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Strange Paradise

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As a long time Dark Shadows fan (re-runs from when the Sci Fi channel aired it back in the 90's), it wasn't difficult for me to love this other little soap called, Strange Paradise. While not as successful as Dark Shadows, it is still able to stand on its own two feet and is not what I would consider a Dark Shadows clone.

Does anyone remember this show? I think if Dark Shadows fans just gave it a chance, there is a chance it too would be available for a dvd release.

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I've watched a little bit. I never have had a chance to watch more than dribs and drabs, something else always seems to come first. There is - or was - quite a bit of it on Youtube.

I have some articles I will post when I find them again.

I mostly remember the scene where the reverend is killed.

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To an extent, I agree the "Dark Shadows" clone label is thrown around too freely, but it is accurate at times. The original premise was original with the doppleganger plot on a Caribbean island gave the show a flavor distinctively different from "Dark Shadows," while still falling into the sub category of gothic soap opera. I wish the original plans had been executed as some have finally made there way online. There were a lot more romantic stories intended in those early episodes with much more backstory intended to play out over time. Unfortunately, I think the show was geared towards children rather than fans of gothic romance, no pun intended, as it should have been.

Overall, I enjoy the show despite its flaws. My favorite portion of the series is hated by the majority of the fans: the final weeks surrounding the origins of the family curse. An entity claiming to be Julien Desmond returns to the family homestead determine to unmask 'loyal' family servant as the source of the family's misery. While this contradicts the entire original plot, Cosette Lee is delightful as the over the top villainess of the piece, while Colin Fox plays a rather demure version of his typically more colorful Jacques character.

Looking at "High Hopes," I have more appreciation for this series and the problems is probably faced being a soap opera produced in an area that probably wasn't prepared to produce a stripped drama series.

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I find it interesting that Harding Lemay wrote this. I also noted when I posted this on Facebook, that they had the whole dark, moody lighting thing down a good three years before Y&R (although I'm pretty sure it was to hide the cheap sets more than anything).

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