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All My Children

Written by: Agnes Nixon

Produced by: Felicia Minei Behr

While painting her portrait, Jeremy came close to kissing Skye after he complimented her on being such a beautiful subject to work with. Melanie returned the necklace Trask gave her for Christmas after learning it had a $1500 price tag, and that it was the necklace stolen from Skye. Trask admitted to Trevor that he had been in Skye's room the night her necklace was stolen, but he didn't steal It. Trask admitted to the police that he bought the necklace from a fence (Slade). Melanie paid Trask's bail after his father refused to. Melanie and Trevor tailed Trask to Slade. Opal has set her romantic sights on Palmer. Trevor also tailed Trask. Travis insisted to Jackson that he is not a threat to Jackson's feelings toward Erica.

Donna was surprised when Chuck told her that he's going to stay in Pine Valley because he never felt at home living in Kentucky, where he's been working. Trevor apologized to Natalie for saying that he thought she was attracted to rich old men, like Palmer and Virgil. Virgil's son, Art, blamed Natalie when Virgil was hospitalized after a relapse. Slade warned Trask not to tell the police about him, or he'll harm Melanie. Trask, who had been arguing with his father, Kurt, rushed Melanie out of his home when she arrived unexpectedly. Trask admitted to Kurt he didn't want Melanie to see the "dump" that they live in. Opal is determined to have Palmer eating out of the palm of her hand by Valentine's Day. Tad and Dixie were stunned when Opal redecorated their apartment with tacky furniture and announced that she was moving in with them. David urged Emily Ann to launch a singing career.

Hooker Lettie Jean told Billy Clyde Tuggle, who was recently released from jail, that he has a daughter, Emily Ann. After learning that Donna has a successful business, Billy Clyde decided to go to Pine Valley and cut himself in on some of Donna's profits. When Donna fretted that Billy Clyde might know about Emily Ann, Chuck reminded her that Billy Clyde is in prison. A disguised Billy Clyde checked up on Donna and Emily Ann. After Skye got drunk in a seedy bar, Billy Clyde latched onto her and offered her a place to sleep it off. Art blamed Natalie when his father, Virgil, died while she was away from Virgil's hospital room. After suggesting that Natalie had helped Virgil prepare his new will, Art demanded that an autopsy be performed on Virgil to pinpoint the reason for his death. Tom warned Brooke not to get mixed up in Adam's problems. Eric still thinks Erica loves Travis.

Adam began to perk up after Dixie gave Brooke permission to take Adam Jr. to the hospital to see Adam. Jackson and Travis got into a shoving match because Jackson accused Travis of pursuing Erica romantically while Travis accused Jackson of being paranoid. Erica let Jackson spend the night in her bed, but later said it can't happen again because his presence upsets Bianca. Billy Clyde saw dollar signs when he realized that Skye was Adam's daughter, but Lettie Jean told Billy that Adam is broke. Opal insisted she's going to be the next Mrs. Palmer Cortlandt. Natalie was stunned to learn that Virgil left her money and put her in charge of his company. The autopsy report on Virgil's body indicated that he died of natural causes, but Natalie is afraid Art will sue her for negligence. Art vowed to fight Virgil's will. Chet plotted to seduce Emily Ann after learning Donna was once a hooker.

Emily Ann was stunned when Chet told her that Donna had worked as a hooker. Tad brought Emily Ann home after she went to the bar where Donna used to pick up johns. Benny came to Pine Valley and told Emily Ann about Donna's past, but praised her for overcoming it to become successful. Donna thanked Chuck for helping her with Emily Ann. Donna said no to Benny's suggestion that they get back together. Tad laughed himself silly when Dixie told him that Opal is trying to snare Palmer romantically. Travis, was jealous when Erica told him that Jackson had proposed to her. Skye moved in with Jeremy. Art decided not to charge Natalie with negligence and not to contest Virgil's will after Trevor threatened to blab that Art keeps a mistress in Texas. Cal and Pat realized that Sharla is trying to play matchmaker for them. Barbara decided not to tell Travis that her baby renamed Molly Rose is his daughter.

Another World

Written by: Donna Swajeski

Produced by: Michael Laibson

In an effort to gain Lucas' trust, Sharlene brought up the "old times" they shared when she was a hooker and he was her "client." John, who doesn't know that Sharlene and Michael are working together to get the goods on Lucas, was stunned to hear Sharlene talking about her past with Lucas. After saying good-bye to her family, Rachel checked into a motel. Mrs. Johnson, the woman from the book store, told a mystery man that Rachel had left the Cory mansion. Mitch showed up on Rachel's doorstep after he found out where she was staying. Sharlene was mystified when a fur coat was delivered to her, but was further confused after Frankie saw the receipt, which indicated Sharlene paid for the coat herself. Jake almost caught Michael putting a "wire" on himself before he left for a meeting with Lucas. Donna insisted to Jake that their passionate New Year's Eve kiss was no big deal to her.

Rachel was hired to work at Odyssey and met her new boss, Ken Jordan. After working late to put out the first issue of Sophisticate magazine, Amanda slept with Evan. Wracked with guilt feelings, Amanda took off just before Sam, who's been in New York City, tried to reach her by phone. When Sam returned to Bay City, Olivia told him that Amanda had left the Pelican Club with Evan. Sharlene is confusing Lucas because at first she acts friendly and then she turns hostile. After one of his patients died, John went to Sharlene for comfort, but found her in the middle of an intimate conversation with Lucas. Rachel tried to convince Mitch to go home after he arrived at her motel room, but later admitted she was glad he found her. After confronting Rachel, Felicia told Mitch he can have a divorce if he wants one. Mitch, meanwhile, is afraid that he's losing Felicia to Lucas. Matthew's upset Josie spends so much time with Lucas.

