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Question about JER

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Most of the SOD stories about Days happenings around that time quote Tom Langan but this 93 preview article has statements from Reilly.

Brady Crunch: Look for major explosions in the Brady household. Back from the pit,Marlena's a changed woman and hell-bent on re-evaluating her life. Early in 93,she'll finally has out the past with Roman and John,but don't expect a resolution there. "The story wil take a shocking,unpredictable direction",says new headwriter James Reilly.Added to that,Roman and Marlena will have two miracle-growth kids on their hands. Eric and Sammi will come home from Colorado,suddenly 15 years old.

Carrie's Crisis:Carrie's deepening involvement in Austin and Billi'e troubles puts her at loggerheads with Roman.There's an even more shattering development this year,when an incredible revelation regarding Austin and Billie comes to light.

Turmoil,Unlimited:Lawrence will continue his quest to keep Bo and Carly from ever marrying.Will he succeed? Bo and Billie keep crossing paths,but for the time being Reilly assures us,"Bo's main interest and only love is still Carly"...Don't count Vivian out.She regains her power soon and moves even closer to Victor,who'll be expanding his Salem power base in a big way... Jack's manuscript is a Pandora's box.Who'll get hurt when the box opens all the way?"The book will reveal alot about Salem's past",hints Reilly.He also confides that a once popular couple,Abe and Lexy are coming back to the fore."They'll be involved in a unique storyline drawing them closer to the Brady's"

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From SOD April 27 1993

Days Scribe Leaves

DOOL co headwriter Sheri Anderson is leaving the show for economic reasons.Headwriter James Reilly will remain at Day's helm."It was a financial restructuring",explains Anderson,who harbors no hard feelings about her dismissal.

"Right now,Days is an exciting place to be,because it has turned around so dramatically in the past year",Anderson continues."It's an unfortunate situation because business is business.It's disappointing."

While Anderson says she'll miss Reilly,Exec Producer Ken Corday and Co Exec Producer Tom Langan,she'll still have some contact with Days honchos.She is the creator/headwriter of the still in development spin off Manhattan Lives along with former Days co headwriter Gene Palumbo.

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