Owen Dever        George Millenbach          2001     obsessed with Julia Lindsay, set off bomb at boathouse
Jack Devere  (Durbin)         Darnell Williams           1994-95      writer friend of Shannon  Shannon shouted "Devere" when she returned from Africa
Lt. Daniel DeVito    Damian Colletti            2009
Chuck Devon    Matthew Mabe
Ms. Dewey    Never Seen   Parker and Liberty's teacher
Charles DeWitt   Forrest Compton          1991-93          uncle, Carolyn Crawford, father of Evelyn
Evelyn DeWitt  Elizabeth Lawrence 1991 sister, Charles and Nate  
Grace ____DeWitt     Rachel Stevens          1992       Charles' wife
Nate DeWitt        Never Seen, Carolyn's father
Guy Dexter      John Wojda    1994    
Leslie Dexter     Dana Cordle    1989  fiance of Daisy Westborne   with Shannon and Duncan 
Mr. DiGrassi   Stevie Ray Dallimore  2004(Rosanna's disappearance)
Anna___ DiNucci           Mary Tahmin
Benny DiNucci               Vincent Pacimeo
Clive Diedrichson  ????    3/26/2010  owned clothing store Archaeology
Mary ___ Diedrichson Meredith Collins   2010 wife, Clive
Dr. Dietrich      Clarke Thorell   2001
Erich Dignan  ?????   Sabrina's artist mentor  1/21/1988
Andrew  "Andy" Dixon       Jason Ferguson    1976-79     alcoholic photographer
                                     Skye Berdahl    1978   (temporary)
                                     Robert Dwyer    1980
                                     Alfie Smith                 1982
                                     Sean Anthony       1983-84
                                     Scott DeFrietas        1985-95; 1997-2000
Courtney Baxter Dixon  Hayley Barr        1990-94     +Andy, +Evan W., eating disorder    
Dawn "Dee" Stewart Dixon      Simone Schachter    1971
                                                Jean Mazza        1972-73
                                                Glynnis O'Connor      1973
                                                 Marcia McClain  1976-78   
                                                 Jacqueline Schultz 1979- 82; 
                    Heather Cunningham  1980 (Temporary)
                                    Vicki Dawson     1982-83; 1986; 1991 
Denise Maynard Dixon            Cassandra Creech    1998-2001    Hope's mother   
"Duke"  Ian Kramer Dixon       Michael Louden      1989-91    John's son with Rosemary Kramer, boxer
Hope Dixon     Mariah D'Aprile  1999-01 Andy + Denise's daughter
                                 Rebecca  Anderson 1998-99
                                 Katherine Braun      1998
                                  Sophie Spencer King  2001
Dr. John Dixon        Robert Elston    1978   (Temporary)   
                                Larry Bryggman    1969-2004; 2010  
John Dixon, Jr.   Never Seen, son of John and Barbara
Karen Haines Stenbeck Dixon  Kate McNeil  1981-84 Cynthia's daughter married James and John, loved Dusty like a son
Matthew John "M.J." Dixon       Leonard Manning (?Murray)  1993-94    son of Iva/John
                                    Michael Angarano     1998-99  
Mrs. ___  Parker Dixon     Never Seen       John's Mother
Mr. Dixon           Never Seen         John's Father
Nurse Pat Holland Dixon     Melinda Peterson    1976-77       married John to avoid testifying against him, died on courthouse steps
Reenie Dobson         Welker White     1989
                                 Amy Ryan        1990
Matron Audrey Dolan   Margaret Ritchie         1988
Sgt. Jeff Dolan       Ryan Reid       1989
Lucky Dolan     Never Seen murdered  on the orders of James Stenbeck
Sheriff Dolton        Nick Battiste          2003  
Pilar Domingo        Roselyn Sanchez    1996 Diego's sister, stock car driver 
             Daniella Alonso    2004-05    
Building Inspector Donahue       ?????      1978
Sal Donato           Thom Politico        
R.J. Donely          Dane Leach       1994-95      Tracey's son
Tracey Sullivan Donely   Sarah Knowlton    1994-95      RJ's mother, dated Holden 
Christine Whitmore Donegan         Kathleen McCall   1996     daughter, Rex     
Dorothy Donegan       Dorothy Donegan    
Molly Donegan       Whitney Vance   1996     Christine's daughter
Rita Donley        Melinda Mullins   1990   
Maureen Donnelly    Mary Joy                    
Ariel Aldrin Dixon Donovan   Judith Blazer 1982-85   James' sister
Burke Donovan      David Forsyth        1983      raised Dusty
Dream Son Donovan   Mikey Bloom  9/22/1986  Meg and Dusty's dream son.  Mikey Bloom was Brian Bloom's little brother)
Dustin "Dusty" Donovan     Brian Bloom    1983-88   MP   son of Gunnar and Nicole
                                     Grayson McCouch    2003-08; 2008-10  
Jennifer Ryan (Munson) Kasnoff Donovan   Michelle Nemeh    1990-91  daughter of Barbara and Darryl, raised by Hal
                                             Sarah Graney      1992-93
                                             Brianne Sassone   1993-95
                                             Alexandra Herzog   1995-99
                                             Kim Onasch      1999-2002
                                             Jennifer Ferrin    2003-06
Lorenzo Donovan   Aniella Mohr    2010     son of Janet and Dusty
                                          Emily Griffin    2010
Nicole Berrysea Donovan    Lucinda Jennings      1983      Dusty's mother
Sheriff Dooley     Jack Koenig             2010
_______Dorado   Norberto Kramer   
Dr. Dorato  (voice-over)     Rick Warner      1999  
_____Doyle   Stephen Payne     2001  Wisconsin boat rental saw Damian
Poker Player Doyle   Bobby Guarino   7/6/2010  Gabe's poker game
Sergeant Doyle     Lorenzo  Laurence Guardino   1980
Alan Drake     Robert Leeshock   2004       Sierra's third husband
Sierra Esteban Reyes Montgomery Drake   Finn Carter   1985-88; 1990; 1991-94  Daughter of Lucinda and Jacobo, mother of Bryant and Lucy
              Mary Beth Evans  2000-2001; 2001-04; 2004-05; 2010 
Dr. Drexler    Alice White     1993
Alan Dreyfuss      Edward Seamon      1989       
Bruce "Hey You" Dreyfuss     Jean Wolfman    1989-90     homeless  shelter
Lois ___ Dreyfuss     Julie  Hogben   1989-90    married "Hey You"
Madge Dreyfuss  ????   1988 unwed mother, Clifford Breyer's firm
Ed Driscoll    Dan Dailey    1992      
Vladivostock Dropney   Joe Polito   1982    henchman, James
Mitchell Dru         Geoffrey Lumb   1962-64        attorney
Agent Duffy    Dennis Pfister             1994
_____Dufour   ?????  mobster after Steve Andropolous   1980
Harvey Dugan   George R. Sheffey      2005  
Iris ___ Norbeck Dumbrowski    (Young) Liz Fye    2005      Gwen and Cole's mother
                               Terri Garber   2005-07; 2010  
George Dunlop        Jesse Moore  
Ada Dunne     Portia Reiners   2006   
Captain Jean Dunne   Mark Elliott Wilson     2006
Gloria Dunne  Mary Denham    1979   friend of Ruth Hadley
Jim Dunne       Jim Dunne      1984        Steve and Betsy's wedding
Mrs. Dunne   Kala Bennett
Mrs. Dunne   Kristen Griffith   2008
Dr. Dunston    ???  1984     hypnotized Craig
Polly Dupont     Joy Franz       
Inspector DuPres   Bertrand Buchin   
Suzanne DuPres     Colleen Zenk murdered by Hensley Taggart
Sofie Duran    Justine Cotsonas2007-08  +Cole, +Aaron
Dr. Durrell             Ken Marks          
D'Peshu that dated Isaac       Tiffany Jones
Dagmar                               Amanda Hall Rogers           
Dalma that babysat for Craig   Jennifer Barnhart        2004
Dan              Mike DiGiacinto        1/28/2010   
Dan   ??????   1979  +Betty Lou, friend at Betsy ad Lois' party
Dana the production assistant   Nedra McClyde   2005-10   Oakdale Now
Dana                               Tamara Tunie             1985
Danny the Yo's trouble-maker   Michael Port    1997   
Danny from Rhodes College    Kyle Hatley   2002
Danny the bartender at the Magic Lantern     Richard Biermann   1998  
Dara the St. Louis College student   Megan Goldkamp   2002
Darcy              Mellini  Kantayya             2005        
Darla the model          GIna Torres            
Darlene,  Alison's cellmate   Felicia Finley     3/4/2003
Darlene              Michelle Brin            1988
Darlene                             Collette Hawley            1997
Dave    ???????     1988   drugged Andy's drink
David Derek Michalak    11/12&14/2008 Station director in Chicago
Davy                       Emmanuel Imani   
Davy   ??????    little boy at the Hospital with Alison   12/1/2009
Dawn the child caretaker   Brianna Steinhilber        3/8/2004
Dean       Joe Wachowski    2004
Deanna    Never Seen   Faith's fried     2010
Deb the nurse           Heidi Kristoffer     2008      
Debbie  Never Seen 2010  Jacob's babysitter  
Dee  the runner-up     Maureen Pierson
Del that knew Gwen   John Ahlin    2006
Des the bartender   James Michael Armstrong   1997
Desi the desk clerk from Avanya    Gary Perez   2002 
                                           Nelson Vasquez      2002  
Devin from BRO      Adrian Rieder               
Diana              Alix Elias     1997              
Diana the village girl        ???          October 1980
Dick the frat boy    Michael Houston King    1996    
Dierdre                  Erin Stutland    2008-10
Dina                    Katherine Jameson        2006
Dodge                       Tony F. DeVito    2008           
Dolores                    Ginny Ortiz         1983
Domenico the faux friar         Marco Anasso   7-8/2001
Dominic             Rudolph Willrich           1987
Donna, Gunnar's psychiatrist      Peggity Price         1984 
Donna that knew Samantha   Annette Hunt         1995
Dora, Paul's Maid           Ruth Ray      11/14/2003
Doris, Casey's Nurse   Marilyn Alix    1989-90    
Doris   ???     Gave Craig & Rosanna their marriage license   12/14/2009
Dottie the secretary      Cass Morgan      1990
Doug           Ed Vassallo           9/2007
Duane the auto parts guy     Steven Skybell  
                                      John Hickok
Dulcey from the coffee shoppe       Tembi Locke         
Dylan that dated Liberty     Chris Cafero      2008   
Dylan, Parker's friend    ????    5/14/2010
Jules Earling              Stu Richel     2006   
Dr. Early                  Boris McGiver         2000 
Stan Eastman          Joel Stedman         early 1970s
Ms. Easton       Louise Petrie       2003   social worker 
Ernst Ebert        Michael Quill    hit man  1988  worked at castle  
Dr. Eckert       Simon Jones    1999           
Detective Edwards    ???   1985 arrested people at Bob and Kim's wedding
Len Edwards   ???   1979    Lisa's travel agent
Dave Egan   Ken Garito     1994
Marty  Egan   Don Scardino   1969-70  
Dr. Ehrlich     Bob Heitman     1983-85     
Frederic Eldridge    Roger Serbagi            1991      Karl's brother
Helen ___ Eldridge      Ann Shropshire   1991-92   Lisa's former mother-in-law
John Eldridge   Nick Coster        1965       Lisa's ex-husband
                         Michael Levin       1991-92
Baby John Eldridge   Never Seen   child of Karl and Monica
Karl Eldridge    Richard Backus     1991-95   occ.  Attorney, cousin of John and Tom, brother of Frederic
Monica Lawrence Eldridge   Judith Ann Lowery   1986-91 wealthy businesswoman
                                      Juliet Pritner      1992    
Scott Eldridge       Joseph Breen   1992-93     Lisa's son by former brother-in-law Tom
                                  Christopher Cass    1993 
                          Doug Wert  1995-96     
Tom Eldridge  Mark Deakins  1992  (FB)   Lisa's ex-brother-in-law
Hank Eliot    Brian Starcher  1988-89     gay designer for Barbara, fake-dated Iva
Reverend Elkins   James Doerr          minister
                                 Robert Sonderskov
Armonde Elliott  Mike Flanagan    1982   movie producer
Bruce Elliot      James Pritchett    1961-62    shoe salesman, had affair with Lisa
Katie ___ Elliott     Never Seen (possibly Lindsay Frost in FB)  1984    Russ' late wife
Linda ___  Elliot   Bonnie Toman    1961     Bruce's sister
                               Beverly Owen   1961-62  
Dr. Russ Elliott    Richard Backus     1984     doctor that thought Betsy was his dead wife
Brian Ellison         Robert Hover     1975    Mary's late husband, raised Teddy(Ryder)
Frances Ellison     Karen Mason       
Reverend "Elvis"     Chuck Wagner   
Dr. Elwood    Christopher Innvar
_______Emerson   Charles Blackwell     1987
Andrew Emerson  Robert Wiley      Nancy's date, HW's real-life husband
Judge Emerson        Russell Coster   1988
Rob Emerson     Don Money   2007           drug dealer
Dr. Endicott      ?????       1976      Chief of staff
Dr. Darren Engler        Ross Gibby         
Judy English   Sybil Collier     1965-66     dated Bob, Claire's niece
Steven English   Never Seen   brother of Claire English Lowell Cassen Shea
Jim Enright      Allyn Burrows     1994
Dr. Erickson     James Lurie      99    
Jim Espinoza      Adriano Gonzalez
Jacobo Esteban    Never Seen     Sierra's father  former leader of Montega
Dr. Charles   Evans   Reathal Bean     1997   
Dr. Evans  ???Emily's doctor    1/7/10
Dolores Evans   Never Seen
Elizabeth ___ Evans    Laurie Kennedy     1987       mother, Kathy
Kathy Evans     Debbi (Alice) Adair   1987   drunk girlfriend (Andy)
                              Katherine Kellner  1987-88 
Keith Evans   Drew Keil    1987       father, Kathy
Lieutenant Evans   ???   arrested Sheila W.  1980
Mr. Evans      Michael Hobbs   1998   step-father, Eddie Silva
Reverend Evans   Samuel Maupin    
Dennis Everhart   Drew McVety      2004      private investigator  hired by Carly to find Jack    
Dr. Charles Evers   Marcus Dean Fuller    2007   
Dr. Julian Evers      Ryan Cyrus Shams     2007
                            Marcus Dean Fuller   2007
Mr. Exeter     Never Seen    Henry's associate    2010
Earl the pool shark       Derek Phillips                
Ed that knew Carly       Alex Draper      2007
Ed  that was Tom's cellmate   ????   1969
Ed from Rhodes College    Blake Schaefering     2002
Eddie the stable hand    Kevin Bulla   2008   
                                       Daniel Pearce   2008   
Eddie             Ron Feinberg      08
Eddie   Christopher Berger        1994, 1997-99
Edith    Emma's friend    Never Seen     2010
Edith                Kelly McAndrew       1999   
Edmundo from Montega   Paul Calderon    1985   
Edna  that knew Paul and Rosanna   Allyce Beasley  ,   09
Eduardo   Never Seen   Dusty's associate   set up inheritance for Janet    2010
Eileen     Fran Brill   
Elaine the teacher   Sarah Rafferty      5/98      
Elena    Isabel Garcia Lorca        1983
Sister Elizabeth the nurse      Barbara Andres   2006   
Ellen the nanny   Melissa Gallagher   2005
Ellis    Lee Breuer        1987
Emilio    ????   restaurant owner     9/23/1992
Emma the Lowell maid     Alice Yourman   68
Emmett the Walsh Stable guy  Jon DeVries   1983-84  
Emmett that was involved with Molly  Tom Ligon   1997 
Eric from Pittsburgh   Rob Feinberg     11/12/2002
Nurse Ericka  ????    11/28/2007
Erik    Mark Devine   1998    aide in David Stenbeck's secret admirer hoax on Emily
Erik     Tom Galantich             
Erika the District Attorney   Danielle Ward       2009
Erin   ???????        8/1/2008    classmate, Casey
Erlinda     Blanca Camacho   1989
Ernie the bartender   James Doerr        1994
Ernie the Mona Lisa Waitress   Dawn Colkart
Erroll                       Jeremy Peter Johnson  1997    
Estelle the cleaning lady  Peggy Cosgrove
Eunice    Angela Pietropinto         
Eunice Debbie Silver
Eva            Freida C. Santiago
Evelyn   ????    ex-Hank    1979
Ezra    the frat boy    Jeffrey Buehl     1996    


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APRIL 2, 1956-SEPTEMBER 17, 2010 CBS



Richard Fairchild II....????...     Richard III pretended to be his son

Richard Fairchild III ....Norman Snow 1983 (faux) wanted to kill Gunnar
Father Fanelli ...   Ron Faber
 ___   Fannon  ....   David Copeland    1988
Dr. Farber    ...   Jeff Talbott    
Father Farley   ....   Wiley Wisdom     1/6/2010    Janet's priest
Beau Farrell   ...   Neil Maffin    1988-89   Laura Simmons brother, dated Pam
Mary ____  Farrell   Gloria Hoye  1988       Laura's mother
Dr. Steve Farrell   ...   Philip Peters    1978   fiance Barbara    
Carla Faust .....   Patricia Barry   1982        visited James
Jim Fellows  ...   Jonathon Rountel  
Connie Wilson Ferguson   ...   Debbie McLeod   1981   Professor Wilson's daughter, affair with James
Dean Ferguson   ...    Hansford Rowe   
Dr. Jeff Ferguson   Daniel Travis    
Stu Ferguson ...   Jamey Sheriden   1986     
Lt. Joe Fernando   ..  Michael Lombard    1972-73        shot Dan Stewart
Dr. George Ferris ...   ???   12/81   friend, Sofia, made calls to Dee
Annabelle ___ Fettle   ...   Phyllis Somerville  2004     involved in the Cabot baby switch
Sam Fickett...   Arnie Mazer    1992 -93 rapist w/ Elroy Nevins--Margo  
_______Fiddler         Ron King      1982
Dr. Field...   Jonathon Frid   mid 60s       
                      ... Sheppard Strudwick       mid 60s   
Sir Albert Fielding  ...   Peter Carey Jones   1992      Kitty's father
George Fielding  ...    Tom Bozell   
Kitty Fielding     ..  Margaret Klenck     1992     Scott Eldredge's ex girlfriend
Judge Myra Fielding  ...   Lynn Milgrim   1986 
Glen Fields  .....   Gary Wilmes    10  Dusty's associate hit on Teri
Mr. Fierstein  ...   Philip Goodwin   
Officer Fife      ?????    1/25/2010    OPD
Inspector Emil Filloux  ...   Matthew Dixon   11/20/03    member of the RCMP  came to Oakdale to bring Cabot back to Canada
                     ...Neal Jones     2004
Agent Lloyd Finley    ...   Richard Borg    1989-90      agent of Crime Commission
Zac Finn  .....   Nicholas Galbraith   2009    kidnapped Noah
Zoe Finn    ...   Melinda Sullivan    09     kidnapped Noah
Irv Finsterwald   ...   Ralph Archibold    09   Ben Franklin lookalike
                         ....   Dean Bennett    09
Socrates Firos    ...   Billy Otis     5/88
Mrs. Fischer ...   Christine Parks     1990
Dr. Fisher ....   James Ray   1966      
Reverend Fisher  ...   Norman Walter   1985
Stuart Fisher   ...    Michael Magee       
Ruby Fisk .....    Diane Perell   2008     witness that helped free Parker
Attorney General James Fitzgerald  ...   Daren Kelly   1991-93 
Adelaide ___  Fitzgibbons   Susan Brown   1988; 1990-93       Kirk Anderdson's former lover/ confidante
                     ...  Beverly Penberthy   1989  
Paul Fix III ....  Paul Fix III    2008
Mrs. Flanagan   ????     shopped in Gloria Dunne's store
Jim Fleming  ...   Matthew Loney   1990   Lombard employee
Roberta Alcott Fleming ....    Carol Halstead    1993     Michael's sister
Nurse Fletcher  ...    Ellen Mittenthal         7/  1999
Maria Flores   ...   Cordelia Gonzalez   1988
Rosa Flores   .....    Antonia Rey      cook, Lucinda Walsh     1986-9?
Dr. Flynn   .. Addison Powell   1973  Susan's psychiatrist  
               ...   Sidney Walker    1973        
Jimmy Flynn...   Joey Shea    1998         
Officer Pat Flynn   ????      5/7/1996      with Tom
______ Foley ....   George Simpson   2/90  
Dr. Foley     ?????    1970
Dr. Foley  ...    Linda Emond   1998    
Beverly Foncillas...  Rose Courtney    2009   
Nash Fontaine   Randy Schein   
Adele Forentino   Kimber Riddle  
Judge Forman    Elizabeth Perry     
Dr. Ben Forrest   ...   David Bailey    1982   dated Ellen  
Stacey Forrest    ... Danielle DuClos  1982   friend Annie, Ben's daughter 
Dr. Forsyth   Never Seen      almost caught Casey and Alison     2010
Captain Forsythe ...???...   boss Margo ...   9/83
Mrs. Fortier (Foerter) Elizabeth Lawrence   1998   
Adam Foster  ...   Michael Raymond   3/88  
Lincoln (?Corey) Foster  ...   Ronald Foster   1982-83       framed Roberta Johnson... Tucker's uncle
Mrs. Foster   ...   Alice Howard
Tucker Foster   ...   Eddie Earl Hatch   1982-84     worked with Steve, his best friend
District Attorney  Bill  Fowler   ...   Tom Keena    84-85  boss Maggie,    
Kit Fowler ...   Lauretta Vaughn    2007-08       tried to kill  Carly  and Jack
Agent Fox  ...   Stephen Beach   2007  
                       John Hickock     2007
Anne Francis ...   Anne Francis    2/1986
Detective Francis ...   Willie C. Carpenter   1988  
Sergio Francone   ...   Robert Montano    2006   OLTL
Gabe Frank ...   Ritchie Coster   2000-01       grifter  faked death, stole from Bryant
Ruby Frank  .... Guenia Lemos    2000-01    liked Bryant     grifter
Judge Frankel      ?????    married Barbara and Henry    8/27/2010
________ Frankfurter ...   John Fitzgibbon   

Amy ___ Phillips Franklin   Karen Evans Kandel   abused wife of Lloyd Phillips, eventually married Roy..

Leonard Franklin, Jr.    Never Seen, deceased.    Roy's deceased brother

Leonard Franklin , Sr.      Charles B. Dumas   1989       Roy's father

                                          Mel Winkler   1986  

Nella Franklin              Tiffani Caesar    1986    nursing student,  

                                        Kasi Lemmons   1987-89      

                                       Victoria Rowell   1988-89 (?90)     

Judge Randall Franklin ...   Michael McKenzie    2001

Roy Franklin                  Count Stovall    1985-89          Detective, dated Heather, Jessica

Sarah __  Franklin        Novella Nelson   1986-89 occasional        Roy and Nella's mother       

Steven Franklin    ??????      U. S. Attorney        2/2010

Dr. Franz ...   Peter Von Berg
Celia Frasier   Fiona Hutchison  2000        Simon's sister, drowned with stolen diamond
Concetta Concepcion Frasier ..  Never Seen   ex wife, Simon
Eleanor ___  Frasier...   Never Seen   ex wife, Simon
Ilsa ___   Frasier  ...   Never Seen   ex wife, Simon
Monique Ferrar Frasier  ...  Never Seen   ex wife, Simon
Roger Frasier   ...   Never Seen   father, Simon
Simon Frasier ...  Paul Leyden   2000-03; 2004; 2006-07      shady Aussie    +Katie, +Carly
Jules Frawley ...   Mark Blum   2004    attorney, Barbara
Carol Deming Hughes Stallings Andropoulos Frazier ...   Rita McLaughlin Walter   1970-82
Reverend Norman Frazier ...    Norman Walter     1981-82     minister
Pamela Freedley ...   Kay Arnold    1976
District Attorney Jim Freeman       Paul Sparer     1967   prosecuted Sara Fuller
Dr. Stephen Freeman ...  Michael Patterson    
Agent Frye   ...   Sean Mahan  3/6&3/7/2008
Edith Hughes Frye    ...   Ruth Warrick   1956-60; 1963 known for affair with Jim Lowell, Chris and John's sister, secretary
Dr. George Frye ...  George O. Petrie    1958-60    husband, Edith
Nurse Connie Fuller ...   Wendy Girard   1979  + John 
Gwen Fuller ....Karen Evans Kandel   
Neal Fuller ...   J. Leon Pridgen   
Sarah __ Fuller  Gloria DeHaven   1964-66  fashion designer, dated Don, bio mom to Amanda Holmes
Edgar Fullerton   Never Seen   1986     adoptive parents, Sabrina 
Mrs. Fullerton  ...Never Seen   1986         "                  "
Lexi Funk   ...   Annie Meisels    1993-94     pizza delivery girl, murder witness
  • Fabrice  the designer   ...Fabrice   1985             
    Fay...    Samantha Hahn      08     GG
    Felice            Deborah Cresswell   1996   
    Felix           Ryan Spahn           09     
    Fin knew Ralph  ....   Gino Calcavella        10/09
    Fingers at the shelter ...   ????   1987
    Flora who nursed Sierra   ...   Nina Dova   1988
    Floyd  that likes "Geneva" ....   Davis Hall    2009
    Francine   the nurse   ...   Chris McGinn    1999
    Brother Francis the kidnapper ...   Boris McGiver        12/04
    Frank ...    Ryan Serhant   2007
    Frank the bartender   ... Andrew Thacher       2004
    Frank the bartender   ...   Matthew Jared
    Frank that liked Rose ...   Matthew Del Negro   00     
    Frank  ....   Steven Marcus   
    Frank ...   William  Newhall         1988          
    Frank ...   John Towey             1987  
  • Frank       Never Seen    Java Manager    2010
    Frankie   ...   Justin Campbell   1998
    Fred   ...   Josh Banks      4/20/2010
    Fred ....   David Ian Lee   2007        
    Fred ...   Kelly Neal    1997
    Fred  the bartender...   Damon DiMarco  1999, 2001 
    Fred the bartender.....   Chris McKinney   
    Fred that found Sheila after her accident...????...   1980
    Freddie that dated Sam Jones ...???...      4/83
    Freddie that was Curtis' friend...Mike Santana   2000
    Fredo the "goon"...???... 




Mickey G.   ...   Rick Ahn

Tiffany __ Gable   Hannah Storm   7/12/2004      wedding  planner

Mindy Gaines      ....    Bethany Butler       7
Emerson Gallagher    John Cunningham      92-93     Attorney for Gavin Kruger and the Harper family
Dr. Galloway    ....    Jonathon Walker     
Mark Galloway   ....     Stephen Bolster   74                    Susan' boyfriend
                         ...    Anthony Herrera    74-75 
Dr. Galvin    ?????     Deerbrook      4/29/2010  
Willie Gannon     ...   Tim Dekay            
Reverend Garcia    Antone Pagan        
Dr. Gardella  ..... Stan Lachow         1996     
Mr.  Gardner   ....   Donald Buka        88     art gallery owner, showed Sabrina's work
Norman Garrison     Michael Minor    1975            married Sandy Wilson (#3)
Mrs. Garza  ???? 11/18/08    Sage's teacher
Phillippe Gautier   ....    Jeffrey David
Gordon Geller    ....    Jack Walsh          2004     stole Jack's wallet proved to Carly he was alive
Genevieve George      .....    Nancy Ticotin   05      social worker
Arnold Gephart     ....    David Sheikopf        88  
Elliott Gerard    ...   Ian Kahn           07       
Hugo Gerard        ...    ????   12/81  attorney, Miranda
David Gibboney    ...   Steve Bradbury       husband, Pearl
Pearl ___  Gibboney   Donna Drake        wife, David
______ Gibbs   .....     Sedric Harris   
Dan Gibson     ...    David Reivers         1989  
Kevin Gibson   Steven Weber 85-86   argued with Marie Kovak, loved Frannie, killed by Marsha Talbot
Matt Gibson    Peter Flanigan      98
Mrs. Gibson    ????   Headmistresss   East Lake Academy     3/2010
Emily Giffin   Emily Giffin   10/12/2007
Jerry Gifford     Brian Delate     90    
Simon GIlbey   ...   Jerry Lacy   71    adopted Meredith  millionaire, liked Lisa
George Giles    ....    ???   ...7/85    Cushing gardener
Ron Gillette  ....    Tony Carlin          92-93         ran Julie Snyder's modeling agency
                     ...    Malcolm Gets       94
Sheriff Gillis      ...    Bruce Kirkpatrick      
Dr. Gilmore   ....    ????       OBGYN
Byron Glass (AKA B.J. Green)    ...Brian Gaskill   05     Katie's creepy high school "friend"
Jerome  Gleason     Kevin O'Rourke     3/1989 
Mr. Glick     ...    Lucas Caleb Rooney
Fairy Godmother...    Phyllis Diller    84        Marcy's fairy godmother
Maya Gold       Never Seen      body found, killed by Nick Kasnoff    06
Alfred Golden   Richard Hunderup
Vivian Goodsman    ...    Shelley Bennett     02 
Dr.Elmer "Gordo" Gordon  Joe Holt    03-04  murdered by Rick Decker
Livia Gordone           ...    Nell Mooney      08
Lawrence Gorey     Never Seen   killed by Emily before she returned to Oakdale in 1986
Jeffrey Goth            ....   ????    
Judy Gottshalk    Sara Chase      07
Mr. Grabowski   ...   Richard Hughes      2/4/2004
Mrs. Grace   ...    June Squibb      2005      
Officer Grady      Michael Houston   2009     Kentucky cop who investigated Holden's "death"  
Officer Grady     ???   OPD     6/14/2010
Officer Graham   ...   Reuben Greene          
David Graham  ....    Erik Heger     08    
Sally Graham   ...    Kathleen Cody      66-67    
Sylvia ______ Graham     ...   Holly Barron       Dana Lambert's mother        92
Dr. Grainger    ...    Faran Tahir     92     
Derek Graver   Seth Fisher   07   
Lynda ___Graves ...   ...  Priscilla Lopez   95   Nikki Munson's mom
Bernard Ignatius Grayson (Mr. Big) ... Brent Collins    82-83  arch villain chased by Tom and Margo
Lev Green   ...    John DiBenedetto  pawnshop  3/2004   
Yale Green   ...   Timothy Estin
____Greenhill ...   ???   91 or 92? daughter Sean Baxter+Donna Greenhill  
Donna ____   Greenhill  ...  91 or 92?          Amy McDonald       Sean Baxter's ex
Howard Greenhill ...   ???    91 or 92   husband, Donna (?Never Seen)
Dr. Greenwood   ...     John Dossett   
Lee Greenwood    ...   Lee Greenwood   ?92 or 93?    sang with Rita Coolidge
Renee  ___  Greenwood   ...   Erin O'Brien-Moore   96   kidnapper, Casey after her son died
Fred Greer     .....    Wayne Alexander   88         Tonio Reyes' attorney
                                William Carden   89
                       ...William Bogert   89-93
Edna ____ Grendle   ...   Peg Small     05     
Dr. Grey   ...    Michael Warner   05    
Jeremy "Mr. Grey" Grey    Robert Kasel  92-95  Lucinda's detective ; searched for her missing sibling
Lawton Grey   ...   George Ede        Dawn Wheeler's ex
Mrs. Grey   ...   Never Seen   raised Melinda
Mr. Grey   ....   Never Seen    raised Melinda
Carl Griffin   ...   ????   89-91?    Fiona's son
 Cora Brennan  Griffin   ...    Barbara Hayes    1965  Franny Brennan's sister
Dallas  Griffin   ...    Duane McLaughlin     06-07           Lamar's son
                    ......    Kenneth Franklin     07
                         ..... Wole Parks        07-08    
Fiona Griffin   ....   Nan-Lyn Nelson      89   .                Jessica's sister
                        ....Kim Yancey    ...   89   
                         ....  Iona Morris       89-93     
Lamar Griffin    .....     Vince Williams    89         Jessica's brother
                            ...   Chris Walker       95
                           ......  Michael Genet   89-93  occasional afterwards
Leon Griffin       ....    ?????     89-91?     Fiona's son
Louise ____  Griffin   .... Billie Allen     89-93       Jessica's mother, abandoned by her husband
Nurse Mary Griffin    ....  Marcia McCabe   12 episodes  77-78
Ward Griffin                 ...   Arthur French       ?90       Jessica's   wayward father
                                 ...    Carl Gordon   91-93? 
Otis Griggs     ...   Stu "Large" Riley        
Abigail Medford Grimaldi   Never Seen previous wife, Eduardo  ?
Bettina Smythe  Grimaldi   .  Rebecca Tilney  95 
       (aka Smythe)                           ...   T.J. Coan       95
                                ... ..... Annette Miller     95  drugged by Orlena
Damian Grimaldi   ...     Michael Galardi  (temporary)  
     ...Paolo Seganti  93-96, 97, 01, 06, 09-10  
Dante Grimaldi      Luca Calvani       01        half brother Damian
Eduardo Grimaldi  Nic Coster Lisa's husband, died from an operation by John Dixon after being shot?
Lisa Miller Hughes Eldredge Shea Colman McCall Mitchell Grimaldi (Chedwyn)       Pamela King    64          ...Lynn Rogers    77-78    
                       ...   Betsy Von Fursteberg    83-84  
                   ..... Maeve McGuire     92    
                             ....Jane Powell   90;91, 93, 94     
                           ...Jennifer Bassey  early 90s   
                            .......Carmen Duncan     04
             ........    Eileen Fulton    60-64, 66-83, 84-10      
Lorenzo Grimaldi   ....    Michael Dantuono       95     father, Damian and Dante
Orlena ___ Grimaldi  (aka Lena Smythe) ...   Claire Bloom  93-95  
                                 ...    Lynn Milgrim    95   
   Young Orlena....   Margalite Kestin   1995
            Drugged Lily and Luke and kept them with Damian. Believed to be Damian's mother but was actually his nanny
Mrs. Grimshaw      .....    Colleen Smith Wallace    
Dr. Grodin   ....      Roderick O'Grady        1995  
April Grove ....   April Grove     5/18/10   won a contest to sing with Lisa
Dolores Grove   ....    ????        75    testified against Joyce
Henry Grover   ....   Jerry Griffin                
Martin Guest     ....    Stephen Bolster    86     Lucinda's ex, committed suicide
Dr. Ron Gunther  ........ Ronn Carroll   90
                ...   Peter Boyden         89   
Clyde Guthrie   ....     Sean Hewitt    
Lieutenant Ray Guzman    ....    Robert Fontaine   98-00    
Gabe    ....    Nick Zurzolo       07
Gabe that liked Liberty   ...   Corey Eid     09
Gabriele that dated Jack.. Christina Chang    1997   
Gaby    ....    Shalyn Baum       08
Gary ...   Dustin Price      02 
Gary the doctor that treated Annie's leg  ....   ????    80
Gary     .....   Mark Lancaster          EMS Tech
Genevieve    ?????   Lucinda's assistant     8/3/2010
Geordi        ....      Taylor Calvani
George    ...   Sean Mahan       10/31/ 08
George     ...   Steven Graybilll     09    
George      ...   Gary Evans     99      
George   the castle caretaker....???? 5/89
Agent George     Dann Florek        1984        took down Bernie Parker, Bart Montgomery's business partner
Georgia     ...   Connie Teng     07    
Gerard   the hypotist.....Charles Nelson Reilley tried to help Margo remember the night Diego die   2/28/97
Gianni  the model  .....Francis Bouley     93
Gil     ...    +  Ben   Mitchell Lichtenstein 1992  Margo's HIV group  
Gillian    ????    patient Reid     2/25/2010 
Gina      +Brad    Christine Perkins    09
Ginny      ...    Anne L. Nathan    08
Ginny   ....     Sicily Rockmore    09
Gino    ....   Chad Christopher     85
Gisele    that worked at the spa    ??????     2/5/2002
Glenn the NYU Student     Jeffrey Emerson     00
Gloria the physical therapist   Andrea Navedo       
Glynn   ...    Nikki James              
Goldie, Rose's friend    ...   Michelle Santopietro   99   
Gordon     Worldwide board member    ????       6/18/2007
Grace the babysitter  .....    Leah Johnston     08
Grace   Never Seen   Mean girl at Faith's boarding school     2010
Grant    ....    Will Poston         2/28/2008
Greg   ....    Michael Borne    07
Greg   ....    James McAndrew    06    
Greta    ....    Jennifer Jean         10      Memorial
Gretchen    ...    Susan  Cella
Grigor        ???    first mate, Damian's ship    2/2010
Gus that knew Carly    Joe  Dawson    5/09
Gwen   ....    Jina Oh    99   


Hank the bad guy    ...  Damon DiMarco    12/31/97   

Hannah the rape victim   ....   Camilla Enders           

Nurse  Hannah   Tina Stafford    Meg's boss   5/11/2010

Hannah, Carly's friend/mid-wife  ...   Blanca Camacho    05        

                                                         ... Sara Ramirez       03

Harold    ....      John Blood         87

Harry the boat captain (Mr. Big)    ....    Patrick Horgan      82 -83  

Harry, Nancy's sister Pearl's husband...   Never Seen

Harry      ....     Brantley Black       98          

Harvey the waiter             ...   Mario Campanaro      

Harvey ....           Joel Craig                84

Hawk, Clark's attorney   ...    Daniel Bishins    3/04   

Hayley   Never Seen     Sage's friend    2010  

Hazel from the spa    ...    Stacey Ann Logan  05   married to Stanley; owned spa Dusty/Sierra tried to purchase

Heather   + Andy           ...     Lynn Anderson

Heather the AIDS patient    ...    Eden Riegel          

Hector the Bellman     Trevor David        1998

Heidi the BRO Model     ??????        5/11/2004

Helen        ...       Barbara Ann Teer         66

Helen that worked for Nick A.    ...   Maria Guida      80         

Henri           Charles DuVal     2/88

Henry, Brian's accountant     5/84    ....    ??????

Henry     ...   Michel Moinot       

Hillary       ...     Constance Boardman      97

Hilda       ....    Shirley Stoler              1982               

Hilda, Duncan's maid     .....    Ethel Hazen       1987-88       

Homer from the pawn shop     ...     Larry Block    95          



_____Hack          ?????     8/85      thug, Guy Howard    

Bennett Hadley          Doug Higgins       1979   author, widower  was engaged to Lisa; The Willows

Greg Hadley                Joseph Adams     1986       attorney with Jessica Griffin

                                  John Gould Rubin    1988-89

Ruth _ Hadley   Eileen Fulton  1979 (Flashbacks/pictures)   murdered by Hester Pierce; Bennett's wife

Myra Haft                    Charissa Cree Chamorro       2009; 2010       psychic

Officer Hagwood       Daniel Mastrogiorgio      10-11/2002; 4/2003; 2005             

Nurse Alice Hailey     Kathleen Klein             76  (?Doris Hailey)    

Sergeant Hailey        ?????         79     The Willows

Todd Haines       ????    83   brother of Karen, involved in "adult" industry

Detective Hale           Norm Lewis         1997     

Dr. Hale    Never Seen   Liberty's OB/GYN       2010    

Officer Hale             David Roberson     89              

Meredith Haliday (Harcourt)     Nita Hart        71    +Tom, adopted by Simon Gilbey

Diane Hall                 Tori Davis         2007        

Dr. Hall                      Michael Warner         2007       

Agent Douglas Halliwell     James Shanklin     1999-2001? agent threatened to deport Simon

Jerry Halpern          Harry Spillman       85-86          frend of Barbara's

Sandy Hamel             Mary McCann               1997      reporter

Ed Hamilton        Terry Kohl    87

June Hamilton          Melissa Maxwell        3/2008

Dr. Reid Hamilton      Keith Colouris        99     killed by David Stenbeck and replaced.

Tim Hamilton            Stephen Gregory     87-88    

Jef Hamlin                 Christopher Fuller       94-95          dated Emily

Rick Hamlin                Robert Vaughn            95        Jef's father    attorney

 Alice ___ Hammond    Imogene Coca            83           elderly mugging victim

Brenda Hancock       Lydia Laurans             82       cook, James had affair with him

Samantha Hanes        Hannah Cox       89

Inspector Haniotis    Louis Zorich        1987-88       Greek Cop

Judge Lawrence Hanlin    Herb Petras     Nevins trial        93  

Juliette Hanovan        Tracy Kolis          83-84         half-sister, Steve A.       

Fire Chief Hansen         William Lynch    1/87

Lloyd Hansen                Craig Wroe                      

Mr. Hansen                   Gerald Walker             89  

Officer Hansen            Will Schneider            08    

Detective Hanson    Gerald Walker       89     

Alan Harder         ?????                         81            womanizer  +Bilan

Kit Harding                  Anjelica Torn               97          cellmate, Lily    

Zack Harding              Adam Roy         06         stabbed by Eve Coleman Browning

Elaine ____  Hargraves         Caroline Lagerfelt      86      cousin of Marsha Talbot

Sheriff Hargraves         ?????    79                   Sheriff, The Willows

Samuel Hargrove       Michael Lucas      

Clint Harkness         Robert Manzari     80            friend   Brad Hollister

Timothy Harkness          ????              7/84        prison guard

Reverend Harmon     Charles Teichman    88

____Harper                   James Bartz               85    

_____Harper                 Kevin O'Rourke                   

Anthony Harper          Michael Hammond     92-93      husband Vicky

Bill Harper                   John Dossett  89              son, Julius

                                     Wayne Maugans    90

Julius Harper             John Doman       92 -93              brother Anthony

Sheldon Harper          Brian Davies          86               attorney, Tad Channing

Vicky Cerrone Harper         Donna Mitchell              92-93         wife, Anthony

Glenn Harrington        Richard Burgi      88-89         dated Shannon fake agent

Mark Harrington           Christopher Durham    89      Glenn's brother

Dr. Ben Harris                 Peter Parros            97-05; 09    

Nurse Kathy Harris       Cecilia Hart     early-mid 1970s

Curtis (Thompson) Harris     Chad Tucker     00-02    adopted by Ben, taken in by Isaac

                                        Ernest Waddell         03-05       

Jerrome Harris            Never Seen      father, Ben/Isaac

Jessica Griffin McKechnie Harris    JoAnna Rhinehart      95-99  attorney      

                                               Tamara Tunie    87-95; 00-07; 09     

Nurse Harris                 Lori March                        

Officer Harris     Keith Langsdale               79      

Cindy   Brooke Harrison        Kim Rhodes         00;01 visits Jake, Buys microchip from Carly

Felix Harrison            Herb Downer     91-92           city councilman

                                     Kevin Ramsey         93

Gene Harrison            Adam Grupper     98        

Judge George Harrison      William Meisle     96  

Mr. Harrows             Kevin McLarnon    4/85       

Assistant District Attorney Evelyn Hart    Ayo Haynes      01-03    

Clinton Hartford       Paul Geier                93          Reporter

Dr. Todd Hartley      Ira Hawkins       88        dated Jess

Mr. Harwood        Jim Borelli       86             

Lieutenant Fred Hasbro         Edwin Sean Patterson     6/9/2009

Annie Hasbrook        Hallee Hirsch    96         X-Mas at Memorial Hospital

Billy Hasbrook          Timmy Reifsnyder       96                                         "                                           "Jake Haskell     David Cryer      85       casino boat with Diana (also referred to as Jack)

Bill Hastings          Bruce Bauer       1989

                                 Jeff Chamberlain     1989       

Hazel  ___ Hastings      Joan Kendall     2/92    

Rosalind __ Hatchley    Ina Balin        1986      Duncan's former lover, murdered   

                                          Annette Miller     1986; 1987 (FB)

Charles Hathaway      Jack Davidson                

Jeannie  ____ Hathaway        Nan-Lynn Nelson     wife, Kenny

Judge Hathaway        Jerry Lanning       3/17&22/2004               

Kenny Hathaway         Keith Glover      husband Jeannie

Vera Hathaway               Martha Byrne        2000         Virginia Barclay's twin sister

Mrs. Havelock      Marie Danvers       8/2003

Matthew Haversham #1     Paul Hartel          1985 - 1995

Matthew Haversham #2     Thom Zimerle     1985  

Matthew Haversham #3     Mark Irish            1996-1997     
Matthew Haversham #4     David Varnay      1999-2002 

Graham Hawkins         Nick Ullett       1992-95       butler Royce, married Thelma

Thelma Dailey Hawkins   Jenny O'Hara      92-95        Lucinda's assistant

Emma Basker Hawley     ...   ??????          5-6/85        Stewart Cushing's nanny

Sam Hayden          Michael Hayden       93

Principal Edward  Hayes       ???   4/8/10 & 8/31/10    High School Principal (seen after Nancy's death)

Ms. Haymer             Leona Cyphers           88

Harry Haywood        David Froman         81     bodyguard, James

Judge Heals             Harley Venton                        

Dr. Gregory Hearne   James Riordan         07-10     Barbara's oncologist; Liberty's oncologist

Boss Heeney            Paul Austin     

Lou Helfrich     Joseph Costa           3/28/2003           landlord

Arnie Heller           Scott Guyer     

Leslie Hellman        Barbara Gulan

Agent Helms     Robert Cuthill                3/31&4/10/2008     

Officer Helms        Darren Goldstein        08

Chuck Henderson          ?????                57         date, Penny

Conrad Henderson         Doug Olear      05       delivery guy, Paul's divorce papers(Rosanna)  

Ida Henderson     ??????           79       maid The Willows  (post-Hester)

Murray Henderson         Rudy Hornish         84-85     hench, Lucinda       

Dr. Hendricks      Christopher Randolph       05 Mexican clinic doctor that treated Lucinda with Keith

_____    Hendritzy        P.J. Benjamin               86

Officer Hendrix         Monsoor Najee-ullah       90

Mrs Henley                 Lizabeth Pritchett                 

Steve Hennessy        James Carroll      92-93                  business exec

                                     Robert Mackey       93     

Mr. Herschel          Never Seen            Construction Company Owner

Richie Hess                Gerald Gordon       59      (Not GG from The Doctors, GH)

Mr. Hessel                  Bill Rowley   6/23/2003           Marriage license clerk   Santa,AWGL

Dr. Carl Hessler       Robert  Bloodworth               85-86      

Agent Mitch Hewlitt     Richard Borg           85           undercover waiter at Diana's

Cliff Higgins      Kevin Thigpen            1993       brother, Joel

Detective Joel Higgins         Hubert Kelly         91       partner, Hal

                                              Damien Leake      91-95           

Josslyn Hilbrandt (Higgins?)  Diane Westin     86-87  psychology student, friend Frannie (in '86 episode she said Hilbrandt, in '87 Higgins))

Dr. Hill                       Peter McRobbie              

Terrence Hill             Steve Groff         

Dr. Hilton       Margaret "Meg " Gibson          99   (?89)

Jennifer ____ Hobart       Geraldine Court      89     murdered client of Grant from San Francisco

Frank Hobbs         Jonathon Albert    street vendor, gave drugged beverage to Gwen      2005      

District Attorney  Avril Hobson        Norman Parker     86   

Dr. Hobson         Kenneth Land      

Rex Hoffington    Matt Walton       5/4/10  WOAK Anchor, dated Barbara           

Carl Hoffman         Chet Carlin             91-92         butler, Crawford

Elwood Hoffman          Alex Charak          06-09   Casey's roommate, worked with Cheri Love  

Freda    ____   Hoffman      Peg Small         91-92           maid

Gregor Hoffman        Gregor Hoffman      1979  ballet dancer with Starr Danias

Mrs. Hoffman         ????       83-84         housekeeper Craig and Betsy

Todd Hoffman         Michael Lengel         93

Dr. Hoffstedder         Ed Setrakian          81   

Inspector Hogan              John Jellison          1994

Stan Holden       W.T. Martin  81-83  +Kim    Private Investigator, James's associate; undercover agent

Kevin Holland       Michael McKenzie          01                Lakeview Manager

                                Robert Gomes                 01 

Nurse Sage Holland         Alexandra Wilson     86-87        Dusty's Nurse

Barney Hollister    Never Seen  possibly Brad and Eric's father        1980

Brad Hollister             Peter Brouwer                  80-81          married Annie, con man

Eric Hollister    Peter Reckell      80-81      med student, construction worker, married Hayley, thought he fathered Cricket's son Billy.