Rachel's new boss, Ken Jordan, paid off Mrs. Johnson for her help in bringing Rachel to Ken's doorstep. Rachel accepted Ken's offer to let her move into a room above his art/antique shop. Ken secretly stole the photo of Mac and the mystery man from Rachel. After Mitch told Rachel that he is not going to break up with Felicia, they shared a final good-bye kiss. Jake rescued Donna, who was being followed by a mystery man who mistook her for Arianne. Sam was upset to learn that Amanda had left town "to rest" without telling anyone where she went. Josie was alarmed when she learned that Olivia had invited Sam to their apartment for a home-cooked meal. Jamie and Stacey reminisced about old times while interviewing potential nannies to take care of Steven. Reuben decided to steal Cal's stash of stolen art. Someone knocked Reuben unconscious. Michael began to notice Sharlene's mood changes.

Reuben, who was hit on the head by a thief and kept slipping in and out of consciousness, dreamed that he was rich, then poor and that he didn’t have any friends. Josie's ego received a boost when she learned that Iris is jealous of her closeness to Lucas. Iris told Felicia she intends to marry Lucas, so Felicia had better keep away from him. After returning home, Amanda admitted to Evan that she doesn’t know what to do about their mutual attraction now that they've slept together. Lucas is desperate to get out of the art theft ring, but his cohorts said the only way they release him is if he kills Michael. Jake insisted on spending his nights on Donna's couch after she was attacked by a mysterious thug. Rachel felt guilty about going out with Ken and enjoying herself so soon after Mac's death. Cass warned Frankie, who didn’t believe him, that Griffen is dangerous.

Matthew fretted that Josie was going to have an abortion when he heard her make a doctor's appointment, but later learned that she decided to have a nose job. When Sam told Amanda that he wanted to make their marriage work, she didn't have the nerve to tell him that she slept with Evan. Amanda was stunned when Vicky told her she knows about Amanda and Evan's one-nightstand, then warned Amanda to stay away from Evan. Ken told Mitch that he didn't know Mac, but Ken keeps looking at the photo of Mac and the mystery man. After another personality change, Sharlene fainted. John took Sharlene to the hospital for tests, and while she was there, Sharlene had flashbacks about another hospital stay. Lucas doesn't want to kill Michael even though it would mean he didn't have to launder money for the drug cartel. Griffen told Lucas that if he kills Michael, Griffen will tell Lucas where to find his daughter.

As The World Turns

Written by: Douglas Marland

Produced by: Laurence Caso

Casey warned Susan that because of her former dependence on alcohol, she could easily develop a dependency on the prescription drugs she is taking to suppress her back pain. After Philip paid a visit to Marjorie's parents, Esther and Frank, Esther told Brock that Frank had hung himself Philip figured he would be able to track down Marjorie and his grandchildren when Brock phoned Marjorie to tell her of her father's death. Brock didn't make the call. Brock told Emily he is thinking about turning states evidence against Philip, but is worried about the consequences. Emily was found guilty of perjury and sentenced to two years probation and 300 hours of community service. Lily bought Emily's share of the consulting firm. Kirk was stunned when Lily, who is turning into a Lucinda clone, asked him to dump his job with Lucinda and go to work for Lily.

Lloyd warned Tom that once Philip locates Marjorie and his grandchildren, Philip will order his men to kill Ellie and Emily. Philip learned that Lloyd is a Federal agent. After Philip ordered Lloyd and Lucas to permanently eliminate Emily, Lloyd and Lucas broke into Emily's apartment. While Emily was in the shower, Lucas found Brock's gun, which had earlier been delivered to. Emily. Emily heard the gunshot after Lucas pointed the gun at Lloyd. Andy went to Julie's new apartment to confront her about her "Dear John" letter. Shannon learned that “Hey You” is really Bruce Dreyfuss from South Bend, Ind. After running a computer check, Margo learned that Hey You's (Bruce) family was killed in a mysterious fire. Ellie told a stunned Brock that the police are checking out Hey You. Brock feared the investigation will tip Philip to Brace's whereabouts. Tonio's trying to buy Lucinda's TV station.

Ellie was stunned when she entered Brock's apartment and found him dead. Ellie was equally surprised to see Caleb, who said that he came to the apartment to confront Brock, but someone knocked him out. Caleb told Ellie and the police that when he woke up, he saw Brock's body. Lucas shot Lloyd, who managed to shoot Lucas before he could complete his orders to kidnap Emily. Joe stationed guards around Lloyd's (his real name is Finlay) hospital room door. Only Brock and Ellie's fingerprints were on the gun used to kill Brock. Joe suspects Philip had Brock killed because he was going to blow the whistle on Philip's "family business." Andy told Julie that Tonio lied when he said he could get her the Veronica Leathers modeling job. Shannon told Duncan she is not pregnant. Tonio learned Duncan is also trying to buy Lucinda's TV station. A drunken Andy dreamed Julie had returned to him.

Philip denied Hey You's (Bruce) accusation that he killed Bruce's family. Tonio beat Andy to a pulp after teasing him about his drinking and about not being able to satisfy Julie like a real man. Joe let Philip believe that Lloyd (Finlay) died without ever coming out of a coma, but in reality, Lloyd was moved to a military hospital. Caleb found the body of Philip's henchman, Roper, who was murdered in Ellie's office. Ellie was stunned when Hal arrested Caleb on charges that he murdered Brock and Roper. When Kirk got romantic with Iva, she was reminded of the time that Josh raped her, so she couldn't go through with making love to Kirk. Bruce told the police that he heard two men arguing inside Brock's apartment on the night Brock was kilted. After finding Brock's will, Philip snowed it to the police, pointing out that Brock left half his estate to Ellie.

