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More OLTL: Teasers fpr May 13-17

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Matthew tells Destiny he never wanted a son. She says maybe he shoulda worn a condom. He says maybe you shoulda got the abortion. Destiny slaps Matthew. Jeffrey sees and hears all this.

Victor is telling a tearful Tea that he loves her and escaped to see her but must now leave to protect her from his captors

Dani giving shirtless Matthew a back rub. They start laughing & end up on the couch

Clint surprises Viki with Plane tickets to Paris, France. Viki says they are for tonight. Clint says always wanted to spend our honeymoon there

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Right ON, Destiny! :)

Dani will be a fool if she ends up with Matthew. I don't care whether his attitude toward Destiny and their child is realistic. IRL, no douchebag is worth giving up your goods.

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