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Soap Remaster: turning your soap into another genre

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I just thought this would be an interested idea to get people into watching a soap in a new prospective. I was looking on youtube and I thought it would be interested if there was an episode of Y&R done like an episode of seinfeld or an episode of B&B with an horror theme to it. An episode of Days like an episode of Full House and an episode of GH with a laugh track to it.

Here are some examples that might sled light of this idea:

Mr Bean Horror Trailer 2


"Home Alone" (1990) - Inappropriate Trailer

The Shining - The Sitcom (Seinfeld Style)

Forrest Gump as a Gangster Movie

I figure maybe some you guys who are into video editing might like this idea of taking some of the best and worst storylines and promos from your soap and repackage it a completely different spin on it.

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