Tonio interviewed Blythe Nelson, who's from New York City, for a job as anchorwoman at Tonio's TV station. Julie was jealous when she heard Tonio suggest that he and Blythe continue the interview over drinks. Ellie went to Chicago for Brock's funeral and to try to get Philip to admit that he killed Brock, or hired someone to do the job. Brock ordered Jim to see to it that Ellie has a fatal "accident" while she's in Chicago. Casey warned Bob that he suspects Susan is hooked on pain pills. Iva and Kirk broke up after she admitted that she can't make love to him because she's still traumatized by the time that Josh raped her. Frannie told her former beau, Larry, that she wants nothing more to do with him. Emma learned that the reins used to strangle Roper were cut from a bridle at the Snyder farm. Andy admitted to Kim that he and Julie split up. Lloyd (Finlay) is still in a coma.

The Bold And The Beautiful

Written by : William J. Bell

Produced by: William J. Bell & Lee Phillip Bell

After spilling a drink on Macy, Thorne took her to the family cabin, where they discussed their mutual romantic problems, then ended up making love. Ridge, who was steeling the courage to tell Thorne that he is going to marry Caroline, was stunned when Thorne told him he can have Caroline if he still wants her. Eric held and comforted Brooke, who broke down in tears after Ridge told her that he is going to marry Caroline. Beth realized that Stephanie was behind Stephen's job transfer to Paris.

Brooke and Thorne cried on each other's shoulders after Ridge told Thorne that he's going to marry aroline. Sally got excited when Macy said she spent the night with Thorne, but Macy warned Sally that she may never see Thorne again. Kristen told Clarke she wants a divorce. Kristen was stunned when Mick said marriage isn't in his future, even though he's sleeping with her. Mick later agreed to think about marrying Kristen. Donna and Macy don't realize that the "new man" in both their lives is Thorne.

On his wedding day, Ridge remembered the first time that he and Brooke made love. After telling Stephanie that she wouldn't attend Ridge and Caroline's wedding, Felicia, the youngest Forrester daughter, flew in from Europe on the day of the wedding. Stephanie humiliated Brooke when she caught her sneaking around the mission where Ridge and Caroline were going to be married. Stephanie hired Mick to take the wedding photos. Macy agreed to crash the wedding with Sally, who is determined to attend.

Brooke and Thorne comforted each other on the day that Ridge and Caroline said their "I do's." Thome was stunned when Donna told him that Eric and her mother, Beth, had an affair, and that Stephanie later arranged for Donna and Brooke's father to be transferred to a job in Paris. Brooke later verified Donna's story when Eric questioned her. Stephanie was lying unconscious on the stairs in the Forrester mansion. The Forrester clan welcomed Felicia home. Felicia and Stephanie don't get along.

When Eric went to confront Stephanie about what she has done to the Logan family, he found her lying unconscious on the stairs. It was later learned that Stephanie probably has a heart problem. Brooke comforted Eric, who later admitted he doesn't know what to do about his relationship with Stephanie. Brooke and Eric ended up in a passionate kiss. Felicia is curious about Brooke's involvement with the Forresters. Sally's pleased Macy and Thorne agreed to co-chair the hospital fund-raiser.

Days Of Our Lives

Written by: Anne Howard Bailey / Richard J. Allen & Anne Schoettle

Produced by: Ken Corday

Kimberly was stunned when she saw that she shot Shane after mistaking him for a prowler Mike operated on Shane, who survived surgery, but lapsed into a coma. Rebecca accused Kimberly of trying to kill Shane so she could have all his money, and Eve accused Kimberly of trying to kill Shane so she could be with Cal Patch frantically searched for Kayla, who was kidnapped by Victor's thug. Victor told Patch that when he produces the key that Marina hid, Patch will get Kayla back. Grace, the woman Victor hired to watch over Kayla, realized that Victor isn't Kayla's husband. Kayla begged Grace to help her escape, but Grace refused. Isabella who had been hiding, broke up a fight between Jack and Patch. Isabella nixed telling Patch and Jack about his past with Victor. Victor was

stunned when Isabella arrived on his doorstep. Anjelica paid Hank to sabotage Adrienne's construction business.

Shane went into cardiac arrest after Cal sneaked into his hospital room and injected something into Shane's I.V. solution. Shane later came out of his coma. Hoping to break up the closeness redeveloping between Kimberly and Shane, Eve told Shane that Kimberly was the one who shot and nearly killed him. Isabella, who's working with Patch and Jack, got Victor to reveal that Kayla was being held captive on his yacht, which was disguised as an oil tanker. Patch tried to rescue Kayla, but was knocked out and set adrift in a raft by Victor's thugs. Later, Grace tried to help Kayla escape, but they were caught by Victor's men. Adrienne and Justin received their final divorce papers. Victor rebuffed Caroline, who begged him to free Kayla. Patch set off to find Kayla after Yvette told Patch and Roman that Victor had taken Kayla to Florida. The mystery key is hidden in a vase.

Roman helped Yvette escape from Victor, who forbade her to leave his mansion after learning she was helping Patch search for Kayla. Roman helped Yvette escape, then sent her out of town for her own protection. After discovering the mysterious key in a vase that Jennifer had accidentally broken, Jack and Isabella flew to Miami to give the key to Patch so he could use it to barter with Victor for Kayla's release. Jack secretly made a wax impression of the key, then made plane reservations to Italy. Cal fumed when Shane said he was going to move in with Kimberly in hopes of regaining his memory. Cal forced Rebecca to continue professing her love for Shane. April was relieved that Nick survived his surgery, but worried that when he is completely recovered he will expect her to be his wife. Jennifer tried to convince herself that Emilio (not Jack) is the man for her.

