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Dinner is Cooking. Another 1998 ATWT article

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Interesting and correct commentary on Broderick's early work, as her tenure at ATWT didn't end so well.

IN MY OPINIONDinner is Cooking

by Margery Scott, Soap News 6/25/98 issue

Lorraine Broderick finally has the pots simmering on the stove. I don't know yet whether I'm going to like what she's serving or not. Will have to wait and see. Some of it is definitely broccoli; you can smell it a mile away. But I think some of it may be palatable. At least enough so that I am willing to watch the flavors blend until dinner is served. There's macaroni and cheese and a pot of rice cooking but I like the smell of the shrimp gumbo - lots of goodies and spices in there.

The broccoli contains James/Lucy/David/Molly. So far it stinks to high heaven. Hope L.B. is preparing a good hollandaise sauce to pour over the whole thing. Butter just won't do.

The rice, bland but nourishing, is Dr. Ben and Camille's contribution. Not a dish that can stand on its own but with the main course provides some filler.

Mmmm!! There's the macaroni and cheese bubbling in the oven - comfort food for the soul. Thank you Emma, Cal, Kim and Bob.

Brad, the unidentified ingredient is sitting on the counter in a bowl. Is he the hollandaise sauce for the stinky broccoli?

The shrimp gumbo is beginning to simmer. It should be bubbling really soon. Everyday Carly tosses in some more spices and hot sauce. What a pot: Carly/Hal/John/Jack/Julia/Nikki/Andy/Barbara and Lisa! All these stories are woven together, each depending on the other. It may be the pièce de résistance! It certainly smells intriguing. Watch this pot carefully Lorraine, you don't want to scorch it.

Finally on the last burner the potentially poison mushrooms are steaming in a pressure cooker. I think L.B. is planning to use them as an hors-d'oeuvre: mushrooms à la grèque. But she's forgotten to make the marinade! The pot of Margo/Tom/Emily/Eddie could well be the worst choice for this dinner. However Eddie vs. Emily has added some much needed flavor and a certain piquancy. Maybe L.B. will remember the marinade after all. If it is properly chilled and the flavors allowed to blend mushrooms à la grèque is quite a good addition to any dinner. Just hope the pressure cooker doesn't explode before it is over.

Bon appetit à tout le monde! Compared to the fast-food-served-on-the-spot with little forethought that we've had for the past two years, I'm willing to try anything. If the dinner pans out I'm having a nice French cognac after. If it doesn't I'm having two.

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Everything on ATWT at this time was very plot-driven and also driven by new characters who often made me feel queasy (Eddie, Julia, Reid...). This time also did horrible, horrible damage to Emily's character. The best part was that they used Andy quite a bit. And Brad could have been a great character but Nick K left the show and then they ruined through bad recasts and that very bizarre choice to marry him and Carly. Having Carly marry 3 men in a year made no sense.

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