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OLTL: SOAPnet October Preview

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One Life to Live: October 2010 Preview

October 4, 2010 5:52 AM By Dustin Fitzharris

The month begins with a bang when Todd hears Tea's voice, as crafty Tea decided to reach out and touch someone (namely, her husband). This phone call sets off a chain of exciting events that will result in Todd and Tea face to face once again. Yes, this month they WILL reunite. No joke. But the immediate and pressing problem is that Ross has gotten custody of Danielle. He plans on bringing her back to Tahiti, but we know that Ross's scary brother Eli has other, perhaps deadly plans for Danielle. Not wanting Dani to leave Llanview, Nate enlists big brother James to concoct a plan to keep Dani in town. And, of course, Starr gets involved. And obviously since this is Llanview and we just used the words "plan," things go totally wrong. Eli ends up kidnapping Danielle, Starr AND baby Hope. Let's hope Cole, James and Nate can save the sisters Manning. Too bad for that little story twist that mucks up everyone's plan.

By the time this month is over, you can expect three more kidnappings, two shootings, someone getting blown up and two people kicking the bucket. And we think you will be very, very surprised how someone meets their demise -- or rather, by whose hand.

Over in Jessica land, our lady of the two possible baby daddies decides to take a paternity test. Place your bets now on who the father will be! Poor Brody can't stand the guilt and strain of possibly not being the father to Jessica's unborn child -- while he may have secretly fathered her sister's. So he decides to start therapy. With Marty Saybrooke. Longtime enemy of Natalie. The same Natalie who he may have secretly gotten pregnant. Oh, Brody, this is not good. You know how Hannah is all worried about people thinking she's crazy and dangerous? Well, she is crazy. And dangerous. This month, you'll see exactly why.

Look for the Evans family to be thrust full force when that blackmail leverage Eli had over Greg gets exposed. What secret could be so bad that Greg would be willing to risk his entire career -- and possibly people's lives -- to keep hidden?

Daytime legend Kim Zimmer (you know her best as Reva from Guiding Light) returns to the show as Echo DiSavoy. Back in the day, Echo seduced Clint (while he was married to Viki) and then framed him for murder. So she has tons of fans in town. Echo's arrival stuns Viki and Charlie. It turns out that Charlie knew her from his drinking days. And they were ... close. Look for this to kick off a new story for Viki, Charlie and Clint. And how does Echo's arrival actually get Dorian and Viki working together? There's more to Echo than meets the eye, as she comes to town with a pretty big secret that's going to ripple into three of Llanview's families.

The month starts off with Bo and Nora finding time for some fun and romance. But what's up with Clint? He's been acting so shady lately, and some of his actions this month are going to make throwing David in prison seem about as bad as jaywalking. As for Inez ... do you think Clint is actually into her, or she plays into a larger plan he has?Oh, and back to that whole Tea and Todd reunion? Danielle won't be left out of the fray. Look for Danielle and her mom to finally reconnect. Get your tissues ready now. Trust.

What story are you looking forward to the most in October?

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Im looking forward to this Eli storyline to be over with already and for Todd and Danielle to reunite with Tea!

So Jessica gets a paternity test but not Natalie? Well I guess if Natalie keeps telling herself "no matter what, this baby is John's", it will come true.

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