In Italy, Jack received information about a secret cave from a sailor, and later Jack literally fell into the cave entrance. Inside the cave, Jack found a diary written by Isabella's mother, Loretta Toscano. Jack seemed stunned after he read some of the pages of the diary. Isabella was shot and wounded while she and Roman were trying to give the mystery key to Victor. Victor helped Roman get Isabella to a hospital. Isabella survived surgery, but didn't seem to want to regain consciousness. Victor's men released Kayla to Patch. Kayla insisted on Grace's release also. Just as Kimberly and Shane were getting close again, Cal anonymously phoned Shane and told him about Kimberly's prostitute past. After his surgery, Nick realized that April lied about them having a future so that he'd consent to the surgery. Kayla received a tape recording of an argument she had with Marina.

Shane didn't believe his WSB superiors, Tarrington and Simon, who apologized for the rough treatment Shane recently received from the bureau. It was learned that Cal is working with Simon to make sure that Shane doesn't remember his past. The Hortons were surprised when Julie Williams returned to Salem. Julie secretly has a score to settle with Victor. Roman kept mum when Victor quizzed him about Yvette's whereabouts. Jack and Jennifer each fantasized about marrying one another, but Jack went to extra pains to keep Jennifer away from him romantically. Patch and Kayla got ready for their wedding while Victor was secretly plotting to use the tape recording of Kayla and Marina's argument to make sure the wedding doesn't come off. Victor sent Roman a copy of the Kayla/Marina tape. Nick and April signed the papers to annul their marriage. Justin and Adrienne are getting close again.

General Hospital

Written by: Gene Palumbo

Produced by: Joseph Hardy

After Robert passed out, he was rushed to the hospital. Later, Robert faked his death in order to work undercover to find out who tried to kill him. Anna, Kate, Frisco, Sean, Felicia and Robin know that Robert is really alive. Jimmy, meanwhile, figured that with Robert "dead," no one could link him to Tucker and David's deaths. Anna took over as police commissioner to make everyone believe that Robert was really dead. Larry confessed to Monica that he and Tracy stole Dawn's birth certificate from the convent. Dawn objected when Ned said he wants to sell Wyndemere because the place is a financial drain on them. Olivia, fearing she'd be sent back to the psychiatric hospital, tried to escape from the hospital, but Colton caught her. Colton and Olivia shared a passionate kiss. Julian pretended to comfort Anna over Robert's death Scott realized Alan thinks of Lucy as a mistress.

Colton hired a lawyer for Olivia after Anna arrested her for escaping from the hospital, kidnapping Lucy, and hijacking an aircraft, just for starters. Julian bribed a judge to let Olivia out on bail. Julian, who wants his men to find and kill Duke, plans to frame Olivia for Duke's death. Alan didn't believe Monica, who told him that Tracy sabotaged his company, Dermastatin. Decker warned Dawn she was making a mistake when she reconciled with Ned, who promised that he won't sell Wyndemere after all. Disguising her voice, Anna told Jimmy that if he doesn't hand over the bonds that originally belonged to Lila, she will tell the police that she has proof that Jimmy murdered Robert and David. Meanwhile, Jimmy learned that Mary found the bonds under the carpet, where Jimmy had hidden them. Scott warned Lucy that Alan will never divorce Monica. Disguised as a Russian piano coach, Robert stayed with Kathy.

A crazed Jimmy took Mary and Kathy hostage and demanded that he and Kathy be allowed to go to Mexico. Using camera tricks, Robert conned Jimmy into throwing his vial of poison at the door to Kathy's solarium, then Robert stepped in and captured Jimmy, who was taken to jail. Robert told Kathy that he wants her to choose a wedding date. Decker is curious about Olivia, but Charlene hates it that Colton brought Olivia to live in Chartene's home while she is awaiting trial. Simone wrote Tom that she took the baby and went away with her mother in order to think things over. Lucy insisted to Olivia that Victor's diamonds were turned over to the police, but Olivia knows that several big diamonds are missing. Lucy suspected Scott, who lied that he didn't take any of theed.

Colton told Olivia that he's falling in love with her. Decker stole some diamonds from Scott's apartment, but later learned they were nothing but glass. A WSB agent posing as a record promoter, agreed to give Frisco a singing contract, then send him out on a "tour." Frisco kept mum to Felicia that during the musical tour he'll really be working for the WSB. Frisco and Felicia said their "I do's." Dawn can't seem to resist her attraction to Decker. On Felicia's wedding day, Colton was unable to stop thinking about her. Audrey's upset that Tom wants nothing to do with her because she kept mum about Simone's affair with Harrison. Alan forced Tracy to resign from the ELQ board of directors by making her confess to snooping into Dawn's birth records, etc. Scott fumed when Alan hired another lawyer to represent ELQ. Scott threw Lucy out of his apartment.

Jonathan Paget (really Duke Lavery) purchased the Wellington Collection (of china) that was being shipped to Sean. Jonathan hired Anna to guard the Wellington Collection during the transfer of ownership. Anna didn't recognize Duke (Jonathan). Duke (Jonathan) was upset to see Julian's name on a clearance list for the Wellington Collection. Lucy fumed when she saw Tiffany's TV interview of the Quartermaines in which Alan and Monica seemed the perfect couple. Ned found Dawn at the Bucket of Blood tavern after Tracy made some cruel comments that caused Dawn to run out of the Quartermaine mansion. Decker was listening when a furious Lucy let slip that there was something romantic going on between Ned and Monica. Olivia tried to bribe a judge to rule for an acquittal of her case. Julian is still determined to kill Duke (Jonathan) and then put the blame on Olivia.