Hayley Wilson Hollister   Dana Delaney 80-81  daughter of Professor Wilson, an archaeologist    married Eric

Stan Hollister                 Never Seen      older brother, Brad/Eric   knew Lisa

Amanda Holmes         Deborah Solomon Steinberg    1966-68; 1970       real daughter of Sara Fuller; accidentally caused Sara's death, dated Don Hughes and Burt Lord

Ann ____ Holmes         Augusta Dabney       66-68        adoptive mother, Amanda

Warren Holmes    Richmond Hoxie     1989

William "Bill" Holmes      William Prince       66-68        adoptive father, Amanda

Martha Honeycutt            Rochelle Bostrom  2004                    lookalike (Carly)     at the water park

Eve ____  Hopkins                 Phyllis Bash                         

Ginny Hopkins            Robin Groves           78               protester, knew Kevin Thompson

Ms. Hopkins                 Melissa Chalsma            01   Luke's kindergarten teacher.

Officer Hopkins      ????    8/3/10     OPD

Sergeant Hopper          Berto Colon            08        

Deacon Horner           Ty Jones               

Reverend Horner         Chad Coleman     

Judge Mark Horowitz         Don Leslie    01

Joe Horton                    Ted Neustadt          9/94     

Sally Horton               Kitty Lunn   1994- 97       Kim's wheelchair-bound assistant

Keith Hotchkiss            Christopher Dansby Fisher       

Nelson Hotchkiss         Jed Orlemann         07     attorney, Dr. Evers

Whitney Houston                 Whitney Houston         84         sang with Jermaine Jackson

Dr. Howard                   Baxter Harris            87                  

Dr. Howard                 Joe E. Sirola        early 60s     

Guy Howard                  ?????         85         loan shark/fence, Shannon

Agent Howell             Cyrus Farmer        

Arthur Howell               Chip Zien       95             

Jasper Howell         Ivar Brogger           12/92       

Dr. Leonard Howell    Robert Elston         81  blackmailed by Miranda made LSD

Detective Hoyt         James Secrest        87     

Mr. Hoyt                      Jack Ryland     82    attorney, James shot at John Dixon    82-83    

_____ Hudson         Scott Paridon        89     

Chet Hudson           Timothy Landfield          86-88   

Donna Love Hutchins Hudson Hudson (Cory)      Anna Stuart    99-02   

Michael Huested     John Cameron Weber     1990

Amy Lin Hughes     Irene Yaah-Ling Sun      73-74    adopted by Penny and Anton; real grandparents were Mr. and Mrs. Parsons       

                                  Una Kim             1986;1988

Casey Robert Hughes         son of Margo and Tom, fathered Gwen's baby, Billy; dated Maddie; became a gambler, ended up with Alison McDermott....

                                             Cruise Russo    91-99                 

                                               Joseph Cross     99-04

                                               Ian Boyd         04                                                        

                                      Peter  Vack (Brown)      04

                                                Zach  Roerig      05-07        

                                               Scott Porter          06    (temporary) 

                                                Billy Magnussen                08-10

Christina Hughes               Never Seen         daughter, Mary and Don

Christopher Hughes, Esquire Don MacLaughlin  56-86 attorney,married to Nancy until his death in 1986

Dr. Christopher "Chris" Robert Hughes      son of Bob and Kim; dated Molly, Abigail, Emily, Sofie, Alison and Katie                           Adam Kirshan      86-90

                                                      Michael Maugen     ?87

                                                      Joseph Woodstock III     87

                                                       Eren Ross Cannatta         90-91

                                                       Christian Seifert            92-98

                                                       Ben Jorgenson (Monk)  99

                                                       Paul Korver          99-01

                                                       Alan White             02

                                                       Bailey Chase       03-05  

                                                       Dylan Bruce         07-08        

                                                       Daniel Cosgrove    10      

Daniel (Stewart) Hughes   Jared and Lindsay Baskin     00    son from affair between Tom and Emily

                                                     Dylan Bluestone        01-06

                                                      Kevin Csolak             06

                                                      Sam Stone                07-08

                                                      Doug Chaplin         2009

Donald "Don" Hughes, Esquire   Hal Studer    56      attorney  married Janice, Joyce, and Mary;  adopted Ryder, father of Christina

                                                       Richard Holland       56-62     

                                                       James Noble        62    

                                                       Peter Brandon      65-72     

                                                      Martin West           76-78    

                                                      Conard Fowkes    78-81; 85; 86; 93; 95   

Irma Kopecki Hughes   Never Seen         Married Will ""Grandpa" Hughes and moved to Arizona        Janice Turner Whipple Hughes     Virginia Dwyer   56-57     married Carl Whipple, they had two daughters, Alice and Debbie, later married Don

                                                       Joyce Van Patten     62     

Nurse Jennifer Sullivan Ryan Hughes    Geraldine Court     71-72   was married to Dr. Chuck Ryan until his death, mother of Rick, Barbara, and Melinda (affair) as well as Frannie                                                                                    Gillian Spencer    72-75   

John Hughes        Laurence Hugo     56- 57        farmer brother of Chris and Edith

                               Walter Brooke      early 60s    

Joyce  _____ Colman Hughes      Barbara Rodell      73-79; 80-81 ex-wife of Grant Colman, Lisa's many-time rival

Katherine "Katie" Anne Peretti Frasier Coleman Kasnoff Snyder Snyder (last engaged to Chris Hughes, so, I figure) Hughes       Cori Anne Hansen     89-94     

                                                               Teri Ann Conn (Colombino)  1998-10  

Kim Sullivan Reynolds Dixon Stewart Andropoulos Hughes  (Young) Sally Mae Dunn   former chanteuse, Jennifer's sister, married John, Dan, Nick and Bob, mother of Sabrina and Christopher

                                                      Patty McCormack      (temporary) 75-76  

                                                      Kathryn Hays     1972-75; 76-10 

Lien Truong Hughes         Ming-Na Wen       88-91        Vietnamese daughter of Tom Hughes,   dated Andy, Duke and Ben Harris; attorney

                                             Lea Salonga         01; 03

Ma __   _____ Hughes                         Never Seen        Late first wife of Will

Detective Margo Montgomery Hughes   Margaret Colin    1980-83     daughter of Lyla and John Dixon, Police detective, had Adam with Hal Munson and Casey with Tom Hughes.   Had an affair with James Stenbeck in theearly 80s. Raped by Elroy Nevins, pulled the plug on step-father, Casey Peretti.

                                         Hillary Bailey Smith     1983-89     

                                         Glynis O'Connor      93-94      

                                      Ellen Dolan    1989-93; 94-10

Marion ___ Hughes      Never Seen         wife of John Hughes  

Mary ___ Ellison Hughes   Kelly Wood     75-80; 93        widowed by Brian, they had adopted Teddy (Ryder), the son of Joyce and Grant Colman, secretary

Miranda Marlowe Hughes      Elaine Princi          81-83      international criminal, daughter of Lydia, mother of Bilan with "Jacques" aka "The Corsican", left town with Antoine Bisset

Dr. Robert "Bob" Hughes     (young)   (FB) Richard Roland    former husband of Lisa, Sandy, Jennifer and Miranda, father of Tom, Frannie, Sabrina, and Christopher. Had a one night stand with Susan Stewart which nearly destroyed his marriage to Kim    Chief of Staff of the hospital.

                                                     Bobby Alford     56-58

                                                     Ronnie Welch    58-60     

                                                     Don Hastings       60-10     \

Susan Hughes               Never Seen     Late sister of Bob, Penny and Don   died diving into the swimming pool during a thunderstorm

Teddy "Ryder" Ellison Hughes     Jason Matzner      75-76    son of Joyce and Grant, raised by Brian and Mary. Adopted by Don;   dated Nikki   Munson 

                                                    Joseph Christopher    76-78

                                                    Tommy Baudo      78-79

                                                    Vince Capalupo       79

                                                    Timothy "T.R." Hill       79-81

                                                    Kerr Smith         96-97       

Thomas "Tom" Hughes          attorney, married  Carol and Natalie before marrying Margo. fathered  Daniel with Emily, and Lien by Lien Truong in Vietnam father of Casey with Margo, raised Adam as his own

                                    Matthew Potter      1961-62

                                 James Madden      63   

                                                   Jerry Schaffer         64

                                                   Frankie Michaels      65-66       

                                                   Richard Thomas      66-67       

                                                  Paul O'Keefe           67-68

                                                   Peter Link           69

                                                   Peter Galman     69-73      

                                                   C. David Colson (David Cherrill)   73-78     

                                                   Tom Tammi     79-80       

                                                   Justin Deas    80-84         

                                                    Jason Kincaid    84          

                                                   Gregg Marx       84-87       

                                                   Scott Holmes    87-10      

William "Grandpa" Hughes     William Lee     56            noble patriarch of the Hughes clan.  later married Irma Kopecki

                                                Santos Ortega  56-76     

Ned Humphrey                      Jon Rowland    03

Agent Brianne Hunt              Jordan Baker   91      

Aurora ____  Hunter                        Karen Ziemba      09    Larry McDermott used Emily's eggs to impregnate Aurora, who raised son, Lyon Hunter

Lucy Hunter                           Linda Cook          81      dated John Dixon

Bill Huntington                      ??????    Never Seen       +Joyce

Sam Hutchins         Wally Kurth     07-08    ventriloquist, tried to rape Carly

Alexander "Hutch" Hutchinson     Judson Mills   91-93  dated Debbie and Rosanna; half brother of Linc Lafferty

"Jace Hutchinson  "   character from the Dobson's papers

Dr. Hutton                      Laurinda Barrett      83  told Craig he's sterile   

Mr. Hwa   C.S. Lee      2005   impostor









Mr. Inman      ....      Timothy Warner    

Jay Inwald     ....     Dominic Fumusa

Charles Ivenstrom   Roy K. Stevens       80     father of Ingrid; James' henchman

Dr. Iverson      ....    Gordon Gould               




Indigo from Ohio State   ...    Melissa Lopriro    02

Ingrid, Barbara's nurse   ...    Maureen Flynn   

Innocencia       ....     Jessica Leccia      9/15/ 06             

Irina     ...          Katalin Pota            03            

Isabel    ....   Ellen Lancaster  

Father Ivan  the priest               ...    Bo Rucker          1995; 1998







____ Jablonski   (Mugger)           Steve Borton

______ Jackson                 Mac Randall                    2/90

District Attorney Jackson      ??????              79

Fred Jackson                  Joseph Boland   61-66    Betty Stewart's father

Jermaine Jackson     Jermaine Jackson     1984   duet with Whitney Houston

Mary ___ Jackson        Abby Lewis         61-66     Betty Stewart's mother

Nurse Jacobs          Heather Alicia Simms    7/05

Sergeant Jacobi    ????  1979   worked with Detective Lewis on the Grant Colman case

______ Jacoby          Walt Willey                  87

Mr. Jacoby               Mark Lotito          03;05  

Mr. Jaggers            Michael McCormick         09

Al James   Donald Madden      58    taunted Penny and Jeff,  Jeff killed him 

Reverend James    ???????     7/2010

Attorney Robert James     Sean Patrick Reilley   06            

Willis James            Tracy Griswold        

Colonel Jameson      ????    wanted to buy chemical plant     1984

Professor Mason Jarvis            Forbes March       09          

Mrs. Jarvis         Clarice Blackburn         87         

___ Jarvis           ??????       coin dealer      4/87     

Mr. Jason        Joe Silver      58          District Attorney

Roland Jefferies     Stephen Cell      00    used Lisa to get to Tom who had sent him to jail

Saul Jefferies       Stephen C. Bradbury          12/87

Ava ___ Jenkins  Yancy Butler  07    kidnapped JJ Snyder (formerly Larrabee)

Dr. Bill Jenkins     John Swearington        Early 70s   Annie's suitor

Isaac Jenkins       Paul Taylor      00-03    half-brother of Ben Harris

Silas  Jenkins       Wade Mylius      07     husband, Ava

_______ Jenks       Raymond Barry     83

Bessie Jennings     Bibi Osterwald         1960s   

Sondra Jennings     Phoebe Jones     

Judge Arland Jessup      William Mooney      1998-99   

                                John Driver           2000  

George Jessup  Stephen Beach    92-93    Darryl's bodyguard, killed Carolyn  ___Johannsen       Anthony Inneo      6/80   tailed Barbara

Detective Johnson        Earl Rowe     85       

Dr. Johnson Barton Heyman   84 erased Craig's memory for Raymond Speer

Katherine ____ Johnson     Kim Staunton       91-92          Kira's mother

Kira Johnson    Lauryn Hill       91-93     illiterate girl who Nancy taught to read

Officer Johnson   ????    2/18/10     OPD

Shelby Johnson        Tanya Clarke        01-03; 05

Jacques Joles          Jean Brassard     

Denise Jones        Holly Marie Combs        

Dr. Jones                  Patrick Boll           89      

Roberta ____ Jones  Mary Alice  83  framed by Lincoln (Corey?) Foster, Sam's mother

Sergeant Samantha Jones   1983-84          Juanita Mahone     dated Tucker

Thomas Jones      Tony Crane       11/19/2009       

Mr.  Jordan         ????   banquet manager, the Willows wedding   79

Dr. Joshua      Glenn Steven Allen       12/3/2008

Judge Joyce     Never Seen presided over a case of Tom's    2010

Judge Joyner          Peter McRobbie   

Annie Judd    Never Seen   dead patient of Reid Olliver   2010    

Dennis Judd     Edward Watts             10     father of Annie; came after Reid  

Ben Judson                Matt Loney       

Marvin Jurrow   Anthony Herrera   one of James' aliases, bought out M&A 87









J.T.              Lou Martini, Jr.            07

Jackie, Kira's friend     Sam Carrell          91

Jacques     Tod Pettingill   7/19/2001

Jacques, aka the Corsican, Bilan's father       ????      83

Jagged Edge (band)        Brian Casey

                                            Brandon Casey

                                            Richard Wingo

                                            Kyle Norman

Jake                        Larry Laboe

Nurse Jan           Cathleen Dauenhauer           06

Nurse Jan            Rebecca Kaasa         07-08    

Jane        babysitter Johnny                Jessica Moreno (Durdock)      06 

Janeen             Meg Guzulescu       06   

Janie   ????   Faith's classmate  Oakdale High    2010

Nurse Janie         Sue Jin Song           99

Jared           Ian Hoge                 2/27/07

Jasmine the belly dancer    ????     2/80

Jason the truck driver       ????    7/84

Jay             Peter Richards       08

Jean the secretary     Aideen O'Kelly     

Jean                        Sue Lawless       pre-73

Jean Claude           Troy Britton Johnson         07      Lawyer

Jeannie the car service driver    Temple Brooks   

Jeannie                Scarlett Sperduto   12/2/2005

Jeannine               Bobo Lewis    87           

Jeb the sleazy college student    Keith Britton    02           

Jeff                         Troy Bozilleri

Jeff the firefighter                     Jeffrey Coleman       02

Jeff                             Jason Etter       08-09     

Jeff                             Jesse Hlubik     96-97     

 Jennifer                     Tina McDowelle       03   

Nurse Jennifer     ?????   9/2/2010

Jenny the hooker that stole Kevin Thompson's wallet    ???    8/78

Jeremy the artist lover of Margaret McKechnie ...  ????    (FB)

Jerry the bartender       Alex Valente   05        

                                      Brian Sheridan  11&12/05

Jerry   (+Dee)           Never Seen       76     

Jerry, bodyguard of B.J.     ?????       11/28/05

Jesse     Kelly Welt

Jessica    ??????   Jacob's Nanny     6/23/10

Jessica, Don's friend from Switzerland   6/78   Never Seen

Jessie                        Veronica Vixen

Jester                        Terrence Mann      86    con man (Falcon storyline)

Jewel the hooker          Lacey Kohl    07     

Jill  from the support center, pregnancy class   Ellen Lancaster   2/10/2003

Jill  the waitress     Chloe Whiteford      04

Jillian, Brian's secretary       Marion York        84-85   

Jim               Ken Falat    

Jim the Lakeview waiter/bartender    Matt Samson    02-03

"Diamond" Jim      the card shark      Frank Senger   1/27/2004

Jimbo            Ralph Buckley       1987

Jimmy           Jeffrey Force          96

Jimmy the phony minister     Chuck Montgomery     

Joan, Nancy's friend      Bethel Leslie       96

Joan the hairstylist     Ruth Williamson     98   

Joan the magistrate    Jennifer Chamberlain

Joann the police spokesperson    Kay McClelland   97    

Nurse Joanna                  Robin Moseley

Jocelyn    Never Seen     Babysitter Johnny     2010

Joe the  Java manager           Liam Craig       1998

Joe                       Eddie Manley         09    

Joe                   Bo Gorman      08     

Joe                    Nick Gregory           

Joe the bartender          Joseph Julian      1960-63

Joe    a bartender    Jean Paul San Pedro   03  

Joe from WOAK     ?????    4/9/10

Joe             Jack Walker-Pearson       08

Joel             Wesley Broulik         08      Singer

Joel             Anslem   Richardson      07     Lakeview Bar Manager

Joel               Frank Tomen          1989

Joey             John Fairlie              95

Joey ,Chris Hughes' friend    Shelton Dane        97

Joey, Kristin's sick son   Josh Gustin 

Joey           Fred Newman            87

John the Lakeview Bartender   ????      7/19/07   Aaron's co-worker

Jojo that accosted Pete and Dani    Michael Gallagher     94

Jonas    ????   Molly's producer    2/10/10

Jorge, Sierra's friend    ??????         85

Jose         Alberto Vasquez          03

Josephina      Nina Dova        94

Josephine           Ami Almandral    98

Josephine       Never Seen   Janet's aunt    2010

Josh                Sean Hart          5/6/05

Josie               Chantal Lonergan        04    

Joy                 Courtney Cole

Judy from UNCC        Casey Gogolin      2002

Judy    the con artist that pretended to be Ruby's grandmother   Anne Pitoniak   00

Judy, Alison's clinic boss      Sharon Washington    1/2004         

Father Julian    Don Juhlin       97

Julian from the workout tape     Don Stephenson       02   

Nurse Julie     ????      9/13/2010 

Julio             Andrew Thacher       02

Aunt June     MaryLouise Burke    

Justin  the waiter     Luke Stanhope       02    







Kathy Kaehler               Kathy Kaehler        Health/fitness expert

Dr. Kahn                       Michael Warner      06-07   

Mrs. Kalner              Jane Cronin        9/94    

Vi Kaminsky    Alison Janney      93   Cynthia Linders' friend 

Mr. Kane   ???    3/21/10   bought Dusty and Janet's dream house   

Officer Kane      Cosmo Pfeil

Peter Kane         Arlen Dean Snyder      70-71   husband, Sandy   

Dr. Kantor    Kahan James 10 sexist doctor; mistreated Alison; threatened by Mick 

Judge Judith Kaplan     Lynn Cohen     1995            

Dr. Karnoffsky        ????        Martin Blake's doctor      79

Anna    ___   Kasnoff      Susie Abromeit     09    married Mike   

Caroline Kasnoff     Never Seen     daughter Mike and Anna

Connor Walsh Stricklyn Kasnoff      Allyson Rice-Taylor   90-97    daughter Edwina, took over Walsh

                                                        Susan Batten    97  

Mark Kasnoff       Alexander Walters     95-97    married Te Amo and Connor, Mike's brother    

Mike Kasnoff             Shawn Christian    94-97         brother of Mark, Sarah, and Stephanie, father of Nora (deceased) and Caroline, married Katie, Jen, and Anna    Best friend of Ben Harris

                                     Jon Prescott         08        

                                    Mark Collier    02-07; 09      

Nick Kasnoff  Jordan Woolley 05-06  Mike's cousin, cop, murdered Maya Gold;  attacked Katie and Carly

Nora ____ Kasnoff     Never Seen, mother of Mike, Mark, Sarah, Stephanie

Nora Kasnoff      Tiffany Houghton    (dream)  daughter of Carly/Mike      8/2/2004

Sarah Kasnoff     Lisa Lawrence     96   sister of Mike and Mark, dated Paul     

Stephanie Kasnoff     Never Seen   sister of Mike, Mark, and Sarah

T (Te Amo) Jones Kasnoff       Wendy Jones     96    deceased wife of Mark

Gus Kazantakis      Brian Benrebbi      05      

Laurie Keaton    Laurel Delmar      78-79  secretary, Jay Stallings + Tom Hughes, + Chip Kelly

____  Keegan    Ed Gallagher    90

Chief Keegan      Bill Buell        9/14/2004        

Officer Keeler              John Knapp            09

Dr. Alexander Keith     Jon Cypher     77-79    father, Mark Lewis, married Valerie, they adopted Katie

Katie (Emerson) Keith   Rachael Kelly     78-79    adopted by Valerie and Alex

Valerie Reynolds Conway Thompson Keith   Judith McConnell   76-79 sister of Jason Reynolds, Kim's first husband and his twin brother Benjamin

George Keller       Richard Litt     93    father of Neal, Royce and Samantha  

Gloria Walters Keller    Elizabeth Hubbard    93   mother of Lucinda, Neal, Royce, and Samantha       s

Royce Keller    Terry Lester   91-94   Lucinda's DID suffering brother, dated Emily, architect

             (Young)     Sean Kalish    93    (FB)

Bruce Kellogg    ??????       1973   NY photographer interested in "Carol Ann"

Chip Kelly       James Carroll    79          Matt's brother

Matt Kelly (Lockwood)     John Tripp    79   Jay Stallings' former cellmate

Judge William T. Kemp         Tommy Hollis

Brandon Kendall       ?????    attorney Tonio   91

Dr. Henry Kennedy       ???    Ian McFarland's doctor        79 or 80

Mr. Kent     Jeff Williams         09     

Officer Kent     James Prendergrast       90

Dr. George Kimble   ??????     8/23/89     dating Lenore

_____   Kincaed      Scott Klavan        99  

Gail Kincaid      Stephanie Roth          90     lover, Tonio ;  ex-girlfriend, Sean Baxter

Eli King       Marc Aden Gray      05-06        lab tech, Meg Snyder's friend

                       Travis Wood      07       

Bertram Kingsley        Never Seen     former partner in Kingsley-Malta with the Grimaldi's
Patricia ____________ Kingsley    Rebecca Hollen     93-95   Bertram's widow       

Mrs. Kinney       ?????     7/27/87     Julie's mother

Dr. Kipner                   Patrick Melville       07     

George Kirby        Cyrus Hewitt      06

Jack Kirby           Mark Zimmerman        90           Vegas Manager

Dr. Kittredge              Jason Jones          04        Barbara's doctor

Ralph Kittredge        Ralph Byers     ??   

Jerry Klein       Michael C. Hall    1999    cameraman, Molly     

Detective Klinger    Michael Rodrick       97    

Zachariah Knopf       Henny Youngman         

Ms. Koltarz            Angela Bullock       95        

Lydia Konstantin       Elizabeth Parrish         88    mystic

Sofia Korackes       Robin Leary      81-82    daughter Andrea       

Madame Koster (Sylvia the maid)   Marilyn Raphael   82   "phony-baloney" psychic

Bo Kottkamp      Peter Ashton Wise      05       country club manager

Marie Kovac     Mady Kaplan     85  ex-fiancee of Kevin, murdered by Douc Cummings     

Mr. Kowalski            Larry Cahn        12/23/03-04           landlord

Officer Kowalski      Never Seen, oft bellowed name in the precinct

Harley Kozak    ?????   male singer; Lorrie's client   1989

Dr. Steven Kozak    Patrick Quinn         

Edith ___     Kramer       Alice Drummond             89   Duke's grandmother

Jerry Kramer         Philip Kraus            83    

Rosemary Kramer     Never Seen    John's former secretary       1989 

Horace Krane    Nick Sullivan          08      

Joe Kravitz Abe Vigoda     85     widower on Bob and Kim's honeymoon cruise. Fell for Rose Welinski

Head Nurse Arlene Krebs     Lynne Matthew        03   around during Rick Decker's murder spree

Dr. Ross Kreeger       Damian Young    06     ran a gay "detox" camp (VP Pence would be so proud) that Luke was sent to

Mrs. Krenwinkle       Kristin Rohde      

Gavin Kruger Joris Stuyck   90    international businessman, ordered Carolyn Crawford's "Mur-dah"                                      Mark Tymchymshyn  90-92   

Officer Kruger       K.C. Kelly       88

Deborah Kurley     Julie Lancaster         97    Airline Representative

Judge Kwan        Kitty Mei-Mei Chen     6/30/05      




Karen, Craig's call girl       Janet Aldrich      83     

Karen  the natural mother of Jack, Jr.   Karen Williams     

Kate                                      Maureen Hanley     

Kay     + Will                       Natalia Zvereva     04

Kayla                                  Megan Raye Manzi     09

Kayley     + Buck           Sandy Rustin                 

Keith the rich preppie      Robert Duncan McNeill       85-86?

Keith  Mike Kasnoff's  contractor       Keith Keaveney  8/08

Kelly                                Sally Wheeler     1996

Kelly                                 Renee Marie Brewster       08     

Kelsey, Alison's cellmate    Kate Grenfell         03

Ken                                  Ed O'Ross            82      

Ken that ran over Betsy     ??????       83 (?84)

Kenny                              Joe McCann         96

Officer Kenny    ?????   6/4/10     with Carly

Kenny the cameraman       David Perrine

Kevin     Jamie Phillips    1989

Kevin, Carly's butler         Callum Keith King       1999

Kevin the contestant        Alan Mozes

Kevin from Maryland     Ben Parker 

Kevin   from  Ohio State University  ????    11/06/02

Kevin     with Simon & Katie (possibly a Lakeview clerk/valet?)  11/04/02

Kiki      Bonnie Marsh      1/19/10   with Sharkey

Kim                             DeeDee Lynn Magno

Kit the waitress   +David S.      Tanya Clarke        99

Krista the hooker    Sarita Covington       07-08

Kristen  Johnny's friend from camp   Never Seen   2010

Kristin the mother of sick Joe    Jenny Maguire     

Kyle the bartender      Jason Chambers

Kyra     Liberty's friend   Never Seen     2010




Larry the pool player      Chris DiVito

Larry that dated Dee Stewart   Never Seen     10/79

Larry the wheelchair-bound chairman of Throwaway Kids   ???   2/84

Larry                      William Schroeder          87

Larry                     Michael Marino      85

Larry, Molly's private detective         Terry Serpico      97

Lee, Christopher Hughes' friend       Peter Starrett    1999

Len the officer searching for Paul and Eliza in Greenville Wisconsin    Drew McVety     09 

Lena   Never Seen   Janet's childhood best friend  2010  

Lenny the thief     Gregory McClure     

Lenny        Joe McCann          1996

Lester  the thug                 David Folsom     08        


Liam the Lindsay stableboy       James Hyde      99     

                                                     Brody Hutzler     99    

Lila                         Cooper Harris              07    

Lily Lookalike at the bar     Brooke Marie Procida          98

Lindsey the intern           Diane Neal       

Nurse Lindsey  at Deerbrook   ?????      12/14/09

Lloyd the lab tech            Clay Adams     07     

Lloyd the WOAK Production Assistant   Adam Smith     99-00    

Lloyd the Lakeview Bartender   Frederick "Rick" Hamilton  6/12/07-2010

Lola, Dani A.'s friend        Mylika Davis    96     

Lonnie the dance instructor        Hugh Karraker       96   

Officer Lonnie    ???    1/28/10    OPD

Loretta                      Susan Wands            87           

Loretta the Al's waitress       Tina Johnson     96    

Loretta     Deborah Lacey               98

Loretta the secretary         Annette Held          

Lori                      Hanna Cox           7/86

Lorraine, Margo's neighbor           Caris Corfman       11/92

Lou                   Jason Allen Caine             03-05        

Lou                    John Ramsey      1987 

Louie     ???    with Craig     6/4/10         

Louis, Jake Haskell's hench        Jerry Matz         4/85

Louisa     Shannon Walker Williams  3/25/ 99     Pregnant teen runaway with Ben and Denise  

Nurse Louise           Marguerite Stimpson     10     head of the orderly's union  

Nurse Louise          Karen Shalloh   

Louise    ???    8/26/10       from the pre-school        

Lucky, Jester's pal that drowned in the castle moat    Chris Noth    11/86   

Lucy that dated Kirk McCall       Fiona Hutchison    9/84    

Luis                      Hector Osorio              88   

Lyle  Pilar's thug          Carl Palmer     5/25/04      

Lynn, Brad Snyder's crazy ex-girlfriend     Heather Lindell    07        






Madame LaCoste   Janis Dardaris        06     psychic hired by Paul for Jenn

Stuart LaDue             Richard Hoehler     07

Sydney LaFarge         Niki Rene                 

Hannah  ___ Lafferty     Carole Demas      90-91    Linc's religious mother  

                                         Lee Bryant     91-94         

Lincoln "Linc" Lafferty   James Wleck     90-92    half brother of Hutch   R

                                       Lonnie McCullough   93     

Lincoln Lafferty, Jr.      Conor Locklear       94

Marcy Breen Lafferty       Kathleen McNenny     91     barracuda in business, used baby to land Linc

                                              Jill Powell    91-93; 94

Melvin Lafferty aka Woodrow Wilson "Woody" Hutchinson     Daniel Ziskie   91-93         Abandoned Hannah and Linc, knocked up Mary Hopkins Campbell and raised Hutch

Dr. Lake       Lawrence Clayton      06

Billy Lambert      Michael Lord          91-92    Dana's husband

Dana Graham Lambert  Louise Roberts  Carolyn Crawford's surrogate   91-92

Dr. Keith Lambert    Andrew Jarkowsky   5/78   liked     Annie S.

Monsieur Lamphere      Christian Aubert          

Cynthia Landis     Summer Sheridan

Rod Landry  (Josh Snyder)         William Fichtner    87-89    Son of Elizabeth Snyder and Cal Stricklyn, raised and abused by Henry Snyder.   Raped Iva which resulted in the birth of Lily and Rose.   Married Meg     

______  Landsdowne     Richard Clarke          96     

Mr. Lane   ????    3/25/99     Carly's Private Investigator

Ed Lang             Jay Barney          mid 60s

Rose Lemay Lang      ????    actual mother of Beau Spencer   late 70s

Barclay Lange       John Ottavino       88-91    son of Henry, brother of Angel, Jay and Steven

Charlene ____   Lange     Never Seen     Steven's unseen wife   

Henry Lange     James Rebhorn    88-91    father of Angel, Stephen, Jay and Barclay, molested Angel. 

Jay Lange    James Harlow     91   brother of Angel, Barclay and Stephen

Stephen Lange   Ray Virta  91   brother of Angel, Barclay and Jay, Charlene's hubby

Detective Langstrum     Ned Luke     05   

Reverend Sidney Lanier     Reverend Sidney Lanier

Howard Lansing       Charles Cioffi     86     former hospital administrator, involved in Sabrina's kidnapping at birth.

Detective Lanza         Scott Feraco          87

Tracey___ Larimer  ????????     9/79       friend of Ralph Mitchell    

Stanley  Larkin                Tony Edmonds      90

Julia  (Morrissey ) Larrabee (Sweeney Snyder invalid)  Sarah Brown    04-05   found Jack, sister of Keith, ex wife of Les  mother of J.J. Snyder that Jack and Carly adopted

Chick Larsen        Lawrence Arancio         4/04          

Connie Larsen      Courtney Cole    2003   

Eve Larsen          Terri Donahoe      87-88     

Pete Larsen      ?????     12/77   murder victim, crooked foreman, Jay Stallings

Wade Larson    John Elsen             6/04   

                                   Kenneth Simmons      5-6/04

Judd Lassiter        Robert Archer Lynn       97-98

Grace Latham       Jeannine Moore     

Patricia   Latham    Tanya Clarke

Cindy Lauper       Cindy Lauper     singer    08  sang at event at Yo's

Greg Lauritz     Roscoe Born    99    attorney, Carly  

Evelyn DeWitt Lausin (also referred to as Lewis) Ellen Tobie    92-93  Carolyn Crawford's cousin        

                                Fran Brill      91-92       

Warren Lausin (Lewis)     Mark Shannon     92    Evelyn's hubby

                                   Richmond Hoxie      92-93     

Corinne  ____    Lawrence   Patricia Gage   86-88   mother of Monika, businesswoman, affair with James Stenbeck       

Reverend Lawrence          Christopher Loomis Brown        98

Attorney Lawson , Barbara's lawyer    ?????      8/17/04

Bridget ___  Lawson    Haviland Morris 10    stage mother, Hayden    

Hayden Lawson   Sami Gayle    10     Bridget's daughter pageant girl    

The Shannon Lawson Band           Shannon Lawson   02

                                                         Edward L. Dunbar     02

                                                           Gary L. Murray     02

Shirley Lawson    Never Seen    ex girlfriend, John Dixon 

Ed Lazarus             Matt Edwards     09

Mr. Lebo    Never Seen      Carly's neighbor 2006-10

Mrs. Sandy Lebo      Lori Hammel     06-08   occ. babysitter for Jack and Carly      Not Seen  09-10

Mrs. Theodora ___ Ledbetter     Barbara Cooke   83    allowed shelter to be built

                                        Joyce Worsley   85     Kim and Bob's wedding

Assistant District Attorney   Corinne Lee   Elaina Erika Davis  00 

Mr. Lee           C. Sean Kim         96

Mr. Lee         Sam Freed     10             

Sandra Lee       Sandra Lee            07     celebrity cook

Crystal Lennon      Dana Wheeler-Nicholson   93          

Herb Leonard       Donald Symington       

Phyllis ____ Leonard    Catherine Cox      

Antonio Leonardi      Anthony Heald   79-80   Manager Ian McFarland  

Philip Lester     Evan Ferrante       88-89   

Officer Letizia     Al DeChristo

Mr. Leversee       Skipp Hinnant        88

Ruth Levinson        Nancy Youngblut     2/88         

Gigi Lewis     Kelly Deadmon      07                Lab Technician

Lieutenant Lewis      Reuben Greene     79     Grant Colman's hit and run case

Dr. Mark Lewis    Biff Warren       77-78     son of Dr. Alexander Keith  

Judge Michael Lewis     Daniel Ziskie      2008

Mrs. Lewis    took Nat and Ethan for Sleepover   Never Seen   2010

Mrs. Lewis        Cynthia Belgrave       

Officer Lewis       Jeff Binder                  08

Howard Liebermann       Gordon Joseph Weiss        12/92

Lois Lillibridge     Stacey Rukeyser          94

Cynthia Linders      Linda Cook     92-93      ex, Royce Keller

Tripp Linders      Lanny Flaherty           93      Cynthia's brother 

Allen Lindsay          Reese Madigan     93    

Charles  Lindsay      Russ Anderson       4/19/99    Julia's father   

Charlotte ___   Lindsay         Susan Pratt      99 Julia's mother

Dr. Linn         Will Chase         06         

Irene Locatis    Katina Kalen     88

Mrs. Locatis     Dimitra Arliss      88      

Sharon Lockhart      Never Seen       +John Dixon

Cass Logan         Catherine Campbell   

Mike Logan     Robert Miles   1/2009

Judge Steven Logan  ?????    Barbara's trial        8/17/04

Brock Lombard    Greg Beecroft      89-90    see Hoppers  +Emily, +Ellie   mobbed up businessman   Married to Marjorie, father of Denise and Greg

Connie ___ Lombard    Barbara Caruso   89-90, Phillip's wife, Brock's mother

Denise Lombard       Emily Rose     90      daughter of Brock and Marjorie

Greg Lombard   Jonathon Raskin    90        son of Brock and Marjorie

Joseph Lombard      Dick Hughes  2/90   brother, Philip    

Marjorie Marino Lombard     Maryann Urbano    89-90 wife, Brock daughter of Frank and Esther, mother of Greg and Denise

Mrs. Lombard      Marti Nixon   06   accused Gwen of theft, Lakeview guest

Phillip Lombard     Jack Cryer         89-90   Brock's mobbed up father

_____ Lombardi      Thomas G. Waites     88     

Kip Lonegan       David Oliver Cohen      06-07    Casey owes Kip money

Diane Long     Annika Peterson    96

Mr. Long     John Weigand      06

Dr. Eric Lonsberry  Douglas Marland    72    discovered Lisa's "Phantom Fetus"

_______Loomis    Scott Rhyne       4/85

Tony Loomis   David Lee Smith   92-93      

Senora Lopez     Marina Durrell

Burt Lord     Darryl Wells     66   romanced Amanda Holmes?  

Cheri Love  (AKA Charlene Wilson Mayer)    Robin Mattson 07 Emily's madame, Noah's mother

Mrs. Lovejoy       Alice Playten       4/ 05   

Mr. Lovejoy        Bill Cwikowski       4/05 

Fred Lowe       Ken Costigan      90

Winston Lowe (Mr. Smith)    Joel Fabiani    99-00   Craig's business associate, Carly's husband that kidnapped her

Alice ____ Lowell      Never Seen    Late wife of Judge James T. Lowell, mother of Jim, grandmother to Ellen

Colin Lowell   ??????   head of internship program with Fashionista Weekly (with Liberty)      4/2009

Judge James T. Lowell          William Johnstone     56-79     father of Jim

James "Jim" Lowell     Les Damon  56-57  married to Claire, sleeping with Edith, father of Ellen, died in a boating accident

Joleen Lumiere       Mary Testa          

Prosecutor Jim Lundigan    Robert Burke    93    SVU, GosGirl    prosecuted Tom for shooting Elroy Nevins, Margo's rapist

Tuan Ly            Russell Wong      88      Lien's school "chum"

                          Phillip Moon       88      

Ann Lynch      Kaija     Matiss    05-06      murdered by Eve Browning    

Evelyn ____  Lynch     Linda Mugleston      06      Ann's mother

Louie Lyons      Rick Zahn     05    




Changes/ Additions

Father Farley   ....   Wiley Wisdom     1/6/2010    Janet's priest 
  Officer Fife      ?????    1/25/2010    OPD 
  Judge Frankel      ?????    married Barbara and Henry    8/27/2010
Steven Franklin    ??????      U. S. Attorney        2/2010 
  Dr. Forsyth   Never Seen      almost caught Casey and Alison     2010
  Frank       Never Seen    Java Manager    2010 
  Lisa .....Grimaldi ....Jane Powell   90;91, 93, 94   
  Dr. Galvin    ?????     Deerbrook      4/29/2010  
  Mrs. Gibson    ????   Headmistresss   East Lake Academy     3/2010 
  Officer Grady     ???   OPD     6/14/2010
April Grove ....   April Grove     5/18/10   won a contest to sing with Lisa
  Genevieve    ?????   Lucinda's assistant     8/3/2010
   Gillian    ????    patient Reid     2/25/2010 
  Greta    ....    Jennifer Jean         10      Memorial 
  Grace   Never Seen   Mean girl at Faith's boarding school     2010
Daniel Hughes     Doug Chaplin         2009
  Hayley   Never Seen     Sage's friend    2010   
  Dr. Hale    Never Seen   Liberty's OB/GYN       2010     
  Principal Edward  Hayes       ???   4/8/10 & 8/31/10    High School Principal (seen after Nancy's death)
  Dr. Gregory Hearne   James Riordan         07-10     Barbara's oncologist; Liberty's oncologist 
  Rex Hoffington    Matt Walton       5/4/10  WOAK Anchor, dated Barbara           
  Officer Hopkins      ????    8/3/10     OPD  
  Warren Holmes    Richmond Hoxie     1989
  Officer Johnson   ????    2/18/10     OPD 
  Reverend James    ???????     7/2010
  Judge Joyce     Never Seen presided over a case of Tom's    2010 
 Annie Judd    Never Seen   dead patient of Reid Olliver   2010    \Dennis Judd     Edward Watts             10     father of Annie; came after Reid

Nurse Jennifer     ?????   9/2/2010  

  Janie   ????   Faith's classmate  Oakdale High   2010 

Jessica    ??????   Jacob's Nanny     6/23/10

  Jocelyn    Never Seen     Babysitter Johnny     2010 

  Joe from WOAK     ?????    4/9/10

  Jonas    ????   Molly's producer    2/10/10 

  Josephine       Never Seen   Janet's aunt    2010

  Nurse Julie     ????      9/13/2010  

  Dr. Kantor    Kahan James 10 sexist doctor; mistreated Alison; threatened by Mick 

  Mr. Kane   ???    3/21/10   bought Dusty and Janet's dream house  

  Officer Kenny    ?????   6/4/10     with Carly

  Kiki      Bonnie Marsh      1/19/10   with Sharkey 

  Kristen  Johnny's friend from camp   Never Seen   2010

  Kyra     Liberty's friend   Never Seen     2010  

Bridget ___  Lawson    Haviland Morris 10    stage mother, Hayden    

Hayden Lawson   Sami Gayle    10     Bridget's daughter pageant girl   Mr. Lebo    Never Seen      Carly's neighbor 2006-10

Mrs. Sandy Lebo      Lori Hammel     06-08   occ. babysitter for Jack and Carly      Not Seen  09-10

  Mrs. Lewis    took Nat and Ethan for Sleepover   Never Seen   2010 

  Lloyd the Lakeview Bartender   ?????    6/12/07-2010

  Officer Lonnie    ???    1/28/10    OPD 

  Nurse Louise   Marguerite Stimpson     10     head of the orderly's union  

Louise    ???    8/26/10       from the pre-school

  Louie     ???    with Craig     6/4/10     

Lena   Never Seen   Janet's childhood best friend  2010  



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"Aunt" Marie ___ Manzo    Marisa Redanty    2010   Janet's aunt
Mr. Madison    ???   8/11/2010  banker with Craig
Dr. Colin McNulty      Never Seen   Worked at Cedars Sinai with Reid Olliver  
Dr. Marcus     Never Seen     Alison's boss     2010
Dr. Matthews   ????   4/2010    Gabriel's doctor
Dr. Richard Meredith  Never Seen    Invicta pick for Memorial's Neurowing    2010
Sue Michaels        Jill O'Hara      1965
Terry Milburn        Scott Klavan         2010 Banker at Oakdale Trust
Danny Milligan    Never Seen    friend of Johnny    2010
___ Milligan   Never Seen   Never Seen   Danny's brother
Eugene Milton     Daniel Pearce      6/21/2010  claims adjustor  
 Officer Milton      Roy Feinberg       cop    
Dr. Ming      Stephen Sable     7/8/10  Vienna's fertility doctor
Dr. Mitchell    Never Seen    Vienna's doctor    2010
Dr. Morgan      ????     3/23/2010
Dr. Monroe    Never Seen      Carly's doctor    2010
Phyllis Monroe    SuEllen Estey   pre-1989
Dr. Morse   ???  3/2010   Janet's OB/GYN
Mr. Mortimer   ????   9/08/2010 
Judge Murdoch      ????      6/23/2010 
Maggie the nanny      Erica Thomas     2009-10 Johnny's babysitter
 Nurse Maggie    ????    Nurse   2/19/10
Mandy with Henry    ????   4/2/2010  
Mark with Vienna  ????    4/14/2010
Marsha    ???   with Liberty and Parker     6/4/2010
Nurse Mary   ?????    2/11/2010
Mary Elizabeth   Never Seen  classmate, Faith      2010
Michael     ???    Deerbrook Attendant    3/17/2010
Michelle    Never Seen     Molly's Assistant
Dr. Nassir     ????     6/14/2010    Janet's OB/GYN
Harvey O'Bannion  Never Seen   Parkinson's patient, Chris   2010
Officer O'Neill      Krista LePore    2000; 2004; 2005; 2006; 2009; 2010
Officer O'Reilley    Never Seen    2010
Mrs. ___ ___ Olliver   Never Seen   2010
Mr . __ Olliver     Never Seen    2010
Dr. Reid Olliver          (Young)   in video  ????    2010
APRIL 2, 1956-SEPTEMBER 17, 2010 CBS

Mr. MacDougal     Keith Gerchak        2008

Garrick  MacLaren        Alan Coates      2002

"Duke" Ian MacLaren      Peter Giles       2002 

Hank MacPherson          ?????    stable boy, tried to rape Lily    9/1985

Henry MacPherson      Robert Gerringer   1985   Hank's daddy

Detective MacRae    Robert Prescott    

Judge Madden      Ben Hammer       9/94

Dr. Maddux         John Leone        2005

Mr. Madison    ???   8/11/2010  banker with Craig

Celia Magalia    Celia McDally     choreographer from Buenos Aires; guest on Oakdale Now        6/17/09

  Kevin Mahoney     Rick Stear       Scott Reeves Manager    2/14/2005    

Alan Mallory     Jay  Alan Christensen        2000

Detective Malloy     Trevor Richardson         2001

Mallory Malloy     Jennifer Kroll     

Michael Malloy   Rudolph Willrich    1982    henchman, Mr. Big

Officer Malone    ????     2009   investigated Reg's death

Reverend Malone       Tom Roland    1997

Rita Malzone    Priscilla Garita    1996 aerobics instructor/ Umberto's sister aka Burke

Umberto Malzone (Diego Santana)     Rick Gianisi      1996

                                Bronson Pickett    1996-97

Lenny Mancuso     Jonathon Del Arco    2/88

Officer Mancuso      John Fiore     

Melanie Mannarino    Melanie Mannarino

Brenda Manning    Rosalyn Coleman     2008

Judge Manning     Ben Jones     1999

Dr. Wayne Manning    Marcus Lovett     1992

Ruth ______  Mansfield    Ann Flood    1992-93    Kirk's client

"Aunt" Marie ___ Manzo    Marisa Redanty       2010   Janet's aunt

"Uncle" Ralph Manzo    Stuart Damon       2009-10    mobster

Agent ___ March    Peter Marx    2005   INS Agent with Rafi and Celia  

Nurse Laura March     Georgann Johnson   early 60s    secretary at Memorial   

Dr. Marcus     Never Seen     Alison's boss     2010

Cesare Marichi      Matt Servitto       1994; 1997 Eduardo's assistant

Esther ____ Marino  Donna Martella 1989-90 Marjorie Lombard's mother

Frank Marino     Ed Setrakian      1989-90   Marjorie Lombard's father

Maria Fernando Marino        Jill Harmon     1972    patient (Dan Stewart) that died on the table

Tony Marino       Carmine Stipo        1972-73      Maria's widower

Eliot Markham   Philip Bosco        1993-94     con artist partner/father figure Samantha (Keller) Markham Anderson

Buzzy Markman     Steve Talley      2002

Jill Marks        Ruby Jerins       2006-07; 2009    Sage's friend

Melissa Marks        Angela Bullock       2000

Dr. Neil Marlette    Helmar Augustus Cooper     1997   

City Times Editor ___ Marlowe     Ward Asquith         1994

                                       Robert Ari     1997

Bilan Marlowe        Kathleen Rowe McAllen     1981-83  daughter of Miranda and "The Corsican",   kidnapped by "Mr. Big"

Lydia Marlowe      Zsa Zsa Gabor         1981         Miranda's sister

Mrs. Marly       Basia McCoy               1999

Peter Marsden       Peter Webster     1986-87  related to Mona Simms; involved in Sabrina story

                        (faux)   Charles Cioffi    1986

Kevin Marshall    Jeff Phillips         1990

Karen Atkins Martell      Dee Hoty       1992       wife, Shorty

Willard "Shorty" Martell    Peter D. Greene     1992-93    murder victim

Guido Martelli     Michael Burstyn  

The Brad Martin Band          Brad Martin             2002

                                              Dan Cohen                 2002

                                               James Cook             2002

                                               Mike Geiger               2002

                                               Derek Mixon             2002

Bill Martin                      Rick Stear                     2007

Dr. Cheryl Martin      ??????    5/80     dated Bob Hughes

District Attorney  Dick Martin     Joe Maross   1966   dated Claire and Lisa

                                        Ed Kemmer    1966-70; 1974-78

Otto Martin                Allen Nourse     1966-68      Dick's father; retired cop

Reverend Martin      Andy Taylor      1993 (husband of Alyson Rice-Taylor)

 Reverend Martin     Amy Taylor         1994

Dr. Maslin             Armande Anthony        2005

Belva Mason       Barbara Neal

Bill Mason              Michael P. Moran      1996

Commissioner Mason    Ron Parady       11/87   disliked Margo

Derek Mason        Thomas Gibson    1988-89   Lily's former husband, wanted to kill her

Joe Mason        Mark Elliott Wilson     Bodyguard     1999 

Niles Mason       Charles Keating      1988-89   Derek and Trish's    father

Trish Mason        Sherry Ramsey        1988-89     Derek's sister

Johnny Mathis          Johnny Mathis      1991    singer

Cliff Matson     Jay Acovone       1981-82       dated Sofia K. investigated James for Stan Holden

Mitzi Matters     Anne Sayre         2000-04    showgirl friend of Rose D. later embezzled from her and poisoned herself (accidentally).

