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AMC: SOAPnet October Preview

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All My Children: October 2010 Preview

October 4, 2010 3:23 AM By Dustin Fitzharris

Since Halloween is in October, it's only fitting that some Pine Valley residents face some very scary fates. Thankfully they will be well dressed throughout the month to tackle them with style. Anyway, onto the events! Just in time for Greenlee's trial for the murder of David, Jack and Erica return to Pine Valley! Look for the couple to return from their 'round-the-world venture on October 6. With Greenlee in a heap of legal trouble thanks to suspicion for David's death, Jack vows to his little girl that he will prove her innocence—but he'll have to square off against the new D.A., Liza Colby!

But Jack has a plan to get Greenlee off the hook – point the finger at Ryan. That's a tough call for Greenlee. Will she choose her own freedom, or the man she loves?

While Jack is occupied with Greenlee, Erica has business of her own to attend to: Caleb Cortlandt and getting Cortlandt Electronics back from Chandler Enterprises. Erica is pleasantly surprised by Caleb's new look, but tells the man who rescued her that she is still doubtful that he is deserving of the Cortlandt name—unless he can prove otherwise. In spite of their differences and her lack of interest in wanting her shares, Erica tells Caleb that will help him. Which means she targets JR and Scott. Heaven help them now that Erica's on the case.

Enter Asher. His association with JR catches Erica's eye as a possible means to steal Cortlandt Eletronics away from the Chandlers. Caleb is adamant that he doesn't want Asher involved, but like Erica's going to listen to him. And when Erica starts digging….it may just be a question of when she finds out Asher is really Caleb's son. . But don't think Asher doesn't have a valuable ace up his sleeve when it comes to the Chandler/Cortlandt war. But what exactly happened in the "Halloween tragedy" he keeps referring to?

Annie and Scott may still be newlyweds, but their life is anything but a dream. While Scott is away on business, the sparks between JR and Annie fly once again, and they wind up having sex—and Scott walks in on them! Yes, they are so busted.

Meanwhile, JR has bigger problems to face than Annie. Marissa tells him she's going forward with obtaining full custody of AJ and instills the help from her attorney, Caleb Cortlandt. And with Annie and JR being caught in flagrante delicto, it's not like she doesn't have ample reasoning to get full custody (plus, you know, JR's kind of a jerk). But JR isn't a stranger when it comes to playing to win. Look for him to use someone close to Marissa to help him fight for little AJ.

Brot and Natalia also find themselves growing closer, and AT LAST they start dating. But we all know dating in this town just means you introduce a whole new series of complications. These two are no exception.

Zach returns to Pine Valley on October 22nd and tells Kendall he wants to work things out. Business troubles with some of Zach's partners at the casino start to brew, and Kendall decides she's the best person to help. Which, really, is sort of like Lucy Ricardo telling Ricky she's the best person to star in his show. Because, you guys! It's Kendall! Things always get messy with her (hence why we love her). Anyway, look for a new storyline to start in the Hart-Slater camp.

If that's not enough, Damon gets a job from an unlikely employee, Frankie and Madison grow closer and Angie continues to cope with life as a blind person.

BTW, did you guys hear about the special concert that All My Children stars are performing in? If you go, you might find yourself sitting next to a cast member!

Which story are you looking forward to the most?

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Not really... but I really was loving it so much just a few months ago. It sucks to see it tank all over again. It's like watching someone with a six months of sobriety go back on the sauce. Plus, wither my Hubbards goest, I will go. Even if it's only on YouTube.

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I'm not going to YAY for as I call them Fradison, until there is genuine on-screen sexual activity. Kissing, petting, exchange of saliva, a preponderance of time spent horizontally, a verbal acknowledgment on the part of one of both of significant sexual attraction...

or Angie calls them out.

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