Written by: Sally Sussman

Produced by: Sally Sussman

Mary was arrested. Jason and Monique were hospitalized after Mary tried to poison them. Monique was in a coma until Jason talked to her and she murmured his name. Kyle told Laura, Trevor, Jessica and Rob that Mary murdered Paul when she mistook him for Jason. Doreen covered when Ruth saw Adam with his hand on her stomach to feel the baby to kick. Kyle was upset when Sam dated Jordan. Maya agreed to have dinner with Adam. Martin was stunned when the IRS said he owes them $3 million dollars.

After his release from the hospital, Jason and a still hospitalized Monique were married in a ceremony conducted at her bedside. Maya was stunned when Adam kept his promise and got her a job at Jordan's hotel. After being threatened by a mysterious man, Maya phoned Adam and said that she couldn't accept the job. Because of his financial trouble with the IRS, Martin signed his assets over to Doreen, but didn't tell her that the deal included the Marshall Ice Cream stock he bought from Ruth. Kyle's attracted to Sam.

Adam was relieved when Vivian and Ruth reconciled their differences and Vivian agreed to move into the old Whitmore mansion with Ruth and Henry. Martin sold Ruth worthless stocks when she paid him for the return of the stock she sold him to get the money to buy the Whitmore mansion. The real Marshall Ice Cream stocks are in an unwitting Doreen's name. Maya agreed to teach dance/ aerobics at Jordan's hotel health club. Maya lied when Adam questioned her about her social security number. Sam spent time with Jordan.

Rob defended Dr. Daniel Reubens to Kyle, who believes Reubens is guilty of blowing up a company that made a cold medicine that

killed Daniel's wife. Daniel is also accused of killing a man who died in the explosion. Daniel feels guilty that Maya, who is his daughter, has had to live a secret life. Maya was upset when Daniel said they have to move again. Daniel nixed letting Rob write a book about him. Sam and Kyle shared a passionate kiss. Helen was beaten up by her abusive and bigoted husband, Charles.

Through Ted's license plate number, Rob found the coffeehouse/bookstore where Maya and Daniel are living. Rob was stunned to find a pal from college, Kate, working in the bookstore. Kate has been hiding Daniel and watching over Maya. Doreen guessed that Martin arranged to have their apartment robbed. Martin instructed Joel not to fence a wedding ring that belonged to Doreen's mother. Jason and Jessica were shocked to learn that before Mary was committed, she hid the money she stole from Hugh's estate.

Guiding Light

Written by: Pamela K. Long

Produced by: Robert Calhoun

In Saudi Arabia, when Josh and Billy arrived for a breakfast meeting with Al Radi, they were stunned to see Alex and Roger were there. The Arabian oil wheeler/dealers told Josh, Billy, Roger and Alex that they wanted sealed bids to determine who would get their business. Vanessa flew to Arabia, surprising Billy, who found her in his hotel room. Vanessa seduced Billy, which prevented him from submitting the Lewis Oil bid on the Arab oil in time and the deal went to Spaulding by default. Billy was stunned when he learned that Vanessa had doublecrossed him. Dylan rescued a baby from a burning building. An hysterical Beth claimed that Bradley had raped her again. Alan-Michael and Blake were hiding in a closet when Dylan and Harley broke into Alan-Michael's apartment to search for the pre-nuptial agreement that Harley and Alan-Michael had signed before their marriage.

Josh was not pleased to learn that Billy had lost the Arabian oil deal to Spaulding Enterprises. Despite their love making, Roger was furious to overhear Alex tell Alan that Roger is nothing more than an employee of Spaulding Enterprises. Beth claims that Bradley had raped her twice, but Bradley insisted that it only happened once. Phillip and Alan speculated that Bern's abductor years ago, Dr. Blackburn, may have been the person who attacked Beth the second time. Phillip suspects that Neil and Blackburn may have been in cahoots. Harley and Alan-Michael are still trying to find their pre-nuptial agreement, which they had written on a napkin. Phillip broke up a fight between Bradley and Neil. Billy refused to accept Vanessa's apologized for costing Lewis Oil the Arabian deal. Vanessa was upset when she saw Billy talking with Nadine. Neil insisted he loves Beth.

Phillip, Lillian and Neil were stunned when Beth relived her long-ago confrontation with Blackburn and remembered that she had killed him when he tried to physically attack her. Beth is now torn between her feelings for Neil and Phillip. Encouraged by Beth, Neil told the Spaulding Enterprises board of directors that the previous high-rise building be designed did collapse, killing his wife and children, but Neil also told the board that the inferior building materials had been purchased from Spaulding Enterprises. Henry gave Roger some Spaulding Enterprises stock as collateral on a gambling debt. Roger secretly bought up Spaulding Enterprises stock. Harley remembered that she and Alan-Michael had stashed their hand-written pre-nuptial agreement in an old doll, which Alan Michael threw away. Harley and Alan-Michael went to the local dump to search for the doll.

Harley got her hands on the pre-nuptial agreement she and Alan-Michael signed, but her lawyer told her it wasn't worth the napkin they wrote it on as far as her divorce settlement is concerned. Harley kissed Dylan, then came unglued when she realized he loves Samantha. The mystery fan made more threats toward Chelsea. Johnny and Chelsea were stunned when they returned home and found their apartment had been ransacked. Alex threw a welcome home party for Beth, who refused to attend until Mindy convinced her to. Just as Phillip was making a toast to Beth, a drunken Blake arrived at the party. Rae, who's suspicious of Dana, was upset to see her dressed in Chelsea's clothes, but Chelsea explained she tent Dana a dress for Beth's party. Holly and Ross found a "ticking package" which contained an old alarm clock and a threatening note from Johnny's fan.

