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Shortland Street

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28 minutes ago, DRW50 said:


Does the show have much of a record with gay characters? There was some controversy when they brought a gay character back and had him involved with a woman with no mention of his past. 


I've only been watching since January, but my understanding was that they broadly have a good track record with LGBT characters.

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I think the show has had a very good year. However I do find it unsettling at how many decent new characters disappear after a few weeks or months, like what was the point? Eve was a star for me and they had to turn her into a murderer, will Hawks ever return? Debs has gone MIA even though now she should be cleared so I hope she'll return because there was tons of potential with her. I know it's a Shortland Street thing but still some of the more recent regulars stay on for good when they're not that interesting, such as Kate and Blue (the acting during Ashley's death...), Dawn isn't all that either so if she ends up disappearing after a while I won't care. Margaret was a good return but a few episodes and then gone. At least Curtis seems to be back for good, I wish they'd have done more with Mo's father. They gave a grown up son to TK and since then nothing, but I suppose there will be some follow up.
Leanne and Damo have been the MVPs for me, they struck gold with them.

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January 2018 Episode Rankings
A total of 11 episodes aired this month.


1. Jayden Daniels (Curtis Hannah) : 11

*. Grant Lobban (Damo Johnson) : 11

3. Sam Bunkall (Boyd Rolleston) : 10

*. Reuben Milner (Jack Hannah) : 10

*. Jarod Rawiri (Mo Hannah) : 10

*. Lionel Wellington (Leroy Raumati) : 10

7. Lauren Devenie (Kate Nathan) : 9

*. Kerry-Lee Dewing (Kylie Brown) : 9

9. Ben Barrington (Drew McCaskill) : 8

*. Jennifer Ludlam (Leanne Black) : 8

*. Pua Magasiva (Vinnie Kruse) : 8

*. Benjamin Mitchell (TK Samuels) : 8

13. Michael Galvin (Chris Warner) : 7

*. Lucy Lovegrove (Sass Warner) : 7

*. Sally Martin (Nicole Kruse-Miller) : 7

*. Ria Vandervis (Harper Whitley) : 7

*. Tane Williams-Accra (Ali Karim) : 7

18. Lukas Whiting (Finn Warner) : 6

19. Rebekah Palmer (Dawn Robinson) : 5

*. Luke Patrick (Frank Warner) : 5

*. Dylan Poihipi (Erza Whakapono) : 5

*. Sonny Tupu (Dion Tai) : 5

23. Serena Cotton (Virginia Laidlaw) : 4

*. Tash Keddy (Blue Nathan) : 4

*. Ngahuia Piripi (Esther Samuel) : 4

*. Aaron Ward (Adam Ross) : 4

*. Abigail Wilson (Lulu Karim) : 4

28. Ryan Lampp (Clint Allen) : 3

29. Feleti Peter Aulika (Pete Kruse-Miller) : 2

30. Zoe Fong (Lily Flores) : 1

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