Dr. Matthews   ????   4/2010    Gabriel's doctor

Dr. Henry "Matt" Matthews      David Brand     1990   Iva's therapist

Reverend Wally Matthews     Charles Siebert      1972-74  took over Paul Stewart's practice; father of Peter Burton

Bobbi Maxwell       Avra Holt        1983     Lonnie's wife

Janice Maxwell     Holly Cate     1993-95  Kim's manipulative WOAK assistant; dated Holden

Lonnie Maxwell     Matthew Cowles    1983   Bobbi's husband; involved in coin caper with Steve/Betsy
Ameera Ali Aziz   Mayer   Tala Ashe  2008 married Noah
Noah Mayer  Jake Silberman   2007-10 Luke's boring  true love
Colonel Winston Mayer     Daniel Hugh-Kelly   2007; 2008; 2009 Noah's homophobic murderer  father
______Mayes    Jack Poggi
Gloria ___ Maynard   Never Seen    Denise's Mother
Dr. McBurney    Never Seen   dental records switched with James Stenbeck       
Fiona McBurney    ?????     11or12/87    Dr. McBurney's daughter
Beatrice McKechnie McCall      Ashley Crow    1986-87   Duncan's daughter by Mary Callahan; thought she was his sister; married Brian, mother of Mary Joanna, Duncan Brian and Whitney
Brian McCall        Robert Burton      1982     editor, dated Dee Stewart, Barbara Ryan and Shannon O'Hara before marrying Beatrice
                            Frank Telfer     1982-84(12/24/82 overlap with role on TD)
                            Mark Pinter      1984-87
Charmane L'Amour McCall    Lee Meredith     1983-84   Whit's wife, pretended to be his sister                     
Duncan Brian McCall   Never Seen    son of    Brian and Beatrice
Joanna ___  McCall     Never Seen    mother of Brian and Diana
Kirk McCall    Christian J. LeBlanc   1983-85   son of Whit and Dorothy Connors   gambling addict, dated Frannie and Marcy. learned his best friend Jay was his half-brother
Mary Joanna McCall    Never Seen    daughter of Brian/Beatrice
Whitney "Whit" McCall        Robert Horton   1982-84   widower of Joanna; bigamist--married to Charmane and Lisa at the same time, fathered Kirk by Dorothy; murdered by Dorothy owned City Times and McCall Industries
Whitney Margaret McCall      Never Seen    daughter of Brian and Beatrice
_____   McCann     Dominic Marcus        2003       thug
Dylan McCarthy    Zach Sorrow     2008
Morgan McCarthy     Lexie Drago    2007
Bernice McCloskey   Jaclyn Ross    1988  Dan's daughter
Captain Daniel "Dan" McCloskey   Dan Frazer   1984-96  Captain of Police Squad, married Nancy Hughes, had Alzheimer's
Nancy ____ Hughes McCloskey   former schoolteacher, town matriarch, meddlesome mother turned town confidante; volunteer.  Wife of Chris and Dan; close friend to Katie
                                            Betty Runnell  (temporary)
                                            Betty Low   1988
                                            Helen Wagner   1956; 1956-80; 1983; 1985-2010
Dr. Lewis " Lew "McCloud        Marc Gomes    1997     skeevy ex boyfriend of Camille Bennett, paralyzed by explosion, then faked paralysis until he tried to rape Camille
                                    Monti Sharp     1997-98
Pamela ____ McCloud   Helen Goldsby    1997   Lew's wife, killed in explosion
Ronnie McCloud     Scott Cumberbatch    1997   Lew and Pamela's son
Agnes ___  McDermott      Sydney Anderson   1992   Larry's mother
"L.J." McDermott       Robert Hogan    1991-93  Larry's father
Dr. Larry McDermott    former boyfriend of Frannie, dated Lyla, married Susan Stewart. fathered Alison by in vitro fertilization (via Emily's egg); later  used another of Emily's eggs via Aurora Hunter, fathering Lyon Hunter McDermott
                               Marcus Lovett (temporary)    1994
                                Ed Fry    1990-95; 2009
Lia McDermott     Deja Kreutzberg    2005-06   Casey's ex-girlfriend, found murdered at country club
Lyon Hunter McDermott   Evan Alex Cole    2009-10    in vitro child of Larry and Aurora
Mr. McDonnell      Jim Mohr      1996
Officer McDonough      Jim Schoefield      1996
Dana Woodward McFarland  Deborah Hobart 1979-80  former wife of Ian M., Ballerina; engaged to Bob Hughes
Ian McFarland    Peter Simon    1979-80    composer, ex husband of Dana, fell for Dee Stewart, died in the sack with her
Bud McGann     Charlie Pollack    2008     dated Carly
Sergeant McGill     Brian St. August     2009
Jimmy McGuire     Michael Cody    1970    son of Sandy and Roy
Kelly McGuire       Shauna Hicks       1991-92
Roy McGuire      Konrad Matthaei    1966-68 ex-husband of Sandy and Penny
Mr. McHenry      Graeme Malcolm      1987
Dr. Marsha Palladino McKay      Justine Miceli    1992-93     Holden's doctor/ dated
Spencer McKay   Nell Mooney    2008    faked her death with the help of Dani Andropoulos
Angus McKechnie      Michael Swan  1986   (flashbacks)
Bonnie Louise McKechnie (Jenkins)      daughter of Duncan and Jessica; dated Isaac,Brad, Derek, and Dusty
                                    Allison Gangadesu 1993 
                                     Caroline Aimetti  1993-96
                                    Chloe Morris    1996
                                    Napiera Daniela Groves   2001-03; 2004
                                     Chauntee Shuler   2007-09
Duncan McKechnie      Michael Swan    1986-95; 2001; 2003
        part Scotsman, part pirate, part hero and part rogue;  married Shannon and Jessica; father of Beatrice and Bonnie
Lilith DeVries McKechnie     Sara Botsford    1988-90  psychotic ex-wife of Duncan, sister of Roderick, allegedly shrunk Shannon's head(she didn't)
Margaret ____ McKechnie   Margaret Reed   1986   flashbacks
Shannon O'Hara McKechnie     Margaret Reed   1985-90; 1994-95
     aka Erin Casey   (also Erin Cavanaugh) Niece to Earl Mitchell; dated Brian M., Glenn and Mark Harrington;    took care of Dusty for John, almost married Brian, married Duncan; presumed dead, returned in 94
Reverend Angus McKenzie       J.R. Horne     justice of the Peace 2/8/ 2005    wed Henry to Katie
Doris ___  McKenzie     Carole Monferdini    wife, Angus    2/8/2005
Bridget McKinnon       Jenna McGrane      2000-02    Jake and Vicky's daughter
                                   Megan Ferrara    2000-02
Jake McKinnon       Tom Eplin   1999-2002   editor of City Times, lost wife Vicky; married Molly; killed by crazy Mary Mennihan (vast history on Another World)
Marly  Love (Hudson) McKinnon     Ellen Wheeler   2000; 2001; 2002
     Vicky's twin; Jake's ex-wife; took custody of the twins
Michelle McKinnon       Kayla McGrane   2000-02  Bridget's twin
                                      Lauren Ferrara     2000-02
Molly Peterson Conlan  McKinnon cousin of Carly mother of Abigail formernews anchor at WOAK; dated Nick Scudder,Holden, Andy, David Stenbeck, Chris, Mike and Dusty
                          Cristina Chambers      2004
                          Lesli Kay    1997-04; 2009-10
Victoria "Vicky" (Carson) Love Hudson Frame Harrison McKinnon
                   twin to Marly; mother of Bridget and Michelle; wife of Jake; killed in plane crash
                               Jensen Buchanan
Brian McKnight    Brian McKnight       1995   singer
Major Gerard McLane    Brian Delate         11/202007
Alan ":Red" McLean     Peter Maloney      1994
George McLellan (aka Mel Asher)   ?????      1989     Security Head in Florida Hospital
Sandra McLure    Stephanie Raye      2004     fashion reporter 
Dick McMahon        Ed Kurtzman
Mrs. McMillan         Joann Bayes 
Fred McNeil        ?????    12/77     alibi   Jay Stallings  
Sandy McNeil         Ted Pejovich       1987   Duncan's buddy, James' employee  James stole his money; turned up dead
Dr. Colin McNulty      Never Seen   Worked at Cedars Sinai with Reid Olliver
_____ Mead      Bill Kux
Nurse Meade         Lori March          early 1960s
________Meadows      John DiBenedetto        mausoleum guard
Anne ___ Meadows     Barbara Joyce   1959-61   couple that raised Jimmy aka Danny Stewart     friend, Doug Cassen
Dr. Joe Meadows       John Boruff 1959-61      couple that raised Jimmy aka Danny Stewart friend of Doug Cassen
Lee Melton      Penelope Ann Miller       1984
Cesar Mendoza    Mo Kanekoa   2009  Guard that worked the docks and turned up dead
Mary Dolan Mennihan     Marian Thomas Griffin  2001-02   crazy nanny that killed Jake McKinnon
Dr. Richard Meredith  Never Seen    Invicta pick for Memorial's Neurowing    2010
Valerie Merediz      Sara Ramirez     1997      attorney
Dr. Merker         Gregory Chase        1996
Officer Jessie Meyer    Cathy Diane Tomlin      2007-09    occasional
Mr. Meyers  ???  9/15/04   Chris Hughes Tailor
Captain Meyerson     David Wilson Barnes     2007     Coast Guard
Jake  Meyerson        Robert Bacheler
Dr. Lynn Michaels   Oakdale's favorite psychiatrist
                                Kaiulani Lee       (temporary)  1989-1990
                                Barbara March    1988   (temporary)
                               Beth McDonald      1997
                               Courtney Simon   1985-05
Sue Michaels        Jill O'Hara      1965
Lois Middleton    Diane Franklin     1979  Betsy's friend   dated Kirk Simmons and Matt Kelly    got pregnant  
Reverend Middleton      Alex Molina    1989
Terry Milburn        Scott Klavan         2010 Banker at Oakdale Trust
Alma ____ Miller     Joanna Roos     1960   Lisa's mother
                               Ethel Remey      1963-77
                             Dorothy Blackburn     1978
Dr. Miller          Doug Ballard         1983-84
Henry Miller        Luis Van Rooten      1960-61    Lisa's father
Mr. Miller        ?????     8/85     one of Guy Howard's thugs
Nicole Miller         Nicole Miller     1984    fashion designer
Danny Milligan    Never Seen    friend of Johnny    2010
___ Milligan   Never Seen   Never Seen   Danny's brother
Dr. Milton     Greg Zittel     1997    
 Eugene Milton     Daniel Pearce      6/21/2010  claims adjustor  
 Officer Milton      Roy Feinberg       cop    
Carmine Minardi              Frank Gulli       1993    Renata's brother
Gino Minardi                  Mark Lotito      1992     Renata's brother
                                      Emmanuel Xuereb   1992-93
Renata Minardi               Gianna Ranaudi     1992     former lover, Damian  executive assistant at Kingsley-Malta
                                       Elizabeth Sastre     1992-93
Dr. Ming            Stephen Sable     7/8/10  Vienna's fertility doctor
Dr. Mitchell    Never Seen    Vienna's doctor    2010
Agent Earl Mitchell      Farley  Granger     1986-89    secret agent; Shannon's uncle; Lisa's late husband
Nurse  Mary Mitchell     Joan Anderson   1963-65    dated Chuck Ryan
Matt Mitchell               Noah Mazaika         2005
Ralph Mitchell   Keith Charles    businessman   divorced from Sally; affair with Joyce; engaged to Mary Ellison; dated Lisa and Ellen  
Sally ____ Mitchell    Delphi Harrington     78  ex-wife, Ralph
Stan Mitchum          Daniel Ahearn        2005     Iris D's fling
Reginald Moffett      ??????    6/85     attorney Stewart Cushing
Jake Molino    David Wasson    
Dr. Henry Moller      John Seitz  1982    Barbara's sanitarium doctor
Miss Moloney        April Adams        1985
Dr. Monroe    Never Seen      Carly's doctor    2010
Mitch Monroe     Mitchell McGuire 
  Phyllis Monroe    SuEllen Estey   pre-1989 
Monty Montague      Paul Schoeffler    
Andre Montand     ??????      11/85      Shannon's ex-lover
Senor Montez          Greg Mitchell
"April" Montgomery  character from the Dobson papers possibly Cricket or Margo's original name
Bart Montgomery       James Raymond    1984
Bryant Montgomery   son of Sierra and Craig; loved Jennifer; died in car crash; also dated Abigail and Ruby
                                    Dennis Marotta    1987-89; 1990
                                    Jaime Kenyon
                                   (young) Zach Sorrow    12/9/2004
                                  Todd Rotondi    1999-2001
Cabot Sinclair Montgomery    (age 16)   Micah Alberti     2004
                               Aiden Wagner    2004; 2/2005
                                   Billy McFadden    2004
                               Lucas Kelly     2003-04
                               Daniel Menake   2005-07
Craig Montgomery        Son of Bart and Lyla; brother of Cricket; half-brother to Margo and Katie; father of Bryant and Lucy by Sierra; father of Gabriel Caras by Lydia; father of Johnny by Jennifer; adoptive father of Cabot with Rosanna. charismatic conniver best known for sleeping with Lucinda and daughter Sierra in the 80s; faked paralysis during his first marriage to Betsy;  presumed dead in Greece; founded Montgomery and Associates; later married Sierra,Barbara, Meg and Rosanna twice.
                    Scott Bryce   1982-87; 1988-89; 1990; 1993-94; 2007-08
                    Hunt Block    2000-05
                    Jeffrey (Geoffrey) Meek    2006-07
                   Jon Lindstrom    2008-10
Johnny Montgomery     son of Craig and Jennifer, taken away by Lucy and Dusty 
                   Daniel Menake   2005-06
                   Bailey Harkins    2008-10
Dr. Lucy Montgomery     daughter of Craig and Sierra; dated Clark, Rafael, Aaron, and Dusty. Dusty and Luci took Johnny away and brought him back
                                Chelsea Braden
                                Amanda Seyfried   2000-01
                                Peyton List    2001-05
                              Spencer Grammer     2006
                                Sarah Glendening    2008-10
Rosanna Cabot Walsh Montgomery SinclairRyan Montgomery Ryan Montgomery      spoiled daughter of Alexander, half-sister of Carly; tried to steal Carly's kids several times over the years    
                      Yvonne Perry    1992-96; 1998; 1999
                     Cady McClain    2002-05; 2007-08; 2009; 2010
Melba Moore    Melba Moore      singer       1986
Detective Moran     ?????  2/85      killed by bootleggers
Mrs. Moran     Jennifer Joyce    4/85    wife of Detective
Shirley Morehouse       Isabel Glasser   1999  best friend, Deena Silva
Dr. Morgan      ????     3/23/2010
Nurse     Diana Morgan    Michelle LaMothe  1978-80
Errol Morgan     Jeremy Peter Johnson      1997    Teague's partner
                           Jason Roth       1997
Evan Morgan     Jack Ryland        1977
Reverend Morgan     Bennett Stephens 
Robert Morgan     Armand Schultz       2000
                                  Terrence McCrossin      2000
Dr. Morris        David Furr         2006
Judge Morris      John Wojda
Mrs. Morris   Never Seen      raised Samantha Markham
Mr. Morris     Never Seen     raised Samantha Markham
Keith Morrissey       Kin Shriner    2005-06    pilot; Julia Larrabee's brother; JJ's uncle; affair with Lily
Leo Morrissey    Zack Conroy    2008    intern; dated Liberty
Percival Morrison (aka Missouri Spats) ?????    9/84   pool shark (Maggie)
Detective Morrow      Louis Mustillo   2008   
Dr. Morse   ???  3/2010   Janet's OB/GYN
Mr. Mortimer   ????   9/08/2010 
Henry Moss     Greg Baglia
Judge Moss    Frank Raiter                1994
Libby Mueller   Irma St. Paule              2002
Captain Muggins     Robert Ferro    4/87    ship's captain
Detective Mulcahy      Jack Davidson       1991
____ Mulligan      Andrew T. Murphy     1986-87  bar owner
Adam Munson     son of Margo and Hal, raised by Tom; film school student, loved Abigail; screwed around with Jade Taylor; became obsessed with Gwen; almost died in Afghanistan; came home with face grafts and the name Riley Morgan. Left town..
                Philip "Phips" Smith     1988-89
                Michael Zderko       1989-95
                 Harry Zittel          1996-98
                Bret Cooper
                Craig Lawlor      1998-2002
                Matthew Morrison   2006
                Matt Cavenaugh     2006-07
               Tom Degnan    2009  (Riley Morgan fake name)
Gwen Norbeck Munson   Daughter of Iris  D  and Ray Tenney, half sister to Carly, mother of Billy (by Casey) and Hallie by husband Will 
                      Jennifer Landon  2005-08; 2010
Detective Hal Munson    "the father of half of Oakdale"  ; son of Harold, brother of Claire, police chief; fathered Nikki with Lynda; fathered Adam with Margo; did not father but raised Jen as his own;fathered Will by Barbara; raised Paul as a father figure; fathered Parker with Carly; he went by Harold Gleason while undercover as chauffeur for the Harper family.; married Lynda, Barbara (3 times), Carly, and Emily.
                  John Hillner       (temporary)    1994-95
                  Richard Council    (temporary)
                 James Kiberd     (temporary)    2001
                 Randolph Mantooth  2003;2004-05
                  Benjamin Hendrikson  1984-2004; 2005-06
Hallie Munson    ?????     2007-08    
                        Alexa Kaplan     2010
Harold Munson    John Seitz       1986    Hal's father
                           Barton Heyman     1989
Liberty Ciccone Munson     daughter of Janet, dated Leo,married Parker
                      Meredith Hagner    2008-10
                      Sarah Wilson     2010
 Detective Nikki Graves Munson       Hal's daughter by Lynda  former IRS agent, dated Jeremy, Ryder, Andy, Matt, and Henry
                       Jordana Brewster   1995-98; 2000
                        McKenzie Satterthwaite     2004
Parker Munson         son of Carly and Hal (Brad and John were also in the running)   briefly married  true love, Liberty
                     Justin Weiss      1999
                     Cole Kachelhofferr     1999-2004
                     Giovanni Cimino      2004-06
                     Mick Hazen          2006-10
Will Munson      son of Barbara and Hal, dated Gwen, Celia, and had affair with Jade; accidentally killed Rose D'Angelo as a teen 
                      John Pink    1993-96
                      Bryan Abadrabo      1996-99
                      Brett Groneman      2000-04
                      Jesse Lee Soffer      2004-08; 2010    
Judge Murdoch      ????      6/23/2010 
Mandy Murdoch     ?????    9/1984   dated Bob  
Mrs. Murphy     Madeline Sherwood    1983
Officer Murphy     David Courier     1992-94
Valerie Murphy    Toni Lewis     2002
Sergeant Musgraves    Josh Pais     2004    patient  at DeerBrook
Mr. Myers      ????   2004      Chris' tailor
Mabel of Mabel's Red Hots       Lynne Lipton   1997
                                                  Maggie Task
Madeline the reporter               Barbara Gulan    1998
Magda in charge of wedding security   Judy Gold   
Maggie the little girl Julia and Jack helped  Joanna Wolff 1998
  Maggie the nanny      Erica Thomas     2009-10 Johnny's babysitter  
 Nurse Maggie    ????    Nurse   2/19/10
Maggie             Cheryl Ann Leaser        2007
Magnifico the magician     Ryan Oakes     2006
Mahalia that helped James S.     Gammy Singer   
Mandy the student       Victoria DeMare     1999
Mandy with Henry    ????   4/2/2010  
Manny               Holter Graham    1/18/2008
Marco           Mario Campanaro        1994
                     Jordi Caballero       1994
Marco      ??????    2/1984    stopped Richard from killing Gunther
Marcy                  Meghan Strange     1999
Marcy        Larisa B. Emanuele     2009 
Margaret the waitress     Ruth Kulerman
Margarita the flower lady   Ida Bernadini    
"Mental" Marge    Cheryl Moore   2001
Margery          Mary McTigue     
Maria      Marissa Chibas      1986
Maria          Judith Delgado     2008
Maria          Jackie Cossett
Marie       Claire Winters          2006
  Marie  friend of Alison's at shower    ?????      8/17/04 
Marilyn, Lyla's nanny for Katie    Melissa Johnson   1990-94
Marilyn that dated Jack     Marla Sucharetza       1998
Marilyn the stage manager   Lisa Jolley
Marj       Robin Groves       1987
Mark with Vienna  ????    4/14/2010
Marla from Rhodes College   Buffy Cannon       2002
    Marlena    Ingrid Whittakher 1997
Marsha the waitress    Stacie Linardos   1997
Marsha    ???   with Liberty and Parker     6/4/2010
Martha                        Jackie Hoffman    10/17/2007
Aunt Martha   (voice-over)     Glynis Bell       7/1999
Martin        Blaise  Hemingway
Martino, David's employee    James Soviero     2001
Marty      Adam LeFevre        1998
Mary                 Kristen Stewart Chase       2006
Mary, Brad's friend     Annie Mistak     2009
Nurse Mary   ?????    2/11/2010
Mary Beth the model      Heather MacRae
Mary Elizabeth   Never Seen  classmate, Faith      2010
Mason  (Claudia Colfax's first husband)    Never Seen
Matt the rude teen      Scott DeFrietas    1984
Maurice Barbara's  limo driver        John Reger   2004
Max the Java manager      Marcus Schenkenberg      2000
Max the maitre'd     John Jenis
Max from Virginia Common      Sean Hemeon        2002
Max                         Ryan Link     2006
Max                         Tim Kubart    2005
Max                         Craig Chester    
Max                         Scott Brown    4/17/2006
Max                         Alex Garcia (Darke)
Maynard                  Dick Martinsen         1986
Megan  Aaron's friend    Katie Lowes       2004-05
Megan    dated Clark    Kristina Apgar       2004
Mei Ling                     Elaine Tse      1996
Mel the messenger           Jan Austell   
Mel the kidnapping witness   Jessamyn Bradley   7/31/2007
Melanie   Craig's assistant   Dontee Kiehn    2005
Melvin the businessman     Greg Moody    
Melissa                          Wendy Allyn     2004
Melissa the nurse     ????   6/3/08
Mercedes the divorcee with Simon     Laura Sametz
Merle     Kevin Thomas    
Mia                       Athena Curry       12/2007
Michael     ???    Deerbrook Attendant    3/17/2010
Michelle    Never Seen     Molly's Assistant
Miguel the hotel clerk      Eddie Andino
Mike        George Gerdes           5/86
Mikki, Frannie's friend      Jane Krakowski     1983
Mildred the maid    Julie Jirousek        
Mildred        Marilyn Redfield         7/87
Millie, Julia's supervisor       Kit Flanagan
Mimi  Diana M's friend   Julia Murray     5/84
Miranda            Linda Warren
Miranda                Jackie Hoffman     2007
Miranda      Sarah Viccelleo   (Clements)       2007
Mitzi the waitress       Sue Ellen Estey
Moe         Brian Huskey          2005
Mona   (Damian)    Kim Sweeney     
Mother Monica    Margaret Hall    1991   Mother Superior
Monica   Barbara's model     Jennifer Karr 
Monique  from Doctors Without Borders   Eleanor Handley     2010
Morlin the Protector     Peter Dinklage      2002
Mort                Joseph Prussak     2008
Muffy    Lisa Peluso      ?1974
Murray       Jerry Matz         1985
Murray the security guard      Bill Christ      2000
Murray, Rose''s friend  Matt Walton     2000
Mya    Martha Milian         2005
Myra        Claudia Rocafort        1996
Nurse Nash        Beth Glover 
Dr. Nassir     ????     6/14/2010    Janet's OB/GYN
Officer Nathans   ????    1/19/05    
Luis (Vasquez) Navarro   Gilbert Cruz            1994     
___  Nelson    Michael Mulheren     1996
Blythe Nelson    Shelley Conger     1989-93 (occasional)  debutante; WOAK anchhorwoman; dated Tonio
Ellis Nelson     Kurt Robin McKinney    2010   Craig's thieving accountant
Sandy Nelson       Melinda Page Hamilton
Elroy Nevins         Cliff Weissman   1992-93   brutally raped Margo with Sam Fickett
Gerald  Nevins (aka Gray Gerard)   Dominic Fumusa    2008   won Al's Diner from Henry, Elroy's brother that went after Margo for payback
Herbert Newman      Robert Stanton   2003     Marshall Travers' lawyer
                                 Terrence Mann    2003-04
Monica Newman      Vickie Patik        1979     dated Ian McFarland
Mr. Nguyen       Dalton Leong        1988
Dr. Niarchos        Gregory Roziakis         6/1987
Vinnie Nichols   ??????     4/83    convict uprising at prison
Anne Nielsen    Never Seen      dated David Allen (Stenbeck)
Jens Nillson                 Jens Martin Krummell    
Gregory Noble        Christian Baskous    1992
Detective Nolan     Ben Thomas   1986
Judge Nolan        Jerry Mayer   1998
Officer Nolte     Darren Pettie      2002
Billy (Hughes) Norbeck      Daniel Menake     2005 stillborn son of Gwen and Casey
Colton "Cole"  Norbeck       Chris Heusler     2007;2008   son of Iris,father of Hallie Munson with Sofie Duran; drug addict; killed Sofie for hiding money; went to jail 
James Norman     James Broderick   1962    dumped Ellen Cole
Brad  Norris      Marcus Diamond    1983
Frank Norris     Steven Marcus
Inspector Edwin Norton      Christopher Wynkoop   1988
                                            Colin Fox      1988
Albert Norville       Kevin Carrigan   2001   former Montgomery and Associates employee turned bartender
Miss Nussbaum     Marina Zenovitch
Dr. Nutton     Greg Zittel
Nan  the waitress        Melanie Vaughn         2007
Nancy              Dawn Yanek       2007
Naomi the maid         Dorothy Lyman        8/23/2004
Nassos   the fisherman    Titos Vandis    1983-84
Nate                           Kelly Neal      1997\
Nate, Bryant's bro      Cameron Scott         2000
Neal                       Michael Gaston
Neia Sarah's mother      Never Seen
Nello                         Spiro Malas          1987
Nick                          Brandon Dooling     6/10/09
Nick the homeless kid   Neal Huff  1992   
Nick                     Chance Kelly      1997
Nicole the model     Brandhyze Stanely
Nicole  Alison's  cellmate      Joselin Reyes    2003
98 Degrees          Justin Jaffrey         1999
                             Drew Lachey           1999
                             Nick Lachey               1999
                             Jeff Timmons             1999  
Norman the guard       Jerrome Clark


Harvey O'Bannion  Never Seen   Parkinson's patient, Chris   2010

Officer O'Brien     David McDonald        1990
Matt O'Connor     Eric William Morris    2008-09    met Casey in jail and joined him in Oakdale
Agent O'Malley     Abraham Smith     20008
Sister Mary Catherine O'Malley   Tresa Hughes     
                         (Young)      Tara Falk
Mary Pat O'Neal   Barbara Garrick   1987    met Dusty at Rose's diner
Officer O'Neill      Krista LePore    2000; 2004; 2005; 2006; 2009; 2010
Officer O'Reilley    Never Seen    2010
Siobhan   O'Rourke     Priscilla Shanks        1993
April O'Shea          Garland Hunter
Aiden O'Toole        George Heslin
Angus Olliver    James Rebhorn       Reid's uncle, arrived post Reid's death
Mrs. ___ ___ Olliver   Never Seen   2010
Mr . __ Olliver     Never Seen    2010
Dr. Reid Olliver     Eric Sheffer  Stevens   2010 
                  (Young)   in video  ????    2010
  Unapologetic, arrogant and witty doctor brought in to cure Noah by Luke; moved in with Katie and son Jacob; started to fall for Luke before getting killed off, donating his heart to Chris Hughes.  One of the best written gay characters in daytime--- Noah should have been driving over those train tracks
Celia Ortega         Alyssa Diaz    2004-05   singer, Rafael's sister, dated Casey
Rafael (Rafi)  Ortega        A.J. Lamas    2004-05   boxer, Celia's brother; dated Luc
                            Michael Cardelle         2005
Beverly ____  Overton     Mary Elaine Monti     1994
Charlotte Overton     Julie Potter         1993-94
Dr. Bradley Cooper Owens     Paul Rolfes      2003
Dr. Owens         Bryan Hicks          1997

Kevin O'Malley    Kevin O'Malley  5/27/07  

Robin __ O'Malley   Robin __ O'Malley  5/27/07


Couple that won a day with Brad and Katie




Olga the babysitter        Ann Marie Cusson    3/9/2009
Olga at the spa "The Amazon"          Charley  King        2005
Olga the maid            Nereida        1983
Otis the orderly          Stu "Large" Riley      19
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Henry Chamberlain   Gwyllum Evans    1986   (temporary)
Barry Partridge    ????     Gentleman that makes faux jewelry that met Marcy Thompson on a plane to England      6/28/1985
Agatha __ Pearson   ???  1/10/96     Damian's Aunt
Robbie   ?????    Dusty's friend      6/28/1985
Veronica Tucci Lauren White   1988  occasional  owned Veronica Leathers; affair with Tonio
Wendy that was Lily's friend     ?????     6/28/1985
??????Jack Donner
???????   Ruth Klinger
??????       John Randolph   1965-66
??????       Robert Stattel
Gym guy     Joe Finfera      1996
Nurse (laughing)    ????     6/28/1985
Nurse (laughing)    ????     6/28/1985
Troublemaker at Lily's pool party   6/28/1985
Troublemaker at Lily's pool party   6/28/1985
Dr. Meghan Yee   Stanford rival to Chris and Reid for Shannon Fellowship
Mr.  Yeager    John Lantz     2010      Banker in charge of Parker's trust fund
Francois Pacoud     Katy Selverstone    2010   Lucinda's French employee  
Armando Pastrana   Never Seen    Memorial' janitor's Union  2010
Ms. Peterson   Never Seen    daughter of Alison's patient    2010
Mr. Peterson    Never Seen    patient of Alison     2010
Officer Phelps    Never Seen     2010
Mr. Prager   ?????   Meg's Attorney    5/25/10
Dr. Pressman     Mark Irish        2010 diagnosed Liberty's Leukemia
Patty     ????    Metro       3/1/10
Nurse Peggy    ??? 5/4/10
Percy    Never Seen    WOAK video editor
Peter, Ethan's friend    Never Seen      2010
Phil     Never Seen     owner of Phil's gas station
Nathan Randall    Jim Stanek       2010     Henry's proposal
Ron   ?????     5/18/10       WOAK
Richard that dated Noah     Daniel Bryck       5/2010
Rebecca    ?????    8/17/10       Memorial
Nurse Reynolds    Never Seen      floor Nurse, Memorial
Mr. Sharkey     Jeremy Holm      2010 fake orderly (Deerbrook) Damian's henchman 
Reverend Shaw     ????     2/15/10   All Angel's Church
Dr. Harold Shipman   Never Seen British Serial killer whose brain was examined by Reid      2010
Miles Slocum     Chris LaPanta   PI    6/22/10
_______Simmons     Never Seen    Reid's patient     2010
Fantasy Jack Snyder, Junior   ????   2/26/2010   fantasy baby, Jack and Janet
____ Sparks     ?????      7/6/2010
Sarah ???    Faith's friend   (Oakdale High)   4/8/2010
Nurse Sandy     Never Seen    Nurse in Minneapolis   2010
Samantha the mean girl from Faith's boarding school    Never Seen    2010
Sally    WOAK     ?????     2/18/10
Sasha     Never Seen   Faith's friend     2010
Schatzie   ????     7/27/2010    Lingerie store owner
___ Thompson     Never Seen    ski trip with Sage    2010 
Judge Thorndike    Never Seen   Gabe's arraignment   2010
Mr. Tobias     Never Seen      Dr. Kantor's patient    2010
Taryn     Eliza's nanny    Bianca Jamotte     2010
Taffy     ?????     5/10     Henry's proposal
Tina, Alison's co-worker   ?????     2/17/10
Tony that dated Noah    Peter O'Connor    2007
Victor                       Sean Morales      2010    worked at the docks
Vivian    Never Seen     Ellis Nelson's fiancee
Dr. Vasko  Never  Seen  Texas Doctor, worked with Reid 2010
Dr. Wagner   Never Seen     Meg's Doctor 2010
Gail Wallace     Never Seen   former Miss Snowflake, Oakdale   2010
Dr. Wilson     Brian Hotaling    2010  Deerbrook Doctor
MacKenzie Wong   Alice Lee     2009 bff, Liberty
Nurse Walter                Jacob Salas     2010 Liberty's nurse
Wanda             Kate Gilligan       2010   Dusty's realtor
Wendy the Lakeview maid     ???    09-10
Winston from the AA meeting    ???     8/18/10  
APRIL 2, 1956-SEPTEMBER 17, 2010 CBS

Francois Pacoud     Katy Selverstone    2010   Lucinda's French employee  

Major Page       Leon Janney    1964   head of Military School

Gregory Paget    Never Seen    Tennis bum/hit and run victim of Joyce Colman
Joseph Palladino      Victor Arnold    1992    father of Marsha McKay
Mary __ Palladino   Bernice Masse   1992   mother of Marsha McKay
Stan "Mr. Pants" Pantoliano  Michael Crecco  2009
Inspector Pappas    Alex Oliensis   1988    Greek policeman
                               James Michael Gregary  1988
Peter Paramour    ????   3/1982   dated Ellen

Bernie Parker       ?????      1984    Bart Montgomery's treacherous business partner

Albert Parks    Jeff Talbott  7&8/2005     Attorney
___ Parsons   Never Seen   Mother of Amy Hughes
Mrs. Parsons   Augusta Dabney   1973-74 Amy H's Grandmother
Mr. Parsons    William Prince     1973-74   Amy H's Grandfather
  Barry Partridge    ????     Gentleman that makes faux jewelry that met Marcy Thompson on a plane to England      6/28/1985  
Armando Pastrana   Never Seen    Memorial' janitor's Union  2010
Mr. Patel    ?????     manager of Vegas hotel
George Patelli     Vyto Ruginis    1988-89 history teacher; drugged Andy and tried to kill Lien; Vietnam vet
Nurse Connie Patrillo    Felecia Dyer    1995    
Ed  Patterson    Robert Michael Tomlinson    1988
Frank Patterson    John LaGioia   1980   PI worked for John Dixon
Artemio Paz    Roger DeKorven   1985    5/12/04  Jacobo Esteban's best friend
Ms. Peabody    Virginia White      1989
Mr. Peacock      Eric Deskin      2009
Hester "Miss Thompson" Pearce   Jacqueline Brookes  1969-70  patient of Bob Hughes; confessed to Bob for killing Michael Shea then died. Tom was in jail for the murder and no one could prove her guilt.
Agatha __ Pearson   ???  1/10/96     Damian's Aunt 
Trooper Pearson    Andrew Call    2006    Trainer
Agent Pendleton     Marc Webster 
Gil Penn    Van Hughes     2006-07
Mitch Pepper   Jon Rowland   2002   student at Franklin College - stole Aaron's Motorcycle
Juanita Pererra     1989   Vivianne E . Castanos         Montegan uprising
Manuel Pererra    John Enrique Varea   1988  Montega
Adelaide Peretti    ????????   1987 ; 89Casey's aunt
Dr. Casey Peretti   Bill Shanks  1986-90   Frannie's ex, saved her from Marsha Talbot; delivered Chris Hughes at the Hughes cabin; dated Taylor Baldwin; fell in love with Lyla and fathered Katie.
Was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, was paralyzed, and begged Margo to pull the plug. She did.
Claudia Peretti     Alice Barrett   1988    Casey's cousin
Gino Peretti     ????    1987 ; 1989    Casey's nephew
Joe Peretti    Frank Biancama   no   1987-90 Casey's dad; heard tape of Casey begging Margo
Lorraine ___ Peretti   ?????     1987;1989      Shaun's wife; Gino and Tony's mother
Nurse Lyla Crawford Montgomery Peretti   Ex-wife of Bart, the father of Craig and Cricket;had an affair with John Dixon fathering Margo. Sister of attorney Maggie Crawford; engaged to Bob Hughes, dated Frank Andropoulos and Larry McDermott; married Casey and had Katie; lost Casey and was engaged to Cal.  Rented room in her home; chanteuse, left town on tour.
                      Veleka Gray   1980
                      Lee Bryant   1985; 1986 (temporary)
                     Anne Sward   1980-93; 2000
Maureen Pettigrew Peretti   Luce Ennis   1987-90  Casey's mother
Michael Peretti     ??????     1987    Casey's brother                     
Rose ___ Peretti   Miriam Phillips  1987-89  Casey's grandmother
Seraphina Peretti     ??????  11/6, 24, &25 1987    Casey's aunt
Shawn Peretti      ?????    Casey's brother      1987; 1989
Tony Peretti         ????     Casey's nephew    1987; 1989
Arturo Perez      Gilberto Companion
Henry Perkins    James Callahan
Neil Perkins    Michael Izquierdo    2008    murder victim of Evan Walsh IV
Officer Perkins   Brian Letscher    
Andre Perrin      Scott  Hampton    2003   boyfriend, Jennifer
Judge Peters    Never Seen  1978    father of Karen involved in illegal activities
Karen Peters (aka Karen Parker)    Leslie Denniston   1978  arrived in Oakdale on the run from her father and fiance, district attorney Walter Vested who was trying to convict the judge.  Dated Bob Hughes as a cover, but when all was said and done, she was involved in the crime syndicate, as was Walter. All three went to jail
Mr. Peters   David Byron      1999  
Dr. Anthony Peterson   Brad Schmidt     2002
Miss Peterson     Nancy Andrews     1970  Simon Gilbey's Executive Assistant
                        Margaret Hamilton    1970
Mrs. ____ Tenney Peterson  Never Seen    mother of Molly, sister of Ray
Ms. Peterson   Never Seen    daughter of Alison's patient    2010
Mr. Peterson    Never Seen    patient of Alison     2010
Mr. Peterson      Never Seen    father of Molly
Violet  Peterson    Nancy Reilly     1987     hooker
Diane  ___  Petrie     Barbara Eda-Young         1988   Herb's wife
Herb Petrie       Stan Tracy       1988    station manager, had affair with and was killed by crazy Laura Simmons
                          James Gleason  1988
Loretta Pettigrew   Never Seen    1987     Casey's aunt
Dr. Dick Phalen     Irving Allen Lee     1991-92
                             Isaiah Whitlock     1993
Officer Phelps    Never Seen     2010
Officer Oscar Phelps    Chris Lucas     2002
Bill Phillips   Craig Wroe       2008
George Phillips    Robert Blackburn   1992-93
Gus Phillips        Sal Vaccarino      Henry's associate  1/17/01
Lloyd Phillips    Damien Leake  1989   abused his wife, Amy who married Roy F.
Steve Phillips       Patrick Boll    2006
Dolores ___ Snyder Pierce   Valerie Perrine   1998-99   Jack and Brad's wretched Mom
Frank Pierce    Never Seen     1998-99 second husband of Dolores
Hester Blake Pierce  Ann Stanchfield  1979   Martin Blake's sister, Martin Hadley's maid tat killed his wife, Ruth and tried to kill Lisa
Inspector Pierce  ???    1985   came to Oakdale investigating Lady Veronica Cushing's death/murder
Reverend Pierce          Mitchell McGuire     1991
Doris __ Pierpont   Mary D'Arcy    1987   Duncan McKechnie's ex
Charles Pierson       Ben George    1987   Duncan's employee that was on James Stenbeck's payroll to ruin his shipping company
Inspector Jean Piette      Gerard Touroul
Officer Pikus         Kevin Geer     9/94
Herbert Pinely    Edward McPhillips    1987     groundskeeper
Miss Piper        Polly Adams       1996
Owen Pitt     Michael Cannis
Jamie Platt     David Norton      1978-79   hung out with Betsy and Lois
Gary Podvitz     Rocky Stone    1990
Dr. Polk    ????      1976   Joyce's OBGYN
Tom Pope      Attorney that dated Penny. Let her go when he heard her profess her love for Jeff Baker
                       Hal Hamilton     1957
                       Biff McGuire   (Temporary) 1958
                       Charles Baxter    1957-58
____ Porter    Jason Schuler
Dr. Porter       Stephen James   1992-93
Greg Porter   Joshua Sutton
Luke Porter    Ted Agress  1975-76   Margaret's husband that slept with his brother, Ralph's wife, Natalie Bannon
Margaret ___ Porter  Kathleen Noone   1975-76   Luke's cuckolded wife
Ralph Porter    Never Seen   1975-76  Natalie's husband that overdosed
Bruno Portolano    Jaime Passer    2001   Craig's business associate, friend of Rose, smitten with Katie
___  Posner     Dean Harrison        1996
Bud Potter      ????      5/1984   beat up Craig    
Morgan Powell   Eric Martin Brown     2005
Reverend Powers    Walter Hudson    1997
Mr. Prager   ?????   Meg's Attorney    5/25/10
Louella __ Pratt      Kathleen Butler  2002     headmistress of Wentworth Academy; Alison broke her trophy    
Will Pratt       Gordon Lockwood    1985-86    assistant, Marsha Talbot
Dr. Prendergrast      Patrick Melville      2009
Mike Prendergrast    Michael Landrum 
Dr. Prescott       George Rose     early 1970s
Douglas Prescott     John O'Hurley    1988
Dr. Pressman     Mark Irish        2010 diagnosed Liberty's Leukemia
___  Price    James Ciccone       2010       card player
Leland Price    Gregg Edelman      9/1/2010
Mr. Price      Don Creech    parole officer   1998   
Reverend Price    Bill Massof    2009
Dr. Richard Price    Murphy Guyer    1999
Edith ____ Prisk    Ronnie Farer         2007
Judge Pritzker     Brian Smiar      2010
Hermione Proulx   Jacqueline Bertrand   
Lucas Pryor     Mark Garfield    1989-90     Lombard family employee
Tony Pugliese     Nick Adams       2010
Tonya Pugliese    Diana Bologna     2010
Dr. Bill Purcell      Eugene Boles    1990
Mrs. Putnam     Marcella Martin
Rick Putnam        Tony Cummings    1985    tried to rape Marcy
Ronald Putney     Jay Russell       3/25/2004        St. Bart's hotel desk clerk

Paddington the butler   Peter Noone   2002

Pamela   Mary Ellison's friend    Never Seen   1976
Paolo the concierge     John LaGioia
Paolo, Lucinda's trainer      Frank Fortunato
Pat the bartender    David Margulies
Pat the biker chick     Dyon Donley    
Patrice   from the spa    Susan Barry
Patti   Nikki Doney
Patty the waitress    Kate Skinner        2007
Patty     ????    Metro       3/1/10
Paula      Lois Robbins
Pearl , Nancy's sister       Never Seen
Peg the Lakeview  desk clerk   ????  5/2007
Peggy from the salon   Beth B. Austin
Nurse Peggy    ??? 5/4/10
Madame Penelope the seer    Melina Kalomas       2008
Percy    Never Seen    WOAK video editor
Perri           Ann Dowd          5/5/2009
Officer Pete   ????    12/14/09
Pete         Andrew Lubeskie           1987
Peter from the Plakka  ????    1979
Peter the maitre'd      James Michael Bryan   
Peter the meth dealer     Jack Walker      11/28/05
Peter the security guard      Miguel Darga
Peter           Jamil Mena         2006
Peter, Ethan's friend    Never Seen      2010
Petey,    shady contact of Jack   ?????   8/15/97
Phil     Never Seen     owner of Phil's gas station
Phoenix the hooker      Sabrina Lloyd 
Phyllis (aka Cha Cha) that dated Bob   ?????    4/84
Phyllis               Erin Fritch
Phyllis the Fairwinds Maid           Tamara Lewis    2003-04; 2005
Pierce the private investigator     Greg Connelly   2010
Pietro          Rocco Parente     1996
Priscilla  the apartment manager     Betsy Aidem
Prue the coordinator    Christine Toy Johnson

Mr. Quick       Joe Wisniewski      2009

_____Quinlan     W.T. Martin     1996

Officer Quincy   ????   7/26/06

Barry Quinlan    Tom McBride   

Lonnie Quinn        Lonnie Quinn     2009    worked at CBS as weatherman with Molly