A drunken Blake disrupted the welcome home party for Beth by revealing everything Phillip had ever said about his relationship with Beth. Alan-Michael convinced Blake to let him take her home. Blake and Alan-Michael shared a kiss, then tried to convince themselves that it meant nothing. Phillip went off halfcocked when he overheard Beth say that she loved Neil. Beth was actually telling Neil that she loved him in a special way, but she's in love with Phillip. After things were straightened out, Beth went out on a date with Phillip, who asked her to marry him. Dylan didn't fall for it when Harley trashed her secondhand store and then bed that thugs had beaten and robbed her. Later, Dylan rescued Harley, who was tied up by a thug who set fire to her store. When Alan Michael tried to rescue Dylan, they were both trapped in the fire. Ross and Holly made love.


Written by: Tom King & Millee Taggart

Produced by: Mary Ellis Bunim

Rocky (Amelia) was assigned to do her internship at the mental hospital where Jeff is being held Jeff convinced Rocky to fetch the bedroom tape he had made of himself and Gwyneth and then take the tape to Gwyneth. Rocky left the tape m the office even though Gwyneth wasn't there. Ava found and then stole the tape. Louie spent more time with Kate Clay told Ava that Egypt is planning to re-marry Alex now that she is pregnant. Lt. Hindman and Minnie bought Todd's share of T.J.'s nightclub. Gwyneth is out to get Ava.

After viewing the bedroom tape of Jeff and Gwyneth, Ava told Gwyneth she has the tape. Trisha overheard Curtis say that he hopes Rocky (Amelia) isn't stupid enough to fall for Jeff while she's working in the mental hospital. Alex, who was sleepwalking, set fire to the drapes in Kate's home when he believed that he was still fighting the enemy in Vietnam. Jack convinced Alex to let Stacey help him figure out what's going on with Alex's mind. Egypt was stunned when Gwyneth fired her from her TV job.

Alex and Clay's former boss, Simon Hemphill, gave Alex the names of other POWs so he could find out if they had been brainwashed while they were in Vietnam POW camps. Egypt was stunned when she was fired from her TV talk show job. Egypt realized that Ava was behind her firing. Egypt's doctor told her that her unborn baby shows signs of having an enlarged heart. Trucker rejected Gwyneth's plea that he stop investigating the hit-and-run accident that he served prison time for. Rocky (Amelia) encouraged Jeff to get well.

After arriving in Maine, Trucker assured Trisha that whatever he learns about the hit-and-run accident, he won't use the information to send Clay to prison. Also in Maine, Clay found Alex at hia cabin and Alex, who had a gun, warned Clay to instruct shady police officer, Jelka, not to interfere with Trucker. Alex and Ava's divorce became final. Stacey realized Alex was once programed to kill when he sees a bull's-eye target. Kate talked to Louie about her problems with Ava and Louie admitted he's estranged from his son.

Crooked cop, Jelka, plotted to kill Trisha and Trucker. Pretending to be Jelka, Trucker phoned an auto mechanic, George, who reported that he didn't say anything about Jelka's squad car being involved in the hit-and-run accident, Alex kept Clay prisoner while Trucker and Trisha were in Maine. Clay realized that seeing an arrow hit a bull's-eye target is what triggers Alex. Ava saved Egypt by rushing her to hospital when she passed out.

One Life To Live

Written by: S. Michael Schnessel

Produced by: Paul Rauch

Clint rescued Tina, Cord, Viki, Roger, Gabrielle and a wounded Max. Gabrielle blamed herself when Max's condition worsened and Dan warned that Max might not live even though the bullet was removed, along with his spleen. Megan interrupted her cabin stay with Prince Raymond to rush to the hospital to see Max. Roland told Baroness Helga Von Stoltz that Sebastian will deal with her "fiance" Bo. Tina and Gabrielle received pardons after Tina helped the police capture Ambrose and Serena. Roger told Viki he is not going to give up on her even though she said she wants to get her marriage back on track. Roger later heard Clint say there's a possibility he and Viki still have a future together. Sebastian attacked Bo and Megan, who fended him off When Megan described a ring her assailant wore, Raymond realized the attacker was Sebastian, who works for Raymond's brother, Prince Roland.

Dorian Lord, who's the ambassador to Mendorra, returned to Llanview. Cassie Callison is in Llanview on a cultural mission for Mendorra. Raymond forced Sebastian to return to Mendorra with him and his right-hand-man, Josef. Sebastian lied about being in Llanview to keep an eye on Raymond. Prince Roland told Sebastian that he wants Sarah. After Gabrielle prayed for Max, his heartbeat became normal and he began recuperating from the bullet wound. Sister Amelia suggested Gabrielle go on a retreat to think over her decision to become a nun. Andy resisted when a thug named Mort tried to extort protection money from her to safeguard Max's nightclub from "trouble." Renee's former gangster friend, Carlo Marino, scared off Mort. Tina and Cord made love, but he insisted that their relationship is over because he can't 'trust her. Jonathan told Cassie that Audrey had left town to look for her son.

