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AMC: Agnes Nixons mistake

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Then the story's about Nora or Rex and Natalie, and I don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure watching Rex get all up in arms about his old pal Kyle being gay would be just enough to make me destruct some sh!t.

OLTL would have been better off just skipping the unnecessary coming out drama (because while that's still relevant and should still be out there in TV/movies, how about we move on to show two out gay people whose story is about them and their relationship and not......the ggggggggaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy). Oliver was just a glorified day player for months, so his love life was not of any interest until that ridiculous Stacy Baggablud crap started. They could have skipped that mess, had Kyle introduced through the baby switch nonsense like he was, and then, in little scenes every couple of weeks or so, showed Layla and Cris trying to hook the two up, with their storyline gaining more importance over time.

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I think of all shows OLTL is the one that least needs someone to be related to an existing character. OLTL has had a flood of characters who came in the back door and had no ties to anyone when they first started, from Dorian, to Max, to Marco, etc. The show hasn't known how to make viewers care about legacy characters in years -- being Viki's son didn't stop Joey from basically dying as a character sometime before Fillion even left the role, and let's not go into Kevin. If Duke had come back and had a coming out story he probably would have been even more of an afterthought.

The whole thing with them was we saw the coming out but we never actually saw anything of their relationship together from when they were in college. So viewers were asked to invest very heavily in this backstory which came out of nowhere.

I think they shouldn't have done the triangle. If viewers ever felt like the characters were just getting cliched stories for the sake of it than the triangle was probably a confirmation of such. To suddenly have the gay weddings and Nick and Kyle getting married and all this, it just was too rushed and contrived.

I won't get into the gay-bashing-used-for-scheming plot because apparently that was supposed to go into more depth but the scenes were cut.

Kyle and Fish had such wonderful, natural chemistry together, something which I haven't seen on OLTL in quite a while. I think if the show had focused more on that from the beginning then things might have been different. And if they hadn't been put in the Stacey story.

Realistically nothing would have kept them around after Frons needed a scapegoat, I know.

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