Peter Quinn     Danny Johnson     2006




Q                      Lee Wong   2005


Sheriff Radcliffe     John Henry Cox      2007
Agent Radford         Daniel Travis     
Gary Rady            Donnie Keshawarz     1999 made Denise sell her baby
Dr. Rainer     Latanya Barsay     1998
Detective Ramirez   Gary Perez     1996
District Attorney Ramirez    ????       1980
Dr. Ramirez    Joseph Melendez       12/2004
Dr. Rampal    Sam Schacht
Dominic Ramsey       Chris Tardio    2004     Rafi's manager
Mark Ramsey     Terry Eno        1993
Mrs. Ramsey       Rebecca Schull     1985
Nathan Randall    Jim Stanek       2010     Henry's proposal
Billie Lou ___ Randolph   Never Seen   late wife of Cal, mother of Jill
Cal Randolph        Luke Reilly    1984-85    former prisoner, dumped Diana at the altar, gave his daughter Jill to Maggie Crawford and Frank. Murdered by Douglas Cummings in the Yacht Club pool.
Kenny Rankin      Kenny Rankin      1985    singer
Officer Rawson    Tim Devlin     1997
Greg Ray      Nick Cortland       1985
Detective Raybuck     Paul Austin     1990    probation officer
Officer Joe Rayburn    Danny Johnson    2009
Chris Reagan      Ingrid Helmke      1973
Mrs. Reagan       Anna Minot     1973
Peggy Reagan    Lisa Cameron       1973  Emily Stewart's baby nurse
Coleman "Doc" Reese   DJ Lockhart Johnson    2004 sportscaster, one night stand with Margo
Marilyn ___ Reese   Karen Williams    2004   Doc's ex-wife?
Sam Reese    Allen McCullough        2009
Scott Reeves     Scott Reeves      2005    Singer Blue County
Nurse Rita Renfield        Barbara Garrick    1998-99   David Stenbeck's girlfriend, lacky and murder victim
Dr. George Renfro    ??????
Signora Renzetti    Dolores Wilson          1987
____    Rescott        Gary Tacon 
Detective Melinda Reubens        Sundra Oakley     2002
(An)Tonio Reyes    Peter Boynton  1986-91;1992  Manipulative bastard to put it kindly; businessman, womanizer married Sierra and Meg; had affairs with Barbara,Emily, Lilith, Julie, Blythe, Gail, Veronica and was engaged to Sabrina; blackmailer, perjurer accused of murder, abused his women, hired killers, kidnapped a few...all around sleazy guy---played to perfection by Boynton. presumed dead falling from a helicopter.
Madame Reynevska     ????   piano teacher     7/84
Ann Reynolds  Linda Cook    2007     realtor
Ben Reynolds      David Nichols    1991-92   Kim's former brother-in-law; Jason's twin, Valerie's brother
Casey Reynolds     Nicolette Goulet     1984
Dr. Reynolds     Elissa Bonds         10/1/2007
Dr. Reynolds     Marie Thomas       1998
Officer Finn Reynolds       Raymond Crisara      2002-10 occasional
Jason Reynolds     Never Seen first husband of Kim Sullivan; possibly shown in flashback 1992 David Nichols
Mr. Reynolds       Herb  Nelson    1967     board chairman
Nurse Reynolds    Never Seen      floor Nurse, Memorial
Carol Rice     Gloria Hoye    1962-63    Mitchell Dru's secretary
Ed Rice   John McMartin     1962-63   Carol's brother, convinced Edna to sue Doug
Edna ___ Rice   Helen Shields    1962-63    Carol and Ed's mother, sued Doug Cassen for malpractice
Judge Harold Rice   Peter McRobbie    2008
Mr. Rice    Judson Laire    1962    Carol and Ed's father died of complications from a duodenal ulcer
Ms. Rice       Alison Metcalf
Gordon Richards    Tim Peper     2006
Tina Richards    Toni Bull Bua   1975-76    was to be secretly married to Norman Garrison before he died
Ed Richardson     Frank Thomas   1961-62   Grace Baker's right hand man, helped Jeff get into the music business
Pete Rigby    ????      6/84     Whit McCall's henchman
Officer Rigby       Marjorie Johnson     1997
Pat Riley      Dyon Nicole Donley        2/2/2007           biker chick 
Dr. Ripley      Jack Koenig      1999
Carlo Rivera     Francisco G. Rivela  1989
   Officer Carlos Rivera            Tito Ortiz     2001                         
Phoebe Rivera        Melissa Ramone           1994
State Nurse Rivera     Kathy Cortez
Inspector Rizzoli       Paola de Paolo       9/94
Jane Robelot   Jane Robelot      CBS This Morning    1998  NY awards host
Lauren ___ Roberts   Celeste Holm   1981-82    Ellen's friend while David was presumed dead
Mr. Roberts    ????    1983    Jeff Ward's patient
Sal Roberts   Tom Bloom       2007
Hank Robinson    Kipp Whitman     1978-79    raped Carol, used to beat/sexually abuse ex Linda. Jay beat him up and went to jail for 60 days. 
Mel Robinson     James Doerr   1998    minister
Vic Robinson     Mark LaMura   1997   Jack went undercover with this gangster
Joey Rocco       James Thomas Bligh    2004   Barbara's assistant
Miss Rochelle    Lucinda Jenney      1983
Judge Rockwell     Suzi Hunt        1991
Nurse Rockwell    Judith Hawking     ?2004?
Dr.Rodden     John Vennema      1996  police psychologist
Sergeant Domingo Rodriguez     Emilio del Pozo
Father Rodriguez    Jos Laniado      2002  
Melissa Roebling     Elizabeth Heflin     liaison between StrickCo and Walsh Enterprises  93
Candace Rogers   Anne Lange    1992-93
District Attorney Rogers     Jack Betts   1981   prosecutor in Dee/John rape trial
Joan ___ Rogers      Joan Copeland  1967-68   +Ted died of heart failure
Roy Rogers        Roy Rogers 
Ted Rogers       Clifford Carpenter    1967-68   Joan's husband
Steve Rollins   Larry Green     1997
                T. Scott Cunningham   1998
             video editor
Harry Roper    John Conley    1989-90  Lombard henchman
Dr. Bethany Rose      Tovah Feldshuh   1994     John Dixon's doctor for his colon cancer
Dr.Boris Rose      Sam Gray      1994    father of Bethany
Mrs. Rosenfield     Jeanne Lehman   1998    Casey's teacher
Baby Ross     Never Seen      third child of Cricket, born in California
Billy Ross       son of Cricket and Cody Sullivan; adopted by Ernie; bartender; slept with Jennifer;   went to Scotland with Bonnie to prove she was rightful heir;  Never came home.
                          ?????      1982-83
                            Adam Linke  cast but Never aired     2001
                           Hunter Garner      2001-02
Cricket Montgomery Ross   Lisa Loring     1980-83, 1984
          Daughter of Lyla and Bart Montgomery; pretended she was preggers by Eric Hollister, worked for Cody Sullivan and got pregnant with Billy by him.  Fell for close friend Ernie, maried him after pregnancy with Suzanne, who was born before they left Oakdale for California. Visited in 1984 for Craig's incarceration.
Ernie Ross  Jay Marshall Watson       1981-83    Cricket's tutor, virgin, chemical engineer. Married Cricket, adopted Billy, fathered Suzanne
Suzanne "Suzi" Ross    ???    1983  daughter of Cricket and Ernie
Joe Rossiter   Chance Kelly       2008
Beverly Roth     Kate Forbes     1993   
Dr. Roth     Daniel Cantor    2008
Simon Roth     Brian Cousins    1990
Dr. Rourke       Shamika Cotton       2006
Claudette Roy      Gayton Scott   2/4/2004   fashion reporter
Brady Rudd     Benjamin Mathes     2002-03   Aaron's buddy from Seattle
Judge Rudolph    Bill Raymond        2005
Tim Rudy      John Todd     2001-02
Agent Ruiz    Sean Mahan       2008?
Liv Russell   Jessica Eliandra Grant    2006-07       +Kevin
Officer Russell       Tony Cucci     
Dr. Chuck Ryan     first husband of Jennifer Sullivan; father of Rick and Barbara; Bob Hughes' best friend  dated Mary Mitchell
                           Michael Ebert        1961-66
                         Bob Balaban     ????
                           Don Chastain   1971
Eliza Ryan         daughter of Paul and Emily
                           Julia Kaplan     2008-09
                           Madison Orofino    2009-10
Emily Stewart Snyder Munson Ryan.....
  courtesy of @Brolden    Daughter of Dan and Susan; Betsy's sister; Donated the eggs that were used to conceive her sister, Alison, and Hunter; Mother of Daniel and Jennifer; Married to Holden, Hal, Paul and Casey; Dated James, Tonio, Craig, Brock, Gavin, Evan, Larry, Royce, Jef, Diego, David, Chris and Dusty; Journalist; Owner of the Intruder; Former prostitute.
                       Pat Reynolds     early 1970s
                       Janine Sagan    early 1970s
                       Jenny Harris   1976-79  (Marie Masteres' daughter)
                       Melissa Morell    1979
                       Colleen McDermott    1986-87
                       Christine Moore    (temporary)  
                       Melanie Smith    1987-91; 1992
                       Kelley Menighan Hensley   1992-2010
Jennifer Ryan     Never Seen 2006  daughter of Paul and Emily died in childbirth
Meg Snyder Reyes Landry Ryan Montgomery Ryan
courtesy of @Brolden          Daughter of Harvey and Emma; Sister of Iva, Seth, Ellie, Caleb and Holden; Mother of Eliza; Married to Tonio, her "cousin" Josh/Rod (but it was OK, because he was adopted), Craig and Paul. Dated Dusty and Damian. Once tossed aside by Damian, spiralled completely out of control and ended up in a psychiatric hospital in Washington.
                           Jennifer Ashe    1986-89; 1991; 1992; 1993; 1994
                           Marie Wilson    2005-10
Paul (Stenbeck) Ryan
courtesy of @Brolden         Son of James and Barbara; Raised temporarily by Claudia and Raymond Colfax; Brother of David, Jordan, Henry, Jennifer, Will and Johnny. Father of Jennifer and Eliza; Married Rosanna, Emily and Meg; Dated Tess, Sarah and Rose; Slept with Sofie; Former partner in Barbara Ryan Originals
                             Canaan Crouch 1980

                               Brett Barry    81-82

                                 Elden Ryan Ratliss  1982-83

                                Daniel Pintauro     1983-84

                               Braden Danner    1984

                             (Boarding School)  

                             Christopher Daniel Barnes    1985-86

                               Damion Scheller      1986

                               Andrew Kavovit     1986-91; 1992

                               John Howard     1996

                                Scott Holroyd   2001-03

                               Roger Howarth     2003-10

Dr. Rick Ryan       former doctor; John Dixon's protege; son of Jen and Chuck; let Len Howell get away with making PCP, planted it on Larry Travis, spiked Eric Hollister with it; was involved in taking baby Sabrina from Kim with Howard Lansing
                            Con Roche   1972-73; 1986-87
                            Gary Hudson 1981
Judge Hamilton Rydell     Richard Council    ?1993
Eric Rykov       Page Johnson      1989      Stalked Anna Benson and wormed his way into Tom and Margo's hiouse in search of the postal heist loot
Dr. Tess Ryland        Anne Shropshire    1984    worked with Russ Elliott
Rachel from Virginia Common       Megan Gunning    2002
Rachel, Aaron's friend         Amanda Powell   2005
Rachel          Hanna Klein       2006-09
Rachel        Aleye Compaly
Rachel    the restaurant patron   Michelle Woods   2002
Rachel         Sharon Emster     4/90\
Rainbow from the Commune   Patrice Mirium Johnson
Ramon            Carlos Sabater   1989
Ramon             Jose Zuniga
Raoul     Karen's male escort    ?????     1983
Raspy  that threatened Margo        Christopher McCann      1986
Ray the NYC bartender    Ray Iannicelli       2002
Raymond    the photographer   Sam Catlin   1998   at Camille's shoot
Raymond         Robert Vincent Smith       1988-89
Rebecca    ?????    8/17/10       Memorial
Reed            Gary Evans     
Renee    Ob(? Ojo??) Adewele 
Renee the nurse      Dawn McGee      2009   Maeve's friend
Rene           Olivia Oguma          1997  
Rex             Adonis Kapsalis          2007
Rhonda      dated Jack  Mary Anne Lamb     1998
Ricardo    the French jeweler     Alexander Blaise    2007
Richard that dated Noah     Daniel Bryck       5/2010
Richard       Michael Houston King    
Richie   Zoe's manager     Jonathon Walker     1996
Rick       Josh Stamberg        1998
Rick from UNCC    Erik Alden        2002
Rick photographer, Emily   ????       9/1/98    
Ricky, Adam's friend    Bret Cooper  
Rico       Porfirio Figueroa      11/1992
Ritchie, Annie's boyfriend    ?????     1973
Ritchie (sleazy guy)     Gerald Anthony   2003  
Robbie   ?????   Dusty's friend      6/28/1985  
Roberta the nanny   Maureen Pelegrino    
Roberto     Chris Rivaro      2004
Rocco the thug that burnt down the Hayloft Bar    ????    5/1985
Rocco, Dusty's goon       Jay Boryea
Rolf   Lucinda's therapist   Reid Mihalko    
Rolf     Eric Gustafson        1995
Rolo   beat up Cal Randolph in prison  ?????     1985
Romeo that dated Ellen      ?????       3/1982
Ron from Ohio State    Jerry Baxtrom, Jr.     2002
Ron   ?????     5/18/10       WOAK
Rory        Gary Buxton, Jr.
Rory     Michael Cosman       XMas 1983
Rosanne  Ellen's friend      Edie Adams     1982
Rosie     Viola Pashalinsky          1999
Ross a young boy     Yves   Michel Beneche    
Roy            Stephen Mendillo     1997
Russ the lab tech      Mark Zeisler        1999
Ruthy from Rhodes College      Caitlin Goodrich    2002

Signore Sabatino         Frank Savino

Justin Saint Claire        Joel Fabiani      1994
Rosie Salcedo            Rosa Arredondo 
Dr. Salerno               Ali Marsh
Dr. Audrey Samuels       Donna Mitchell   1986       OB/GYN
                                       Maureen Anderman    1986
                                       Maggie Burke    1986-1996
                                      Elaine Bromka     1996-2003?
Geneva Samuelson      Geneva Hyman    2006  one of Eve Browning's murder victims
Dr. Sanborn                       Jack Gilpin      2004     psychiatrist, Barbara
Hector Sanchez              Rui Baptista    1994   took Scott's watch
Miss Sanchez                 Amanda Diaz       2/20/2001
Nita __ Sanchez                Judy Reyes     1994  pregnant cantina worker; Duncan met her while searching for Scott Eldredge.
Robbie Sanchez          Carlos Alberto Valencia     12/08-1/09
Lynn Sands                  Patricia Hodges
________ Santiago       Never Seen       Montegan criminal
Officer Santiago           Albert Michel, Jr.
Merv Santini     ????    1980      supplier, Jay Stallings
Helen __ Saunders       Lisa Howard        ?1961-62
Theresa Saunders    Sofia Landon (Geier)  1987-88  servant, McKechnie Castle; murder victim
Lieutenant Gary Savage     Lloyd Alan   1981-82   police officer     
Dr. Savitt                  Munson Hicks       1993
Dr. Sawyer            ????      1972
Mr. Sawyer          Barry Cullison      1989-90    Lucinda's Pilot
Signore Scarzini   Nicholas Kepros
Martha Schaeffer    Julie McKee     1988
Doug Schaff     Terry Eno       1994 -95    Mike's parole officer, bad cop
                             Adam LeFevre   1995
Dr. Schiff                  Jean DeBaer     1998      heart specialist
Dr. Elaine Schiller        Traci Godfrey    2005-08    OB/GYN
Captain Rudolph Schilling       Edmund C. Davys
Dr. Schmeglitz  ???      OB/GYN with Henry, Vienna, Katie, and Brad 5/1/09
Hans Schmidt       Gerrit Vooren     1993-95    shot Eduardo, responsible for many Kingsley Malta disasters; kidnapped Lily and Holden
Hilda Schmidt        Lisa Mandel    2002     spa
Officer Schwartz          Jeffrey Spodan      1990
Dr. Jack Scott      Edward Moore    1984
Myrtle ___ Scott   Marcia Haufrecht      2003 elderly victim of Rick Decker
Nick Scudder        Carl Tye Evans    2001-02   Molly's former lover, jailbird; acted reformed bu was still a sleaze; tried to seduce Abigail and run away with her; murdered by Mary
Jill Scully       Tara Westland
Dr. Searle (?Serle?)    Sue Jin Song       2007
Emile Seblon        Tom Galantich     1992   Gavin's hired hit man
Henri Seblon      Christian Aubert      1992    Emile's brothe
Dr. Seidmann   Ali Marsh       2007     worked with Parker
                     Hope Chernov     2008
Randy Selkirk     Craig Austin       1994     reporter       
                               Don R. McManus     
                             Neal Jones     1993
                             Alex Draper         1998
Dr. Steven Seltzer        George Dickerson     1993
Lois Serafin        Kathryn Meisle     2004     psychic
Reverend Seton      Nicholas Kepros     1986
Dean Severn      John Hillner     2009   Oakdale U
Officer Ron Shanks      David Harbour      1997-2004     gullible police officer
Nurse Shapiro       Lynn Cohen       1992 
Mr. Sharkey     Jeremy Holm      2010 fake orderly (Deerbrook) Damian's henchman 
Milo Shaughnessy    Ross Partridge     2007  Sarah's husband, demanded to know how she died at gunpoint
Sarah _____ Shaughnessy     Crystal Bock    2007   patient that died from an allergy after an operation 
Judge Shaw         Lewis Arlt    1997
Reverend Shaw     ????     2/15/10   All Angel's Church
Charles "Chuckie" Shea    Keith Pomeroy    son of Lisa and Dr. Michael Shea;  killed in 1977 by a car accident
                                          Pip Sarser
                                          Roger Morgan
                                         Willie Rook
                                         Johnny Breen
                                         Shane Nickerson
                                         David Perkins      ?? - 1977
Claire English Lowell Cassen Shea    best friend of Nancy Hughes; cheated on by husband Jim with Edith Hughes; mother of Ellen; sister of Steve, widowed, married Doug Cassen; inadvertently caused the death of Diane Steiner, widowed again; married Dr. Michael Shea,lost him to Lisa, became a drinker, which may have caused her death
                                 Anne Burr     1956-60
                                  Gertrude Warner     1960
                                 Nancy Wickwire     1960-64
                                 Jone Allison     1964-65
                               Barbara Berjer    1965-71
Dr. Michael Shea     scheming doctor; married Claire; impregnated Lisa with Chuckie; Tom Hughes stole drugs from his office and went to jail for his murder; killed by Hester  (Miss Thompson) Pearce, whose daughter had committed suicide
                               John Lasell     1966
                                Jay Lanin     1966-68
                               Roy Shuman   1968-70
Bartleby Shears     Jonno Roberts    2003    con man who worked with Simon, murdered by Simon ; twin of Mordecai
Mordecai Shears    Jonno Roberts   2003   wanted revenge on Simon and Katie
Becky Shelby     Larissa Auble    1989  Hal's niece
Ben Shelby        Donovan Sylvest  1989    Hal's brother-in-law
Ben Shelby, Jr.   Sam Gold, Jr.   1989  Hal's nephew
Cassie Shelby    Stacey Morley    1989    Hal's niece
Claire Munson Shelby   Kirtan Coan    1989; 1993   Hal's no-nonsense sister
Davey Shelby    Sean Kalish    1989   Hal's nephew
Tess Shelby       Parker Posey   1991-93  Hal's niece ; dated Hutch; pretended she was pregnant to save their relationship
Milt Shepherd    Thom Sesma     2005    pharmacist
Nan ___ Shepherd    Ann Torsiglieri   2/24/2005
Elizabeth Sheriden      Betsy Aidem   1990-91 ????  Noelle's mother
Dr. Sherwood       John Ottavino      2007
Mr. Shink    Patrick McNulty        2009       Parker's lawyer
Dr. Harold Shipman   Never Seen British Serial killer whose brain was examined by Reid      2010  
Bobby Short       Bobby Short    ??   Musician
Nurse Showcroft   Marisa Redanty    2004    nurse @ Deerbrook
Harry Siegler       Randy Kovitz    2009   backer, Carly's vodka business
Deena ?? Silva  (Evans)    Deborah Hedwall   1998  Eddie's mother;drug addict; killed by Margo
                 (young)   Sarah Thompson     1998
Eddie Silva       Nathaniel Marston    1998-2000   son of Deena and Alec Wallace; juvenile delinquent; Lost his mother; crushed on Margo; fell for Georgia; found out Alec was his father; Georgia killed Alec in self defense; married her and moved away
                        (young)   Frankie J. Galasso     1998
Georgia Tucker Silva        Jaime Nicole Dudney    1998-2000  daughter of Cody Tucker and Samantha Markham, abandoned by Sam a second time; contemplated suicide after killing Alec; cleared ; married Eddie
Dr. Silverman      Allen Enlow       2005  doctor that supplied Rosanna with a drug
_______Simmons     Never Seen    Reid's patient     2010
Daisy ____ Simmons     Paula Trueman   1985  woman that almost froze to death
Darren Simmons    Never Seen    1988    husband of Laura
Jennifer Simmons    Never Seen 1988   daughter of Laura and Darren
Kirk Simmons    Dan Monahan    1979    dated Lois Middleton   "PORKYS" movies
Laura Farrell Simmons   Carolyn Anne Clarke   1988  daughter of Mary, sister of Beau; disturbed woman, "Fatal Attraction" for Bob Hughes; murdered Herb Petrie
Victor Simmons    Never Seen     1988    son of Laura
Mr. Simms       Phil Pruneau       2/1990
Mr. Simms       Tom Cappadona     2005
Mona Marsden  Simms     ??????     11/86    kept tabs on Frannie in Europe, Peter Marsden's aunt
Phil Simms       Phil Simms     2007     former New York Giant turned Sportscaster  cameo
Debbie Simon     Sharon Case   1992-93   Ned and Valerie's unbalanced daughter; fell for Hutch, but ended up in a bad situation because of Linc
Dr. Simon        Craig Wroe     1997
Ned Simon       Frank Converse      1992-93 Seth's publisher, fell in love with Emma; Debbie's over-protective father; killed Linc for hurting Deb; died of a cerebral hemorrhage
Valerie ____  Simon    Sigrunn O'Mark    1993   Ned's wife, Deb's mom, stayed with Ned for Debbie's sake
Bud Simpson     Vasili Bogazianos      2004     gym manager
Detective Simpson    ??????    1988   dead police officer
Mary Simpson      Mary Joy     
Mrs. Simpson       ??????       1979      Social worker
Jordan Sinclair      Chris Beetem    2004-05   came to work for Barbara; married Rosanna to help her get custody of Cabot, found out he's Cabot's father; divorced Rosanna; dated Jen, found out James was his father; worked for Lucinda; left for NYC
Jordan Sinclair (young)    ???    flashback   6/9/04   
Bing Skaggs     Jeff Robins       2009    threatened Holden's life
Jasmine Skyler     Chelsea Lagos     2005
J.D. Slade         Jason Kravits       1997       reporter
Ike Slattery       William Hickey      1983    con man, impersonated Steve for Craig and stole rare coins
Dr. Sloan       Andrew William Smith    2006
Miles Slocum     Chris LaPanta   PI    6/22/10
Officer Slocum       Brandon Fisher    
                      Steven Cimino    
Tiffany Slovinsky         Katie Bennett   1996    dated Clegg
Melvin Smenk    ????    BRO business associate  7/2/04
Dorrie _____  Smith     Paula Laurence   1979     gossipy woman
Ernie Smith      James Doerr     1989     bartender
Harry Smith    Harry Smith     1995  CBS TV host    cameo
Jerry Smith     Haywood Nelson  ?1971-73?
John Smith       Ed Kemmer     
Bruce Smithwick    Jamie Walters  1989   date, Carrie Sturgess
Aaron Snyder           Son of Holden Snyder and Julie Kenney Wendall, ; adopted by Iva; raised by Holden, then Julie and Caleb in Seattle; rode a motorcycle;fell for Lucy, chased by Alison (they married and divorced twice; worked as a cashier, mechanic, boxer, and bartender; was injured by a weighted glove by Rafi Ortega (Rafi didn't know); moved to Seattle to help his dying mother; came back; fell for Sofie, testified against her in family court, lost her; fell for Alison; smartened up and left town.
                     Mason Boccardo   1991-95 occasional; 1998        
                              Agim Kaba  2002-05; 2007-09
Alison (McDermott) Stewart Snyder Snyder    daughter of Larry McDermott and an egg from Emily Stewart, Susan Stewart carried her; waitress;; porn star/meth fiend; nurses' aide. dated Gordo; Dylan McCarthy; Jesse the drug dealer; Matt O'Connor, ONS with Dusty; pregnant by/ engaged to Chris Hughes; married Aaron twice; left town engaged to Casey
                             Amy Principe    1994-96
                            Krista & Mary  Ricchiuti   1996-99
                          Jill Shackner    2000
                             Sarah Hyland    2001
                            Jessica Dunphy   2002-2005
                            Marnie Schulenberg    2007-10
  Angel Lange Snyder Snyder    Alice Haining    1988-94   molested by her father; found help to escape after affair with Caleb ; married Holden; confronted father; married Seth   adopted Noelle but gave her back.
Bert Snyder    Never Seen     father of Brad and Jack; late husband of Dolores
Bradley "Brad" Snyder   Son of Bert and Dolores; brother of Jack; star of Oakdale Now and Oakdale 411; knocked up Janet with Liberty; had affairs with Lucinda, Camille, Rosanna,Vienna, and Bonnie ;blackmailed Carly into marriage(thought Parker might be his), eventually fell in love with Katie and married her. fathered Jacob with her; con man, grifter; grew to love daughter Liberty beating up the boy that drugged and attacked her; killed accidentally by his brother Jack while rescuing Katie from Ralph Manzo
                      Nick Kokotakis      1998-99
                           Roy Eudon    1999
                     John LoPrieno     1999
                           Austin Peck 2007-09
Detective Caleb Snyder   Lived in Chicago with his sister, Ellie, accused of murder there, slept with Lily, dated Pam, was engaged to Angel; prime suspect in murder of Brock Lombard; married Julie, became a cop, moved to Seattle to raise her kids, Pete and Jenny Wendall and later, Aaron
                          Michael David Morrison 1988-93 (RIP)
                       Graham Winton 1993-95; 1998; 2001; 2002
Carly Tenney (Lowe) Munson Dixon Snyder Snyder Snyder Snyder
                                  Maura West   1995-96; 1997-2010
                                           (young, 2005)...  ?????
Dr. Snyder       Ed Prentiss     1956     doctor, Claire Lowell
Elizabeth ___ Snyder      wife of abusive Henry Snyder; raised her son, Josh (aka    Rod Landry) by Cal as Henry's.
                                  Eda Seasongood    1987
                                   Annie (Rose) Murray   1987-88
Emma Lape Snyder     Matriarch/widow of Harvey; mother of Seth, Ellie, Caleb, Holden and Meg; adoptive mother of Iva; farmer and romance novelist (as Amber D'Amour); dated John Dixon ad Cal Stricklyn; was engaged to Ned Simon before his death; staunch supporter of her children.
                              Kathleen Widdoes       1985-2010
Ethan Snyder          Holden and Lily's third child
                               Jason & Julian Patrick    2006-08
                                 Brayden & Declan Schenck  2006-08
                                  Jason Bastelli    2008-10
Faith Snyder  eldest of Holden and Lily's three children together; kidnapped at birth by David Stenbeck; bulimic; hooked on diet pills; started taking drugs; kidnapped and tied up by Damian; crushed on Parker as the show ended.
                                 Keara Dolan    1998-2002
                                  Eliza Ryan      1998-2002
                                  Cassidy Hinkle  2002-06
                                 Ashley Marie Greiner   2006-09
                               Valentina DeAngelis    2010
Harvey Snyder          Never Seen   Father of Seth, Ellei, Caleb, Holden and Meg; adopted Iva; died before Snyders arrived
Henry Snyder   ???? in flashback 1987??    brother of Harvey & Bert, married Elizabeth; abusive; raised Elizabeth's son Josh
Holden Snyder    
                             Jon Hensley  1985-88; 1990-95; 1997-2010
Detective Jacob "Jack" Snyder
                             Michael Park     1997-2010
Fantasy Jack Snyder, Junior   ????   2/26/2010   fantasy baby, Jack and Janet
Jacob Snyder      son of Brad and Katie
                         Joseph & James Ambra
Janet Ciccone Snyder (Donovan)    "Juicy" Janet; high school OONS with Brad that resulted in Liberty; ran away and raised her as a single parent, arrived in Oakdale after Liberty; waitressed at Al's Diner; fell for Jack; kept Liberty and Parker apart until he saved her from date-rape; destroyed proof that Brad hurt Leo the attempted rapist; married Jack; blamed him for Brad's death; hooked up with Dusty; Lberty had cancer; father Rocco bone marrow match, tried to reconcile with him; married Jack after pregnant Jack turned out to not be the Dad, it was Dusty; engaged to Dusty in 2010
                     Julie Pinson        2008-10
Jack Snyder, Jr.   ????    the baby Julia stole from another couple and claimed was Jack's    10/2002-12/2002  
J.J. Larrabee Snyder    Son of Les Sweeney (the jailbird) and Julia Larrabee; nephew of Keith Morrissey;   found amnesiac Jack with his mother and nursed him to health; after Julia was murdered by Les, stayed with Keith, then was adopted by Jack and Carly; kidnapped by Silas and Ava Jenkins; went away to boarding school.
                   Dylan Denton    2004-06
                          Daniel Manche    2006-09 
Julia Lindsay Snyder 
                           Annie Parisse   1998-2001
   Young Julia Lindsay    Snyder           Eva Dona Silver-Smith     1999
Julie Kinney Wendall Snyder Snyder
                            Susan Marie Snyder   1989-95; 1998
Lily Walsh Mason Snyder Grimaldi Santana Snyder Grimaldi Snyder
                     Lucy Deakins    1984-85
                          Heather Rattray   1989-93
                               Martha Byrne  1985-89; 1993-2008
                                       Noelle Beck    2008-10
Lorenzo Snyder (Donovan)  see Donovan
Luke Grimaldi (raised Snyder)    
                             Spencer Goodnow     1995-96
                                 Sean Cohen    1996
                                    Jeremy Zelig  1996-2001
                                        Christopher Tavani    2001-05
                                                Jake Weary   2005
                                                    Van Hansis   2005-10
Natalie Snyder    second child of Lily and Holden  
                          Tatum Menake   2002
                              Hailey Wratchfield   2002-05
                                 Alexa Gerasimovich  2006
                                    Makayla Leigh   2006
                                       Ellery Capshaw     2006-09                 
                                           Isabella Palmieri  2009-10
Noelle Snyder     ?????   1990  baby adopted by Holden and Angel; lost custody to mother, (?Elizabeth Sheridan?)
Sage Snyder   Daughter of Jack and Carly, born in Montana; faked a kidnapping to bring her parents together; pretended to bedying for the Miss Snowflake America contest
                              Cameryn Rose DeRoche   2003
                                     Bianca Pagona    2004
                                     Colleen Feehan   2004-05
                                          Elle Sauli    2006
                                               Allie Gorenc    2006-10
Seth Snyder           Eldest son of Emma and Harvey; helped Frannie find her twin half-sister/cousin Sabrina; got engaged to and dumped by both; married Angel and moved to New York; came back for Caleb & Julie's wedding and when Hiolden was presumed dead.
                                 Steve Bassett    1986-88; 1991-94; 2001; 2009
Marina Sollitto        Anna Mastroianni  
Sister Marta Sollitto     Bernadine Santistevan
Mike Somers    David Brisbain      1988
Agent Sommers     Amir Arison    2008
Mrs. Sommers        Sharon Laughlin
Reverend Sommers   Robert Phelps   1993; 1997-98
                              Richard Seff
Musiq Soulchild    Musiq Soulchild     2003  sang at Ben/Jessica wedding
Lucia Spagnoli       Silvia Garufi     2001-02
Charley Spangler      James McCaffrey  2003 Dusty's associate; kidnapped Lily thinking she was Rose D'Angelo
Ian Spangler          Michael Patterson
Poker Player  Sparks    Gary Napoli       7/6/10
Captain Spaulding      Bob Stillman
Lewis Spear    Robert Blumenfield  
Bruce Spector     Reed Birney
Raymond Speer  Juliette' uncle and guardian;  spy; former ambassador; protected Juliette and Steve about their father's occupation; traded himself for Michael Christopher
                                  Donald May   1984
Beau Spencer      Law clerk; managed Spencer Hotel; son of Ron Spencer and Rose Lemay; adopted by Jane Spencer; hit by car by Dee Stewart, fell for Annie Stewart; married her; manipulated by Jane into relationship with Melinda Grey; Annie miscarried; married Melinda; she miscarried; found out truth about Jane Spencer adopting him; left town 
                         Wayne Hudgins   1976-79     
Jane__ Spencer     Adoptive mother of Beau; manipulated Beau with wealth; hospital board member; blackmailed by John Dixon over her secret about Beau
                         Georgann Johnson   1976-79
Julie Spencer    young attorney; Mitchell Dru's ward
                         Lisa Howard    1959-61
                         Lynne Rogers    1962-63
Melinda Grey Spencer   Daughter of Jennifer Sullivan Ryan and an unknown man; raised by Mr. and Mrs. Grey;half-sister of Barbara and Rick; Jane Spencer's assistant  seduced and married Annie's husband Beau; miscarried Beau's child; chased after Jay Stallings; got involved with Brad Hollister; jumped off his boat and drowned.
                         Ariana Muenker     1978-80
Ron Spencer    Never Seen    father of Beau with Rose Lemay; owned hotels; divorced Jane.
Troy Spencer        Christopher Michael Bauer   2003-04
Vicar Spencer      Mickey Dolenz   2002  was to preside at Bonnie and Ian's wedding
Joe Spinelli        Joe Forbrich     2005    Keith Morrissey owed him money
Dr. David Spiros     Munson Hicks    1994
Annie ___ Spotted Eagle     Victoria Racimo     1987   Keith's mother
Keith Spotted Eagle     Paul Lemos    1987    Lily and Dusty's friend
Ms. Stacell   Kathleen Frazier       2006
Amy Stallings-Frazier     Claire Doyle    1978-81  daughter of Natalie and Jay; adopted by Carol
Gil Stallings   Edward Grover    1974  step-father of Jay; romanced Lisa; held her hostage; burned down the Wade Bookstore; killed by police
Jay Stallings    Married Carol; fathered Amy by Natalie Bannon; assaulted Pete Larsen and Hank Robinson; affair with Susan Stewart; prime suspect in Pete's murder; owned construction company; got involved with shady Roy Barker and the Kelly brothers; died in a mining accident
                                Dennis Cooney    1973-80
                      (young) Shawn Campbell   1974 flashback
___ Stallman   Alan Leach
Jay Stanhope   (1)    alias for James Stenbeck
Jay Stanhope  Michael Woods   2009   came to Oakdale with Audrey Coleman
Dorothy Stanley      Maggie Rizzoti
Burt Stanton   Peter Donat     1959  engaged to Ellen until he found out she was pregnant
Mrs. Stanz     Viola Harris    2001    Landlady, Owen Dever
Jeffrey Starr     Jeffrey Deaver    2003  tabloid reporter murdered by Rick Decker
Kenny Starziak      Daniel Oreskes      2004    gangster  
Inspector Stavros    Taso Stavrakis    1987-88   Greece
Judge Steadman       George Dickerson    1995
Joseph Steed    Edmund Genest       1987
Laura ___ Steed      Suzi Hunt    1987
Dr. Steele     Peter McRobbie   1980     Joyce's doctor
Minister Steiger    Evan Sanders      1987
Diane Steiner   ??????    1967    Bob's patient, received a blood transfusion without consent
Mrs. Steiner    Margaret Hayes     1967  didn't approve of transfusion on religious beliefs
Mr. Steiner      Dan Frazer   1967, 1969       didn't approve of transfusion on religious beliefs
Mother Steiner    Dorit Kelton   1967     patient of Michael Shea
David (Allen)  Stenbeck    Son of James and an unnamed woman; raised by Warren and Marian Allen;burned down their house, killing them; dated Anne Neilsen (killed her, allegedly); Kit(used her to set up Lily in prison; slept with Emily, Molly, Rita, and Julia Lindsay; former DA (never passed the bar); blackmailer; kidnapper; murdered Rita Renfield and Dr. Reid Hamilton (whose identity and face he stole); switched Faith and Hope; arrested; escaped prison; killled (finally) by police
                              Chris Browning    1997
                              Danny Markel     1997-98
                        Keith Coulouris  1998-99 (posing as Dr. Reid Hamilton) 2000
Enid Costanza Stenbeck   Never Seen   James' first wife
Gunnar (St. Clair) Stenbeck True heir to the Stenbeck fortune; affair with Nicole Berrysea resulted in a son, Dusty, raised by Vurke Donovan; saved Barbara many times from James' married her; died while traveling around the world.
                                Hugo Napier       1982-84
Ingrid  Ivenstrom (?Svenstrom) Stenbeck    ?????? 5/1982  wife of Lars;
                        daughter of Charles
James Stenbeck   
              Anthony Herrerra    1980-83; 1986-89; 1996-99; 2001-02; 2003-05; 2008; 2009; 2010 in a vision
Lars Stenbeck    Never Seen   1982    James' "Brother" died in 1982
Lance Sterling    Rick Dean
Mr. Sterling      Jude Cicolella
Anna ___ Stevens      Phyllis Bash    1990-91   mother, Blake
Blake Stevens   hired at Walsh to irk Kirk; chased Jessica; stole many clients from Kirk; became a "leak" to Lily; got together with her; stole information for Tonio; got dumped; left town.
                                 Peter Francis James   1989-91
Dr. Jerry Stevens      mentor, Neil Wade, married widow Judith Wade  
                               Stephen Elliott       1964
                               Roy Poole           1964-65
Judith ____ Wade Stevens  had an affair with Doug Cassen which resulted in Dr. Neil Wade; married Frank Wade and raised Neil; married Jerry Stevens 
                                  Connie Lembecke  1964-67
Dr. Lloyd Stevens      Michael Hodge     1990-91   father,Blake
Dr. Mel Stevens       Carl Mueller    1987
Agent Stephenson    Mark Lancaster    1/1992
Dr. Stevenson         Sean Haberle   
Betty Jackson Stewart     first wife of David Stewart; adopted Dan; mother of Paul; died of Leukemia
                           Patricia Benoit    1960-62
Cynthia ____ Haines Stewart   married Donald Saunders, who was David Stewart with amnesia (invalid); mother of Karen and Todd
                              Linda Dano   1981-82   
Dr. Daniel "Dan" Stewart      Son of Tim and Ellen; adopted by David and Betty; named Jimmy; hard time accepting Ellen after Betty's death; married Susan Burke in college; she miscarried; fathered Betsy with future sister-in-law Liz; married Liz after Paul died while divorcing her; after a second miscarriage, fathered Emily with Susan; took custody; fell in love with John's wife Kim; dated Valerie but married Kim; started drinking; diagnosed with a brain tumor, passed away while on vacation with his family around him 
                       Paul O'Keefe   1962-63
                           Doug Chapin    1964
                             Jeff Rowland    1966
                               John Colenback    1966-73; 1976-79
                                  John Reilly   1974-76
Dr. David Stewart    Married to Betty; adopted Dan (Ellen and Tim's son) and named  him Jimmy; fathered Paul; after Betty passed married Ellen; fathered Carol Ann (Annie) and Dawn (Dee); head of research at Memorial Hospital; hated Dr. John Dixon for the pain he caused Dan and raping his daughter, Dee;  threatened  him; left town and developed amnesia; married Cynthia Haines (as Donald Saunders, invalid); regained memory and remarried Ellen (after a bit of grovelling); went to Africa to do research on AIDS; moved to Atlanta to compromise with Ellen to continue his research; died in 1991.
                           Ernest Graves    1960
                               Cec Linder    ???   Temporary
                               Alan Manson   ????   Temporary
                                     William Prince   1981 Temporary
                                         Henderson Forsythe    1960-90
Elizabeth Talbot Stewart Stewart      Penny's friend from England; Penny stayed with her family 'across the pond', so Elizabeth stayed with the Hughes family; dated Paul Stewart and struck up friendship with Dan; married Paul but he didn't know Dan was the Daddy; had Betsy , then a miscarriage; went to a sanitarium; divorcing Paul when he died of a brain tumor; married Dan; fell up the stairs and ruptured her spleen and died.
                               Jane House      1969-72
                                     Judith McGilligan   1972-73
Ellen Lowell Cole Stewart Stewart        Daughter of Jim and Claire Lowell; granddaughter of Judge James T. Lowell; best friend of Penny Hughes; disowned her father for affair with Edith Hughes; fell fore married Tim Cole; got pregnant; sued by Tim's wife, Louise; dated Tom Pope, Jeff Baker, and Donald Hughes; dumped by Jim Norman and fiance Burt Stanton; gave up child Dan (Jimmy), babysat "Jimmy" , her son and didn't realize it; convicted of Franny Brennan's murder; married David and adopted Paul; bore Carol Ann (Annie) and Dawn (Dee); dated Ben Forrest while David was presumed dead and had amnesia; remarried David and eventually movedto Atlanta with him; widowed; became a volunteer at the hospital; left town to travel the world.
                                      Wendy Drew  1956-60
                                              ?????   Temporary 1962 or 1963
                                                    Patricia Bruder   1960-95; 1998
Dr. Paul Stewart   Son of David and Betty Stewart; doctor for the poor; met and married Liz,raised Betsy as his own until they lost a child; Liz went to a sanitarium; Paul died while divorcing her.  Years later it was discovered he had had a son, Stewart Markham Cushing by Lady Veronica Cushing while he studied abroad.
                         Alan Howard     1962-64
                              Edmund Gaynes   1964-66
                                  Steve Mines      1966-68
                                    Michael Hawkins      1968-69
                                    (aka) Garson De Bramenio
                                         Marco St. John    1969-70
                                             Dean Santoro   1970-71
Mrs. Stiegler   Martha Greenhouse  1987  Meg and Tonio's wedding
Reverend Stiegler    Arthur Anderson   1987  Meg and Tonio's wedding  
Richard Stiles    Richard Borg  2000  supplied a picture of Julia with Winston Lowe
Justin Stiver    Justin Stiver        11/24/2006 
Neal Stokes   Michael E. Rodgers   2008   Mike's boss; Carly's date
Detective Stone     Chris McKinney    
Dr. Stone     Laurine Fowler
Nurse Dorothy Stone      Marsha Clark    ?1976
Eb Stone   Frank Clem    2009   kidnapped Holden, Maeve's husband
Evelyn ______  Stone   ?????   1985  body found in Kim Hughes yard
Maeve ___ Stone   Judi Evans       2009   kidnapper, Holden
Reverend Stone    Pamela Burrell
Dr. Zachary Stone       Leon Russom    1983-84   psychiatrist, worked with Barbara; dated Kim
Huck Stover    Raynor Scheine     2002     neighbor, Emma
                            Christopher Braden Jones    2002
Dr. Jim Strassfield    Geoffrey Horne    1976-78     dated Kim
Dr. Henry Strauss   Never Seen     1985     hit and run victim of Douglas Cummings, his former patient
Reverend Strickland   Reathal Bean     2008
Cal Stricklyn    Using the name 'Rod Landry'. had an affair with Elizabeth Snyder; left before finding out she was pregnant; founded Stricklyn Oil; dated Emma Snyder, Susan Stewart, Lucinda; had broken engagement with Lyla, married Connor; after she cheated on him, he headed back to Waco, divorcing her. 
                         Patrick Tovatt     1988-97
Captain Aaron Striker      Mark Gordon   1982-83  Margo's boss, made her job difficult
Walter Strinberg      Tom Titone        2008     Paul's accountant
Judge Strongwater     Peter Davies
Mr. Stubbs    Davis Hall
Jim Stuckey      John Speredakos        2004
Carrie Sturgess    Brooke Mills   1988-89   hung out with Andy
District Attorney Ross Sturgess   James Shannon    1988-89  Carrie's father
Attorney Sturmer    John Rothman  2004   Marilyn Reese's lawyer 
 Dr. Al Suker         Well respected doctor; married to Martha; father of Helene; after Helene's accident, didn't want to tell her about paralysis.; divorced Martha; married Sylvia Hill.
                     Michael Ingram   1964-66  
Helene Suker     Drama student; fell off the stage; Bob's patient; paralyzed; forgave father; died of kidney failure.
                          Jerianne Raphael   1964
Martha ____ Suker   Anne Hegira    Helene's mother; told her the truth about paralysis
Sylvia Hill Suker       nurse, engaged to Bob; married Al
                              Millette Alexander     1964-66
Cody Sullivan       Jeff Ward's step-brother; sent to Oakdale by Natalie to watch Carol; film producer; dated Cricket and Sofia; fathered Billy with Cricket                         Beau Gravitte 1981-82
Dr. Sullivan         John Gould Rubin     1998-99
Frances __ Sullivan   Never Seen  Mother of Kim and Jennifer
Jade Sullivan    Laura Baler   1990-92   Gavin Kruger's assistant
Officer Sullivan    David Purdham      1987 
"Skye Sullivan"  1980   character from the Dobson files
Dr. Sussman   John Rothman    1992   Holden's surgeon
Otis Sutton     Charles Brown   1984-87   Heather's recording manager/agent
____  Svenson    Kevin Dowling   
Dr. Swann     TomGalantich    2005
                       John Gabriel    2005
Les Sweeney   Former prison inmate; divorced from Julia Larrabee; father of JJ; murdered Julia; escaped during ride to prison; tried to kill Keith, Holden and Lily by fire when Jack showed up and shot him.
                     Michael Lowry     2004-05
Judge Swenson     Anne St. Onge
Geneva Swift   Trent Dawson  2009   Henry's talk show alter-ego
Jeff Swindleheart     Lee Moore
Harrison Switzer   Rik Walter    1996
Martha ___ Sykes   Elizabeth Swain    1984-85  Marcy's maid; +Alfie B.
Dr. Sylvestre  Never Seen  Lilith's psychiatrist 1988
Victor Symington   David Snell
Sadie that knew Henry     Marni Lustig       2005
Sal that worked for Dante   Marco Zunino       2001
Sal the thug     Robert Funaro      ????
Sal that worked for Ralph Manzo     Anthony J. Gallo    2009
Sally that dated Tom      Christopher Norris  ????
Sally         MaryLouise Burke    2008
Sally       Stacey Linnartz      2008
Sally at the club    Colleen Werthmann
Sally  the babysitter    Liz Holtan    5/19/2009
Sally    WOAK     ?????     2/18/10
Sam     William Andrews
Sailor Sam     Michael Derek   5/29/2008
Sam    from UNCC     Will Poston     2002
Sam              Michael Bryan French     1990
Samantha the mean girl from Faith's boarding school    Never Seen    2010
Sandy, Jeff Ward's neighbor     ?????      4/1984
Sandy from Ohio State    Amy Cuthbertson        2002
Sandy      Pamela Burrell    1986
Nurse Sandy     Never Seen    Nurse in Minneapolis   2010
Sarah       Liann Pattison       12/92
Sarah ???    Faith's friend   (Oakdale High)   4/8/2010
Sasha     Never Seen   Faith's friend     2010   
Schatzie   ????     7/27/2010    Lingerie store owner   
Sean         Collins Pennie     2002; 2003
Officer Sean   ????   1/27/05
Sei          Lydia Gaston        2005 
 Sergio       Scott Crawford    1980-81
Sergio the fashion retailer    Stephen Abadie   4/1984
Seth            Peter Rom
Sharon friend of Alison at her shower   ????   8/17/04   
Nurse Sharon     Alix Strauss     1995
Nurse Sharon      Elizabeth Santos    2008-09
Nurse Sharon      Ariel J. Woodiwiss    2009-10
Shauna          Anne Kraglund       2006
Sheila           Fiona Hutchison     
Sheila   Ruth Moore          2000
Nurse Shelley     Heidi Kristoffer    2003
Sherman           Daniel Murray      4/1985
Sherry that found Joyce   ????    flashback  1980
Sherry               Beulah Garrick      1987
Sherri    ????   2006    Health Care Representative
Sherry that dated Chris Hughes    Julie Nathanson
Shirley that was married to Clarence; horse farm; had twins with the help of Brad and Annie     ?????  1979
Sid              Marcus Ho         1996
Sid              Edmund C. Davys     2007
Sidney        Richard B. Schull     1997
Ski that accosted Pete and Dani   George Griffith   9/1994
Sky Dog  hippie with 'Wyoming'     T. Erik Hart     2004
Skylar            Betsy Beutler          2006
Skyler    (Rosanna)   Grant Albrecht    
Slade the bad guy     Antonis Fragakis     2002
Sly            Jim Berry          2007
Smiley that captured Luke and Holden   ????   7/3/01   
Sophie         Julia Barnett       5/9/2003
Spiros  Steve's assistant   Larry Atlas    1987
Spirro        Josh Renfree     2006
Spree that dated Chuck and Jay    Dana Kaminski      1985
Stacey, Courtney's friend         Calista Flockhart     3/1990    
Stacey             Kate Miller    1997
Stacey the wedding photographer        Elizabeth Marvel     1997
Stacy               Samantha Hahn            2007
Stan the lifeguard         Derek Stewart
Stan      Mark T. Dold       2008
Stan         Fletcher McTaggart     2007
Stan            David Aaron Baker        1998      Attorney
Stanley            Robert Blumenfield    
Stanley from the Spa    Martin Kildare  2005  married to Hazel; owned spa that Dusty& Sierra tried to purchase
Stanley the thug after Dusty       Tony DeVito   2003-04; 2005
Steffi            Raquel Mondin         1995
Stephanie      Dayna Lee Morgan     1985
Stephanie         Cornelia Kiss         1989
Stephanie, babysitter that worked for Holden   Karen Clark Smith    
Steve the john         Peter Rini    2007
Stu, Dusty's friend from New Mexico    ?????     1986
Stuart     Jayce Bartok   5/1990
Suzi          Debbie Gregg     
Sylvia              Anne Reinke
Hensley Taggart      Steven Crossley    1986-87    tried to rape Barbara; James stayed in his home after killing him to save Barb. James made it look like Duncan killed HT
Jeffrey Talbot    part owner of WOAK; dated Kim
                                  Jeffrey Southern
                                  Ron Parady
                                 Sam Stoneburner     1993
Marsha Talbot      friend and assistant to Douglas Cummings; knew what he was up to; framed Ken Wayne; helped Doug take Kim and Frannie hostage; accidentally killed him while trying to kill Frannie; broke out of jail and kidnapped Frannie; went back to psychiatric facility
                              Giulia Pagano     1985-86
Mrs. Talbot   Eleanor Wilson       Ron and Elizabeth's mother
      late 1960s
Mrs. Talbot      Betty Miller     1996
Ron Talbot    Peter Stuart     1970     Elizabeth's brother
                      Curt Dawson     1973   
 Nurse Talley    Sharon Wilkins       2010
Cliff Tanner   Never Seen   Valerie Conway's first love; driven off by Jason Reynolds
Dr. Tanner    David Adkins     2004    doctor at DeerBrook
Gary Tanner   Brian Brownlee   1970s
Jake Tanner    ????  skinhead choked out by Ben    1997
Ms. Tanner     Gayle  Holsman   2005
Mrs. Taranto     Brenda Thomas Denmark    
Inez Tariche     Barbara Gonzalez     1992-93
Susan Tariche    Never Seen    Inez's baby    1992
Officer Tate       David Allen Basche      1997
Beverly Taylor     Wendy Edmead    1984-85   Lucinda's assistant, pursued Tucker
Brandy Taylor    Virginia Williams    2001-02 slept with Adam, ruiining his relationship with Abigail;   murdered by James ; Paul framed for her murder
Dawn ____ Taylor    Maureen  Mueller   2002  Brandy's mother
Nurse Gretchen Taylor  Ellen Adair       2010  nurse at Memorial 
Jade Taylor           illegit daughter of Rose D'Angelo and Derek Coburn; raised by Mac and Mrs. Taylor; ONS with Casey; affair with Will; stole from Lily; blackmailed Luke for being gay; faked a pregnancy; hid Cleo; accused of trying to kill Gwen, but cleared
                                         Elena Goode  2006-07
                                      Davida Williams     2008-09
Mac Taylor    Never Seen      Jade's adoptive father
Mrs. Taylor    Never Seen    Jade's adopyive mother
Dr. Randall Taylor           Winston May     1992
Richard Taylor             Michael Finn     1972     Annie's friend
                                      Arthur Marcus    1972
Connie _____ Teague     Betsy Aidem    1997-98     Joe's wife
Officer Joe  Teague    P.J. Brown   1997-97   racist cop arrested for using excessive force with Dr. Ben Harris; stalked Ben and tried to kill him, bombing the Milltown Church; killed by Ben.
Agent ___ Templeton     William Charlton   1996-97   T. Jones' boss
Lee Washburn Tenney    LizBeth McKay  1994  sister of Sheila, she married Ray and raised Sheila's daughter, Carly by Ray, as her own.
Ray Tenney      Fathered Carly by Sheila then married her sister Lee when Sheila ran away and married Alexander Cabot. Let Carly believe Lee was her mother; fathered Gwen with Iris
                              Thomas Kopache    1994
                               Peter McRobbie     1996
Leo Tennov        Lee Wilkof
Judge Tepperman    Judge Marilyn Milian        2007
Russell Terry       Mike Dooly     2004    Pilar's accomplice
Claude Thayer       Patrick John Hurley    late 1980s
Jennings Thayer     Richard Bidlake   1986  Marsha Talbot's attorney; quit
Roger Thomas     Grant Goodman
____ Thompson     Never Seen    ski trip with Sage    2010
Cheryl ___ Thompson      Never Seen   mother of Curtis Harris
Kevin Thompson       Friend and more of Susan Stewart; worked for Jay Stallings at his mining company;helped Susan quit drinking; married Sandy; fought about Susan; got in an accident while arguing with her; became a drunk and had a ONS with Ginny Hopkins; a prostitute; had another car crash while hammered; found liver failure and he died.
                         Michael Nader     1976-78
                        John Cunningham  (temporary)  1978
                         Max Brown    1978
Nurse Kristen Thompson      Elle Stuckey     2005
Leo Thompson    Gervase Peterson    2001   Curtis's biological father; fresh out of prison
Miss Thompson    ( see Helen Pearce )
Nurse Thompson     Charlotte Maier
Pamela__ Thompson     Susan Pellegrino
Peggy   ____ Thompson    Cheryl Giannini     1984-85   Marcy's mother
Sandy Wilson McGuire Hughes Kane Garrison Thompson      Daughter of Carl and Martha; divorced from Roy, son Jimmy's father; in prison with Ellen Stewart for being an accessory to a robbery; met and married Bob; caught in a fire; badly burned and depressed, was sent to sanitarium; freed, and Bob was in a fire  and blinded; abandoned him; returned several years later as a model; tried with Bob; married Peter Kane and Norman Garrison while gone; he was violent to her; he was killed; she married Kevin who was attracted to Susan and died a drunk from liver failure; left town
                          Dagne Crane    1966-71
                             Jill Andre    (temporary)   1968
                                Ronnie Carroll     1975
                                   Barbara Rucker   1975-79
Judge Sarah Thompson    Lynda Gravatt     1998
Judge Thorndike    Never Seen   Gabe's arraignment   2010
Miss Thurman     Linda Hamil     1976    John Dixon's secretary
Keith Tillson      Keith Lee Grant    (EON)  chairperson
Antony Tilton       Ben George    1996    major investor of EAS
Morgan Timmons    Judson Pearce Morgan     2001
Mr. Tobias     Never Seen      Dr. Kantor's patient    2010
Ms. Todd             Cindy Katz         2005
Mr. Toklar     Carl Palmer    2006     
___ Toland     Derek Michalak       2009
Gregory Tolliver       David Adkins
Nurse (Mrs. Rupert) ___ Tompkins    Kim Hunter     1997     lied to Lucinda that David was her child
Mildred Torres    Rose Alaio       1994;1995
Ed Townsend    ?????   1983    Whit's attorney
Mr. Trask       Michael J. Burg     1987
Officer Chester Trask     Doug Easley     1991
T. (Thurgood ) Marshall Travers     Attorney; hired by James for Barbara; affair with Jessica; became DA; prosecuted Paul for Brandy's death;shot in the head; began searching for his daughter Zara by Neia and found out ;Zara was dead; raped Jess but didn't realize it; stalked by Sarah Smith; tried to take Sarah, his daughter from Bonnie; she pushed him out a window.
            Lamman Rucker    2002-03
Oliver Wendall Travers     Richard Roundtree    2002-03    Marshall's father; attorney.
Sarah Smith (Jenkins) Travers   Joanna Hartshorne    2003-04     Orphan; thief, adopted by Bonnie; turned out to be daughter of Marshall Travers and Neia; moved to Miami with Bonnie
Dr. Larry Travis    Gary Lahti     1981    Sent to jail because his assistant, Rick Ryan planted angel dust made by Dr. Len Howell on him.
Lieutenant Travis    Raymond Proscia
Aristotle Triandos    Richard Council    1981   Movie Mogul; married Natalie; owned the "Green Fire Necklace" until it was stolen.
Natalie Bannon Porter Hughes  Triandos   Widowed by Ralph Porter;married Tom; had an affair with Jay Stallings which resulted in Amy; revealed Ralph commit suicide after she slept with his brother, Luke; Jay and wife raised Amy until he died; Natalie moved away; came back married to wealthy Ari; yearned to see Amy; went home to California.
                        Judith Chapman     1975-78
                        Janet Zarish      1981
Lien Truong Senior     Ann Yen      1990  flashback (Tom) Lien's mother.
Squatzie Tubbs         Tanner Cohen    2004
Cody Tucker            Never Seen   1998   Georgia's father; Samantha's ex
Veronica Tucci Lauren White   1988  occasional  owned Veronica Leathers; affair with Tonio  
Rich Tuchman     David Rakoff   1998     modeling agent
Dr, Tucker           Albert Stratton    1981
Marcus Tull        Bruce MacVittie    2007    kidnapper Daniel
Dr. Jerry Turner     James Earl Jones    1966
Marty Turner    Michael Forella    pre 1977
Thelma  ____ Turner      Leona Powers   1956-57     mother, Janice  
Malcolm Twist     John Bolton     1996
Miss Tyler        Betty Garde     1957-59
Richard Tyrell    Gregory Chase    1991    Tonio's employee
Taffy     ?????     5/10     Henry's proposal
Tamia  the Singer       Tamia       2001        cameo
Tammy Lynn     Beth Glover        1999
Tamra the prison inmate   Kerianne Spelllman     1997
Taryn     Eliza's nanny    Bianca Jamotte     2010
Tatiana  the NYC Film Student    Angel Desai    
Tea , Holdden's dancing teacher      Deborah Yates    2006-07
Teddi the fence   Donna Drake    1994
Teddy the manager               Bryan Batt     1997
Teresa the reporter      Denise Hernandez   
Teresa         Lakisha (Anna) Bowen     2006   Jade's former roommate
Terri the district attorney     Elaina Erika Davis     1994
Terri that dated Duke      Caroline Key Johnson     1990
Terry the WOAK intern   DeeDee Lynn Magno   1997
Terry the circus performer     ??????     8/83
Tev from the check cashing place            Lenny Levi     2007
Thomas the butler       George Holmes
Tim         Brad Beyer, Jr.
Father Tim the priest    Thomas Piper     2002
Tim         Jakob  Hawkins     2007
Tim        John Bolton     
Timmy        John McNeill
Timmy in Lassiter Pennsylvania    Thomas John Mitchell  9/29/2002
Tina, Alison's co-worker   ?????     2/17/10
Tina             Jennifer Dean
Tina            Doris Gravomet     1982
Tobias  Duncan's groundskeeper  John Curless    1987-88
Toby the police psychic    Cheryl Stern   
TONIC       band  that performed at Java Underground
                                  Dan Lavery        2000
                                  Emerson Hart     2000
                                  Jeff Russo      2000
                                  Kevin Shepard   2000
                                  Peter Maloney       2000
Tony  Emily's attorney       John Benjamin Hickey       
Tony                       Robbie  Stubbs      2009   friend, Liberty 
Tony that dated Noah    Peter O'Connor    2007
                                   Tom Baran     2008
Tony the boxer; firefighter   Rey Valentin
Tori                   Wendy Allyn             2004
Tork                Brett Douglas    
Tracey             Julie Bowen   
Tracey                   Erica Smith        1997  
Tracey the Street Jeans Employee   ???  4/5/05  
Tricia from Pitt           Christy Biberich       2002
Trixie              Ginifer King        2004
Troy from Ohio State       Chris Ramsey       2002
Turk          Marc Gwinn     2005
Ty        Nicholas  Purcell       2007-08
Tyrone the garage owner that fixed Craig's car  ?????    8/1985
Tyson         Chris Spain         2005
Ugo, Liberty's bodyguard   Brian Rogalski     2008
Uri                   Khan Baykal     2007
Elle Vandenberg             Annie Heise       2009
Mrs. VandenBosch      Avril Gentles
Nicole ____  Van Doren   Magda Wawryzniak   1991   Philippe's second wife; received a briefcase from Gavin and then murdered 
Philippe Van Doren     Simon Jutras     1991  married to Carolyn Crawford and Nicole (both deceased; blackmailed Arthur Claiborne; knew about Barbara and Darryl in Paris; found floating in the river
Gregory Varner     Mark Kevin Lewis    1993-94   Franco Visconti's employee; realized Barbara was faking threatening letters; tried to kill Hal in a falling elevator, but Barbara got in; ?Fell through a skylight  wrestling with Hal and died.
Dr. Vasko  Never  Seen  Texas Doctor, worked with Reid 2010
Dahlia Ferrarra Ventura      Colleen Dion     2001-02    Got Katie into the Workout video business; believed Simon killed her sister Monique, his ex-wife; pretended to be dead twice, murdered her own lawyer; shot Simon; revealed to be her sister's murderer as well.
Maurice Vermeil         David McCallum      1983    numismatist involved with stolen coins, Craig, Steve and Betsy.
Mark Vero      Lannon Killea   2008-09   Kevin's homophobic campaign manager
Miss Vesta       Alyson Reed     
District Attorney Walter Vested  ex-fiance of Karen Peters; was just as involved with the mob as Karen and her father.
                                      Joel Stedman    3/1978
Angela ___ Visconti       Lilianna Komorowska   1988    wife of lecherous Franco Visconti
Franco Visconti  Lecherous businessman;    hit on Barbara an Emily among others; drug smuggler
                                   Ronald Guttman    1987-90; 1991-94
                                    Lee Godart   1990
Hank Volpe       Tom Galantich   
Dr. Gordon Voss     Adam Grupper         2007
Valencia   Bonnie's friend     Sophina Brown     2000
Van       Paul Downs Colaizzo        10/11/2008    Liberty's friend
Vance                          Brian Dallas Fields     
Vanya    Will Swenson        2006
Velvet the hooker      Anne Lange       1987
Venus (maid, hotel, Molly)    Kristin Chenowith    1999
Vera that dated Eliot Markham        Patricia O'Connell     1994
Vernon the volunteer     Reggie White, Jr.    2008
                                      Jonathon Stewart     2008-09
Veronica the model that dated Royce       Felicia Dyer  1993
Veronica                           Veronica Welch        1998   
 Vic                          Kevin McCorkle        1984
Victor                       Sean Morales      2010    worked at the docks
Victor                           Thomas Bowman     1985
Victoria                   Angela Muto      2004
Vin                          Chris D'Annunzio     2005
Vince   Emily's attorney     Todd Gearhart      
Vince     drug dealer at Duke's gym  ??????     1990 or 1992
Vito                         Alex Romaguera      1988-89
Vivian    Never Seen     Ellis Nelson's fiancee