Cord told Tina that he wanted a divorce after he learned that she tried to make Debra believe he is a womanizer. Cord reluctantly let Tina take C.J. with her when she left town to start a new life in California. Viki and Clint were stunned when Kevin told them that he was beaten up during a fight with a kid who was selling drugs at his school. Two street toughs confronted Viki after she launched a campaign to rid Uanview of drugs and drug dealers. Tyler overheard a man wearing a dark suit say that Viki had to be stopped before she vaused any more trouble. Michael sabotaged Larry and Brenda's vacation plans, then offered to take Brenda on a vacation with him. Brenda refused, then accused Michael of trying to come between her and Larry. Asa is jealous of Renee's close friendship with Carlo. Helga ordered Dorian to get all the information she can on Sarah. Max searched for Gabrielle.

Viki fought off two thugs who attacked her after she began an anti-drug campaign in Llanview. Viki later realised the two thugs were working for the mayor's assistant, George Preston. One of George's punks, Sonny, was arrested after [!@#$%^&*] prevented him from throwing add in Julia's face after Sonny mistook her for Viki. The mayor resigned after Viki wrote an editorial connecting the drug problem to the mayor's office. Clint refused to support Viki, who was asked to run for mayor. Larry fumed when Brenda took Steven and went on an island vacation with Michael. Brenda told Larry to get lost after they fought over Michael again. Sister Amelia arranged for Gabrielle to receive counselling from Father Anthony Vallone before making her final decision to become a nun. An unwitting Max punched out Father Anthony (Tony) when he saw Gabrielle hug Tony, who let her go inside the convent.

Max was stunned when GabrieUe told him that the man be punched was Father Tony. Max went into hysterics when Tony told him that Gabrielle wants to become a nun. Gabrielle agreed to spend an evening with Max, but she ran off when they were on the verge of making love. Max climbed into the window of Gabrielle's room at the convent. Roland told Helga that Dorian will be bringing Sarah to Mendorra to see if she can help Raymond overcome his blindness. Dorian has no idea that Roland plans to take over Mendorra. Raymond is suspicious of Roland. Roger kissed Viki when she decided to run for mayor. Michael and Dorian convinced Herb to run against Viki, then Michael hired Burke Winger to head Herb's campaign. Brenda agreed to move into a cottage on Michael's estate after she was evicted from her apartment because she didn't have enough money to pay the rent. Dan is still in love with Brenda.

Santa Barbara

Written by: Chuck Pratt Jr. & Robert Guza Jr.

Produced by: Jill Farren Phelps / Jill Farren Phelps & John Conboy

Julia and Mason parachuted out of a plane when the pilot had to make a crash landing. Eden, who returned from her trip, and Nikki worried about Cruz, who had rescued Mason and Julia. Eden watched while Nikki hugged Cruz after seeing that he wasn't injured during the rescue. Cruz assured Rafael his relationship with Nikki is platonic. Cruz kept Nikki from finding the key to her locker, then searched the locker and found a book containing dates and notations on various places. After discussing their impoverished backgrounds, Nikki and Cruz kissed. Robert signed Capwell Enterprises over to C.C. Kelly took it upon herself to start working as Robert's assistant again. Robert objected when Kelly started investigating what was going on at a race horse stable Tonell had owned. Kelly suspects the trainers are up to no good concerning one of the horses named Dark Victory.

Laura convinced Ethan to make another blackmail payment, which she secretly recovered. Laura planted a pair of Gina's earrings at the drop site, then told Ethan she thinks Gina is the blackmailer. Mack consoled Laura after Ethan told her that he wants a divorce. Laura panicked when she learned Ethan asked Michael to help him find the "blackmailer." Laura knows that Michael won't keep mum if he learns she's blackmailing herself. Laura planted some blackmail money in Gina's purse. Unaware that the money had been marked by Michael and Ethan, Mack borrowed some of the money without telling Gina. Movie producer Steven Marsh asked Sophia if she'd consider resurrecting her former career as a film actress. Nikki and Travis are mixed up in the goings on at Tonell's race horse stable. Augusta admitted she owns Dark Victory, a horse that Kelly had been concerned about.

Cruz had a set of Nikki's fingerprints lifted from a glass she drank from and was surprised to find out that Nikki's real name is Maria Nicolette Gonzalez. To get more information on Nikki, Cruz told her that Travis had been spotted in Mexico, then followed Nikki, who boarded a plane to Acapulco. Nikki made sure that Cruz didn't get on the flight. Kelly was listening when Eden told Robert that she loves Cruz, despite the fact that they may never reconcile. Robert learned that Hunt has taken over Tonell's former position as an organized crime leader. During an argument, Laura told Gina that she is pregnant. Ethan made a final money drop and was stunned when he caught Laura at the drop site. Gina, Mack and Ethan later caught Laura trying to hide some of the money at Gina's place. Laura collapsed in pain after Ethan attacked her verbally about the blackmail scheme.

Laura sneaked into the hospital office and substituted a positive pregnancy test record for her negative teat Gina realised that Ethan isn't going to be able to leave Laura now that she's pregnant. Ric kept Hunt from seeing Kelly and Robert, who sneaked aboard Hunt's yacht, which was outfitted as a gambling casino. Eden arranged to meet Derek Griffin, who once served time in the same prison as Robert. Julia drove Derek and two refugee children, Albert and Danielle, over the Canadian border Into the U.S. Eden did a TV interview with Derek, and later took him to Robert, who was delighted to see his old friend. Nikki fumed when Cruz followed her to Mexico and she was forced to admit to him that she's an undercover cop who has been after Travis for months, Nikki and Cruz returned to Santa Barbara in pursuit of Travis. Robert and Kelly made love after be realized he can’t have Eden.

