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Jeanne Marie Ford: DAYS writer

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My dad was reading the newspaper and showed me this... She lives 5 minutes away from me!! Hopefully, I'll take a class at the community college during my senior year and meet her! Does anyone know if she's any good? I think it's very interesting/cool.


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That's so cool! Let us know if you ever meet her.

I think all of the scriptwriters at DAYS right now are good writers in terms of writing well-structured scenes with conflict reflecting the desires of the characters.

Ford also has a lot of history with the show so she incorporates more history into her scripts, or the ones with more history are assigned to her.

Fascinating what she describes about the current head writers being so detail-oriented too, the outlines the script writers are given by the breakdown writers so the script writers are just supplying dialogue, and the whole process of how the various writers communicate with each other. I'm glad they are actually only writing August ... With how far ahead DAYS tapes, they could have been as far along as October by now, LOL.

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