Kristine W      Kristine W      ????    singer    cameo

Alex Wade    Jed Dixon   
Frank Wade   Never Seen   Husband of Judith, raised Neil
Dr. Neil Wade     Michael Lipton     1962-67   son of Judith Wade Stevens and Dr. Doug Cassen; raised by Frank Wade and Judith; reluctantly a doctor; fell for and married Penny Baker; befriended Lisa;learned the truth about his mentor Doug being his dad;  went blind; opened the Wade Bookstore in Oakdale ; died of an embolism shortly after Doug had passed away.
Annette Dixon Wagner     Kit Flanagan   1988  John's sister, Married Larry and had Pam
  Dr. Wagner   Never Seen     Meg's Doctor 2010  
Larry Wagner   Barry Snider    1989  John's shiftless brother-in-law; Pam's father; worked with Julie to get money out of Lucinda.
Nurse Pamela "Pam" Wagner     Robin Morse  1987-89  Nursing student Pam dated Dusty, Holden, Beau and Caleb
Tristan Wagner      Will Blagrove     2009
George Waldron     Robert Fitzsimmons   late 1960s   
Tish Waldron     Amber McDonald      2004
Tony Waldron     Kenneth Meseroll      1987 
Brent Walker    Peter Bradbury   1993    WOAK employee
Judge Walker     Brooks Rogers    1989-90
Justin Walker     Charles Borland    2005
Alec Wallace     Michael Woods    1999  Parented Eddie Silva with Deena; had affair with Margo; mobster; killed in self defense by Georgia.
District Attorney Corey Wallace    Richard Poe   1989
                                     Gary Sloan         199
Virginia Wallace     Catherine Dent   
Bianca Marquez Walsh     Montegan Refugee; brought to the US by Tonio; adopted by Lucinda
                               Karina Arroyave    1989-94
                               Christine Langner    1991; 1994 (temporary)
James  Evan Walsh   Never Seen  Lucinda's late husband
James Evan Walsh II   Never Seen   Husband of Edwina; father of Connor and Evan; commit suicide after Lucinda 'stole' Walsh Enterprises from him.
James Evan Walsh iii(Jamie) aka Evan Walsh   Son of Edwina and James; brother of Connor; fathered Evan IV; had been involved with Emily, Rosanna; Courtney, Marcy and Barbara; ruthless in business; conspired with Doug Schaff to mess with Mike Kasnoff's parole; encouraged by Barbara to follow his passion so he joined the Merchant Marines.
                                  Greg Watkins  1990-95    
                                      Trent Bushey   1992???? (temporary)
James Evan Walsh IV        Ryan Serhant   2007-08   Brought to town by Lucinda to screw Craig out of Worldwide; medical researcher; murdered people; took Lucinda and Lily hostage; Lily killed him with his own syringe he planned to use on her.
Lucinda (Mary Ellen) Walters Esteban Guest Walsh (Dixon Stenbeck Wheatley possibly Dixon again [finale resumed relationship]
                              Elizabeth Hubbard    1984-2010
                          (young) Jessica Platell   1993   flashback
                          (young)  Kate Anthony    1996   flashback
Dr. Walters       Oni Faida Lampley        9/2004
Joe Walters     James Langrall
Dr. Carol Ann   "Annie" Stewart  Spencer Hollister Ward
   Daughter of David and Ellen, sister of Dee; half-sister of Dan and Paul; dated Richard Taylor; disliked Dee's arrogant friend, Beau; in a mining accident; his mother was against it, but they married, hurting Dee; quit school to support Beau,miscarried; but he was cheating with Melinda; had miscarriage; divorced him started affair with Doug Campbell; liked Jeff Ward but married shady Brad Hollister then miscarried ; divorced; married Jeff; thought she couldn't have kids; ended up pregnant with quadruplets;almost lost Jeff to a drug addiction, they survived and moved to Denver.
                              Carmen Schneider    1967-69
                                 Jean Mazza    1969-70
                                    Barbara Jean Erhardt   1970-71
                                       Ariana Muenker    1972-73
                                         Shelley Spurlock    1973-74
                                           Martina  Deignan  1976-79
                                             Julie Ridley  1979-82
                                               Randall Edwards  1982
                                                Mary Lynn Blanks   1982-84; 1986
Dorothy  Ward      Diane Kagan  8/9/2008
Elizabeth Ward      Elizabeth Ward    1982   Miss America,; came to town to promote Barbara's designs; attracted attention from Ernie.
Gregory Ward  Josh Goldman         1983-84   one of the quads
Dr. Jeff Ward       Chief of Surgery; dated Dee; fell for Annie; friend of Susan;; had an affair with Marcia Campbell; split; step-brother Cody came to town; slept with Karen; married Annie had quads with Annie; one was  sick; ; started doing drugs, hit a tree; sobered up   moved to Denver.                                                            Robert Lipton      1978-84; 1985; 1986
Lowell  Ward      David Goldman    1983-84   one of the quads
Maria Ward    Ariane Goldman     1983-84    one of the quads
Nancy Ward    Rachel Goldman    1983-84   one of the quads
Mrs.Wardell    Darrie Lawrence    1997
Dick Warren     Michael Houston King     1996
Dr. Warren     ?????     1983     Betsy's doctor
Daisy Washborne   Nina Landey    1989 fiance of Leslie Dexter; with Shannon and Duncan
___ Watkins   ?????   1979   accused of cutting Grant's brake line
Clark Watson        Gregory Michael    2003-04  Lucy's date; tried to rape her  
Robbie Watson    ?????     1983     friend, Kirk McCall
Kenneth Wayne    Jered Holmes   1985-86   Kim's former accompanist; re-met on the ship during Kim & Bob's honeymoon cruise; tried to talk her into singing again; framed as her stalker then murdered by Douglas Cummings.
Mrs. Weatherbee  ???    woman with Young Jordan Sinclair in flashback     6/9/04  
Armin Webber       Paul Haber     1999
Detective Weber   Mark Riherd     1996
Mr. Weber            Tuck Milligan     2006
Joan Weber     Linda Powell     2000
___ Webster     Bill Sage    1997
Austin Webster    P.J. Benjamin     1994
Dr. Webster   Frederic Rolf     1995
Reverend Weems     Peter McRobbie   1987
Irv Weiner    Paul Mercurio     2008   kidnapped Henry when he owed Irv money.
Dr. Sy Weiskopf       Ronald Guttman   2002    Julia's psychiatrist
Herr Weiss  Paul Schmidt    
Rose ____ Welinski      Lilia Skala   1985  Met Kim  and Bob on their honeymoon cruise; a widow, met Joe Kravitz and had a romance
Rachel Wells     Sparky's sister; friend of Mike and Carly; worked at Yo's   
                        Lisa Gay Hamilton    1995
                             Tracey Dpuglas      1995-96
                                 Alysia Campbell   1997
Sparky Wells     Rachel's brother; ran a garage, Mike and Carly's friend.
                                   Ray Aranha    1993-97
                                         Cedric Young   1994 (temporary
Frank Wendall    Keith Douglas Pruitt   1990-91   Julie's ex-husband; Pete and Jenny's father;blackmailed her about past affair with Linc in Seattle;robbed the Crawford house and was killed by Emile Seblon for Caroln's journal.
Helen ___ Wendall   Elizabeth Franz    1989; 1994  Frank's mother; took care of Pete and Jenny.
Jenny Wendalll   Whitney Kaufman    1994   Pete's little siste; Julie and Frank's daughter from Seattle
Pete Wendall       Jason Biggs   1994-95   Julie and rank's son; liked Dani; took  money that Julie had found and stashed.
Claire ____ Wentworth    Donna Hanover    1999  woman used by Brad to make Carly jealous..
Kevin Wentworth ?Never Seen?  friend of JJ and Parker
Sophia ___ Wentworth    Holly  Perkins  2004- 05   mother of Kevin
Peter Wentworth     Michael Sabatino    1999     ?Claire's husband
Patrick Wescott   James Lloyd Reynolds    2007
Captain Wesley     Jack Newman    2002
Erik Werner      ????    2/85   found Gunnar's body
Don West       John Spencer      1988 
Mrs. Don West      Deborah Mooney     1988
 Mrs. West       ???     1974   secretary, Bob, Rick, John   
Roy West    Kevin Chamberlain
Agent Simon Westerly    Roderick (then Roerick) Cooke  1984   British Intelligence agent that posed as Raymond Speer's butler
Dick Westin     Richard Maynard      1992
Dr. Cyrus Weston    Larkin Malloy  2002   Also known as "George Townes", the man that ran thespa Carly, Emily and Rose were sent to by 
Brian Wheatley     Laurence Lau    2008-09    Former husband of Carolyn; ran the "Luke Foundation"; butted heads with Lucinda and Luke; grew to care for Lucinda; found out she had cancer and married her. After a few drunken kisses with Luke, the truth came out that he struggled with his feelings for men; while it ended his marriage, it strengthened his bond with his former wife, Lucinda.
Carolyn ___ Wheatley    Marcia McCabe   2008   Former wife of Brian; knew about his "struggle".
Dawn Wheeler   HIV + single mother with no health insurance for herself and her son, Jeremy. Moved in with Tom and Margo; they took Jeremy after her passing.
                                 Lisa Emery    1992-93
                                  Alex Neil      1993-95
Jeremy Wheeler    Son of Dawn,  liked Dani and Nikki; stayed with Tom and Margo after his mom passed.
                               Alexander Kniffen    1993
                                      Eric Duane    1993
                                            Sam Rovin    1993-94
                                               John Dauer   1995 
Alice Whipple     Daughter of Carl and Janice Whipple; sister of Debbie; graduated from college in Arizona; step-daughter of Donald Hughes.
                            Jean McClintock     1962 
                                Leslie Charleson   1966
Carl Whipple    Rod Colbin    1956-57  married Janice; father of Debbie and Alice; wealthy businessman that was older than Janice; passed away.
Debbie Whipple   Daughter of Janice and Carl, sister of Alice; (from the ATWT book) "insolent sexpot who smoked and ran with a fast crowd";
                        June Harding     1962
                           Kimetha Laurie    1962
Judge Joe Whitakher   Tom Kemp  3/14/2009
Lance Whitakker      Cain DeVore     1987   Montana boy
                                     Richard Sedgwick    7/1987
Dr. Alfred Whitcomb    Mark Kenneth  Smaltz    1997
Father White    Murphy Guyer      2006
Judge White     ??????    1976   Teddy Ellison's custody trial
Professor __ Whitlock     Christopher Innvar   2000
Patricia ____ Whitman    ??????    2009  Silas's wife
Shari Whitman ???    2009    Silas's daughter 
Congressman Silas Whitman     Molly's former lover; came to Oakdale planning to rape her on camera; she stabbed him in self defense.
                         Chris Durham     2009
                              Victor Slezak    2010
Silas Whitman, Jr.    ????    2009   Silas's son
Lorna Whitmore     Barbara Garrick    1983-84   dated Kirk McCall
Rex Whitmore    Bernie McInerney   1985-97 (at least)  hospital administrator
                Wlliam Swan   unknown years
Virginia ___ Whitmore   Beth Dixon   1985, 1988  wife of Rex; mother of Christine, grandmother of Molly Donegan.
Mrs. Wilcox     Cheryl Reeves   1997
Professor Wilcox   Russell Cook   2/90
Stefan Wilder     James Burge     1976
Sergeant Wilkins   Che Ayende   2008
Mrs. Willard     Jane White     
Abigail Williams   Daughter of Molly and Holden; adopted by Diana and Mitchell Williams; dated Chris, Adam and scummy Nick Scudder; caught Adam cheating; got roughed up by Nick but passed out and woke up with Nick's dead body next to her, murdered by Mary Mennihan; remembered a while later and Mary tried to kill her; left town but returned in 2010.
                      Emmy Rossum    8/15/1997
                            (young) (flashback) Kristin Klabunde  1/11/2001
                                    Kristina Sisco (Romero)   1999-02; 2010
Andy Williams     Andy Williams    2007   concert in Branson
Deniece Williams   Deniece Williams   1983    cameo, singer
Diana ___ Williams   Susan Pellegrino  1997; 1999   adoptive mother of Abigail
Greg Williams   Robert Readick    1958-61   newspaper editor liked Penny
Greta   Williams     Anne Marie Bobby   social worker    2004
Joe Williams      Joe Williams     1983    cameo   singer
Officer Kevin Williams    Robert Bogue  1991
Mr. Williams   Reginald Huc     2009
Mitchell Williams    Brian Keeler    1997    adoptive father, Abigail
Betty Willis     Scottie Bloch    1989
Cassandra Willis    Elaina Erica Davis   2006-07
Commissioner Willis     Remak Ramsey    ????  Police Commissioner
                                     Rex Robbins   2001
                                     Tom O'Rourke   2001-02
Detective   Norman Willis       Ed Blunt    
Officer Willis     Keith Tisdell      1997
Carl Wilson      Martin Rudy     1966-71     Sandy's father
Dr. Wilson     Brian Hotaling    2010  Deerbrook Doctor
Dr. Wilson    John Danelle
Lois Wilson     Caroline Burke 
Dr. Loretta Wilson     ????     2/1985   audiologist, Maggie
Martha __ Wilson   Anna Minot   1966-71      Sandy's mother
Matt Wilson       Allan Lander (now Alan) 2/1985     Australian detective 
Mrs. Wilson       ????   1973   sister-in-law of Marsha Davidson
Nancy Wilson      Nancy Wilson    ????  singer cameo
Officer Wilson     John Sciappa      1997
Professor Wilson    ???? or Never Seen  11/80  brother of Connie ; father of Hayley; archaeologist that died on a dig.
Madison Winchell      Angea Zaires      2004
Stan Winchell    Estes Tarver    2009
Edna __ Winklemeyer    Debra Jo Rupp    2008   camp counselor
Dr. Winslow   ??????    1973     Wally Matthews friend
Parker Winslowe   Brian Everett Chandler    1994
Mayor Winston      Cynthia Mace   2007
Sheila Winston      Martha Lambert    1979-80  liked Tom; accused of stealing from Valerie; cleared; worked with Lisa at the bookstore; knew the Andropoluos brothers from her past; Steve had set her up years before.
Dr. Winters       Tony Crane          12/29/2004
Joan Winters    Georgann Johnson   1963
Larry Winters      ?????    1958     Bob's friend
Reverend Winters    Clark Gordon
Cass Winthrop  Stephen Schnetzer   1999-2002; 2005; 2006   attorney from Bay City; defended Margo for murder(LOST); worked for Craig; represented  Gwen in a custody hearing; defended Emily.
Lila Hart Roberts Cory Winthrop     Lisa Peluso    1999    Cass's wife
Dean Hugh Wittle    Robert Logan     ????   Oakdale U
Dick Wolf    Kip Niven    
Amy Wolfe    Alice Elliott    1978
Herb Wolfson    Justin Reinsilber       2002
MacKenzie Wong   Alice Lee     2009 bff, Liberty
Nurse Sandra Wong    Linda Wang     1997-99
Assistant Dean Woods    Guy Paul    
Amy Wright     Yvette Thor     1993
Reverend Wright    Richard Thomsen
  Ben Wrigley    Bates Wilson    1989 
Glenn Wurlitzer   Jay Edwards    
Olivia Wycroft    Cynthia Dozier    1987-95   occasional   fashion designer
Rhonda Wyler    ????    4/26/2010   Public Relations Exec
Dr. Bradley  "Wyn" Wyndham   Jack Gwaltney   1993-95    Royce' psychiatrist; was involved with Janice.  
Captain Gideon Wyndham   Richard Michael Hughes
Loretta __ Wyndham     ???     1982 
 Willow Wyndham    Donna Barnes
Wade the thug    Kenneth R. Simmons    2003
Waldo    the bookie; gambler  James Biberi     10/2003
Wally                Michael Gaston    7/1999
Wally the Musselshell Barista   ???  8/24/94   
Walt                   Chris Stack     2006       coroner
Nurse Walter                Jacob Salas     2010 Liberty's nurse
Wanda             Kate Gilligan       2010   Dusty's realtor
Warren the politician that dated Lyla   ????    8/1980
Warren                       Fred Keller   
Warren                       Joseph Hamer         1987
Wayne  ????   NYC boss, news director,Molly   11/17/09 
Nurse Wendy         Wendy Donn Podos  1980s-2010  also the show's baby nurse so she was around for a long time
Wendy    David Stenbeck's friend  Sally Wheeler   1998
Wendy                 Tracey Gilbert     
Wendy    assistant, Lily    Angela Lin   2004
Wendy  that dated Ryder   Sherri Parker Lee 1996
Wendy that was Lily's friend     ?????     6/28/1985
Wendy the Lakeview maid     Wendy Donn Podos   09-10
Willie                 Michael O'Hare     5/1985
Willy the boxer with Zack   Tim Gallin   
Winston from the AA meeting    ???     8/18/10  
Winston the Fairchild butler    ????    1984
Wyoming the hippie    Chris Orf      2004
Prince Xavier     Julia Lindsay's fiance she ran away from          Damon Taylor     1998
Kano Yamamoto       James Saito    2006    businessman
Mori ____ Yamamoto         Mariko Takei      2006     wife
Corey Yates       Jonatnon Holter Graham     1996   Zoe Crane's estranged (?ex?) husband 
Dr. Yeager      Skipp Sudduth  1993      Connor's doctor
Mr.  Yeager    John Lantz     2010      Banker in charge of Parker's trust fund
Dr. Mary ____ Yee  Kitty Mei Mei Chen   1981   wife, Sam; dietician
Dr. Meghan Yee   Stanford rival to Chris and Reid for Shannon Fellowship
Dr. Sam Yee    Aki Aleong     1981      husband, Mary; helped John deal with blindness
Candace Young      Holly Marie Combs       1989
Norma ___  Young        Dolores Sutton        early 1960s
Yolanda  the dancer    Irma Estella La Guerre
Yvette                           Eliza de Croes     1982
Yvonne the hooker     Pamela Lewis
Nurse Yvonne    Peggy Gormley    1992
Paula Zahn           Paula Zahn     CBS Morning Show Hostess     cameo   1995
Zack the boxer     Jason McDermott
Zander                    Matthew Robinson
Zeke,  Teague's buddy   Michael Laurence     1998
Zeke                 Matte Oslan    2007
Zelda                Diana Lamar      1998


Attorney from the Woman's League    Frances Conroy   1997

Backup Guitarist     Jesse Harris  (son of Marie Masters) 1993

Bar Patron     Mimi Lieber     1/27/2004  

Bartender      Malachy McCourt     1984

                         John Rensenhouse    1983  (EON)

Bellman       Christopher Marcantel    c. 1979-81

Carolers   Matthew Del Negro       12/24/2003

                             Matt Walton          12/24/2003
Church choir member     Giancarlo Esposito   1984

Clinic Nurse  Francesca James    pre-1969

Court Stenographer     Kathleen Turner    1977

Delivery Man      Ty Treadway 

Detective      Tucker Smallwood   1983 

District Attorney     Kenneth Harvey       1966                                                               Mandel Kramer       1956

                                 Paul Sparer    ????

Doctor              Stephen Joyce    1993-94   Susan's in-vitro

                              Daniel Ziskie      2003    (Mental Ward)

                           David Bishins       2008

Drummer           Eriq LaSalle
Drunk           Marcus Giamatti     1995

Flower Woman    Gloria Irizarry

Funeral Director     Ted Tinling   (EON)    1997

Girlfriend     (Ron Spencer)   November, 1977  ???????????

Hit Man    Jack Gwaltney    11/03; 1/04

                       Peter D. Greene      1992

Hospital Clerk   (Chicago)    Roz Ryan   1997   

                               Fredi Walker   1997

Inmate     Christopher Michael   1983

Intern       Victoria Platt    1/1997

Judge             Jean De Baer   (AW)

                           Barbara Montgomery 1984 (Amen)

                             Roger Rathburn   

                         Judge Marilyn Milian   7/2002

Lamaze Woman       Kathleen Mahony-Bennett      1998

Las Vegas Minister     Chuck Wagner     (Elvis Impersonator)   2000

Lawyer (Emily)    Chip Zien    1998

Lawyer   David Aaron Baker     7/15/2008

Lookalike (Samantha)  Beth Ostrofsky Stern  

Maid               Kelly Coffield Park

Matron  (Prison)       Michele Shay     1997    

Mayor      John Furey       2008

Med Student (John Dixon)   Liza Weil   1995

Messenger      Richard Niles    1969

Minister             Erick Avari        1986-87

                              Bernie McInerny  11/26/2003

                                 Greg Mullavey  1983 (Tom and Margo's wedding)

                                   Daniel Ziskie   2010 

                            Reathal Bean     4/12/07   married Henry and Vienna                                                 11/2007

Montegan Rebel      Paul Calderon   1985  (OLTL)

Mother         Judith Ivey       (Designing Women)

Movie Voice-Over   John Benjamin Hickey       1996

Mystery Man      Louis Zorich     1987

Nurse      Mariann Aalda   (one year give or take) 

            Avis   McCarther    (AMC)      

                       Geneva Carr             ( BULL)

                Johanna  Day (Madam Secretary)

Orderly      Alan Manson       1968

ParalyzedGirl      Gaye Huston  pre-1966

  Partner (Jeff Baker)    Randolph Kraft    late 1950s-early 1960s??  

Peoria Cop    Jerrome Preston Bates  

Pilot     (Kevin and Bob)  Corbin Bernsen   1986

                             Philip Bryce    (Lucinda's)  1980s   (Scott Bryce's brother)

                     Kevin O'Rourke  (OLTL)

Pilot's Voice-Over      Larkin Malloy       12/24/2004

Prisoner      Christopher Marcantel  c. 1979-81  (extra)

Psychiatrist     Michael Higgins    1960  (GL)

Radio Announcer   Larkin Malloy  2006

Reporter        Brian Howe    ( CHICAGO FIRE )  9/1/1998                

  Riverwalk   Saleswoman  Sherri Alexander     1996 

Roastmaster     Chip Zien   1985

Sailor     Jimmy Wolk    2008

Shipping Agent    Tom Mardirosian   1996

Stage Manager      Jon Bernthal  (The Walking Dead)

State Trooper     Bill Fagerbakke    1986     (Coach)

Stunt Double    Eddie Murphy     1980

Technician     Tim Kang    (Magnum PI)

Teen Girl       Stephanie Gatschet     1999

Teen that threatened Luke    Karl Girolamo   9/30/2004

Thai Man    Never Seen     Amy Hughes' father

Thug     Joey Buttafuoco      1985

Trooper     Dan Ahearn       1987

Under Five         Dana Delaney     1978

                               Kelly Sullivan           (GH,Y&R)

Usher         Jim Fyfe     (Dark Shadows  Primetime)   6/21/2004

Video Clerk    Christina Chang     1997

Waitress    Ryan Michelle Bathe 

                (Al's)   Tina Johnson    1998

Witness     S. Epatha Merkerson       

Woman     Joanne Bayes     1998

Young Nurse   Ryan Michelle Bathe




No Character information

Tammy Amerson   (Ex OLTLSFT)

Camila Ashland   pre-1974

Marian Baer   (Ex Eve Fine, LOL, EON, TD, SFTGL)

Powers Boothe (2 lines)

Jane Alice Brandon   (OLTLAW, LIAMST

Pat Carroll

Kate Charleson  (Leslie Charleson's sister)   ((Ex-GH, LOL, EP:NAS) pre 77

Patricia DeRosa (AKA Trish Cook)   (Ex Julia Scott, EON)

Judy Dewey (Ex Blaine-lite, AW, Dallas)

Jerry Dodge   (1966)

Burt Douglas   (72-73)   ( Ex- EON ,DOOL (2 roles), 

AMC, Morning Star, Peyton Place., GH, Executive Suite

Eric Dressler (Ex SFT, EON, Golden Windows)

Alice Drummond (1984) (Ex AW, RH, ATWT, WTHI, & LIAMST)

Bruce Fairbairn  (Ex-AW, KL, LIAMST

Conard Fowkes   between 1960-63

Arlene Francis   

Merwin Goldsmith

Cathy Greene   AW, HTSAM     early 1970s

Ed Herlihy    (Today Show)

Bill Hunt     pre-1974

James Kiberd   pre 1983  (ex- Loving, AMCATWTAW

Ruth Klinger   

Lauri Landry   (AW)

Gene Lindsey  (ex TD, LOL, LiAMST, DS, 

Susan Lucci (TD LiaMST, AMC Dallas, Devious Maids)  (possibly a nurse)

Dina Merrill  

Theresa Merritt    (That's My Mama)

Gwen Mitchell   (BOE)

Rosemary Murphy  (pre-71)   (AMCAWATWT SS, Y&R)

Eleanor Phelps

Nicholas Pryor  65 

David Ramsey 

John Randolph    1965-66

Gordana Rashovich   AW

Lester Rawlins  3 days in 1965 or 1966

Cindy Rinehart    (soap reporter) (LOV, GH, AMC, DOOL)

Elvera Roussell   (pre-77)  (GL, B&B)

Nipsey Russell  (1983)

Michael M. Ryan

Raymond St. Jacques   (Dallas, Falcon Crest)

Colgate Salsbury   between 1968-71

Eugene Smith   6/13/83    GL (2 roles,) OLTL, AMC, SOM, EON, AW

George L. Smith  ;Several roles TD, LOV, DOOL, From These Roots, SS, OLTL, etc.

Jimmy Smits    mid 80s

Jocelyn Somers (pre-77)  The Doctors (3 roles), RH, DOOL

???????     Ted Sorel

Robert Stattel

William Swan   (3 years)

Dorothy Stinnette (pre 71) AW (2 roles) Somerset, Another Life, LOV, EON, OLTL

Dolph Sweet   (66)  AW, EON, SOM, DS  

Gretchen Walther     AMC, TD (2 ROLES) SFT, OLTL,HIDDEN FACES, LOL, SS (2 ROLES)

Chris Weatherhead   EON, Y&R, DOOL, Dallas, LOL

Patricia Wheel     1960




Dan McCullough     1956-82

Dan Region              1982-99


Baby Nurse       Wendy Donn-Podos   1981-2010

Medical Advisor   Marilyn Brenner-Sowyak

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MARCH 27,1989-JANUARY 25, 1991       NBC








Nicky Abdul       ....   Abdul Saaam El Razzac      90

Brandy Alexander (Royal)    Lela Rochon   91     [model +Adam]

Officer Andrews    Kevin Bourland    1990

Elmer Arbuckle  ....    Frank Birney   1990     

Emmett Arbuckle   ....   Bob Larkin   1990      

Fritz Ballard      ....    Victor Warren       1990 

Jensen Bardmoor   ...   Corbin Timbrook    89    

Charles Barton   ....    Never Seen  ...90  security guard who died in the pharmaceutical lab explosion]

Rita _______ Barton     ....    Sheila Wills        90      +Charles. Widow of the security guard who died in the pharmaceutical lab explosion]

Wally Beaumont    .....   Myles Thoroughgood       89 [former gang member. Worked at the scoop shop]  

Mr. Becker     Robert Louis Kempf      1989

Carrie Bothwaite    ...    Rosemarie Castellanos    89-90

Officer Boyd     Christopher Kriesa  1990

Lord Lloyd Bradfield    ....    Ronald Allen [+Rebecca. Attorney at law firm.]       1989

Mrs. Brezinsky         ....        Kathleen Freeman       89     [ran deli next to the scoop shop. Cranky customer]    

Judge Brighton      .....     Bert Rogel, Esquire

Gail Brinkley     .....    Colleen Casey             89    [attorney involved in the Hugh Gardner estate/Jason Craig murder]

Professor Burgess     Greg Callahan    1990

Wendell Burton    ....   Laurence Lott       89-90       

Lieutenant Lucas Carelli    ....    Antony Ponzini    89-91   [Kyle’s boss]

Edna Carr        ....    Colleen Casey          89           Suzette Charles     ... Suzette Charles      

Michael Chatsworth       Chris Capen      1989

Dr. Chen       ...    France Nuyen         89                 [Jessica’s doctor while in rehab]

Mr. Chu          Keone Young       90       

Nelson Clark    Brian Sheehan    1990

Reverend Cole    Mel Stewart    1990

Jade Collins    ....     Shannon Tweed    89          [soap opera character sleeping with Vic Reynolds, Lacey’s husband]

Professor Considine    John Dewey Carter    1989

Leonard Cooper    ....    Richard Roat      89-90     [producer of “Tomorrow is Another Day. Last appeared in 1990 when Jessica was trying to sell a movie about her involvement in art smugglling]

Jason Craig     .....    Anthony Addabbo     89-91    

Monique McCallum Craig   ....   Nancy Sorel     89-91     

Senator Tim Craig   ....   Never Seen [may have been seen in flashbacks. Jason did have nightmares about the accident. Don’t remember if we saw somebody else during the drowning]

Gwenetta ___ Dawson    Darwyn Carson    1990 

Tyrell   Dawson      ....   Sterling Macer, Jr.     90-91   

Antoinette DeMure    Kimberly  Farr    1989

Sonny DeSilva    ...    Jaime Gomez    89     [Jason’s photography assistant]

Jessica Gardner Craig Donnelly

                        Barbara Rhoades   89   

                    ....    Linda Gibboney        89-91  

Professor Rob Donnelly    ....    George Deloy      89-90   

Linda Dukes      ......     Tonya Lee Williams       89          [college student who Adam flirted with. I only saw her in May 1989 episodes. To be fair, Sussman would bring back minor characters frequently so its possible she returned.]

Commissioner Edmonds   John S. Ragin     1991

Dr. Ellis    Bill Washington      1989

Mr. Fleischer    ....   Ian Abercrombie     90    

Emily Fober      ...   Frances Bay  89                     [confused older woman who came forward about the Jason Craig murder.]

Mr. Foley    John O'Connell       1990

Mrs. Franklin        Chris Weatherhead    1990

Sylvia Furth     ....   Donna Mitchell    1989

                        Elinor Donahue          89   [executive for the network airing “Tomorrow is Another Day.” I believe another actress played Sylvia prior to Elinor Donahue.]

Hugh Gardner    ....   Jack Betts         89   

Garrett Graham    ....    David Anthony Smith   90   

Lincoln Greer     ....    Smokey Robinson      89    [stockbroker. Adam’s cellmate. The pressure of work turned him onto cocaine.]

Dylan Hale      ...    Sandy Simpson      91         [possible heir to Hale empire]

Jordan Hale   .....   George Shannon    89-90            ....   Robert Gentry      90  - 91  \

[I’m not positive, but I believe Jordan was credited well into 1991 even though he died in December 1990. I wonder if they planned to bring him back from the dead ala Jason Craig]

Stephanie "Sam" Whitmore Hale   ...   Kelly Rutherford  89-91\

        (young)   Tracy Rowe    1990

(Young)  (5 years old)       Amanda McAdam     1990    

Professor Hansen   ....    John Dewey-Carter  89        (original name of Professor Considine)

Reverend Red Hardy   ....   Jerry Potter       

Mimi __ Harrington .....   Mimi Torchin     1990

Lawrence  Harrington       ....    Steve Kavner 1990

Mrs Hassan         .....   Diana Simonzadeh         Alex Hawkins    ....     Paul Carr           

Reginald Hewitt    ....    Ian Ogilvy         90-91      [+Jessica. Art thief. Friends with Jordan]

Andrew Horocek    Matt Roe    1989

Dr. Elliott Hunter       ...       Bingwa          89 [+Chantal. Dentist. May have proposed to Chantal] 

  Junior Hutchins      ....   Paul Martel    Vern’s son. I don’t know about Emmett and Elmer]      1990  

Mary Gardner Hutchins    Mina Kolb      89-91     

Vern Hutchins            Len Wayland       90-91 

Mrs. Ito.        Jeanne Mori        1990

Mr. Ito             ...         Richard Narita     90     

(Baby) Danielle Jackson    ....    ????

Doreen Walker Jackson     ....    Jonelle Allen    89-91         

Martin Jackson       .....    Rick Fitts       89-90 

Dr. Warren Jackson    .....    Robert Hooks  89        

                                                Thalmus Rasulala 90  [Martin’s father. Robert Hooks played the part in November 1989 last appearing in a fantasy sequence shaming Doreen about the baby. A second actor appeared at the hospital in March 1990 when he came to see his ‘granddaughter’ Danielle.]

Officer   Jacobs    ...    Robert Doqui   1990

Madame Jarre     ....    Lillian Garrett      89 [ran a hostel that Jason often stayed at. Jessica contacted her when she was looking for her son]  

Paul Jarre        ....    Jon Lindstrom        89-90      [Madame Jarre’s nephew. Went backpacking with Jason. Later shot and killed by Mary]

DA David Jeffries     ....    Brian Stokes Mitchell      89 

Miss Jenkins     Karen Elise Baldwin      1989

Lewis Kaiser        ....    Craig Austin    90-91    

Reverend Keller   Jay Karnes    1990

Todd Kelsey     Stu Levin    1990

Jacques Langlois   ....    Phillipe Simon       

Mr. Lee     Ralph Ahn      1990

Harvey Lerner      Joel Hoffman    1989

Stuart Lowry      Dan Gerrity    1990

Dr. Lugar                ...   Ed Evanko    89    [university psychiatrist Sam saw about her sexual harassment claims]

Norman Mark    ....     Norman Mark       1990

Stan Maroni      David Ault   clerk at Beroni's  1989 

Adam Marshall    Kristoff St. John     89-91    

D.A, Chantale Marshall    ...    Sharon Brown      89-90 

        ....Debbi Morgan   90-91    see Hoppers

Henry Marshall     ...     Taurean Blacque        89-90     

                 ....  James Reynolds            90-91   

Ruth Potter Marshall    .....    Joan Pringle      89-91 

       (young)   Yvette Holland Vasquez  1989

           (young)    Joyce Agu

Lt. Kyle Masters           ...      Robert Torti    89-91      

Sean Masters    Butch Hartman           90-91   [Kyle’s brother who Kyle arrested. Eric’s cellmate]

Reverend Matthews ... David Haskell   89-91 

Cory McCallum     ....    Tom Hermann   89 [spent the summer home from military school. Roped into a letter writing campaign by his uncle to get Jessica back on as Lacey on “Tomorrow is Another Day”]

Dylan McCallum    ...   Never Seen

Laura Whitmore McCallum   ....    Gail Ramsey   89-90    [I don’t know if Ramsey appeared in 1991 but she was certainly set to as the show wanted both Laura and J.D. as part of the Peter story.]

        (young)   Joleen Lutz    1989

         (young)   Paige Pengra    1989

Trevor McCallum            ...         Andrew Masset  89-90  

Dale McGinnis    Bruce Taylor    1990

Chris Mendoza      ....   Dean Devlin       89      

                                    ....    Bernie White    89    

Carla Meyers  ....    Marnie McPhail        89      [Trevor’s assistant]

                                   … Amy Yasbeck 89

Dr. Miller   Lawrence Lott     1990

Claude Montreau         ... Patrick Gorman      90-91     

Dr. Morley   ....    Carol Wyand      1990

Charles Mullen    ....    Joseph Whipp   89-90    

Helen ______ Mullen   ....       ??????? 89 [Helen is first introduced played by an uncredited dayplayer in July 1991. She and Ruth are inducted into the Women’s Art Council at the same time.]