Nikki, who is in cahoots with Travis on a horse stealing scam, let Travis know that Cruz was after him. Travis sent Cruz and Nikki on a wild goose chase to a mountain cabin where he was to meet his big boss. An ayalanche caused Cruz and Nikki to spend the night in the cabin. Eden came to Cruz's rescue just in time to see him giving Nikki a goodbye tag. Sasha told Hunt that Mason is the person who secretly invested in Hunt's gambling boat. Cruz planned to raid Hunt's floating gambling casino. Mason and Sasha sneaked onto the gambling boat just as Hunt decided to destroy the boat. Robert fought with Hunt when he realized Hunt was going to blow up the boat. Hunt overpowered Robert, then pressed the detonator to blow the boat sky-high. Since Ethan isn't sleeping with her, Laura plotted to seduce Michael so she can really get pregnant.

The Young And The Restless

Written by: William J. Bell

Produced by: William J. Bell & Edward Scott

Carl failed to calm a frustrated Paul because they haven't been able to pin George's murder on Adrian and Cassandra. Cassandra began to flip out after she found a "deceased" Paul lying in her hotel room bed. Carl told Cassandra he was taking her back to Genoa City, but made sure she brought the jewelry she had claimed was stolen the night George was murdered. Carl insisted to an emotionally distraught Cassandra that Paul is dead. Recently-returned Nathan and Lynne were stunned to see that Paul is alive. Adrian bought a plane ticket after learning from Brittany that Cassandra was headed home. Jack was upset that his plot to break up Nikki and Jim failed. Skip and Carol worried that Nan, who went into labor, but hadn't signed the legal papers that would give them custody of the baby. Marge prepared to sleep with Rex for the first time Morey and Lil gave Kay no info on her abduction.

Skip and Carol were on hand when Nan gave birth to a baby girl. A tearful Nan later handed the baby over to Carol. Victor nixed Cassandra's offer to run off and get married. Carl arrested Cassandra on charges that she murdered George. Mitchell commented to Rex that Kay (Marge) acted strange during their meeting and told Mitchell to handle any and all business problems that come up. Rex admitted to Mitchell that Kay (Marge) has been "different" lately, but insisted that she's okay. Morey and Lil let Kay and Esther watch a televised charity ball at which Kay was to receive an award. Kay was stunned when her lookalike (Marge) accepted the award. Kay realized that no one is looking for her because her lookalike has taken her place. Kay fumed when Marge phoned and introduced herself as Katherine Sterling, then taunted Kay that she’s even sleeping with Rex.

Cassandra was let out on bail, but is under house arrest. Cassandra fainted when Paul appeared at her hearing and told the judge how he and Carl had trapped her. Brittany agreed to live with Cassandra in order to keep an eye on her. Cassandra told Paul that she and Adrian were not lovers. Adrian convinced Cassandra to give him her power of attorney, and warned her never to mention his name because if he has to testify against her, he has information that would put her away for life. Cassandra told Victor that she had gone home to tell George she loved Paul, but George already knew and when George lunged at her, she grabbed George's gun and "somehow" it went off. Mitchell told Rex that "Kay" (Marge) wants to sell Chancellor Industries. Chase heard David admit he is after Nina's money. A reluctant Skip and Carol agreed Nan could recuperate at their home because she has nowhere to go.

Skip comforted Carol, who was upset that she couldn't calm the baby. Carol and Skip were upset when the baby quieted down because Nan was nursing her. Skip and Carol are concerned that if Nan continues to live with them, she will become too attached to the baby. Paul didn't believe Cassandra's story about how she shot George and suspected that she's covering up for an accomplice. When Paul pressed Cassandra for details about George's shooting, she couldn't fill in the blanks. While Paul was screaming at Cassandra, Adrian burst into the house and warned Paul never to lay a finger on Cassandra, or else. Nathan told Paul that the word on the street has it that Adrian is a paid killer. Brad spent more time with Ashley, complimenting her and romancing her. As "Kay," Marge returned to the diner where she used to work and harassed one of the waitresses.

Lil knocked Kay out cold when she saw her holding a gun on Morey while Kay and Esther were attempting to escape. Nan remembered making love with her boyfriend, Jeff, and then tried to convince herself that Jeff, not her rapist, is the father of her baby, which Carol and Skip have named Skylar Carol Evans. Adrian warned Cassandra never to mention his name to anyone, because if he testifies at her trial, he has information which will convict her of George's murder. Paul became exasperated with Cassandra while trying to get her to admit that Adrian was with her at the time of George's death. Paul told Lauren he thinks Adrian killed George at the time Cassandra was unconscious, then told Cassandra she killed George. Marge got uneasy when Rex kept questioning her decision to sell Chancellor Industries' factory. Victor told Jill, John, Jack and Ashley that he's selling the Jabot men's line.

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Thanks! This is gonna be fun to read, even though I am more aware of what happen in the 90's, then any other decade.


Cassandra fainting at her hearing when she sees a supposedly dead Paul sounds great.

Still would be great to see more of the Katherine and Marge Story. Those scenes of Katherine seeing Marge accepting an award at a charity ball, and her holding a gun on Morey, Marge calling her to taunt her and also Marge visiting her old diner as Kay sound fun.

It's still amazing how Jack is acting like how Victor was when he first took over Jabot, but to our annoyance no one (besides Jack) even bothered to get in Victor's face about it.


From the sounds of it, they could have tried putting Thorne and Brooke together around this time, I know he and Macy were popular but i think It would have looked prettier than her with Eric.

I didn't know that Sally and Macy crashed Ridge and Caroline's wedding.

Was it ever even brought up again about Stephanie transferring Stephen to Paris?

Was this heart problem of Stephanie's tied into when she had a stroke and lost her memory the following year? It seems like Stephanie's lung cancer was years in the making considering she always seemed to be suffering some sort of illness several times during her run.

Can't wait to read more! I'm looking forward to reading the very beginning of Sheila's reign of terror!

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