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Teddy Pendergrass or Marvin Gaye ???


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I was listening to Let's Get It On in the car this morning, and Gaye was just smooth. Listen to some of his words.

He did considerable work and songs about social change and his stage presence was magnificent. He almost appeared homeless at times, but when he took the stage, it was amazing.

Teddy? He just made panty dropping songs, IMHO.

I have to go with Marvin!


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I love Teddy, but of course, I say Marvin. I've been a huge fan ever since I was very young. He was really my first favorite singer. The #1 thing that sets Marvin above Teddy, IMO, is his longevity. He put out some great songs across several eras of music history, and that speaks to his talent. To Teddy's credit, he is a singer that I associate with a very particular style of 70s soul that is unlike any other type of music. Turn Out the Lights, Close the Door, and When Somebody Loves You Back are legendary.

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Mmmmmmm....so not Peabo Bryson, Howard Hewett, Freddie Jackson? I think Luther Vandross could do more with some of those songs. Gregory Abbott could probably sing "Show and Tell" at the same level.

I am partial to Lenny Williams as the best in dragging out "I" on this masterpiece:

Jeffrey Osborne can woo, woo, woo.

If I had to pick the best male singer I've heard to date then I would probably go with Sam Cooke. I can't put the feeling this gives me into words:

There are so many great candidates but there are a rare bunch who I don't see as being interchangeable with any other singers and he and Marvin Gaye fall into that category for me.

Teddy Pendergrass was great but I believe that Dennis Edwards (

could sing the songs of his with which I am familiar and get a similar result. And I'm by no means suggesting that no one else can bring something worthwhile to a Marvin Gaye song
but he was just one of those individuals who knew how to maximize his talent beyond just raw singing ability.

Marvin Gaye bought a certain sensuality and style to his songs and his performances. I am generally not a fan of live recordings but I find the live "Distant Lover" very moving. He also seemed to bring variation to his performances:

And he rocked the anthem in different ways.


(World Series)


(@ Oakland Raiders)


(LV Boxing Match)

1983: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DXiCVtPiMsM (NBA All Star Game)

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