Marla Adams 89-90      [I don’t think she appeared in 1991, did she? I don’t think she was written out though.

Howard Nathan    Mark Schneider     1990

Lieutenant Nestor    ....    Robin Strand     89  

                               ....            David Froman    89-90    [Kyle’s partner who he fought with. Kyle called him Det. Nasty]

Colonel Nevins    Peter Looney      1990

Officer O'Reilley        Marshall Teague   89    

Captain Parker     John Mahon   1989

Aurora Perkins    Marianne McAndrew    1990

Kim Perez   Andre  Benita  (Mart)    89-90

Sandy Phillips        .....    Jason Kane     1990

Officer Porter      ....    James Ingersoll   1990

Vivian    ________  Potter       ... Lynn Hamilton   89-91   

Brian Price    ....     Tim Russ      1990        [reporter who wrote the story about the bombing at the Marshall home]

DA Steven Radford  ....  Barry Jenner    90   

                          ....    James Raymond    90     

Rita Remsen        ....     Dorothy Fielding   89   

Mitch Renelli     .........    Paul Lobosco    89 [replaced Sonny as Jason’s assistant]

                             ....    Ron Marquette     89      

                               .... David Ciminello    89      

Joel Resnick     ....    Rick Lohman     89-90         [+Laura. I don’t think he aired in 1991 but I think he and Laura were still involved.]

Amy   ___    Reubens    ....    Viveca A. Fox  90         (flashback)

Dr. Daniel Reubens         .....     Richard Roundtree  90-91 [I think Roundtree left the show before it ended. I think he was last on contract in October and may have appeared on a recurring basis. I haven’t watched much of what I have of the last few months]

Maya   Reubens           .......    Viveca A. Fox   89-91   

Vic Reynolds                ....      John Gabriel   89     [Lacey’s husband on “Tomorrow is Another Day.”]

Darren Rhymes             ...    Never Seen

Jaclyn Marshall Rhymes    ....  Never Seen

Kevin Rhymes           ....    Never Seen

Lizzie    Rhymes          ....    Never Seen

Judge Samuel Romer   Allen Williams     89  

Benita ____   Royal     ....    Janet McLachlan     90   \ [Eric’s mother seen during his trial. I don’t think the character was seen after the character’s trial ended, but I may be wrong.]

Eric Royal        ....   Randy Brooks   90-91 

Brad Russell    ....    Robert B. Wilson    90      

Christy ___ Russell ... Patricia Tallman    89-90         [I think Christy may have appeared in 1989 as well]

                              ....   Stacey Nelkin      90    

Jon Sherwood     ....   Peter Marc   

John Spector    .    Allen Williams      89-90

Judge Alan Spencer    ....    Ben Piazza    89    

Roy Stacy      Mark Howell     1989   

Murray    Stein   Phillip Hoffman           89

Dr. Stevens          ....    Greg Mortensen   1989-90      

Mitchell Taylor         ...    Josef Rainier  89-91     [Jordan’s half-brother. Mob boss]

Candace Thompson   ....     Mary Watson     89        [+Adam]

Judge Sherman Titus       ....    Stewart Moss    1990

Alan   ....    John J. D'Alessandro    89    [Monique’s boss at Windy City Magazi                            ....    Martin Hewitt      89   

Dean Umoto             Haunani Minn   89-90    [possibly 1990 as well. Dealt with the sexual harassment claims]

Stephen Wain        ...    Jim McKrell    89  [partner in the ad agency Trevor worked for]

Dean Walsh      ....    George Pentecost    89   

Phillip Webb      ....    Bruce Gray    89     [partner in the law office.

Reverend White         William Bogert                1989

J.D. Whitmore    ....    Gerard Prendergrast    89     l [plans were made to recast the character in 1991 had the show continued]

Peter Whitmore     .....     Ron Harper   90-91 

      (young)        Corbin Timbrook     1990-91

Rebecca ____ Whitmore   ....   Patricia Crowley  89-90  

        .........  Dorothy Lyman 90-91 

Johnny Wilde                        ....    George Duke    89-90 [ran Johnny’s Hideaway. Doreen’s friend]   

Gordon Williams      ....    Christopher B. Duncan    89  [Adam’s college friend]

Officer Williams      Kevin Bourland   1990

Kate ________ Wilson            ....     Robin Dearden     90 [ran Wilson & Friends book store. Harboring Daniel. Ex-flame of Rob]

Ted Winters              ....    Bobby Hosea     90   [Kate’s associate. Harboring Daniel]


Amber the lingerie model   .... Jasmin Paul       89  - 91     

Anna                   Nicole Niblack    1990

Barbara           Jacquelyn Masche     1989

Billie the lingerie model      ....  Patricia Tallman     89

Carl     Alan Woolf      1990

Casey                  Derek Mitchell

Casey                        James Chisem   90

Cindy        Jana Marie Hupp     1989

Cliff                        Albert Macklin     1990

Crane       Keenan Thomas             1990

Darren        Steve Whiteford       1990

Dave      Peter Koch         1990

Dede  that dated Sean   Laurelle Brooks  (Mehus)  91

Dillon           ....    Jonathon Sachar         90

Eddie                               ...   Len Birman     90  

Eugene     Guerin Barry         1990

Flo        Lynnie Godfrey         1990

Gretchen    Rosie Malek Yonan    90 

Harris             Rene Levant    1990

Hilda      Nancy Parsons         1989

Iggy         J. P. Mullarkey     1999

Jack the player       ...     Vince McKewin    90 

Jim        John Shepard    1989

John                      ...        Douglas Sills    90  

John the Interior Decorator    Peter Marc Jacobson   1989-90

Kathleen      Nancy Linari       1990

Lamar, Doreen's butler   ......   Donald Willis    89-90    

Lionel, Mary's butler       ....   Eric Christmas    89-90  

Liz            Leilani Sarelle         1990

Nurse Loretta       Rio Kelley    1989

Louise the maid       Jana Grant       

Marcus                        .....     Damien Lee    91  

Mark    ...        Joseph Scott       1990

Max        David Donham         1989

Melina + Peter          ....    Gina Gallego    90     

Nora, Martin's assistant    . Laurel Lockhart   89-90   

Red     Jerry Potter     1990

Rollo                 Richard Green        1990

Madame Rosa       ,,,,,       Lynn Lowry      90    

                             ....      Jeanna Michaels   90  

Rose                 Gwen E. Davis

Rudy              Hank Brandt    1990

Sarah, Mary's maid    ....   Lois de Banzie     89-90    

Scott         Patrick Lowe            1989

Sean                ....     David Duran    90        

Sidney the front desk clerk....    Victor Gardell    89           ...   

Spencer Lito Wilson   89

Stavros               Bruce Marchiano        1990  

Thelma , Sam's agent     Carol Ann Susi     89-90      

Todd  the musician      ......        Scott Colomby    90   

Tom                                      ....            Patrick Sweeney 

Tom               David Duran      1990  

Wendy                      Lynda Robertson    89

Wolf the musician         Mark Goodman   89




Bartender     Guy Garner     1989-91
Bellman      .....Douglas Maida    90    
Child          ............ Heather Lauren Olsen       90       
Christmas Soloist         Mavis Vegas Davis          90
Clerk            Olivia Negron       1990 
Cop          Count Stovall         1989   
Dance Coach     Don Franklin     1989-90
Deejay   (voice-over)      ..       Scott Jenkins       89 
Director             Bill Applebaum            1989
Doctor                Sandy Edgerton              1990
Doctor                Robert Symonds              1990
Doctor                   Peter Brown  89 
Drummer for “Men of Essence” … Jon Lindstrom 89
Factory Worker    Ta-Tanisha         1989
Fire Marshall .             Bob McLean      89      
Fish Handler      Marc Vasconcellos     91  
Guard                           Mark Ozello     1990
Head Nurse     Kathleen Arc     1990
Hit Man            J.K. Palmer            90
Homeless Man     Paul Welterlen    1990
Hotel Clerk                        Tery Lockett       89  
Janitor                    ....    Gary Hollis    ,       90
Jazzman                  Marcus Chong           1989
Juror                    .....      Marcy Goldman            90
Master of Ceremonies     Stuart Nisbet      1990
Maternity Nurse    Linda Kurimoto      1990
Musicians               ...Jon Stroll     
                                 ....      Sol Gubin    
                               .....    Andy Simpkins
Newscaster            Maggie Egan        1990
Nurse                        Ronn Riser          
Office Worker      .....     Scott Jenkins        89    
Officer         ...........        Christopher Michael     90    Orphan              ....           Brandon Crane    90   
Paramedic      Conrad Hurtt         1990     
                                           Eileen Conn         1990        
Pawnbroker            ........   Stanley Brock  89     
Pianist       Gil Leib      1990
Police Technician  .....   Harry  Morgan  Moses  89  
Policeman              ....         Peter Love       1989
                                     Ray Laska     1990
                                Vaughn Armstrong     1990            Reporter                   Leo Ryan          1990
Secretary    (Jordan)       Pamela Clay    1990       
Security Guard    .....     Frank Miller            90
                           E.R. Davies     1989
Student                    Rick Simone      90              
Train Commuter     James Anthony Caruso       89
Waiter                 .....     Brandon Tartikoff
Waiter        ...... Jasper Cole       90   
Waitress        .....      Roquel LaFayette     90         
 Warden                  Max Segar         1990
 Woman on the phone     Pamela Galloway       1989
Hank Garrett                     


Rhonda Lord                            
Kim Perez
Fritz Ballard
Dr. Morley
Officer Porter


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November 1983

Mrs. Todd    Jeanne Bates    remove Dodd

Dr. D'Angelo    Paul Lambert   (I remember the name.. D'Angelo..) 

Sister Theophistis     Jan Straton

Annie---Counterlady    Karen Tarleton

Parks Commissioner  John O'Leary

Chancellor      Don Carter

Art Department Chairman    Angus Duncan

Cabbie    Alex Courtney





 Trent   Bodyguard, Joss   2013; 2020

Social Worker     Juanita Hall     1964

Dan the Messenger    Andrew Gonzalez   10/27/20

Drug Dealer    Kevan McClellan    2020

Reed the Metrocourt Bartender    Jeremy A. Lopez   10/27/2020

Mr. Collier     1985

Steve Hardy    1963-96

Guard with Ava and Sonny   ????   11/4/2020

Charlie's Pub Bartender     Michael Bow    10/26/2020

____ McGee     Joe Finfera    11/5/2020   Lulu's contact

Fireman   ????     11/5/2020

Nurse Phyllis Caulfield    Juliette Jeffers     2020  Nina's nurse during coma

Dr. Lucas Jones   Matt Trudeau    2020-

Passport Guy     Joe Finfera      2017

Judge Dawn Roth     2015-16

Tracy Q    2020-

Detective Oscar DeLeon  Benny Nieves     2020

Detective Marcus Taggert  Asante Jones  (temporary) 2020

Pentonville Guard    Mickey Maxwell    19-20

Abril the desk clerk at medical equipment factory  Melinda Sanz   12/1/2020

Manuel the security guard   at medical equipment factory Alex Livanalli    12/1/2020  

Jackie Templeton Chase   Demi Moore   1982-84

                                       Kim Delaney    2020-

Bart    Lewie Bartone     12/4/2020

Dr. Warren Kirk     WSB  doctor that programmed Dante; accidentally killed by Scott protecting Obrecht

                         Christopher Cousins    2020

                        Jamison Jones   2020

2 emts        11/23/2020

EMT      Christian Lyon     11/23/2020

Fireman       Hayd Swenseid      11/23/2020

EMT x 2       ?????     11/16/2020

EMT    ??????    11/18/2020     with Brad 

Nurse          ??????    11/18/2020     with Brad 

Prison Guard      ??????    11/18/2020     with Brad 

Nurse (Finn)    ??????    11/9/2020

Nurse  (Valentin)   ?????    11/9//2020

Nurse    ?????    11/12/2020

Jesse the Metrocourt Bartender  ???    12/8 + 10/2020

Helga the Swiss secretary (Dr. Kirk)  ????   12/10/2020

Andrew Nero     son of Kim and Julian?  12/11/20

Nanny (Kim Nero)   Tatum  Langton     12/11/2020

Shooter    ?????    12/14/2020

Florence Chamberlain Grey     ____________    2020

Craig   the guy from Alexis' old firm   ????    11/19/2020

Rob    the guy from Alexis' old firm   ????    11/19/2020

Eli the bartender    ????   11/19/20 &11/30/2020  fed Cyrus info about Jason

Officer Williams     ?????    11/24/20 

Orderly     ????    11/25/20

Carl the bodyguard with Sam and the kids   ????   11/25/2020

2 Orderlies (Lulu)   ????     12/1/2020

Guy talking to Trina ????    12/2 and 12/3/ 2020  

Dr. Mark Prentiss     Christopher Chen   12/16 & 12/17 Mountain Landing Long Term Care

Nurse Nicki Kellen   Nicole Ghastin    12/16 & 12/17 Mountain Landing Long Term Care

Shooter (Taggert)  ????     12/16/2020

Cop with Mac    ???     12/16/2020

Stranger with Julian at the bus station    David Beeler   12/17/20

Cyrus' shooter at the Jersey Bus Station  ????    12/17 & 18/2020

New Jersey Cop   ????   12/18/2020

Officer Fowler in New Jersey   ???    12/18/2020

Mark Simon   Never Seen   worked with Jordan, Taggert,and Massicotte to frame Cyrus (mentioned 2020)

Anaya     1/12/20    mentioned to be Cam's date

Hunter   1/12.20    mentioned to be Trina's date

Attendant Turning Woods   ???    1/17/20

Young Voter     11/2/2020   Emma Sophia Demirjian 

Nurse     Ratoya Banks     12/23/19 with Finn

Doctor     Lonnie Henderson    12/23/19     with Finn


kids still played by

James West    Owen and Curtis Rufca
Jake Morgan Spencer    Hudson West

Danny Morgan     Porter Fasullo

Leo Falconeri     Aaron Bradshaw  


roles ended  (-20)





Brooke Q (Briana Lane)

Mike C.

Alex Marick

Dev Cerci

Dustin Phillips

Lucas--Ryan Carnes


added - present   appeared in 2020






Characters from A Christmas Carol Episode   12/23/2019

Mrs. Dilber    Leslie Charleson

Dick Wilkins   Chad Duell

Ebenezer Scrooge    Michael Easton

Jacob Marley   Jane Elliot

Ghost of Christmas Past    Kathleen Gati

Mrs. Porter    Briana Nicole Henry

Mrs. Cratchit     Rebecca Herbst

Bob Cratchit     Roger Howarth  

Older Belle   Finola Hughes

Ole Fezziwig    Wally Kurth

Tiny Tim's Brother   William Lipton

Beggar Child        Jophielle Love

Belle          Katelyn McMullen

Ghost of Christmas Past   Eden McCoy

Fred             Wes Ramsey

Belle's Friend   Tristan Rogers   

Mrs. Dilber's Friend    Amanda Setton

Beggar Child    Gabriel Sky

Fred's Wife     Kirsten Storms

Young Ebenezer Scrooge     Josh Swickard   

Mr. Porter      Donnell Turner

Tiny Tim Cratchit   Hudson West

Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come     Maura West



Characters from the Suffragette Episode 11/2/2020


Set in 1920  (Thanks to the TIME Candle from PORT CHARLES)  


Mary Butler   Leslie Charleson

Mrs. Oberley    Kathleen Gati

Lexi Brighton    Nancy Lee Grahn 

Josephine     Briana Nicole Henry

Eliza      Rebecca Herbst

Alice         Finola Hughes

Tillie        Cassandra James

Dr. Priscilla Johnson   Brooke Kerr

Bertha Halifax     Kelly Thiebaud

Ada Hooke     Maura West

Beatrice Eckert    Laura Wright


I fell behind watching, but I re-started with the Nov. 2 Episode.  I'll be binging my DVR 's back episodes and adding further information about minor roles as I watch them.


The Christmas Carol and Suffragette cast lists will be added separately to the cast list at the bottom, not to mix them in.



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Jail  Guard with Harry Lane and Martin Spode   Stephen Elliott 1957


Ray Timmons     Allen Nourse   1972   drunken shyster who

represented Vic Lamont when he was secretly going undercover for the mob.



Celia Magalia    Celia McDally     choreographer from Buenos Aires; guest on Oakdale Now        6/17/09




Mrs. Groves    ????    widow of man that dealt with city council     1952

Mr. Groves Never Seen     commit suicide  1952

Announcer     Casey Allen     1950-52



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General Hospital
April 1, 1963- Present
Port Charles


Xanna Aames..Karen Dyer 94
Peter Aaron Rick Williamson hitman05

Edie Abbott   Never Seen    sister, Sarah blamed herself for Edie's death 
Mrs. Abbott..Mary Ann Gibson mother 81
Sarah Abbott..Eileen Dietz roommate,Heather, asylum 80-81
Mrs. Abernathy.. ??? [ 4/5/2012] patient
Walter Able ???... David Grey's spy 82
Benny Abrahms..Richard Fancy accountant, Sonny 97-03
Bernie Abrahms..Richard Fancy accountant, Sonny 06-12
Conan Abrahms[nephew]..Jess Rowland worked in restaurant 10 
Leia______ Abrahms..?????.. 3/18/03. widow, Bernie 
Dr. Rachel Adair..Amy Grabow accomplice, AJ 05
Joanna Adams..Tania L. Pearson hit woman 07
Lt. Adams..Don Hammer     73
Officer Adams..Mohammed Ojarigi 12-14
Dr. Tracey Adams..Kim Hamilton kidney specialist 68-69
Dr. Greg Adamson..Never Seen first husband, Gail, had affairs w/ ......................Monica, Maria 77
Van Addams...Donald D Halleck loan shark,Sean D. 84-85 
Dr. David Addison..Richard Guthrie ran for chief of staff 89
ADA Louise Addison..Carla Pifko friend, Patrick, Lisa 09
Sadikah Adin...Never Seen 17
Samira Adin...  con artist  Ivy Natalia 4/17
Nurse Charlie [Charlotte]Ahearn..Whitney Kershaw 91
Nurse Quinn Ahman...Kristina Anapau 98 
Fred Ainsley..Ken Farmer 86
Eddie Albert..Eddie Albert
Mrs. Albright..Pat Crawford-Brown patient, Night Shift 9/08
Diego Alcazar..Ignacio Serricchio 04-06, 08 
Lila Rae Alcazar..Gianna Marie Crane 06-07,08
..Kayla Madison 12

Lorenzo Alcazar..[temp]Jay Pickett 06
..Ted King 03-07
Luis Alcazar..Ted King 02
Sage Alcazar..Eileen Boylan 03
Katie Stuart 03-04
Skye Chandler Cudahy Kinder Davidson Jacks Alcazar ...........................................Robin Christopher 01-08, 10, 11, 12
Cabot Alden[photo]Wesley Addy Corinth 13
Gwyneth Marshall Alden [photo]..Christine Tudor Corinth 13
Laurente Alexandre..Laurente Alexandre?????
Deborah Allen..Ellen Stohl
Sarah _______Allen..Patricia Huston Laurelton 85-86

Brother Allens   ????   ran the mission    1981
George Allison patient likes Laura...Patrick Skelton 77
Mrs. Allison ??? 4/74 patient, Peter Taylor
William Alsop...Gregg Daniels AUSA 95-96
Reverend Pritchard Alston...???...2/24/16 Lucas/Brad wedding 

Warden Alvarez       Al Coronel      2020
____ Alvaro...Marcos DeSilvas 5/17
OR Nurse Clara Ames...Paula Shaw 3/82 

Mrs. Ames    ????     Dr.Alex Baker's housekeeper        1987

Ms. Amira    Soma Mitra   9/17/19  hired Wallow at the hospital

Fabia (?Flavia?) Amstutz..Agnes Olech Swiss banker 13

Zahra Amyr      Masoon Zayid    19-20    attorney, Shiloh

_____Anderson...Luke Massey   chasing Jason from Russia....   10/17
Bill Anderson..Bill Anderson singer         87
Cora_Anderson_...Esther Larner...worked at Ward House 94-95

Dr. Anderson....Marita DeLara...   pediatric doctor...7/28/17

Jessica Anderson     Liz Benoit   9/3&9/17/20    Attendant
Karen Anderson..Betsy Franco adoptive mother Franko 10,13

Owen Anderson   ????    2020    Sam's new parole officer
Ruby Spencer Anderson..Norma Connolly ex- madam, aunt, Luke ..........................................................................79-98

Thomas Anderson[csi]..Jean Glaude CSI, trial 14
Dr. Frederic Andres..Tom Schmid 03
Bruce Andrews..James McKrell 73
Florence Jenkins Andrews..Maida Severn 73
Dr. Grant Andrews[Andre Chernin]..Brian Patrick Clarke Russian ...............................................................spy/ doctor 83-85
Jonelle_____ Andrews..Mary Ann Mobley wife Spence 79
Matt ((?Max) Andrews...lived w/ Webbers...????? son Spence 79

Agent Mel Andrews      ????       1987           WSB Agent
Officer Andrews..Maurice Whitfield 14-Present
Ryan Andrews...lived w/Webbers..???? son Spence 79
Lt. Spence Andrews..Daniel J. Travanti detective, injured 79
Andreas Andropoulos..Landon Wine Helena's lover 00
Ari Andropoulos..Landon Wine twin... " " 01
Mario Angelini...father Rae...never Seen

Maggie Anthony    ...   Never Seen   Ryan's seventh victim
Dimitra Antonelli..Linda Arliss mistress, Victor J 88
Dino Antonelli..Chris DeRose son, Victor J 88
Dr. Andy Archer..Ron Melendez Night Shift 07-09

David Henry Archer   (aka Hank, aka Shiloh)    Coby Ryan McLaughlin     2018-19

Henry Archer     Never Seen     Sam's ex-husband from her con-artist days
Venus"V" Ardanowski..Lisa Cerasoli assistant, Jax 97-99

ADA  Jen Arden   Anna Zielinski     9/19&9/20/19   Shiloh's trial

India Arie...India Arie.. .singer, 2015
Dr. David Arlen..Kale Browne dated Bobbi 82- 83

Ms. Amira      Soma Mitra     8/19
Henry Armistead..Harry Basch...attorney Grant Putnam... 83
Virgil Armistead..Aaron Pruner 11/01 lawyer, Helena
Janet Armstead..Sellina Kaye DCFS 13
Sally"Max Hedges" Armitage..Chris Morley hit man/woman 80
Dr. David Arnett..Never Seen husband Terri, died in crash 76
Terri Webber Arnett..Bobbie Jordan singer, +Mark Dante 76-77
Dr. Arno...Warren Sweeney 06
Bessie____________ Arnold...June Dayton 74
Dr. Dean Arnold..James Emery 88
Dutch Arnold...Brian Evers Cusack thug (Sonny/Harry) 94-95
Mr. Arnold..Peter Turgeon patient 
Judge Arroyo..Nancy Linari 07-08
Curtis Ashford...Donnell Turner former DEA, brother Thomas ... .............................................15-present 
Commissioner Jordan______ Ashford..Vinessa Antoine DEA, PC, ... 14-18

                                 Briana Nicole Henry                                 18-Present

                     Tiffany Daniels  1/21-      (Temporary)
Thomas Ashford..Never Seen father, TJ
TJ Ashford..Krys Meyer 12
..Tequan Richmond 12-18

            ......Tajh Bellow    18-
Binky Ashton...father...Charlie and Larry...Never Seen
Charles [Prince] Ashton..Michael Tylo real heir 89
Chloe Morgan Ashton..Tava Smiley designer 99-01
Nurse Dawn Winthrop Ashton..Kim Valentine daughter, Monica 89
..Sharon Case 89-90
..Lisa Fuller 90
..Jennifer Guthrie 90-91
Katherine Bell Ashton..Mary Beth Evans 93-99
[young]..Jasmine Pearson 94
Lady Ashton[dream]..Susan Diol 02
Lord Larry Ashton..Hugo Napier 88-89, 91-92 14, 16
...Oliver Muirhead 17
Lois Cerullo Ashton..Rena Sofer music producer 94-96, 97
.. Lesli Kay 04-06
Cal Atkins..Leif Riddell younger brother 92
Joseph Atkins..Scott Lincoln pen pal, Bobbi 92
DA Dan Auerbach..Never Seen 15

Peter August Wes Ramsey  COO, Aurora (Heinrich Faison)  11/17-Present
Dr. Austin..Ron Ostrow 08

Gregory Austin    Garry Marshall     art dealer            90
Mr. Austin...???... 4/10/01

Will Austin. ??? .[cousin Sam Welles, partner Frisco ] 1-3/87
Barney Axelrod ??? 1983 cohort Natasha (Natalie Dearborn)...
Dr. Bob Ayres..Yale Summers intern, 7/65

Aaron...+Maya...Anthony Montgomery 11
Aaron...+Rebecca...on plane..Chad Brannon 09
Abe...Ron Stein
Abigail...???... psychic 83
Abigail ... Sara Blindauer front desk clerk Lulu, Jason 06

Abril the desk clerk at medical equipment factory  Melinda Sanz   12/1/2020

Ace        Steven Palko    prison inmate      1987
Adam...Kevin West
Adam...???...doctor 6/82 
Adam... Mike Kalinowski (Adam's Apple Blogger 7/14/17
Sr. Agatha...nun, Monica...Fran Ryan 89 
Sr.Agnes...??? nun 80

Ahmad    ...?????     9/14/18     jewelry appraiser

Ahmet    Nicholas Guilak    1/25,28,29/18   card player
Al...Steve Whitmore David Grey's spy#3
Alana...Lola Davidson 03
Albert...Victor Jokel maitre'd, Le Maisson 3/82
Aldo...bodyguard, Sonny...15-16...Anthony Vitale
Alejandro...Ruben Roberto Roman...5/21/15
Alessandro...Cassadine guard...13...???????
Alex...AJ, gym...David Jean Thomas 94
Alex maitre'd...Alex Brancati 95
Alex...resident Charles Street....??????? 7/94
Alex's Wife..." ",...???????? 7/94
Alexander...Charles F. Kaufman
Alfonse...hench...David Grey...Michael Stroka 82
Alfred...Wydemere...Jack Donner 06-10
Ali...friend, Kristina...Maitland McConnell 10-11
Alice...drug counselor...Virginia Watson 

Alice      ????    surrogate candidate       2/87
Sr. Alice...nun...Natalie Strauss 91
Alice...Connie Jo Sechrist 12
Alicia ..Gina Coconato waitress 1/8/16 
Alien...Marshall Porter 06
Alison...Jen Eldredge 08
Alison ... Molly Beucher 09
Alison...Meg Gallagher Mulkey 96
Alison...nurse...Sara A. Emami 14
All 4 One...Jamie Jones 07
....Delious Kennedy 07
...Alfred Nevarez 07
...Tony Borowiak 07
Alma...anger management...???????? 11/15/02

Amelia...Amelia Meyers        waitress    14-Present
Amy...Amy Buchwald 89-90
Amy...Amy Krackover 87      Teen Rap Audience Member
Amy...reporter...Monica Lawson...93
Ana ...???... nurse 2/82

Anaya  Never Seen    1/12/20    mentioned to be Cam's date
Andrea...Elaine Loh Doctor 9/29/16
Andreas...Zak Lee Guarnaccia 7/16 thug Valentin
Andrew ...pool hall... Brian Milli
Andrew...???...friend, Van Gelder 9/82

Andrew    Stephen Wu   4/21&22/19   delivered Ryan's hand
Andy...10-5-79...bartender, campus disco...?????????
Andy...child...John Chaidez
Andy...???... bartender, Campus Disco 10/5/79
Andy...editor Jackie T...???? 82
Andy...Jonathon Ohye ER Doctor 15-Present
Angel ...hairstylist...Josie DiVincenzo 97
Angela...+Basil Durban...Deborah Ryan 82

Angela   ????     secretary, Warden James     1987
Angie...Patricia Fructuoso...1/9/15
Angie...Nurse/Sonogram Tech...Dalia Phillips....12/3/15
Anita...worker Rico...Leticia Vasquez 90
Anita...druggie...Teresa Velarde (Karen/Miguel) 94

Anna-Lisa...patient...patient    Anna-Lisa Erickson   4/63
Annette (Antoinette?)...Lisa Lord 96 
Annie... Karen Ann Tarleton      -Counterlady    1983
Annie...worker Cynthia's...Leslie Ryan
Antonio...TinMan...killer...John Carlos 97
Antonio...concierge, El Conquistador Hotel...?????? 11/94
Apple...Angela Dodson 04
April...Alicia Sixtos 10
Aretha...sec Scott...Yolanda Smith 92
Argyris...Antonio Rufino 99-01

Ari...Ravi Naidu   7/28/17  pediatric nurse
Ari...Cassadine hench...Vasili Pigos 99
Ari...hench, Helena...David Veara 99
Arlene...???... nurse 3/82
Arnie...hench...Ron Sarchian 07
Art...shot Ruby...Mike Streeter 
Arthur...nerd....Larry Spinek
Arthur...Joshua Finkel 04
Arthur ...Reggie DeLeon 2/3/16 Le Buffoon nik/Hayden wedding

Artie    ????     customer, Kelly's         9/87
The Artist...the artist formerly known as Prince(now Prince again)
Ashley...Kerry Liu 01
Ashley. Ashley Glenn... waitress, Kelly's 07- Present
Ashton...friend Keifer...Selma Marie Carter 10

Astrid  at the spa    ?????     10/2/2019
Athena... Jazmyn Skye Vale ?16
Aulf...???... garage owner 11/82
Ava...spy...David Grey...Michelle Hart 82





Ashley B....singer... Amanda Michalka 04 
Willie B....Stephen Payne
Marny Smith Babcock...daughter Shirley Smith...Mandy Siegfried 10
Mr. Badgers....???... hospital administrator 76 
Judge Anne Bailey...Hira Ambrosino 04

Dennis Bailey... ????      teen patient, Dr. Steve Hardy     1/64
Lawrence Bailey...Barry Saltzman
Mrs. Bailey...Florence Lindstrom

Mrs. Bailey...???...    1/64
Officer Bailey ???? ...cop...4-24-14.
Jordan Baines...attorney, Sonny...Kristen Minter 04
Officer Ted Baines...???? 9/82
Dr. Alex Baker...father Greta I.,..Phillip Abbott 87

Doug Baker     ????   6/87
Harlan Baker...Bryan Cranston 8/82
Harold Baker...David Tress 93
Harry Baker...William F. Reynolds 63
Larry Joe Baker...ex husband, Heather...Peter D. Greene 77
...Hunter Von Leer 77
. ..Scott Mulhern 77
Rocky Baker     Alan Kahn    1980

                    ...dockworker, 80...Eddie Fontaine
Seth Baker... Michael Rodrick 16- 17 brother, Tom
Tom Baker...Jay Lacopo 98 raped Elizabeth
...Don Harvey...16--- 17 released
Dr. Carolyn _________ Chandler Baldwin ...Augusta Dabney 75
Christina Baldwin...Angel & Michelle Mora 01
Kaitlyn Maggio 01-03
Dominique Stanton Taub Baldwin...Tawny Fere Ellis 91
....Shell Danielson 92-93

Nurse Elizabeth Webber {Spencer Lansing Lansing Spencer Spencer }Baldwin...
temp...Martha Madison 11
...Rebecca Herbst 97-Present  
Franko {Frank,Anderson,Quartermaine} Baldwin...James Franco 09-10
...Roger Howarth 13- 21

       (Young)      Lucas Broitman     2/20/18
Dr. Gail ____Adamson Baldwin ...Susan Brown 77-85, 89-90. 92-04
Lee Baldwin, attorney at law,[former mayor]...Ross Elliott 63-65
. ......Peter Hansen 10/65-76,77-86, 89-90, 92-04
Logan[Hayes] Baldwin...Josh Duhon 07-08
Nurse Meg________ Bentley Baldwin...Patricia Breslin 66-69
...(Temp)Jan Shepherd 67
.......Elizabeth MacRae 69-70, 72-73
D.A. Scott Baldwin...Johnny Whittakher 65
...Teddy Quinn 66
...Tony Campo 69-72
. ...Don Clarke 73-74
...Johnny Jensen 74-75
. ...[young]David Karstens
...Kin Shriner 77-80, 81-84, 88-93, 97, 00-04, 07-08, 13-Present
Serena Baldwin...Carly Schroeder 97-01 17 1f642.png🙂

Susan Moore Baldwin...Gail Rae Carlson [Gail Ramsey] 78-83

                        (Imaginary)...Alanna Fox     17
Dr. Tom Baldwin...Paul Savior 67-72

.... Kieran Matthews   73   (temp)
...Don Chastain 76-77
Chief Ted Ballantine...[WSB]...William Wintersole 81-83
Officer Ballard...Boston Blake 5/6/16
Anthony Banavek...employee the Balkan...Damian Cecere 10

Karen Banko     ?????    6/1981
Natalie Buchanon Lawrence Vega Banks ...Melissa Archer 12 (McBain's phone)
Rory Banks...Bruce Young 91
Dr. Michael Baranski...Leigh J. McCloskey 92
Al Barker...Jay North hosp. employee, amateur geologist 82
Nick Barnes...John Shepherd 92
...Richard Soto 90
Mr. Baron ?????? 12/82  

Dr. Piotr Baronsky...  Johnny Kostrey   head of Russian clinic       17
Alec Barrett...son Brenda...Quinn Friedman 11
Bea____ Barrett...Majel Barrett 83
Cooper Barrett...Soldier...Jason Gerhardt 07-08
Harlan Barrett...cartel, father, Brenda, Julia...Michael Cole 91
Jody Barrett.. ????.murdered hooker,friend Lou 1/83
Julia Barrett...Crystal Carson 91-93, 97, 98
Lucien Barrett...Faux son Brenda...Elias Martinez 11
Mrs. Barrett...Luana Anders mother, Jody 83
Dr./Agent Roger Barrett...DVX...Nathaniel Christian 87
Veronica Wilding Barrett...Jennifer Hetrick 98 
Amanda Cloister Barrington...Anne Jeffreys 84-87, 98, 04
Derek Barrington...Mark Goddard 84-86
Elizabeth _________ Barrington[later Morley on PC]...Rebecca Staab 03
Lorena Sharpe Barrington...Shelley Taylor Morgan 84-86
Malcolm Barrington...Never Seen
Mr. Barrington...Amanda's late husband...Never Seen
Rebecca Smith Barrington[Port Charles character]...Vanessa Branch 02 
Nurse Barrows....?????..... 1/82
Clarence Bartell..???...patient, Monica...77
Mrs. Bartell.????...wife, Clarence..77 ..spoke to Monica in elevator..

Jackson Bartlett (aka Jacques)   ???        3/87
Officer Barton...Derek Barton        6/87            
Chef Mario Batali...Chef Mario Batali 5/13
Agent Derek Bates...David Purdham 10-11
Hillary Bates.. friend Sandy Stryker....Kaye Kittrell 88
Officer Bates...Jon O'Hurley 
Dr. Saira Batra...Azita Ghanizeda 08
Mr. Battaglia...Doug Dudley 87
Keifer Bauer...abusive boyfriend, Kristina C...Christian Alexander 09-10
Melinda____ Bauer...Lisa Waltz 10
Warren Bauer...Bradley Cole 10
Dr. Curt Bauman.???..1983or84...coroner, Dr. Jerrold...
Curtis Baxter.???..attorney Lesley...76...????????
Wallace Baxter...Len Wayland
Jeff Bayer...Seth Hampton 08
Caroline ________ Beale...Tyne Daly 68
Crawford Beale...Matthew Faison city planning commissioner 95
Officer Jesse Beaudry...Matt Marracini 05-06
Beaudry Sister...never Seen NS 06
Will Beaudry...Never Seen ...brother Jesse 06
Barbara Beaumont...Susan Powell 92
Sheriff Bryan Beck...Michael McLafferty 03-04
Juror Beck...Karen Jin Beck 10
Michael Becker...Frank Rossi 97, 06
Dr. Beckett...John Rubenstein 6/13,
Jack Bedford...Kirby Tepper 95
Leon Bedford...Brother, Melissa...Never Seen 02
Melissa Bedford...Jensen Buchanon 01-02
. ...Sharisse Baker Bernard 02
Mr. Beech... Ferncliff...David Goryl 04, 14
Dr. Behar..????....operated on Nikolas...12
Herbert Behrmann...attorney Maria S...Richard Venture 77-78
Kimberly Bell...mother Katherine...Never Seen 94
Sheila Bellam...Marsha Waterbury
Dr. Charles Bellamy..???...12/8/16...pediatrician, Charlotte
Regina Belle ..Singer...Regina Belle 93
Madame Bellot... Lily Mariye (Paris, Robin) 12/16/15
Frederic Bellows...mobster...Alan Ursillo 86-87
Sheik Abdul Ben Hari...Aharon Ipale
Dr. David Bench...James DePaiva 6/17-
Eddie Benedetto...Joseph Garguilles
Jodie Benedict...Katia Coe 05
Mrs. Benedict...Tamara Mark 05

Judge Benjamin    Don Stark     2/20/19
Clarice Bennett...assistant Kate[Connie]...Kym Hoy[Lane] 07-08
Dr. Bennett...Tim Lounibos 02

Dr. Bennett ....   Trae Young   4/6/18
Dr. Gary Bennett...Kevin King
Greg Bennett...Jon O'Hurley 92
Jennifer Bennett...Debra Garrett 12
Frank Benson...adoptive father Carly...Never Seen

Young Frank Benson    James Patrick Stuart   2020
Virginia______ Benson...Lois Nettleton 96-98 

Young Virginia Benson   Cynthia Watros   2020
Dr. Walt Benson ...Corey Young 87-89
Lloyd Bentley...Never Seen 66

Truman Berg   ????   attorney    9/87
Ann Bergman...Karen Maurise 95
Kristenn Bergmann...mother Alexis...Mia Martin FB 02

(Young)           Melanie Minichinko       4/8/2021

Naomi Dreyfuss Berlin...Robin Riker 16-17
Raymond Berlin.. Swindler  Robert Curtis Brown    8-9/17
Dr. Claude Bernault Lucian Lanvin 2/82
Dr. Yasmine Bernoudi...[Domino]...Lydie Denier 89
_________Bernstein...Joel Swetow 
Zelda Bernstein...Attorney...Sarah Simmons 79-80
Dr. Berra..Baseball legend...Yogi Berra...63
Dr. Berstoni...J. Michael Flynn
Mrs. Bertoli...Karen Kondazarian social worker (Alan, Monica, Emily) 12/95
Brady Bevins...Jamison Jones reporter 1/20/16
Moe Bevins..Jerry Crews....shady manager, boxing...82..
Jennifer Biles...Assistant, Bernie A...+ Ethan...Jennifer Lyons 10
Frank Billings...Bob Pescovitz....06
Howard Billings Brian Bingham
Clyde Bingham...Cab Dispatcher...Walter Matthews 80-82
Bentley Bingley...gambler, Morgan...Truman Kain 13
Connor Bishop...Tyler Christopher 04-05
Mary_________Bishop...Catherine Wadkins...................04
Judge Nathan Bitterman...John Frederick Jones 94 

David Black   Lon Gowan    12/10/19 ???????  hitman sent after  Franko,Andre
Deidre Evans Black...mistress, Edward Q...Valerie Wildman   9/09
Drake Black...+ Deidre Evans...Never Seen 09
Ms. Blackwood...DCFS...3 E.P McKnight 3/7/13
Calvin Blaine...Luke's intervention...Damien Leake 11
Officer Blaine...Michael O'Connor
Davy Blake...Rory Stevens 64
Gillian Blake...Tracey Costello 08

Michelle (Bales) Blake..Alicia Brandt 93 murdered by Ryan C.
Councilman Ron Blake...Rick Fitts 94

Steven Blake .... Pressly Coker   5/17/18     victim of Jim Harvey

Mayor Robert Blakely...James O'Sullivan 
Vinnie Blue Eyes...Lou Casal
Corey Blythe...accident...George Lyter................87--88
Darren Blythe...teenager+ Laura B...William Schreiner 77-78
Doris ____ Blythe....mother Corey...Mimi Cozzens 87
George Blythe...father Corey...Bruce Gray 87
Billy Baggs Boggs...Tom Arnold 94
Jennifer Smith Boggs...Lisa Marie 80
. ...Roseanne Barr 94
...Sally Struthers 02
...Holly Gagnier 15
2 Boggs children...Never Seen 94

Jack Boland...business exec...Eddie Albert 93
...Tim O'Connor 94
Mrs. Boland...Genny Locke 93-94

Sgt. Bolen         ????   3/27/18
Archie Boles...forger Heather...Stephen Paymer 12
Dr. Bonds...Leslie Ishii
B.B. Bonwit...Nancy Linari

Judge Booth     Aaron Coleman    1/16/19  swore Mayor Laura Webber into office
D.A. Roland Booth...Michael Forrest
Dr. Borden...Rockmoor Sanitarium...Basil Langton 84
David [D.V.] Bordisso...real father, Scott...Granville Van Dusen 99
Dr. Borez...Victor Mohica 94
Abbie Boudreau...Abbie Boudreau reporter red carpet nurses ball 16
Hank Bowen...father Emily C....Never Seen
Paige__ Bowen...cancer patient...mother Emily...Riley Steiner 95, 03
Sheriff Bowers...William Newman
Jack Bowles....(Sean D)...Michael Chieffo 94
Veronica Bowles...Jeanine Venable WLPC reporter 95 AJ/Ned
Mrs. Bowman..Mimi Cozzens...babysitter baby Jason 83-84
Judge Boyce...Joel Polis
Denton Boyd...Jackson Whyte
Evan Boyd...Preston Jones...10/16 tried to trade a $grant with Hayden for sex
D.A. Mick Boyer...Matthew Faison 84
The Boyz...band...Florian Fischer [Flow]
.. ...Adel Tarvil {Kane}
...Tarik Hussein [T-Soul]
. ..Salvatore DiBlasi
. ..Stephen Claudio Kroll-Marongiu
Boyzone...band...Keith Duffy 6/ 99
. ..Michael Graham 
. ..Ronan Keating 
. ..Shane Lynch 
Nurse Sarah Braddock...Mae Hi 80s
Dorothy Bradley...teenager...Susan Seaforth 64
Dr. Kyle Bradley...Daniel Black(now Danny Michael Mann) philanderer 75-76
Mrs. Bradley...wife Kyle...Never Seen75-76
Mrs. Bradley...patient, Adam Streeter/Gina Dante...77...?????
Dr. Arthur Bradshaw...Martin E. Brooks 81-82
Mrs. Bradshaw...Never Seen 81-82
2 Stepdaughters Bradshaw...Never Seen 81-82
________Bragg,,,Ken Moreno
Earl Bragg...Kelly McCracken..brought monkey virus 09
Judge Russell Bragg...Ted Lange 07

Mr. Bragstone     ????  client, Robert and Anna     9/87
Tony Branco...Never Seen 16
Steffi Brand...Manager, Frisco...Elissa Leeds 83-84
Judge Stephen Brant...Will MacMillan 6/02
James Brazetti...owned Sonny's restaurant...James Logan... 10
Dr. Breechman..77...??/ Helped Jeff diagnose Lisa/Lana

Byron Breelander...Mark Daneri...  1/18/18   Maxie/Nathan's building superintendant
Sheriff Breen...Edward Cannon
Hans Brekker...William Charlton 08
Heinrich Brenich...+Jackie...spy...Kai Wulff 83
Mr. Brenner...Steve Matteucci 90
Ashley Brent...model + Jax...Ellia Thompson 1/98
Dr. Bresnan...Richard Greene 5/98
Nurse Jessie ((Marshall) Murray Brewer (Prentice Taylor)
.[temp.]...Aneta Corsaut 77
....Emily MacLaughlin 63-91 
...Rebecca Hearst 15 (first episode with current actors)
Nancy Brewer...Never Seen 66
Dr. Phil Brewer...Roy Thinnes 63-65
...Robert Hogan 66-67
...Martin West 67-75
...Craig Huebing 67
...Rick Falk 65-66
...Ron Hayes 67
...Ryan Carnes 15 (first episode with current actors)
Chuck Brewster...Kevin Brief realtor Luke/Laura 94

Harvard Brewster     Logan Ramsey   interior decorator  early 1970's
"Marge Brickleman"...Lucy Lee Flippin actress 95
"Marv Brickelman" (AKA Mr. Ailwood)...Phil Proctor...actor 94

Agent Briggs...???...   10/24/17
Clem Briggs...Richard MacMurray 82
Judson Briggs.....Charles Schull 5/82 lawyer, Arthur B.
Lauren Briggs...first mate...Angie DeGrazia 12
Reverend Brigwell ???? 9/82
Bernard Brightwood...Robert Casper 92

Mr. Broadbent    Never Seen     scoutmaster   18
Donald Lewis[D.L.] Brock...David Groh 83-85
Mrs. [Talbot] Brock...Never Seen 84
_______Brocko...Ron Rensen
Sheriff Hal Broder...Ron Hayes...Laurelton 85-87
Agent Brodie...???...81 worked with O'Reilley
Miss Bromley...Janet McGrath 87

Miss Bromley     Trish Simmons     Sci Chem Secretary   5/87
Mr. Bronski...????... 3/82
Mr. Bronson.. Richard Grant....killed by Robert...85

Nurse Brookes     Allie Leonard        10/19/18 and 7/18
Orlando Brooks...Miguel Angel Caballero dealer, orderly 11
Mr. Broussard...Sam Scarber
...Joel Adams
Agent Brown...Rick Worthy

Dr. Brown...David Purdham... (Shriner's)

Dr. Brown     Never Seen     Sonny's doctor in NJ    1/2021
Doug Brown...Doug Brown...hockey player 89
Sgt. Ed Brown...Scotty Perry
Jan Prentice Brown...cousin, John Prentice...Never Seen 66or67
Dr. Laura Brown... post partum, Robin ...Amy Hill 09
...Liz Torres?????????????[read this, but never saw her]

Link Brown   Dan Buran     manager, Brooke Lynn Q    2020
Nurse Marge Brown...Head Nurse before Lucille Weeks...Mae Clarke 63
Marty Brown..front desk clerk Metrocourt...Andrew T. Lee 06-09
Thurston Brown...Rudolph Willrich
Tina [Bass] Brown...Amandah Reyne 02
Gregory Browne..Edward Smith
Karl Browning...J. Downing WSB Agent, knew Valentin 2/17
Mark Broxton...adoption attorney...John Rixley Moore 85
...Norman Snow 85-86

Herr Bruhl  ....   Hugh Holub    4/20&&4/23/18
Joey Bruzzetta ...James Logan 11
Mr. Bryant...??????...6/94...lawyer, Robin

Mr. Bryant ..... Joseph Ruskin    3/64
Judge Dennis Bryant...Robert Mandan    1/06;11/06
Dr. Buccolo...Marco Lopez 7/95
Felix Buchanon...Mark Travis 75
Nora Hanen Gannon Buchanon Buchanon Colson Buchanon Buchanon...Hilary . Bailey Smith 17; 19

Carter Buckley          Michael Cram       attorney, Nina's pregnancy    9/18
James Buckley...Marcus Collins 08
Principal Jean Buckley...Graham Akugue 
Thomas Buckley...Michael Chieffo 10
Dr. Bullockus...Hal Riddle
Dr. Ellen Morgan Burgess...Debbi Morgan 97-98
...Mary Alise Recasner 98-99
Tom Burillo...Richard Marion 82
Dr. Douglas Burke...Bruce Powers 69
....Adolphe Caesar 69

Prosecutor Gabriel Burke.....   John Burke      11/19    prosecuted Sam
Officer Burley...Dorie Anderson 95
Dr. Burnett...mentor, Steve...63...???????
Cheryl Burns...secretary Todd Manning...Annie Lynn Melchior[Ruby] 13
Faith Ward Burns..April Weeden Burns 94
...Faith Collins 95,96
Mr. Burns...husband Faith...never seen 94
Officer   Sy Burns...Cameron Smith 87
Don Burrell...justice of the peace...David Schroeder 5/22/03 
Mrs. Burrell...????????????????? 5-22-03
Jeff Burton...Jeff Burton Nascar 3/18/09
Dr. Busby...Bryan Busby
Mr. Buscema ...???...8/5/15, 8/29/17...of the Cosa Nostra
_______Butcher...Michael Muscat     88 
Joe Butler...Lou Levy
Sean Butler...Sean Blakemore 11-16; 17; 2021-
Butler Sisters{2}...Never Seen, Sean's Sisters 15
Muriel Byrd...Jodi Taylor 83

Brendan Byrne      Joshua Coxx    2020    Neil's Brother

Deirdre _____ Byrne    Never Seen    wife of Neil

Joanna Marie Byrne      Never Seen dead former cult member; daughter of Deirdre and Neil 

Dr. Neil Byrne   Joe Flanigan    Alexis' psychiatrist   19-20  murdered in Alexis' bed
Carl Byrnes...Edward Bell           88







Babak..thug...Dimitri Diatchenko 10
Babe...Nicole Pelerine 95
Bajor...psychic... Dec. 81...????????????????
Bambi......waitress...Julie Montgomery 89 +Vito
Barbara...spa employee...Patsy Whitecotton 84-85
Barbara...cleaning woman, Deception...Barbara Perry 92-93
Barney...Bob Lorkin
Barney...record producer...Ronnie Schell 94
Barney...bar owner...76.????? Jeff's attempted suicide\

Barney   ???????      Homeless guy (Shiloh, Jason, Sam)    1/10/19
Barry...Larry Thomas ((the soup Nazi from Seinfeld) 03
Barry...employee Mac...Graham Galloway
Barry...thug, Cusack...Greg Collins kidnapped Laura 94
Barry...Robert Trumbull...Health Club Owner....90

Barry    ???     10/87     WLPC  Set Designer
Bart...goon...Peewee Piemonte 95

Bart    Lewie Bartone     12/4/2020
Bea.......Sandra Gould 88
Becky...Robin's prom...Jennifer Lambert 95
Madame Bella...psychic...Rende Rae Norman 
Bella...spa employee...MacKenzie Leigh
Ben...hit on Taylor...7-23-13...?????????????????
Ben..???? .+ Colleen Middleton...June 79
Ben...?????... patient, Rick 7/82

Ben...Ron Auguste...  07
Ben...mobster...Mike Russo 90
Ben...Carl Irwin harbormaster 4/82
Ben...hench [Faison]...Rance Howard 90
Benny...??? ... 10/4/00
Benny the fence...[temp] Eddie Ryder
...Howard Dayton

...Tony Salome 89
....George Brenlin 80-82

Berkeley       Berkeley Grace   2/22/21  (young girl... Valentine's Day in Hospital with Britt and Jason)
Bernice...Anne Bellamy 11/06

Bertha...Women in Blue...Corinne Carroll 84

Beth     ????   mother's helper candidate    7/87
Beth...Alana Crowe80
Beth...waitress...Tracy Mulholland 9/22/16

Betsy     ???     hit and run witness      4/87

Betty  the Kelly's waitress    ???    10/21/19

Betty    ???     6/87
Betty....babysitter Maxie, Georgie...Penelope Branning 91-94
Betty....Joyce Guy (caretaker, Alec) 11
Bev...mental patient...Tamara Zook...3/5/15
Bill.. Elevator Man...James Giordano 14
Bill ...reporter...Bill Schick 7/95
   Bill           Bill H. Meyers      87-88    Duke's club bartender

Bill     ????    11/87     man on a plane

Billie...undercover cop...Karla Zamudio 09
Billy Ray      Tom Rayhall     2/87      Grand Ole Opry Contest Manager
Blaine...Jennifer Pushek
Blake ...Robert Rusler 6/18/15 bartender
Blake...David Wunderlich bartender 15-16
Friar Bob..Hal Landon, Jr.


