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Piers Morgan canceled. Does anyone watch CNN anymore?


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CNN has been horrible for eons at this point and if anything Jeff Zucker is at least trying to keep it alive. If I wasn't such a Morning Joe addict I would def give that New Day show a good look if only cuz the guy anchor is drop dead hot.

But overall CNN is plain boring. Their style of news and reporting on the news is boring to me. Call me a liberal (although I'm more centrist) but I prefer the analysis and discussion that goes on at MSNBC throughout the day rather than watch the boring tired guys over at CNN. From Wolf Blitzer to John King and even to Anderson Cooper I don't find any of them appealing as anchors. I'd rather have Andrea Mitchell, Alex Wagner, Chris Matthews, and Rachel Maddow.

And Piers Morgan was beyond obnoxious. Even as someone who supports gun rights I was very annoyed by his approach to that subject. He's just utterly clueless. I don't know what he think he achieved with his non-stop attempt to shame the rabid pro gun movement but it completely failed and he just alienated even more people IMO.

I do wonder who's gonna take over that spot. Its not like Larry King has discovered the fountain of youth and he little routine was getting old too...

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