Bob    Troy Blendell     3/12/21   Poker Players  with "mike"
Bob...5/1/15...Pavle Kujundzic
Bob...apartment manager...Patrick Pieters
Bob...messenger...Drew Fonteiro 13; 18
Bob...barrista...Michael Rosinsky 9/7/16

Bob the Prison Guard   ???    1981

Bob       ????     Duke's Club Piano player     87
Bobby... Tony Rizzoli Cusack thug Sonny, Harry 1/95 94
Bobby.. orderly.Brett Justin Koppel...2/19 and 2/27/15
Bodhi...drugged Molly...Austin North 12
Bog...Kevin Porter 01
Boris...DVX agent...Ivan G'Vera 83
Boris...Michael Greene 86
Boxer...Scott Cranford 95
Brad...David Chick 06
Brad...john, Tammy...Tom Urich 93

Bradley      John Horn       1980
Brady...Gregory Bourgard 02-06
Brandy...Janet Keijser 05

Brian the tourist     G.Brian Benson        8/5/15
Brian...Sean Doherty 
Brian...bartender...Brian Carl Moeller
Brian...Bryan Lukasik 07
Brian...Tommy McDonough 95 
Brick...Stephen A. Smith tech support, Sonny 16-17; 18; 19; 20

Bridget       Breana Raquel      3/5/19
Brigid...Virginia Tucker...pregnant teen Nina...9/2/16
Britney...friend Kiefer...Dani Thorne 10
Bruce...????? June 89
Bruce...bodyguard, Duke...Patrick Robert Smith 15
Bruno...strongman..Jimmy Brasca
Bruno...flunkie,Faison...Howard George
Bruno...biker, Melissa...Robert Schuch 02

Bryce   ?????   one of Lulu's blind date     6/18/19

8ubba...strongman, Midvale...Mickey Morton 90
Buck.. Steve Carlson .Laura's lecherous guru..Feb.'77...

Bud     ????    high school kid     10-11/87

Buddy    ????   6/1981

Butch...Jerrome bodyguard...15...Andreas Riter
Buzz...Donn Swayze 17 homeless guy planted bomb
Byron. ??? ..plumber,Ruby..spy, David Grey. 82



Dr. Arthur Cabot    Time Winters   2/19, 7&8/19    DVX doctor

Vito Cabot...???...89...+ Prunella Witherspoon,+Bambi
Eddie Cabrera...husband, Padilla...Christian Monzon 12
Judge Paula Cadets...B.J. Ward
Dr. Ellen___ Cahill...Monica's Cancer Doctor...Marilyn Rockafellow 94
Jerry Cahill...Never Seen...husband, Ellen 94

(An)Drew    Cain....  (young)    Asher McDonnell   17                      

                                   (Young)   Dexter Hubert    18

                           ...Billy Miller   14-19

                           Steve Burton   19    flashbacks

Emily "Scout" Morgan...?triplets 17
           Lori and Sevah Andonian 17

           Palmer and Poe Parker   17-19

             Emma Ramacieri   19-Present

Samantha McCall Morgan. Morgan Cain..Kelly Monaco 03-Present

                    Lindsay Hartley   (temporary)  2020
ATF Agent Caldwell...Scott C.Roe 15-16 
Asher Caldwell...ELQ employee...DaJuan Johnson 11

Bailey Caldwell...Londyn Silzer...scoliosis patient, friend Charlotte  17
Nurse Deniece ________ Caldwell...Samantha Adams 02-03

Agent Edward Caldwell      James MacDonald   10/2019
Dr. Mason Caldwell...Joe Michael Burke  2-3/02
Mrs. Caldwell ????... adoptive mother 96
Mr. Caldwell...?????...adoptive father 96

Rose __Caldwell  ..  Charlene Amoia  9/17
Esther "Mom"________ Calhoun...Peggy Converse 80-81
"Pops" Calhoun...Beechers Corners...Ted Lehmann 80-81
Court Guard Callahan...ratted out Maxie...12-16-14
Chief Elliott Callahan...John Milford 89
Jay Callahan...Mar/Apr 94...tried to buy Ward House...??????????
Kris Callahan...Ken Foree 92
________Callahan...thug...Dakota Mitchell 
Annie Callaway...Kathryn Gordon 02
Vi Calvert...Courtenay McWhinney 

Roger Calvin ...Darin Heames            mugger, Stella    2/6/18
Mr. Cameron...???...attorney, Diana Taylor 81
D.A. David Campbell...Christopher Duncan 11-12, 17
Florence _____Taggert Campbell...Lynne Moody 00-02
Gia Campbell...Marisa Ramirez 00-02
. ..Andrea Pearson 02-03
Harold Campbell...father Gia...Never Seen NS
Dr. Hillary Campbell...doctor, Grant P...Christopher Cary 83
Roger Canfield...Barry Saltzman 08
Nurse Sheila Cantillion...Stacey Cortez 91-92
Det. Andy Capelli...corrupt cop...Jay Bontatibus 01-04
Mr. Caplan...???? neighbor, Ruby 7/82
________Cardoza...Jeffrey Castillo
Dr. Carlin...Nathan Purdee doctor, speaking to Jessie 4/82
Mark Carlin...reporter...Gary McGurk 86-87
Harry Carlos...Don Keefer 7/8/64
Officer Bud Carlson...Ron Sarchian 13
Mr. Carlson...Ben Rawnsley 81 
Mr. Carlson...Banker, SusanB...Edson Stroll 11/82-83
Officer Carlson...Martin Chavez 1/26/16
Gillian Carlyle...manager, Franco...Marsha Thomasen 09
Kenneth Carmichael...Ryan Cutrona 91
Michael Carpio...Ernesto Cuevas
Donald Carr...Wayne Sherman 80 accused rapist, Joann, Laura
Judge Peter Carroll...Dakin Matthews 10
John Carruthers...attorney...Paul Peterson 10/87-88

Michael Carson      ...   Leif Gantvoort    2018    kidnapped  Cassandra
Mrs. Carson...Ellen Geer 93 
Mr. Carson...William Parker 93

Judge Naomi Carson     Anita Finlay          19; 2020; 2021
Tammy Carson...Hooker with a heart of gold...Nike Doukas 97
. ..Patricia Healey 98-00
. ..Tamara Clatterbuck 00-01
Lt. Carstairs...Jack DeMave... 85

Elwood B. Carsters     ????    10/87 
Barry Carter...Ron Perkins 95
Ben Carter...(luke/Laura)...Tom Overmeyer 93-94
Bob Carter...Ron Perkins 95
Dr. Carter... John Rubinow 94
Kelly {Curtis} Carter...reporter...Katie Couric 13
Kenny Carter...Mike Simond 10/05
Nurse Theresa Carter...+Rick W...Pat Destro     8/02
. ..Alicia Arden 02

Peter Cartey      ????   8/87      immigration officer
Ernesto Cartulo...2010...designer...????????????
Althea Delafield Cartwright...cousin Katherine D...Donna Denton 89 

_______ Caruso ...Never Seen   Mike Corbin's boss in Brooklyn      18
Agent Carver...Thomas Durkin 89-90
Lloyd Carver...Christopher Michael 91
Shep Casey...Bradley Lockerman reporter 90
Adara___ Cassadine...Never Seen mother of clan NS
Adrian Cassadine...father of clan...Never Seen NS
Anthony Cassadine...+Alex Q...Andre Landzaat 81
Barbara Jean "Bobbi" Spencer Brock Meyer Jones Cassadine.
..[young]Emma Gould 01
. ..young...Kelly Stables 03
...young...'15...Katie Mewes
Jaclyn Zeman 77-10,13-
Charlotte Cassadine...Scarlett Fernandez 16
Cousin Cassadine...Rob Mione
Dimitri Cassadine...cousin...Matthew Carven     85-86
Emily Bowen Quartermaine Smith Cassadine...[coma]...Shayne Lamas 03
. ..Amber Tamblyn 95-01
. ..Natalia Livingston 03-08,09,13,14
Hayden Barnes Cassadine...Rebecca Budig 15--17; 2019 (real name Rachel Berlin) 
Helena Sophia Anhalt Cassadine...Elizabeth Taylor 81
...Dimitra Arliss 96
...Constance Towers 97-06, 09-15, 16, 17; 19
Irina Cassadine...Alysia Ochse 11-12
Krystina Cassadine...Jaime Ray Newman 01-02
Lydia Karenin Cassadine...Jessica Ferrarone 03
...J. Robin Miller 03
Mikkos Cassadine...John Colicos 81 picture used in 2018

     (young)    Steve Richard Harris   4/8/2021
?Mischa Cassadine...Amanda Brooks nurse, Stefan, possibly a Cassadine 09

Nagini Cassadine   Sophia    Charlotte's snake   2020
Nikolas Cassadine  .....Marcus Coloma     2019-  Cassadine

..young...Chase Parker 98
...[Temp]...Chris Beetem 05
...(temp) Nick Stabile 16
...Coltin Scott[Stephen Martines] 99-03
. ..Tyler [Baker] Christopher 96-99, 03-11. 13-16
Nina Reeves Clay Lansing Cassadine...Michelle Stafford 14
Petros Cassadine...cousin looked for brooch...John Colicos 84-85
Spencer Cassadine...Nathan and Spencer Casamassima 06-07
...Nicholas and Caden Laughlin 06
...Lance Dover 08
...Rami Yousef 09
...Devin Ransom 09-11
...Nicholas Bechtel 13-16,17; 18-Present
Stavros Cassadine...young...Robert Garrova 
. ..John Martinuzzi 83
. ..Robert Kelker-Kelly 01,02,03,13-14
Stefan Cassadine...young...Carl Doelan
. ..Stephen Nichols 96-02, 03
Valentin Cassadine...never seen on screen...Matt Borlenghi NS 
James Patrick Stuart 16-
Victor Cassadine...Thaao Penghlis 81, 14
________Cassima...Ken Moreno
Dr. Karl Cassius...Wolf Muser
General Tom Castle...John Lawlor

Commissioner Cates   John Ingle     1986-88
Lt. Eric Cates...Martin Hewitt 85-87
Gina "Williams" Cates...young...Gina Gallagher 92-3 ("dreams)
Nikki Cox 93-95
...Stephanie Dicker 96-97

Sheriff Henry Cates        ????     2/87        Beaver's Corners
Lt. John "Jagger" Cates...Antonio Sabato, Jr. 92-94, 95, 08
Dr. Karen Wexler Cates...young...Jessica Ann Friend 93
...Cari Shayne 92-94
. ..Jennifer Hammon 97-99
...Marie Wilson 99-03
Lewis Cates...father...Never Seen NS
Michael "Stone" Cates...young...Tex Weiner 93
. ..young... 96
...Michael Sutton 93-95, 10
Michael "Stone" Cares...son Jagger...Cameron Boyce 08
Mr. Cates... H.M. Wynant 1978 shady investor 
Paulie Cates...(fantasy son, Robin,Stone)...???????...12/95
Sherry ________ Young Cates...FB...Leigh Lombard 92

Lenny Caulfield    Rif Hutton    Phyllis' husband   1/15/21-  2020 

Nurse Phyllis ______ Caulfield    Joyce Guy    2020; 2021 

Nina's nurse during coma, took in amnesiac Sonny
Nurse Francesca Cavallo  Celesta DeAstis    18
Frank Cepeda...Efrain Figueroa music producer 95
..Leo Garcia 95    

Dev Cerci (Devon Corbin)     Ashton Arbab   19-20  Turkish teen that made his way to

PC; lived with Sonny, pretended to be his cousin; blown up by Julian
Baby Angie Cerullo...Morgan Rojas 94,95
Carmine Cerullo...John Capodice 94-96
Chuck Cerullo...Louis Lorenzo 94-95
Debbie "Dee Dee" Cerullo...Natalie Nucci 94-95
Frannie ____Cerullo...Zena Stephens 94-95
Gerald Cerullo...Mike Santarico 94-95
Geraldine Cerullo...Lisa Fragner 94-95
Gloria ________Cerullo...Ellen Travolta 94-96
Aunt Grace_____Cerullo...Rhoda Gemignani 94-95
Grandma ______Cerullo...Vanna Savani94-95
Grandpa Cerullo...Mike Robelo 94-95
Louie Cerullo...Tony Manganero 94-95
Mark Cerullo...Richard Tanner 94-95 
Noreen Cerullo...Rae Dubow 94-95
Patrick Cerullo...Jason Himbler 94-95
Vincent Cerullo...Drew Himbler 94-95   

Officer Cervantes   Michael Scovotti  9/19  Shiloh's guard
Rico Chacon...drug dealer...John Vargas 90
Craig Chamberlain...Craig Chamberlain...baseball player
Melanie Chamberlain[Collins]...Joy Claussen 3/95
. ..Trish Malynkov 94
Dr. Ryan Chamberlain...Jon Lindstrom  (Todd Wilson)  92-95 18-
. ..body in morgue...Rino Piccolo
Wyatt Chamberlain...father Florence Grey..Ed Platt 74
________Chambers...Wayne Grace

Dr. Louis Champlain    Eric Sinclair    4/87       Maple Leaf Home
Andrew Chan...John Brantley Cole 09
Judge Hamilton Chan...Clyde Kusatsu
Kim Chan...Ren Hanami (voice) 05
Agent Frank Chance...Terry Kohl
Bob Chandler...Ben Andrews married man +Polly Prentice 63 65-66
Bobby Chandler...Ted Eccles 75-76
Robert Lee Chandler...son, Bobby &Samantha...??????????Never Seen 76
Samantha Livingstone Chandler...Kimberly Beck 75
...Marla Pennington 76
Phillippe Chandon...Gilles Kohler +Monica 83
Carol Chang...Wedding planer...Suzanne Whang 11
Brady Chapin...Forry Smith            1/87       SantaB
Constance Chapman...Patricia North...art thief/faux Lucy 92
George Chapman...Joris Stuyck 
_______Chappell...Chuck Walling 92

Professor Gregory Chase      Finn and Chase's father

                        James Read    18

                       Gregory Harrison  2020

Detective Harrison Chase     Josh Swickard    18-Present

Jackie Templeton Chase   Demi Moore   1982-84

                                       Kim Delaney    2020-

         Reporter that was involved with Luke and Robert; married Gregoy, mother of Harrison

Nurse Chase      ????     5/87    
Nurse Rebecca Chase...Ann Tallman...nurse, Pierce D 97
Sydney ______Chase...Morgan Fairchild penthouse, NY, Tracy Q 96
Albert Chasen...William Beckley 81 Cassadine butler

Dr. Chatta...???   8/18/17
Warden Chavez...Eduardo Garcia
Dr. Cheaver...??...9/94...
D.A. Daniel Chen...Victor Chao 12,13
Dr. Wallace Chen...Anthony Brandon Wong
Agnes Chew Jelynn Sophia 13
Nurse Betsy Chilton...Kristin Davis 91
Cello Chinowski...Mark Davis 82
Maggie Christian...Holly Gleason 10/98
Dr. Linda Chu...Tina Huang 13-14
Won Chu...Nathan Jung 74
Judge Amber Chua...Paige Leong 13-present,recurring
Nurse Jade Soong Se Chung...Tia Carrere 85-87
Tey Se Chung...thug...Patrick Bishop 85
Dr Yank Se Chung...Patrick Bishop 85-87
Officer Church...Adam Wylie 10
Miss Churney...???? 7/82
Nick Cillini...Al Sapienza
Nurse Judy Clampett...Robin Blake64-74
Mrs. Clancy...Catholic friend, Rose K....Nora Boland 83

Officer Clancy…Dennis Robertson   1/85
Bob Clark...orderly...Carl Conti 97-02
Dr. Clark...Victoria Hearst 
Herb Clark...Tony Young

Dr. Jennifer Clark   Never Seen   running an Alzheimers trial in NYC  2020

Marsha Clark     ?????     3/87       surrogate candidate
Nurse Clark...Joan Dykman 86
Officer Clark...Woodrow Hancock 12-15
...John Zacchino12-13
...Laura Lyn Berrios 01
Tom Clark...???????????????? 8/82
Agent Clarke...Woodrow Wilson Hancock 6/9/17

Officer Clarkson...   Martin Chavez...16
Santa Claus...Michael Muscat 08
                          ....Peter Xifo 12/24 15
Livvie Locke Clay...Kelly Monaco 00-03
Dr. Silas Clay...Michael Easton 13-15
Stephen Clay...Vampire/Musician...Michael Easton 13
Autumn Clayton...assistant Herbert Q...Leslie Sanders 87-88
Josh Clayton...songwriter...Jimmy McNichol 84-85
Richard Clayton...Adoption lawyer...Alan Hunt 89
Nurse Beverly Cleveland{?Fairchild}...Susan Bernard 68-69
Nurse Margaret____ Clifford...Kay Stewart   lied to Lesley...1976... 
Nurse Brooke Bentley Clinton...murder victim...Indus Arthur 70-73
...Adrienne Hayes 65-68 
Dr. Noll Clinton...Ron Hussman 65
...Dean Harens 65
Clyde Cloister...brother Amanda B....Elliott Reid 83-84
Dr. Clown...Tara Jean O'Brien 11
Father Coates...Anthony Michael Jones 02-11 

Joe Coburn     ????     Tanya's patient     1/87
Mr. Cochran...Paul Keith 08

Budgy  Coe       5/20/19                                  the Llama

Dutch Coe   ....    Dutch the llama     5/15&16/ 18
Sigmund Coe... duck    Sigmund 93-96
Ann Coheen...Virginia Grey 74

Dr. Cohen    ????     2/21/19  (Anna, Finn, Cabot)
Sam Cohn...Stu Levin
Dennis Colburn...Collin Bernsen 89

Johnny  Colby Bill Vint  ...accused rapist, Laura 3/80..
Dr. Cole...John Stuart West 86
Judge ____ Cole...????...11/9/15
Judge Leland {Lloyd} Cole...Beau Billingslea 11,12
Judge Coleman ???... 12/82
Mitchell Coleman...Blake Gibbons 02-14 ran strip club, Jake's, Floating Rib
Delia Reid Ryan Ryan Coleridge Crane Coleridge...ilene Kristen 13-15, .....................................AvaJ's mom
Darby Colette...Jessica Ahlberg 15-16

Lisa Collier    ????    2/87

Ron Collier     ?????     2/87

Mr. Collier     Richard Stahl    1985
Angie Costello Weeks Collins...first patient, GH...Jana Turner 63-65, 93

Detective Collins     ?????      2/87       NYPD
Gary Collins...host...Gary Collins 92
Jack Collins...Casey Kasem 5/82
Dr. Kevin Collins...Jon Lindstrom 94-97,97-03,04, 13-Present
.. .Anthony Starke(temp,) 15

Laura [Vining] Webber Baldwin Spencer Cassadine Spencer Spencer Baldwin Collins
...[young]...Emily Balay
...Stacie Baldwin [ironic?] 74-76
...Genie Ann Francis 76-82,83,84,93-02,06,08,13, 14-18 18-Present
Lucy Coe Jones Quartermaine Stanton Baldwin Collins...Lynn Herring 86-92, .......................................93-04, 12-Present
Nurse Mary Briggs Collins..Joan Blackman 71
.. .Ann Helm 71-73
Nurse Mary _____Scanlon Collins...Patricia Crowley 97-03
Mr. Collins...husband Angie...Never Seen 93
Mr. Collins...father Wade...????? Jan, 73
Professor Victor Collins...father Kevin...Nicholas Pryor 97-03
Dr. Vivian__________ Collins...old friend Steve H....Chis Bart 87
....Marie Windsor 82
Dr. Wade Collins...dennis Simcox 73-74 
Hayes Colman...Frank Aletter 74 
Margaret Colson...hospital administration...+Joel S Betty Anne Rees .....................................75-76
Mr. Columbo...????...9/25/15...Cossa Nostra...5 families
Presidente Commargo...Tony Perez 90
Officer Connelly...???...9/9/15
Pam Connolly...Almy Brooks 04-05

Ralph Conway  ....   Maurice Manson     1/66
Ray Conway...molested Karen C...Stephen Burleigh 93 killed by Alan
Mrs. Cook...Cindy Drummond 14
Virginia Cook..Q. cook...Never Seen 85-12
James Coolidge...John Cato 92
Gerry Cooney..boxer...Gerry Cooney 9/ 82
Brad Cooper...lab tech...Feb 13 2012..????
...Parry Shen 12-Present
Catherine Cooper...[Blackie]...Catherine Hickland 83
Connie Cooper...Amy Benedict occupational therapist,+Ryan C 95 9th victim
Dr. Cooper...Victor Gardell opthalmologist 95

Ethel Cooper        ?????     3/87      Tanya's patient
Dr. Greg Cooper...killer...David Holcomb 97-00
Nurse Linda Cooper...Linda Cooper 71
Nurse Marilyn Cooper...nurse, Pierce Dorman...??????? 98
Marsha___  Cooper...mother Greg...Never Seen 97

Officer Cooper...Andy Martinez, Jr.  8/14&15/17
Vera Cooper...Edie Caggiano 03

Wiley Cooper-Jones ...                      18   dead baby taken by Nelle and switched
Dr. Cooperman...Paul Langton 63
Dr. Edward Copeland...Walter Brooke 77
Judge Copeland...Phillip Pine 12/82
Dr. Owen Copeland...Fred Holliday 95 (Monica)
Baxter Corbin...Tom Parker...knew Hayden as Rachel 16 

Brandon "Brando" Corbin   Johnny Wactor   2020-     Gladys's  son,  presumed killed in the Middle East

Gladys Corbin         Mel Harris    7/3/19   Mike's cousin

                       Bonnie Burroughs     2019-20; 2021    pretending to be Dev's grandmother
Lamont Corbin...wealthy businessman..George E. Carey 77
. ..William Bryant 78
Mike Corbin...father Sonny...Ron Hale 95-10 gambler, ran Kelly's 

                                 ...  Max Gail   18-20; 2021
Mr. Corday...David Kagan 09

Tommy Cordero     Joey Maida    9/3&4/20  thug, Cyrus
Judge Cordova...Tina DiMarco 
Baby Avery Corinthos...Ava & Grace Scalera 14-Present 
...Harper/ Presley Carlson 14

(grown up Avery)...Celestia DeAstis   1/17/18
Brenda Barrett Jacks Morgan Corinthos....[dbl]Laura Borges
[ lookalike]...Eva Longoria 00
. ...Vanessa Marcil 92-98,02-03,10-11, 13
Carly Benson Quartermaine Corinthos Corinthos Alcazar Corinthos Corinthos . ....... Jacks Corinthos
young--Shayne Lamas      6/05, 9/05 
Sarah Brown 96-01 14
Tamara Braun 01-05, 14
Jennifer Branford 05 

young -  Eden McCoy    2020
Laura Wright 05- Present
Claudia Zacchara Corinthos...Sarah Brown 08-09

Donna Corinthos      Ella and Emma Hulen     19-

Jonah Corinthos   (Wiley Cooper Jones)  Eric and Theodore Olson        18-Present
Kiki [Lauren] Jerrome Corinthos Corinthos...Kristen Alderson 13-15
..Hayley Erin 15-18; 19
Kristina Davis Corinthos [Mitchell]...Emma and Sarah Smith 03-05
...Cara and Shelby Hoffman 03
...Kali Rodriguez 05-09
. ..Lexi Ainsworth09-11, 15-17; 18-
. ..Lindsey Morgan 12-13 
Lila Corinthos..child of Sonny And Sam...Never Seen stillborn 04
Lily Rivera Corinthos...Lilly Melgar 94-96, 01
Michael "Sonny" Corinthos...young...Tyler Parker 95
. ..young...Tommy Savas 08
. ..young...Brett Loehr 
...young...Aramis Knight 11

......Young   ...     Joshua Benard     18

.. .Maurice Benard 93-97, 98-Present
Morgan Corinthos...Adonios and Isador Talamo 04 
...Dylan and Jordan Kline 04-05
...Jake Simms 05 
George Juarez 05-09
. ...Aaron Refvem 09-10 
...Aaron Sanders10-11 
...Bryan Craig 13-16, 1/18
(Sonny's dream)16 Jeremy Maguire?(Modern Family)

Sonny Corinthos Jr.[baby w/ Lily] deceased...dream...Cailey Benard
.. Dream ...Max & Sam Christy 1/01

Willow Tait Corinthos       Katelyn MacMullen   9/18-Present   teacher, Aiden, Charlotte;  Wiley's mother(Wiley is dead) by Shiloh. real name: Kali Miller
Larry Corrigan...P.I., Monica...Frank Ashmore 81
Agent Elena Parsons Cosgrove...Rebecca Holden DVX agent,managed Dusty ....................................87-88
Mike Costello..owned food establishment...Ralph Manza63
Ms. Costello...Michelle Le Brun 95

Nurse Sherry Cottle       Jerin Forgie         19
James Craig...Sebastian Roche 07
Jason Craig...Ivor Francis 77
Lt. Crandall...Douglas Kennedy 63 - 66
Sister Caroline Crane...Dionne Neish 5/17

Detective Crane  ??????   11/87
Elsa Crane...spy...Amanda Pays 4/06
________Crater...George Murdock 95
Alistair Crawford...cousin, Holly...Charles Shaugnessy 84
Katherine Crawford...Nancy Sullivan 93
Dawson Crenshaw...John Mansfield 91
Tom Crichton...Mark Withers
Officer Criswell...George Meyers 86
Bertha______________ Crockett...Fritzi Burr 85
Judge Cronin...Ray Reinhardt 

Elijah Crowe     Dan White   3/11&12/21    former border of Lenny and Phyllis  
Bo Crowell...Brian Turk 12/08
Nurse Jolene Crowell...Amanda Baker...killer 07
Nurse Nadine Crowell...Claire Coffee 07-09
Aunt Raylene Crowell...spinster aunt...Mary Gross 12/08
Vance Crowell...Jack Wallace 12/08
Mae_____ Crumholtz...mother Tiffany/Cheryl...Beecey Carlson 88
Mr. Crumholtz...Bill Smillie 88

Dr. Cuevos    Carlos E. Campos  12/4/19    Neurosurgeon, Lucas
Marty Cullen...George Johnson boxing referee 4/82

Anita Culpepper      ????       87      
Rae Washburn Cummings[ Faulkner Buchanon]...Linda Dano 00-02

Dr. Cunningham       Neil Flanigan     1980
Dr. Cunningham...Frank Whiteman 83 
Det. Curry...Richard Poe 90
Dr. Rushi Curtis...(ER Doctor)...Rushi Kota 4/9/15
Phil Cusack...mobster...Rudolph Willrich 94
Capt. Elias Cutler...boat captain... 00s

CD...Tony Grande 93
Caitlin...model...Vanessa Viola 02

Cal accomplice, Nelle   ...   Lorin McCraley   2/26/18
Candy ..hooker...Jennifer Hlubik

Cara...Miranda Frigon...   sister of murder victim ((Franko)   9/19/17
Cardo...Marcus Reynaega 8/06
Carl ...volunteen...Stan Kirsch 92
Carl....????...cop... 6/82 , 9/82
Carl..maitre'd PC Grille....Alan Johnson 94
Carl...David Farkas 10

Carl       ????      1/87

Carl the bodyguard with Sam and the kids   ????   11/25/2020

Carla ...lawyer Katherine ..Fran Harrison 94
Carla...Lisa Kelly 93
Carla [Outback]...Tonya Offer 90s
Carlo...thug...Anthony Molinari 10

Carlo...prison warden...Carlos Cantu
Carlos...kid San Sebastian...Jonathon Hernandez 92
Carlos...[sonny, Jerry Jacks]...Vic Trevino 98;01

Carlos      Luis Contreras       7/87
Carlotta...Sharon Riley
Carlotta...Gloria Hayes        7/87
Carmela...Maria Richwine...5/85
Carney... Chip Campbell
Carol...Deborah Meyer

Carol       Isabel Cooley       5/26/65   

Nurse Carrie        Simmin Yu      12/19  Shadybrook nurse dosed Ava
Carter...raped Michael...Joshua Wingate 10,11,13
Cary        Cary Meadow     87-88   Teen Rap Audience Member
Casey...bartender...Chikeze Eze 09
Casper...Tracey Hammon 93
Cassandra...reporter...Leigh Hamilton 90
Cassie...Shawn Kathryn Kane waitress 10-15, 18
Cathy...head nurse...Julia Silverman 12-14
Chad... Derek Craigie 09
Chad ... Vince Pavia...1/5 & 12/16 thug, julian
Chandler...Cassadine employee...Steve Kehela 14-15

Chandra .... friend of Stella   not yet seen  18

Nurse Chanel        Chauntal Lewis    2015-Present
Changa...Ambassador...Jessie Ferguson 83
Chantal...model...Chantal... 94
Charice...Cindy Ambuehl 92
Charlene"Charlie" Rick's Intern, 1983...??????????????
Charles...Michael Rougas 82 Haunted Star Maitre'd 4/82
Charlie...deputy...Jaime Tintor 09
Charlie...Shadner Ifrene 13

Charlie     ????     12/87      police officer
Charlie...mechanic, Terri's car 77...Darwin Josten
Charlie..????? cop 3/82

Charlie       ????      5/87      WLPC Cameraman
Chase...Kiambe Hilliard bomb squad tech 3/13/17

Chau-Lun    Joseph Hieu   87-88    Teen Rap Audience Member
Chaz...Pool hall...Michael Von Steyne
Chelsea...accident victim...Laura Chinn[Kenley] 10
Chen...Timothy Dang 85
Cheryl...Dana Lyn Barron 03
Cheryl...Lola Davidson 03

Cheryl   Metrocourt Waitresss     ?????   2/14/19
Chester...butler, Taub...Richard Stobie 91-92
Chester...David Cromwell 93
Chet ...assistant Gregory H,...Brett Baxter Clark 88-89
Chet.. Ron Max  1980.+Lesley 
Chicago ...band...Robert Lamm 12/98
...Lee Loughnane
. ..James Pankow
. ..Walter Parazaider
. ..Jason Scheff
. ...Tris Imboden
. ..Keith Howland
. ..Matt Flynn
. ..Bill Champlin
Chino...Dagoberto Zolio-Soto native South American 4/9/16
Chip...host, Access Port Charles...4/9/15...???????????
Chris ...Jonathon Aube 98
Chris...hench...Andrew DuPliesse 14 
Chris ...Karl L. Sanders deejay, Nurses Ball 5/25/16
Chris...pizza delivery...Johnny Kios 14
Chris ...David Wunderlich  4/16/15;2/13&24/17   bartender

Chris        ???    8/87    fake drummer at Duke's

Chris       ?????    9/87     DVX Agent

Chris          Thomas Lumberg, Jr.      1/14/19
Chrissy..... Meredith Giangrande 5/07

Chuck...???... football player rough attitude with Laura  77or78
Cindy...???... 10/82

Cindy      ?????    8/87     Mount Rushmore Cave Tour Guide
Christoff...hench, Faith...Blu Fox 04
Cindy...lover Mallone... Denise Galik 89
Cindy...+Sonny...Kimberly Campbell 94
Clark...Stenner Strom 84

Clark    ????     student in Aiden's class  11/14/18
Claude    ????      8/87      hit man, Elena
Claude...manager Luke's Place..Marseilles Miller 95-02
Claudine...Algerian woman...Donna Perkins 93

Clay            (Bouncer Gemini Club) ?????    12/19/18

Clayton  ......Never Seen    Contact of Jordan     18
Clem ....???...hiker 6/82
Cliff...Jeff Hawk.. 90

Cliff      Michael Coons   Jail guard, Franko  ,!/10 & 11 /19  2/19 

Cliff...photographer...West Liang   11/2&3/17
Clifford...gardener, Q's...Sidney Lassick
Clinton ...gambler...Ben Cho 13

Clyde    ?????    6/87     WLPC Lighting Tech
Cody...+Maxie...Ryan Slater 02
Colby..???...bartender, Haunted Star 16
Cole...july1-6,2015..Jack Kennedy...thug Frank Smith
Colin...bartender...Colin Conrad13-14

Connie       ????    11/87
Conrad...Metrocourt Security Julian Graham 12-13 

Conrad    ?????     6/87     Prisoner
Consuela...Angelina Estrada 6/91
Contessa...[Jax}..Michelle Hutchins 98

Cook II  .....Carla Hall     18

Father Corey....Fred Grandy   10/17   Griffen's confessor
Corinne...Cass Island + Konrad Kaluga...Melonie Vincz 81
Courtney...Kelly Mullis 91-92
Courtney...Alexandra Swarens 12

Courtney   ...   Nurse     ...???      8/1/18

Craig...date Robin...Donnie Jeffcoat 90

 Craig      ?????    WLPC Cameraman    1-7/87

Craig   the guy from Alexis' old firm   ????    11/19/2020
Cratch...Fran Lewallen 
Creed...boat owner...Ken Rosier
Cresna...[psychic]...Kate McGregor Stewart 6/ 02
Crystal...women in blue...Karen Frederik 84
Crystal...gave Stone AIDS...Leanna Creel 93
Cynthia...Amy Allen 81
Cynthia...on plane w/ Skye...Sarah Carson

Cynthia (assistant, Drew)   ......    Cynthia Rose Hall     6/5/18; 7/23/18

Cynthia                    Shelley Jutner     2/1979

Dr. D'Angelo    Paul Lambert      11/1083

Father Thomas Dade...Geoffrey Meek 02
Bridget Daley...Lauren Petty 04-05
Moira Daley...Jennifer Tighe 93
Captain Dalton... Robert Catrini 01-02
Mr. Dalton...Don Stewart 87     DVX Agent
Ms. Dalton...5/1/97...?????...drug counselor Emily
Mrs. Danbury...patient, Joel Stratton...3/74...????????????????????
Marco Dane...Gerald Anthony 92-93 
Nico Dane...Ryan Alosio 04
Ken Daneyko...Ken Daneyko...hockey player
Principal Danforth...Pat Lach 10
Dr. Connie Daniels...assistant, Greta I...Jenny Gago  3/87
Officer Daniels...Maurice Whitfield 12

Officer Daniels      Chris Muto     8/15 &(/17/ 2019;  8/2020
Katie Sullivan Corbin Dante...Maggie Sullivan 77-78
Dr. Mark Dante...Jim Yorke 76
...(T) Vincent Baggetta 77
...Michael Delano 76
...Gerald Gordon 76-78, 82-83
Mary Ellen Lowell Dante...Lee Warrick 76-77
Bill Danton...Rob Adams 93-94
Quinn _____Danvers...Jennifer Bassey 17 book publisher
Ramona Danvers (Theresa Adams)...Laura Niemi...7/8/15 set up Joss' kidney transplant
Clarence Darrow....Danny Goldman 91 mental ward
Alexei Davidovich...Never Seen NS
Sophia Cassadine Davidovich.Never Seen NS
Officer Davidson...Martin Chavez 5/10/16
Chet Davis, ...attorney, Monica 77... Alan Haufrect

Gladys Davis         ???     87         Landlady, Lucy
Dr. Harrison Davis...Kevin Best 88-90 neurosurgeon
Judge Davis...Gerald Castillo (Felicia) 92
Nurse Meg Lawson Davis...Alexia Robinson 90-94
...Lisa Canning 94
Mr. Davis...Jim Palmer

Officer Davis     ....     Danny Fehsenfeld      6/23& 11/5/18

Detective Roger Dawkins      ????     2/87 
Agent Dawson...Erik Betts 08

David Dawson           Never Seen          ex-husband, Margaux
Everett Dawson...John Burke 10
Howie Dawson...Ray Girardin 68-74
Joanne Dawson...Never Seen 74
Lombardy Dawson...Sheila Pinkham             

D.A. Margaux Marino Dawson    ....Elizabeth Hendricksen     5/18-Present
Mrs. Dawson...mother, Howie...Maxine Stuart 68
...Phyllis Hill 70-74
Mrs. Dawson...Marilyn Alex mother, Phoebe 89
Mr. Dawson...Buddy Farmer father, Phoebe89
Phoebe Dawson...+ Decker...Lycia Naff 89
. ..[amnesia, Felicia...]Kristina Wagner 89
Mildred ____Deal...Marla Adams 88
Dr. Natalie Dearborn (Agent Natasha Gurdin)...Melinda Cordell 83-84
Dr. Dearden...75...Lee Anthony
Senor De Baca...Nate Esformes
Warden Jim Deering...John Mahon 95 (Kevin/Lucy
Beverly DeFreest...Campus Disco...Louise Hoven 79-80
Mrs. DeFreest...Vanessa Brown 80

Contessa Francesca De La Torre    Laryssa Eryomina    2/87  
Katherine Delafield...pianist...Edie Lehmann 89-90 
King______Delafield...Chris Babers 90

_________ Delancy        Stan Hale         1/86

______Delaney   Buddy Farmer   2/1979
Judge Delaney...Stanley Grover 86, 12/88
Father DeLeon...Miguel Perez 95 Miguel/Lily

Detective Oscar DeLeon  Benny Nieves     2020  investigated Nelle's death
Agent DelGado...Tom Rosales 92
Mr. DelGado...Gary Cervantes
Joe Delini...hit man... 1979...??????? Frank Smith

 Lance Delman            ???      7/87     actor
Lourdes DelTorro...Kristin Herrerra 08
Sal DelTorro...Rolando Molina 08

Harcourt Denby     ???????       3/87
________Dennehy...Ron French 
Walter Dern...Tony Jones 01
...Gavin Chase 12/02
George Dernley...mob boss, docks...Paul Comi 82-83

IInspector DesRoches...Jean Christophe Febbrari   Marrakesh  17
Dr. Bennett Devlin...Edward Albert 97 father, Julie
Buddy Devlin...Never Seen brother Julie
Dr. Ian Devlin...hit man...Seamus Dever 08
Dr. Julie Devlin (Morris) Lisa Ann Hadley 97-99 serial killer
Paul DeVore...Joe Burke 89-90  evil boyfriend, Kath. Delafield

Alyssa DeWitt    Lisa Arturo    12/19/19    Deception Investor

Fran Dexter...Patricia George   patient, John Prentice   66
Mickey Diamond...flunky, Fluke...Nick Chinlund 14
Mrs. Diamond...Francine Thomas
Percival Diamond..Ian Abercrombie..Jan  85  .gallery owner
Selma Diamond[faux]...real name Renata...Mary Mara 14
Val Diamond... David Zappone 05 bodyguard
Court Guard DiCenzo...James Evans 03-04
Officer Dickerson...James Arone 95 undercover cop
Mayor Diem...Chinatown...George Takei 85-86
Officer Dietrich...Timothy Slaaske 10-17
Rudolpho DiFranco... ???? 6/82
Roy DiLucca...Asher Brauner 78-79
...A Martinez 99-02
Ted DiLucca...cousin Roy, killed in prison 8/79   

Tony DiMarco    Philip Boyd     2020  Sonny's warehouse manager
Det. Ronnie DiMestico...rapist...Ronnie Marmo 09-12
Chuck Dinafrio...1-25-12...shot by Ronnie D.????????????
Denise DiNuccio...Maura West 15 (Ava Jerrome)

 Dr. Eldredge Dinzmore    ????        5/87
Dr. DiPietro...Gerry Burns 80s
Landon Dixon...Troy Ruptash... Arms dealer 15-16
Mrs. Dixon...Danielle Rayne 06

Madame Dobernin     ??????    4/87
Detective Dobson... 12/82
Frank Dobson...Gary Hudson 92
Grace Dobson...fiancee Alan Quartermaine...78..????????
Mr. Dodson...Robert Pinkard 89
Mrs. Dombrowski...Melody Butui12/06
Officer Donaldson...Maurice Whitfield 2/15/17 
Anna "Annie' Donely...Courtney Halverson 13

Annie Donely     Caitlin Reilly      2021

Commissioner Sean Donely...John Reilley 84-95, 08, 13
Tiffany Hill [Elsie Mae Crumholtz] Donely...Sharon Wyatt 81-83, 86-95, 08
Sasha Donev...Sandra Hess 08
Mr. Donivan...David McSwain 94-95

Lieutenant Donner     ?????       5./87
Liam Donovan...Simon Porter 10
Wes Donovan...Matthew Jones 07-08
Claude Donnet...Curt Lowens 89
Jeff Doolong (??Murray)..Kipp Shiotani 04-05
Dr. Pierce Dorman...Jim Fitzpatrick 96
... Bradley White 96
...Rob Youngblood 96
...Tuc Watkins 96-97
Dr. Richard Dosky...Bo Linton 13
_____________Douglas..Warren Munson 92
Amy_________ Douglas Georgia Schmidt 73
Charles Douglas...Charles Douglas     CW singer   2/87
Evan Douglas...???.... 11/82
Walter Douglas...George Chandler terminal cancer patient 73
Marshal Dowling...Hiram A. Murray 10/1/15
Maisie Doyle...Annie Korzen94
__________Drago...Pierrino Mascarino 90
Loretta_________Drago...Lynn Milgrim 90
Emma Scorpio-Drake...Ruby&Rose Romero 09
. ..Gianna & Jessie Salvatierra 09-11
...Francesca Cistone 11
...Brooklyn Rae Silzer 11-Present
Gabriel Santiago-Drake...Doll 14
Julian Drake[Dark]...book publisher Gary Lansing...friend Tracey...1978...???????????

Marjorie ____ Drake   Jean Byron
Senator Martin Drake...Ward Costello 83-84, 89
Mrs.[Maddie?] _____ Drake...mother Patrick...Never Seen (died 93)
Dr. Noah Drake...Rick Springfield 81-83, 05-07, 08, 12, 13

Noah Robert Scorpio Drake...Never Seen
Dr. Patrick Drake...temp...Ethan Erickson 08
...Jason Thompson 05-16

Raoul Drake     Russell Johnson    1994   sold Haunted Star back to Luke
Dr. Robin Scorpio Drake...Kimberly McCullough 85-96; 1997; 1997-99; 2000; 2001; 2004; 2005-12; 2012; 203-14; 2015; 2016; 2017; 2018; 221

Terry Dresser   Lee Anthony   reporter  January, 1982  
Dr. Drexler...Paul DelVecchio 
Nurse Amy Driscoll ...Risa Dorkin gossipy nurse 16---18  

Chet Driscoll... Chris Van Etten   football player, Amy's brother  2017; 2018; 2019
Bradley Driver...Mark Whittington 02

Mr. Drummond         Bruce Blau   3/10&11/21      fence
Nurse Felix DuBois...Marc Samuel 12-Present
Taylor DuBois...Samantha Logan 13
.. .Pepi Sonuga 13-14
Toussaint DuBois...Billy Dee Williams 09
______ Dubrett...Daniel Kelly 90

Anton  Dubrovnik         ????     9/87    
"Harriet Dugan"...Tudi Roache actress 94
"Harry Dugan"...Jordan Lund 94
Chuck Dukas...Chuck Dukas...emcee 15
Andrew Dunard..+ Alicia M....Justin Melvey 05

Mrs. Duncan    ????     4/87
Ross Duncan...hit man...Matthew Crane 04
Val Duncan...Jack James 6/93
Dr. Alistair Dunham..3-6/87...spy/ Greta I...Randolph Kraft
Dr. Dunk...Robert Munroe
Jim Dunleavy...harbormaster...Gene DeBell
John Dunlop...Daniel Trevor

Wilma Dunn    ????????    3/87
Brian Dunne Armand Schulz 95 (w/Ryan, Kevin, Mac, Felicia)
Kip Dunning (? Drummond)...Stephon Fuller reporter 6/8/15
Beverly____Durant...Dey Young 04
John Durant...prosecutor...Corbin Bernsen 04-06
Algernon Durban...Nicholas Hammond   1984-85  Holly's cousin, art thief
Barry Durban...Peter Keleghan 92
Basil Durban...Warwick Sims 82
Clive Durban...Ian Abercrombie 92-93
Oliver Durban...Neil Hunt 82
Percy Durban...Edmund Gilbert 82
Reginald Durban...George Lazenby 82

Judge Clayton Durnier     ????       5/87      Canadian judge
Clayton Dutton...Joel Lawrence 10/28/64
James Duval...Arthur Roberts 81 developed the formula for carbonic snow
Angela Dwire.....Never Seen...Zacchara Attorney 10 NS

Mr. Dwyer     ????    9/87    attorney, Amanda Barrington







DQ...Evan Stafford 07

Dakota .....   Emily Hinkler   trans-gender high schooler   18

Dale...Michael Olifiers 09
Dan...[L&L]...James Scholes 93

Dan the Messenger    Andrew Gonzalez   10/27/20
Dana...Hilary Sheppard Tucker waitress 
Dana[Dania?]...Anne Little 4/99
Danforth...Buchanon employee restraining order McBain....??? 12
Daniel...Sean Matic 07-08
Danielle...Amie Judd 10
Dante...Nelson C. Grande 05

Danya...  Alla Korot...nurse, Baronsky Clinic9/19/17 
Daphne...Andrea Savo... Cassadine Island 16 
Darius...lover Arielle...John Boyle 89
Darla...Victoria Boa 93
Darlene...drunk trick or treater...Jacklyn Becker 12

Darrell      ????   town hall meeting from Charles Street   1/4/19
Darren... prom date Robin...Tom Griffin 93
Darren...Charlie Powell 90 
Darren...+liz...Scott Metzger
Darren...Rife Sibley 08
Dave[Laurelton]...Danny Weselis 86
...............Dean Scofield 86
Dave ...deputy...Brett Gilbert      3/02
Dave...carpenter...Christopher Curry
Dave...James Canino 87

Dave    Nick Bush     3/12/21      Poker Players  with "mike"
Davey...????... Mystery Mountain Employee 12/82
David...86...Stan Ivar
David...David Greenman 03
David... David Goldfarb insulted Sonny/Carly At Metrocourt 2/16 
Dean ...Johnny Snead
Dean...Peter MacLean 82
Dean...+ Chelsea...Alex Hill 14
Deanie...Jennifer Lambert 
Debbie...mother Willie, Nurse...Penny Johnson 86
Debbie...Waitress[Mac]..spy ...Taub...Sherrie Wills 91
Debbie...child abuse victim 84...?????????????????
Debbie...Deborah A. Genovese 08
Debbie...????... fishing girl 6/82
Debbie...waitress...Brittani Ebert 10-15
Debbie...??? fan, Man Landers 5/26/17
Deborah...Madeline Lindley 03
Dee...Muriel Minot 1/29/16
Delfina...designer....Nita Talbot 81-82, visits

Delvin...   hitman...   Gavin Alexander Hammon  10/26,27,31/17
Denise...Beth Bowles 91
Denise...???.... Mystery Mountain Employee 12/82
Denise Calida Jones babysitter 1/14/16
Dennis...Robin's Prom...Jason Renfrew 95
Dennis...1964...patient, Steve Hardy... ?????????
Derek...Ron Hajek
Derek...William Tempel 07
Dr.Derek...hits on Sam[15]...Derek Theler
Desiree...assistant Faison...Chi-En Telemacque 90

Devon...   Eric Schroeder...   bodyguard, Josslyn   10/5/17

Devon .....    Escape Room employee...   David Magidoff    11/18
Desiree...Danielle Merrill 06
Dexter...May 77...boyfriend, Jill Streeter...?????????
Dexter...kidnapper, Tiffany...1989...??????????????
Diane...1996...unwed mother, patient, Bobbie...???????

Diane     ????     4/87 
Dianna...nurse, Alcazar...Diana Miranda 02
Dickie...thug w/Charlie Heineck...A.J.Dunn 15
Dickie.....Joe Delano 3/3/15 thug, CH
Didy...Kimberly Pfeiffer 5/07
Didy...Briana Young 07

Diedre...Katie Keefe Nanny set up by Nelle 16
Dieter...Jay Huguley 95
Dillon...Leif Holt 04
Dimitri...hench...Balkan...Heinke Obermuller 11

Dimitri    Essam Ferris      1/30/19
Dino..owner Dino's...Vito Scotti 85
Don ...Don Lucas 87-90 Teen group therapy

Don    ????              12/87     Duke's club waiter
Donna...Beverly Alden 
Donna...Tracey Evans Nurse At Shriners ..3/3&4/16
Donnie...Kaleti Williams 12

Donny       ????    8/87        fake Duke's waiter      
Dora...photograher's assistant...Carloyn Hennessy 82

Dot    Never Seen     Gladys's deceased friend with Alzheimer's
Doug...Shadybrook...Brandon Molale 15 
Drew...Kat Sawyer-Young 90
Dustin...Ryan Spahn                   02
Dutch...Brad Trumbull 89

Dutch... Dutch        Lucy's support llama   18
Sister Dymphina...Audrey Wasilewski     6/02





Willie Easler       ?????     1/87      ER Patient

Juror Ebuen...Elpidio Ebuen   10
Angela Moscini Eckert..Carol Lawrence 91-92
Ava Eckert..Never Seen NS
Bill Eckert...Anthony Geary 91-93
young Bill...Joey Luthman 15
Sister Dorothy Eckert...Kathleen Freeman 91
Fred Eckert...William Boyett 91
Mario Eckert...Never Seen NS
Nancy Regil Eckert...Linda Dona 91
Sylvester "Sly" Eckert...Glenn Walker Harris 91-96
Nurse Joanne Eden..Dawn Jeffory 80 rape victim
Skipper Edgar... Stephen Jared 12/5/16 
Carl Edwards...NASCAR...Carl Edwards
Dr. Egli... ????....doctor, Beatrice LaSeur September 84 
William Eichner..Mitchell Fink Crichton Clark Clinic 14
Dr. Elias...S.E. Perry 15...Helena's personal doctor

James Ellerbee       Stuart Silbar          1/87          remove Larrabee
Cynthia Elliott..Wesley Ann Pfenning 82 former patient, Sy Katz
Mrs. Elliott..Frances Bay    maid. Baron Varony     2/87
Angel Sorel Ellis..Angel Boris 01 dated Sonny
Donnie Ellis...Never Seen NS
Owen Ellis...Bob Bancroft murdered patient 5/5/16 
Mr. Elsmo...Dan Hamilton 82-83
Agent Elstner...Kevin Lowe 92 

Dr. Emerson     Raphael Baker      1980

Mrs. Emerson ....   Lily Knight      Heinrich's teacher       18
Dr. Emery..John Hanlin 02,05
Mrs. Endicott... ??? 77... Adoption agent, Mike Mallon
Ron Engle...Eddie Zammit right hand man, Frank Smith 80
Judge Enright...Bennett Guillory
Dr. Erickson...Steve Tyler 90-91

Mr. Erickson         Bill A. Jones       hospital board member   8/13/2020  
Lisa Erikson..Kristin Devere 94 assistant defense attorney
Marianna _________ Erosa..America Olivo +Ric Lansing 1/08
Yennifer Behrens 08
Randy?Erosa...Jim Palmer murdered 08
Dr. Diane Erskin...Brandyn Barbara Artis psychologist, Monica's cancer 95
Carla Escobar...Nia Peeples 83-84
Juan Escobar...Daniel Zacapa        5/06 
Miguel Escobar...Marco Rodriguez 4/06
Mrs. Escobar...Sandra Greco 83
Professor Esposito...Ramon Angeloni 3/87 
Tina Estrada...Chandra Wilson 15 patient, Kevin

Agent Evans    Jason Ryan Lovett    WSB6/3/19&7/12/19
Dr.Evans... doctor [ER] 4/10/13
Doris Evans..Pamela Murphy
Mrs. Evans...Never Seen...governess, Charlotte 17
Pentonville Guard Evans...Trevor Snarr 15

Officer Rick Evans  Brent Alan Henry   19     Beecher's Corners cop
Mayor John Everett..James Mendenhall 81-83
Mrs. Mayor Everett...Rita Renee Stephens 83
Nurse Everett...JoAnn Pantoja 04 
"Mr. Evers" ...???...minion Basil 9/82

Ed...????....museum guard 4/82

Eddie     ???     5/87            WLPC Employee
Eddie[hench, Taub]...Kevin McDermott 91
Eddie... Jack Denbo 88
Eddie........William Forward 89
Eddie...Joseph A Garcia 10

Eddie      Charles Tyner   

 Eddie that found Sonny     Mikey Jerome   1/11&12/21

Edna[neighbor Melissa B]...Connie Sayer 02
Edna[hitwoman]...Lenka Peterson 
Eileen[counterfeitor, JimmyO.]...Marsha Clark 89-90 
Eileen...Rose Robles 95
Elaine...Julia Silverman nurse 14---16
Elaine.(hired for Deception party)..Madonna Christian 92
Electra[+Remondo]...Terrah Smith 90

Eli the bartender    ????   11/19/20 &11/30/2020  fed Cyrus info about Jason
Ellen [secretary Harlan Barrett]...Nancy Linari 91
Ellie[AJ]..Sylvia Davis Shaw

Elmer       Elmer Modlin                 1966

Elsa      nurse at Swedish Clinic (Dr. Cabot)   Julia McIlvaine     1/14/19
Elsie[maid Dominique]...Iris Bath 91- 93
Elton... ??/...poker player... 5/14/13
Elvis[trucker].....Danny U 92
Emil[hench Olivia Jerrome]...Don Reid 89
Emma [hooker]...Fumi Cummings
Enrico...[photographer Lucy/Brenda]...David LaPorte 94
Enrique[casino manager]..Marco Pelaez 11
Enzo[barrista]..Ken Costanzo 089
Enzo[bodyguard]...Adam Mastrelli 05-06
Erica[nurse]...Delanna Studi 13
Erica ....Nina Minton    4/93
Erin...Nancy Marlowe 4/85
"Fat" Ernie..Joe Costanza 
Ernie[barfly]...David Coburn liked "Eve" 9/95

Estelle     ????     1/87          surrogate    
Ethan...Vincent Corazza 12/06
Eugene[nerd].....Evan Arnold 

Nurse Eugene    Amir Mo    2020

Eunis     ????       2/87     Henry from Beaver's Corner's wife
Eva[v/o]....Nadia Benavides 07
Evan[faux Ethan]..Joshua Kalendar 09

Evan (lacrosse player/patient) Raam Weinfeld   4/24/18
Eve...Kate Orsini 07
Evelyn..Alice Amter 11

Evelyn  that was Jax's contact   jewel expert    Connie Ventress     8/12/2020
Everett...??... hospital board 9/11/13, 1/20/14





Dr. Mark Faber...Frank Telfer 87
Milton Faber Abhi Trivedi hospital IT guy, 11/18/16
El Fahar...Shelley Desai
Arthur Fairchild   Marshall Borden   9/1985    Alan Quartermaine's old college buddy that was dying in the ICU
Nurse Beverly (Cleveland) Fairchild...Susan Bernar8-69
Edith______________ Fairchild...Joan Benedict 89
Iris Fairchild...secretary Lee B....Peggy McKay 67-70
Mrs. Fairiie...Michelle Matthews 4/94
Cesar Faison....Anders T. Hove 90-92, 99-00, 12-13, 14, 18-Present
mask...Ian Buchanon 14

Heinrich Faison... AKA Peter August ....  Wes Ramsey  17-Present
Jack Falcone David Figlioli 
Leonardo Falconeri...AKA Mateo...Verity Jann 15

                                            Unknown ...15

                                             Unknown   15

                                          Silas & Ezra...15

                                           Unknown   16

                                              Luca & Leo     16-18

                                                          Pressley James Crosby     18-

                                   Max Matenko     18

                                    Aaron Bradshaw           18-Present
Cosimo Falconeri...Never Seen
Detective Dante Falconeri...Dominic Zamprogna 09- 2018; 2019; 2020-Present

Lulu Spencer Falconeri...[teen]...Sarah Lubran 03
. ..Amanda & Kerianne Harrington 94-95
. ..Claire & Maribel Moses 95
...Alisyn and Kelli Griffith 95-01
. ..Stephanie Allen 01-04
. ..Tessa Allen 04-05
. ..Julie Marie Berman 05-13
,,,Emme Rylan   2013-20

Mrs. Falconeri. ..mother Connie...Never Seen
Mr. Falconeri...father Connie...Never Seen
Mr. Falconeri...father Olivia...Never Seen
Phil Falconeri...Never Seen
Rocco Falconeri...Diego & Mateo.. 13-14 
...Nolan & Michael Webb 13
...Liam & Oliver Friedy 14-15
...Charles & Ethan Losie 15-16
Mason Tannous 16-17
O'Neill Monahan 17-
Talia________ Falconeri...Never Seen
Theresa _______Falconeri...aunt,... Never Seen
Father Tommy Falconeri...Jason Giuliano 11
Vinnie Falconeri..Never Seen
Vito Falconeri...Peter Allas 08
Nicole Fallon...Joyce Thi Brew 
Myrtle Lum Fargate...mother Rae C...Eileen Herlie[All My Children]
ADA Farino...Robin Dalea 15 
Judge Farmer...Marcia DelMar 83
Jimmy Fatone...PJ Marino 11
Sen. Cameron Faulkner...+Lesley...Don Matheson75-76
2 Deceased Children Faulkner...Never Seen NS
Daniel Faulkner...husband, Rae C....Never Seen...[Terrence Mann OLTL]
Kira _______-Faulkner...ex Cam...Fiance, Steve H....Victoria Shaw 74-75
( temp)...Linda Dano 4/75
Erwin Feldman...Matt McKenzie
Jeff Fellows...Chance Boyer 87
Chubb Felton      ????     11/87     Dockworker's union

________Ferguson...Edward Roberts
Lester Ferguson...John Shay 82

Rita Ferlito...Suanne Spoke17;18 bar owner, +Mike Corbin
Juan Fernandez...Val Valencia Sonny 94
Juan Fernandez...Rick Najera 6/87
Rosa Fernandez...Maria Rangel 6/87
Miss Ferris....Peggy Droz 9/87    secretary, Milton Frazier
Gretchen Fiedler...surrogate...Colleen Shelley 86-87

Dr. John Field       ????    6/87
Officer Field...DJ Rivers 14-15
Mr. Fielding...James Harris body switched w/ Ryan's 95
Stella Fields...Q Maid...[temp]...Jeanne Bates 87
. ..Jeff Donnell 79-88

Judge Filbert   Never Seen    was set to preside over Alexis's DUI trial.
Pete Fillmore...Terrence Edwards 12-13

State Trooper Ralph  Finchley    Tatum Shank    1/28/21 & 12/21/20

 Pulled over Eddie and Sonny; Picked up Sonny at the hardware store

Sgt. Finelli...Carmen Mormino 04
Inspector Finley...???...1/11/17 told Nathan Claudette is dead 
Bob Finn... ???... museum board member 4/82
Dr. Hamilton Finn...Michael Easton...16---Present
Dr. Reiko Finn...Never Seen
Roxy Finn...Bearded Dragon 16-Present
Shirley__Finn...????...museum board member 4/82

Violet Finn     Jophielle Love    10/2019-Present
Mary O'Herlihy Finnegan...Maid Katherine D...Mary Jo Catlett 89-90
Marguerite Finney ...???... nanny, Jason 6/82
Dr. Fisher...shrink, Felicia...?????????? 1/93


Dr. Fisher    Emil Beheshti     8/26/2020    Brooke Lynn's surgeon
Joel Fisher...Dan Gerrity
______Fisk...Rick Williamson 11
Mr. Fitch...Jesse Hlubik 06
_____Fitzsimmons...bad guy...Jeff Dashnaw
Mickey Five Hands...Eric Bolton 04
Mia Fizzard...Ayumi Ilzulka 1/29/16 Canada
Bree Flanders...former madam, assistant Lucy...Meredith Viera 3/03,13
Venga Flash...Shanola Hampton
Nurse Dorrie Fleming...British Nurse +Alan, + Howard...Angela Cheyne 77-80
Eddie Weeks Fleming...Son of Eddie and Angie Weeks...Adopted By Fred And 64 Janet..???????
Fred Fleming...Simon Scott 63  4-7/65
Janet Fleming...Ruth Phillips 63   4-7/65

Mr. Fleming...Jason Johnson 10
Dr. Fletcher...Donegan Smith 88
INS Agent Doug Fletcher...Stephen Whittaker 83
Nurse Fletcher...Robin @ Ferncliff...Mary Pat Green 12
Pastor Fletcher...Nicholas Hormann...4/14/15
Agent Ralph Fletcher...DVX...Edwin Owens 83s
Ted Florella..Thom Vallelonga
Andrea___Floyd...Martha Byrne 09
Mayor Garrett Prescott Floyd...Newspaper publisher...John Bolger 06-12
Catherine_____ Flynn...grandmother, Faith R...Gloria Stuart 12/02 2/03
Red Flynn...Thom McFadden 86 
Dr. Fogarty...Stanley Grover hospital board 95 
Mr. Forbes...Archie Lang museum director 5/82
Coast Guard Officer Ford...?????????? 8/18/14
Chief Michael Ford...Frank Elmore  10/99; 9/26/00; 5/01
Dr. Russell Ford...Rick Worthy 07
. ..chief of stafff...Richard Gant 07-08
Abby Forrest...Barbara Mealy Charles St. Bakery 95

 Linda Forrest   Nikki Tuazon    waitress, Kelly's  18;19

Professor Parker Forsyth...Ashley Jones + Kristina 16
Dr. Larry Forsythe...head of cardiac, alibi Alan...?????? 86
Dr. Irma ____Foster...Dwan Smith 87-90

Nurse Foster      ???    2/87
Sarah Foster...Susan Kussman

Mr. Fowler    ?????     8/87     hitman, Elena
Mr. Fowler...Phil Diskin 94 father Sam the bully
Rock Fowler...employee Faith...Matthew Iseman 03

Officer Fowler in New Jersey   ???    12/18/2020
Sam Fowler...Silvio Luciano bully 94
...Benny Grant 94
Roger Fox...Patrick A. Cole TMI reporter 16
DVX Agent Collette Francois...Amy Gibson 88
Betsy Frank[Nurse Karen Anderson]...Betsy Franco10, 

                ...   Deborah Strang    9/17; 18

                 ...(imaginary)....   Mandie Hittleman    17
Faux Lauren Frank...Ana Lucasey 13
Dr. James Franklin...ER doctor...David King 10/8/14
Louie Franklin...gun dealer Heather...Bruno Amato 14
Officer Franklin...David Pires 12
Officer Franks...Scott Vancea 14-15
Nina ___Frascatti...Susan Ursitti 86-87
Sgt. Vince Frascatti...Frisco's married partner...Mike Savage 86-87

United States Attorney   Milton Frazier    ????    9/87     
Agent Frederik...Scott Leva 92

Officer Frederik... Tim Slaske    07-08
Officer Fredericksen...Tim Slaaske 07-08
Dr. Alec Freeman...14....Silas read Franko's file while w/ Alec...?????????????
Captain Jack Freeman ...Jack Knight. 1/82
Sergeant Freeman...Jeffrey James Lippold 13-15
Sylvia _____Freeman...Diane Turley Travis 92
Dr. Valerie Freeman...physical therapist...Keely Shaye Smith 89-90
Dr. Fried...Richard Courtney 02
Hester Frumpkin...antiques dealer storefront, David Grey...Meg Wyllie 82

Commander Fuller...   Leith Burke   12/17  JAG Attorney
Senator Fullerton...Roger Aaron Brown       1/09
Eugene Furness...[bradley Ward Storyline]...Lou Beatty, Jr 94
. .. Willie Carpenter 94-95



Farah...Myla Zadi.....  Marrakech    8/29/17
Fatima[Cairo]...Europa McMillan 94
Felix...82...Daniel Greene
Fernanda...Alcazar money launderer...Rosa Blasi 10
Fernando...guard Alcazar..Al Rodrigo 02
Finn...Michael Feig...hit on Kaka...10/15
Fix...Kyle Davis.....06
Francie...waitress, spoke to Olivia...????????4/9/15
Francine...Cynthia Steele.........93
Francis...Michael Kostroff 95
Brother Francis...monk...Gino Conforti      1/08
Franco ...faux...Brad Standley 09/10

Francois       ????   2/87
Frank...????... colleague, Edward 12/82
Frank...???? Haunted Star Waiter 8/82
Frank...Scott Williams 
Frank...dealer..Brandon Karrer
Frank...Bob Purvey85-87
Frank...RJ Adams 80 83
Frank...Darryl Cox 4/89 
Frank...Paul Ratliff Bartender, Bucket of Blood 82 
Frankenstein...Jonathon Rau 06(Halloween costume)
Frankenstein's Bride...Megan Godfrey 06 (Halloween costume)
Frankie...+Robin...Tobey Maguire
Franz...DVX Agent...Alex Rodine 
Fred... Greg Collins guard Red Door Room
Fred...Adam Wilhite 10/98
Fred.. Harry D. Stewart.injured patient 81
Fred...Mark Ginther...goon 95
Freddy...bodyguard, Sonny....Greg Lako 15-16
Freddy...Bensonhurst store owner ...Joseph R. Sicari 95 (Mac)

Nurse Fredericka      Fredericka Meek    9/21/20
Fredo...Scott Damian
Fritz...Bookie...Hal Robinson 95
Fritz...took care of Spencer C...Andrew Miller 14





Jimmy G...Robert DiTillio 06
Nurse Celeste Gabriel...Jane A Rogers 8/87-88; 89-93
Senator Stanley Gaines...Michael Cavanaugh

Peter Galinko       ????     8/87   DVX Chief
Donald Gallagher...Steven Lee Allen...morgue attendant10/28/15 &2018

Officer Gallagher...Maria Russell    16
SEC Agent Gallagher...Joe Eddins
Joey Galvin...patient, young boy Rick W...???????????76
Mrs Galvin...Mother...76...???????????????

Sibley Gamble        Veronica Cartwright       7/11      psychic, Ava, Madeline
"Rev." Gamerunner...married Tracey and Anthony Z..2/.12...?????????
Det. Alex Garcia...George Alvarez 92-94;95-99
. ..Eddie Velez 99,00
Chief Petty Officer Garcia...Tim Barraco 14
District Attorney Garcia... Jacqueline Pinol 17
ICU Nurse Laci Garcia...Lani Garcia....16--- 17
Nurse Sharon Garcia...Alma Martinez Ruby's former neighbor 82

Mrs. Gardner .......  Isabel Randolph      12/63
Freddie Garfield...Mobster...Howard George 93 
Officer Garibaldi...????...5/12/15
Dr.. Garland...Jean Gillespie 4/85
Mr. Garland...David Joyner 01
N'Neeka Garland...Michelle Persley 
Dr. Bill Garrett...dated Amy...Grant Wilson 85-87
Hale Garrett...Blake Sheldon...witness to Duke's murder 4/16

J Garrin    Never Seen  2019  artist that painted Helena's portrait
Todd Garrin...The Chew Producer...Corey Sorenson 13
Paul Garrison...Richardson Morse 92
________Garvey...Rick Ravanello 6/20/17 tried to kill Sonny
Jerrome Garvey...PI...DL Brock...Gary Clarke 84-85  *
Dr. Gary...Michael Ensign 94
Nurse Gabriela Garza...Ion Overmon 00-02 
Etienne Gastineau[AKA Ted Ripley}...Don Stark88-89
General Gastineau...father Arielle S...Albert Paulsen 88
Ivy Gatling...Kelly Frye 14-15 dated Nikolas
Governor Richard Gatling...Holmes Osborne 2/6/15 pardoned Sonny

Agent Jean Gaungle      ????    8/87      WSB agent
Hal Gellar...eh hubby, Ginny W...Never Seen
Chris Gentry David Figlioli held up Floating Rib 17
Paul Gentry...????....held upFloating Rib 17
Commander Georges...Razaac Abdul Salaam 94

Brandon Gephardt     ????     11/87   lawyer, McKee family
Max Giambetti...bodyguard Sonny, +Diane Miller...Derk Cheetwood 02-Present
Maximus Giambetti...father...Vincent Pastore     10/08
Milo Giambetti...pizza boy; enforcer, Corinthos...Drew Cheetwood 06-16 18-20
Csi Gibbons...Amato D'Appolito 14
Ray Gibbons...Spencer Milligan         4/87
Nurse Esther_____ Gibson...nurse, Dr. Perry...Davey Davison 90

Al Gilbert     ????    9/87      Design Company Sales Rep
April Gilbert...Toy Connor 06

Frances Gilbert     ?????      4/87
Mrs. Gillespie...maid, Dr. Prentice...67 ????????

Amanda ____ Gilmore    Never Seen     raised Sasha

Sacha Gilmore     Sofia Mattsson      Faux daughter, Nina         18-
Roland Giober...David Varney 85
Dr. Glassman...Robert Neches
Dave Glebe...attorney, Sonny...Jay Ehlers 94
...James Harper 95

Marcus Godfrey    Nigel Gibbs     11/18-     Stella's first love

Yvonne ___ Godfrey   ....   Janet Hubert    12/18-     Mike's flame at the Senior Center
Irwin Goldsmith...Howard Witt 82
Yvonne Golnick...Dale Waddington 11/30/15 supervised Sonny/Avery 
Eddie Gomez...singer Nurses Ball...????Eddie Gomez??????
Mrs. Gonzalez...Carmen Zapata    7/87      bank manager's wife

Mr. Gonzalez      ???     7/87      bank manager

Dr. Bill Goodman     Burke Byrnes     1980
Dr. Goodman...Bill Bishop 95

John Goodwin ????? 12/82

Mrs. Goodwin   Nancy Linehan Charles    fake witness   7/20/17
Dr. Gordon...Ron Perkins
Principal Gordon...93...?????? Karen, Jagger,Jason, Brenda

 HTI Lab Tech Gorman      ?????          3/87
Lt. Gorski...boss Dante...Never Seen 08
Vic Gower...William Heit knifed Paddy Kelly 80
Bunny_______ Grace...Judy Tenuta...wife, justice of Peace 10/02
Reverend Grace...David Leisure "" " 10/02; 11/10

 Mr. Graham       ?????     10/87      Scottish caretaker
Alexis Grant...Julie Sanford cancer patient 95
Alice Moore Grant...Camilla Ashland 76-77
...Lieux Dressler 78-83
Lia Grant...Shelene Atanacio DCFS 15----
Mr. Grant...father Heather, bought her BLTs...Never Seen

Sharon Grant...   Brea Bee  9/27&28/17 sister, Zach

Zach Grant...Never Seen...   former fiance, Nelle
Dr. Granville...Jonathon Martin
Dr. Timothy Granville...date, Memphis Maggie W...Tim Fields 12

Agent Gray ????   2/25/19

Mrs. Grayer...Doreen Calderone 10
Carla Greco...Laura Harring 90-91
Frankie Greco...Robert Fontaine 90-91
Nidia _______Greco...Ana Betancourt 91

Sherry Greeb     ????     10/87

Dr. Anita Green    Corie Vickers   1/29/21   Sonny  diagnosed bi-polar

Mr. Green    ???     3/87     hit and run witness
Tom Green...employee, Duke...Gordon Ross 85
Officer Richard((Will) Green...Jerry Block Bradley Ward case 95
Vesper Green...banker...Alicia Hannah 14
Mrs. Greenban...???.... 9/82
Dr. Greenwald...Charles Rahi Chun 111
FBI Agent Greer...Paul Kent
Officer Harry Gregg...Anthony Penya 81 Y&R
Damon Grenville...betrayed Angus McKay...Will Jeffries 85
Red Gretzky...friend Jimmy Lee...Gary Lee Davis 83
David Grey...Paul Rizzoli 81-82
Florence Chamberlain Grey...Anne Collings 73-74

                         Annie Abbott                   ___2020; 2021
Fred Grey...Christian Malmin...Hospital Boar d Member, partner, Julian 16---17
Professor Gordon Grey...father Laura B...Howard Sherman 73-74.
...........................................................Eric Server  73

Martin Grey    Michael E. Knight    2019-Present   Attorney (Valentin)  son of Gordon and Florence; brother of Cyrus

Donald Greyfield...Gary Rubenstein   12/26/17   Election Board
Robert Greyson   James Brodhead  ..   1992-93 art expert, Bill/Holly..
Dr. Griffiths...had problem w/hiring Tracy Adams..68...?????????
Dr. Patricia Grimes...Karen Austin
Nurse Sally Grimes...student Jim H...Jenny Sherman 75
Mr. Grippi...Peter Marks 64

Dr. Guerra...???...  surgeon, Ava   1/17/18
Dr. Henry Guiscard...Jean Michel Richaud 05
"Big " Alice Gunderson...Bergen Williams 01-16

Ethel Gunderson      ????      4/87     neighbor, Blythe family

_______ Gutenberg      ???     8/87   
__________Guthrie...Andy McKenzie       02
...Seth Adam Jones 02
Carla Guthrie...(AJ)...Cristan Crocker 9/95



GB      Alan Bergmann       7/87      film director

Gail...Tiwana Ford...nurse 3/3/16
Gary...Devan Chandler Long kidnapped Maxie 11/16
Gary...+Amy V...Blake Bahner 88-92
Gary...friend, Laura...76..????????
Gary...84...Tom Logan

Gene                ????     12/87      police officer
Gene...Mac Brandt...out of town bartender 11/16&17/16, 2017
Geoffrey...Thomas James O'Leary
George...Cassadine Flunky...George Pan Andreas83
George...cop...E.R.Davies 84
George...Greg Zadikov 89-90
George...George Pennachio...reporter. red carpet nurses ball.13,14.5/1/15, 16 17
Gerald...Robert Purvience 08
Gravel Gertie...Jane Kean...mental patient 91

Gigi         ????     prostitute       1/87
Gil...WSB head...Thomas Durkin 94
Giles...shot Hayden...Craig Gellis 15
Gilles...Guillermo Daubinjons
Gilles...Stewart Skelton 16 desk clerk
Gina...secreotary, Bill E Monica Horan 91
Ginger...Patty Lotz 7/ 85
Gino...Zacchara prison thug...12-14, 1-15...?????????
Gino...Arnie Matthews...chef, Luke's Place 1/95 (Mike, Stone, Luke)

Gio   John Lewis        12/30/19  Sonny's employee, eavesdropped on Carly/Jax and Brad/Julian
Giovanni...hench[balkan].. .Massi Furlan 10 
Gladys...Brenda Lynn Kleme 88

Glenn     ????     Terry's fan
Gloria...Nurse...Kristen O'Meara...13
Gordon...Cassadine Security...Josh Wise 14 

Gordon .....Gregory Marcel         8-9/18    orderly, Ferncliff
Grant...Walter Teper
Greer...prom, Robin...Andrea Taylor 95

Greg...Daniel Lujan  (Klein mercenary)   10/17
Greg...partner, Jason, Bike shop...Ken Lally 01-03
Greg...Rene Moran...friend Morgan, Freedman center 6/16
Gregori...George Colombos....hench, Valentin 7/16
Gregory ...Jason Palinkas
Gregory...speed dater...Michael Lawson
Gretchen...photographer.  (Ned/Lois)..Suzanne Krull 94

Gretchen     Nurse    ....   Stephanie Maura Sanchez         5/24/18
Guurt...hench JerryJ?...Craig Rooke 14
Gus...goon Sonny...Michael Twombley 9/14

Gus the orderly     ????     9/87
Guy...Bradford Hinley.
Gwen...Nurse...Julia Silverman 01
Gwyneth...secretary...Samantha Cutaran 13

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General Hospital
April 1, 1963- Present
Port Charles


Hadley...hench Jerry...Stasya Knight 
Hal...????.... neighbor, Ruby   7/82

Nurse Hales...Hailey LaSerna  90s-Present   "Asian Nurse"
Hammer...Paul Parducci...hench, Jerromes...16
Hank...prom date Georgie...???????? 10/6/05
Hank...Tony Salome 92
Hank...86...Michael Kramer
Hank..88...Ryan Sexton
Hank...???... 4/21/00
Hank...Alan Graf 92-93
Hans...[Lucy]...Pete Koch 93
Harper...w/ Lucky...1996...????????????
Harry...??? Crossroads Diner owner 3- 6/82
Harry....???... trunk delivery guy 11/82
Harry...???? Haunted Star bartender... 5/82

Harry     ????     1/87       surrogate father

Harv        ????     3/87     PCPD tech
Heavy...Jail thug Johnny Z...Crispin Alapag 14
Heidi...Kimberly Lewis...15...catatonic patient, Ninny Clay

Heidi     Debbie Fan    assistant, Kevin    19
Helmut...bootlegger...Michael Keys Hall

Henri...Jean Michel Richaud    10/05
Henry... ????... Haunted Star Bartender 10/82
Herb...hench...Sean D...Tony Young 84-85
Hermione...Wynne Wharff 08

Hilda the inmate  Sarah Chaney    4//16/21

Hollace...prom date Dillon...?????? 10/6/05
Holt...Justin Smith... Jerrome Lacky 7/16
Homer...bartender...Jim Warren
Horvat...thug, Balkan...Hans Obma10
Howard...Scott Webley 77-78

Hunter   Never Seen   1/12.20    mentioned to be Trina's date

Mr. Haber...John West 83
Edna Hadley...Lesley Woods...Adoption, Steven Lars 77-79, 80
Ahmed Hakeem...Erick Avari 91
Richard Halifax...Randolph Mantooth 93
Chef Carla Hall...Carla Hall 5/13
Mr. Hall...Mark Sollenberger 89

Tamron Hall     Tamron Hall    9/13/19   met Jaxieand Maxie ; cover of Crimson
________Hallenbeck...Harris Shore
Nurse Halsten...Mary Pat Gleason
Judge Alicia Hamad......???????????/ 8/10
Mr. Hamden...Nick Kadi
Professor David Hamilton...+Laura,Friend Rick...Jerry Ayres 77-78
Hamilton Children (2)...died before David came to town...Never Seen
Dr. John Hamilton    ....    James Secrest     1966
Mrs. Hamilton...wife David...died ...Never Seen
Mr. Hamlin...John Kirby NYC hotel clerk 3/82
Anthony Hand...mobster, Docks...John Warner Williams 82-83
Jon Hanley...Nurses Ball...:Lee Mathis94-96

___ Hansen      ????    5/87     Hospital Security guard

Dr. Hansen...Rife Sibley 03
Dr. Hansen...Cherie_Thibodeaux 00s
Janet Hansen...Nova Ball 44/82
Lars "Swede" Hansen...spy...Allen Fawcett 89-90

Officer Hansen ..??...  arrested Stella  2/6/18  Desk Sergeant    1/29/18

Officer Hansen     Sandra Bailey     6/14/19

Stu Hansen...Ty Thomas  77 or 78  football player, menaced Laura

Alberta Hanson    ?????     10/87
Martha Harbison...Nancy Juno Dawson...73...mental patient
Judge Winston Harding...Gerald Castillo 94 Bradley Ward murder
Nurse Audrey March Hardy Baldwin Hobart Hardy..
.[Temp]..Mary McGiveney 71
...Temp...Barbara Stuart 78

Ames 64-07, 09, 13,15
Bernice ______Hardy...mother Steve...Never Seen
Gatsby Hardy...Gatsby the cat Elizabeth's cat
Dr. Lyle Hardy...missionary doctor, father Steve...Never Seen
Dr. Simone Ravelle Hardy...Laura Carrington 87-89
....Stephanie E. Williams 90-93
...Felecia Bell 93-96
Dr. Steve Hardy...Chief of Stafff...John Beradino 63-96
Dr. Tom [baldwin] Hardy...Christine [Ames] Cahil71- 74l
...David Comfort 77-81
...Bradley Green 81-82
. ..David Walker 82-83
. ..David Wallace86-89.93 
Matthew Ashford 95-97
Tommy Hardy...Noelle and Katherine Paige 89-92
Christian and Jean Paul Piette 92-93
Zachary Ellington 93-97
Mr. Hariyama...???... patient Lesley 75

Detective Fiona Harlan    Elizabeth Greer    12/4/19 
Jim Harlowe...Tom Choi 07
John Harmon...Dominick Hoffman 92 lawyer Sean/Tiffany
Judge Harmon...Hart Boykin 05 
Dr. Matt Harmon...Mitch Longley 97-99 paraplegic doctor
Phoebe Harmon...Robin Raymond 69 patient
Travis Harmon...physical therapy...David DeSantos 14

Bunny Harper ....        Mary Cadorette     friend, Autumn Clayton    11/1987
Det. David Harper...Jay Pickett 07-08
Frank Harper...Stephen T. Olliver 82
Officer Jim Harper...Richard Kelly desk sergeant 4/82- 03
Maureen____ Harper...kidnapped Jake S...Christy Lynn Smith07, 08
Philip Harper...geologist, Van Gelder...Ryan MacDonald 82
Peter Harrell...fiancé, Felicia...Judson Scott 84-85
...David Gautreaux 14
Peter Harrell, Jr...[Levi Dunkleman]...Zachary Garred 14
Prescott Harrell...brother, Peter...Robert Newman   85

Gun Expert Mr. ___ Harris…Bill Sorrells       1/85*
Dr. Harris...Gibby Brand 93

Dr. Harris      ?????    12/87       asylum doctor

Nurse Donna Harris...Norma Maldonado 9/04-05

Greg Harris   ?????    4/87    parole officer, Duke 
Mr. Harris...Tom Regan          6/87
Mr. Harris...????...... probation officer, Blackie 81

Officer Harris... ????...14-16
Bill 'Harry' Harrison...bar...[Lucky)  00...Bill H. Meyers

Steve Harrison     ?????     4/87            parole officer, Duke
Ellen ____Hart...Catherine McGoohan 01 on cruise
Vince Hart...Mark Ryan 01 on cruise
Johnny Hartman...Gabriel Damon 86- 87  patient
FBI Agent Hartner...12/95...???????????/ (Sonny, Justus, Garcia)

Jim Harvey...Greg Evigan   2018   shady businessman

Agent Hastings      ???   6/87    WSB Agent
Inspector Hastings...Craig Patton 96
Abby Haver...ex-dancer, +Michael...Andrea Bogart 10-11
Fireman Hawkeye...Ken Parham 98-99

Agent Hawkins       ???    6/87      WSB agent
Eddie Hawkins...Todd Everrett 76-77

Jim Hawkins  ????     6/87   Teen Rap Panelist

Bryce Hawthorne...Chad Smathers...high school Kristina C... 10-11
Captain Hawthorne...saw Laura from boat...Harry Carey, Jr. 82
Marcy Hayden...Kelly Jones Gabriele 00
Jacqueline__Hayes...mother Logan...Nev er See n 07
Mr. Hayes...Mike Dutra 6/02
Nelle Hayes...Chloe Lanier 16-----Present
Shane Healey... Laird MacIntosh 2/17
Judge Heller...Gail Fisher         4/87
Judge Joan Heller...Emily Kuroda Avery's custody 2/27/15
Ron Helmer...Brian Drillenger
Bill Henderson...Curtis Taylor..       10/65. made his feelings clear about Steve Hardy

Bryce Henderson    Brian Gross    9-10/19 assassin hired by Peter; murdered by Ryan in prison
Dr. Gerald Henderson...Joe DiSante 75
Harper (Horace) Henderson...Stuart Silbar 86 
Rose Henderson...Never Seen owned storage unit kept Franco in. 17
Andrew Hendrix... ??? 9/82
Judge Marian Henry...??????????? 11/02 Laura's murder trial 
Stella Henry...Vernee Watson Reese Cutis' aunty 17-Present
Dr. Tom Henry..Richard John"Dick" Miller rode in ambulance w/Monica after AJ's birth 80
Dr. Ingrid Hensen...scientist...Justina Vail 09
Norma Jean Hensen...Edith O'Brien 01
Lynx Henshaw...Elizabeth Savage 89
Charlotte Hepworth...Lorna Thayer 82
Elton Herbert...wedding planner, Deception...Loren Freeman 95-99
DVX Agent Ida Herinski...Adrienne LaRussa 83
________Hernandez...Rudolfo Hoyos 76

Carla Hernandez...Never Seen   patient   10/24/17
Judge Martin Hernandez...Javier Grajeda
Zoe Hernandez...Lorena Mena 6/02
Inspector Herrerra...Gino Silva 87
Sam Hersch...Bill Saluga tailor Sonny/Luke 95 
Beatrice___Hewitt...hospital board...Anne Seymour79-80
Mrs Hewlitt...Melissa Charles 06
Mr. Hewlitt...Matt Charles 06
Det. Hicks...???????? 3/25/13
CPO Dwight Hicks...Christopher Allen 14
John Higgins...probation, Laura...Allen MacRae 79
Charlie Highneck...?Vincent Duvall..8/18/15...hijacker 
Lorna Hill...teen...Denise Alexander 65
Dr. Hillier...Craig Tsuyumine 01
Sean Hines...thug, Jan.85...????????
Dr. Jim Hobart...Alcoholic...James B. Sikking73-76
Mrs.___ Tolliver Hobbs...sister Craig Tolliver...??????? 83
Dr. Hodgekins,,??.,plastic surgeon, Mercy Hospital...Celia...1983
Harvey Hoffman...Randy MacPherson 94
Nurse Renee Hoffman...Sonja Fisher 14--- 17
Theo THE BALKAN Hoffman...Daniel Benzali 10-11
Lana/Lisa Holbrook...split personality...Janice Heiden 78
Virginia Hollands...Leslie Rivers...(Justus, Mary Mae,Keesha) 95
Det. Holleran...Liam Springthorpe
Ken Holliman...Brantley M. Dunaway 04
Mrs. Hollis...Thelma Lee sec. ELQ 93

Warden Hollis      ????      6/87
Lou Hollister...PI...Robert Phalen 78
Officer Hollister...Keir Thirus 12/23/15
Matthew Holloway...brother,Summer...John Fremont 03
Summer Holloway...ex-call girl...Brittney Powell 02-03
Ken Holm...lawyer Jax...Robert T. Bruce 99
Carolyn Murray Holmes...niece, Jessie...Ann Wyndham 72-73
Cindy Holmes...Katie Stuart 03
Jessica Holmes...Attorney...Starr Andreef 91-93
Ted Holmes...Laurelton...David Doyle 86-87
Teddy Holmes...dated Jessie, married her niece...James Westmoreland 72
...John Gabriel 72-73
Celia Quartermaine Andrews Holt...Sherilyn Wolter 83-86
Charity_____Gatlin Holt...Gloria Carlin 86
Eric Holt...Ian Reed Kessler 08
Jimmy Lee [Eric Quartermaine] Holt ...Steve Bond 83-87
Jonah Gatlin Holt...Scott Curtis 86
Rebecca Holt...daughter, Jimmy Lee...Never Seen
Eddie Holton...waiter flirted w/Holly...James DePaiva 85
Buford Honeycutt...Whittakher farm...?????????? 11/21/81

Elaine Honeycutt      ????    1/87      patient, Alan
Captain Hooper...boat captain..Matt Schulte...14/15 ;17

Mrs. Hoover       Maureen   Gibbons   9/10/ 19

Wyatt Hoover   ....   Patrick J. Gibbons     18;19     boy scout, found Peter
Heidi Hopkins...Mary McDonough 81
________Hopper Jon Greene 89
Evelyn_____ Hornsby...Patricia Allison 91-93
Jenny Eckert Ashton Hornsby...Cheryl Richardson 91-94;96
Paul Hornsby...Paul Satterfield 91-94
. ..Richard Burgi 15-16
Paul Hornsby, Jr...Never Seen
Susan Hornsby...Irina Cashen 91-92
.........Alina Patra 9/16
Judge Adam  (James) Horowitz...Alan Rachins 16; 18
Professor Eugene Horton...David Macklin 
Dr. Dana Hotchkiss...OBGYN Monica...79...???????????
Candace Howard...00s...??????????
Claire _____Howard...Diane McBain 88
Greg Howard...John Preston 9/87-89
Gregory Howard...Alan Feinstein 88
Chip Howell... Harry S. Murphy 09
Rob Howell...Never Seen...guard Heather, let her out 16
L. Huchens...Sherry Leigh 02
Judge Lucius Hudson...Charles Walker
Mr. Hudson...Milt Tarver justice of the Peace 00
Officer Walt Hudson ???? 11/82
Annie Hughes.....Sarah Kelly 16
Brianna Hughes...affair, Pres Floyd...Katie Condidorio 09
Gloria Hughes...Claire Mills....mother in ER 2/5/10
Jimmy Hughes...Declan Beaty...injured boy 2/5/10
Kimberly Hughes...76...reporter...?????????
Gary Hunter...Kevin King
Dr. Matt Hunter...Jason Cook 08-12
Mrs. Donna___ Hunter...mother Matt...Never Seen
Judge Sherry Hunter...Natalia Nogulich
Iona Delafield Huntington...Janis Paige 89-90
Brand Huntsinger...Alan Brooks thug, Laura 8/94
Clint Hurdle..Clint Hurdle...10/81 Kansas City Royals player
Officer_Hurley...Scott Williams 95
Bill Hursley...auto mechanic...Duncan Hursley 14
Abigail____Hutchins...Ivy Bethune 2/87
Jefferson Smith"Hutch" Hutchinson...hit man...Rick Moses 80-81
Dr. Hydell...pediatrician Laura...76...????????????

Janis Ian...Janis Ian 96
Julio Iglesias...Julio Iglesias 94
Harv Ingle...??? 12/82

Nurse Mary Pat Ingles  ...   Patricia Bethune     6/18-11/18
Pete Inglis...Guy Nardulli...bodyguard, Julian 16
James Ingram..James Ingram 85
Dr. Eric Ingstrom..John Ericson 87
Dr. Greta Baker Ingstrom...Krisina Weyborn 87
Matthew Irving...Anthony DeLongis 84
Jake Isaacs...????.... 9/82
Kalup Ishmael...Kalup Linzy 10
Anton Ivanov..Maksim Chmerkovsky      3-4/13

Idle Rich...Christian Taylor 94-95
...Lee Beverly
...John Chetkovich
...James Bloodgood

Ilsa   ... ?????  Cabot's nurse in Sweden)    1/13/19
Irene...Danielle Bisutti
Irina [rapist, Jax]...Olga Vilner 07
Iris[secretary,Alexis Davis]...Jan Devereaux 10
Iris...Anne Wyndham 93
Irv..(cancer husband)....Milt Kogan 1/95
Ivan...Julian Wust 08
Ivan[thug]..Brooks Gardner 13


Courtney Matthews Morgan Jacks...Alicia :Leigh Willis 01-06, 15;  2020
Lady Jane ____Jacks...Barbara Tarbuck 96-10, 12
Jasper Jacks...[temp]...Gideon Emery 08
...Ingo Rademacher 96-00,01-11, 12,13,16,17
Jerry Jacks...Julian Stone 98-99
...Sebastian Roche 07-08,09,10,12,15
John Jacks...Peter Renaday 96-03,11-12
Josslyn Jacks...[teen in dream]...Jamie Lea Willett 09
...Karleigh& McKenna Larson 09-12
...Sarah Johnson 12-13
...Paige Olivier 13
...Hannah Nordberg 14-15
...Eden McCoy 15-Present

Miranda Jameson Jacks...Leslie Horan 96-97
Agent Jackson...Howard Honig 83-84 State Department
Conor Jackson...MLB player...Conor Jackson 09
Elizabeth ____Jackson...+Bradley Ward...Joan Pringle 94-95
Eric "Edge" Jackson (faux Evan Jerrome Jr.)...Mark St. James killed Dawn, 90-91
Iris _____Jackson...Lynn Borden
Mrs. Jackson...adoption agent (Bobbi/Jake)...Anita Jesse 85-86; 7/87

                                               Julie Bennett        85
Randy Jackson...AI Judge...    Randy Jackson 6/04
Dr. Terrell Jackson...pediatrician...Khary [sean] Payton 11
Buster [Johnson] Jacobs...Peter Looney boxer 7/82

Agent Jacobs     Marilyn Camacho   7/11/19       WSB Agent
Dr. Jacoby...danced w/ Emily @ Nurses Ball...Russ Tamblyn 9/00
Kelly James...Richard Raphael      77
Lana James...reporter...Jennifer O'Dell 04
Marshall James...William Forward             93
Dr. Martha James...Rosemary Forsyth 92

Warden James     ?????       1/87
Warren James...boss, Connie[as Kate]...Madison Mason 7/07-08
Cal Jameson...blackmailed Bobbi...Larry Block 78
Thelma ___ Jameson.