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Classic SOD Synopses section (December 7 , 1993 issue)

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Okay, so i have been kind of posting the SOD recaps out of order from the issue dates i have LOL, but since this is right in front of me, i'm going to post the ones from the SOD i just got today! These recaps are from the weeks of November 8-12 and November 15-19, 1993


A shocked Ted pretends to be Tad as Edmund rants about Tad's affair. Edmund warns that he'd better not hurt Brooke. Meanwhile, Brooke questions Tad. Why haven't they made love? Feeling pressured, Tad gets romantic, but wants to postpone baby-making. Brooke says she understands, but slyly throws away her birth control. They make love. Latter, a vengeful Ted lurks outside Tad's home with a gun. He takes aim at Martin, but changes his mind and rings the bell. Once inside, Orsini gives the gun to Tad as a gift for their male bonding hunting trip.


Dixie tries to hide her affair from Maria, but the doc doesn't buy it and reveals that Edmund confronted Tad. When Dixie owns up, they clear the air. Later, Edmund tries to prove that he's over Brooke and asks Maria to elope with Him. She nixes a rush wedding, but agrees to hold out for a big bash.


Richard Fields calls for Kendall and Erica picks up the phone. When Ms. Kane hears his voice, she screams. As Dimitri comforts his shaken wife, Kendall lies, saying that she never gave Fields the number. Privately, Erica tells Dimitri that Kendall reminds her of Fields and she wants her out. Later, Dimitri breaks the news to Kendall, who bitterly agrees to look for an apartment.


Erica visits her old flame, Jack. She badmouths Laurel, but seeing Jack's grief softens her. Trevor enters and reports he's found a witness who could clear Laurel. Milton Fromer (a peeping Tom) saw everything, but he won't talk. Erica offers her help. Later, a flirtations Erica convinces Fromer to fess up to D.A. Tanner.


Before leaving for his trip, Tad calls Dixie. They realize that Edmund told Ted about their affair. Meanwhile, Ted slips about the affair to a stunned Edmund.

Ted confesses that he knows about the affair. He promises a worried Edmund that he will hash it out peacefully with Tad, but fantasizes that Tad is dead and he gets Dixie. Meanwhile, Dixie tries to warn Tad that Ted may be dangerous, but Brooke enters and Tad hangs up. Latter, Dixie finds Ted's bible with passages about death highlighted. She tries to stop Tad from boarding the plane, but it's too late- he and Tad leave for Canada. Brooke spots Dixie and asks her what she's doing there. Ms. Conney lies and says that she changed her mind and wants to marry Ted.


After to listening to Milton and Livia, Tanner agrees to drop the murder charges against Laurel, but says that she may still face an embezzlement warrant. A joyful Laurel is released, and talks with Hayley about Timmy's erratic behavior. They suspect that he's on drugs and agree to alert Trevor. Meanwhile, Timmy tells Dean that he needs marijuana to deal with his dad.


Kendall announces her imminent departure to Erica and Dimitri, and purposely slips about her trip to L.A. with Hayley. A suspicious Erica calls Adam and finds out that Dimitri hired Hayley to find Fields. Ms.Kane goes berserk. She pummels Dimitri and slaps Kendall. She's been betrayed, Erica yells as Marick tries to explain. Erica packs her bags and leave Wildwind.

Dimitri reprimands Kendall, who becomes unhinged. She wishes that she were dead. a devastated Dimitri calls a doctor as Anton tries to comfort Kendall.


Alec confronts Gloria about trying to get him fired. She owns up to it and admits that she wants him. As they kiss, McIntyre suggests that they run away together. A mortified Hayley hears all. She goes to Adam, to spill the news, but ends up only hinting at Gloria and Alec's tryst. Later, Adam goes to the boathouse where Gloria and Alec are on the verge of making love.Mrs. Chandler hides and Alec covers. Once Adam leaves, Gloria tells Alec that she is committed to her marriage. Elsewhere, Hayley confides in Charlie. Should she tell Adam the truth? Charlie suggests that Hayley follow her heart.


An hysterical Dixie tries to convince Edmund that Ted is going to harm Tad. Edmund thinks that she's crazy and refuses to help. Later, a curious Brooke tells Dixie that Tad and Ted are unreachable. Dixie searches Ted's room and finds a map with a location circled. She promptly leaves for Canada. Meanwhile, Ted is nice to Tad. But after Martin falls asleep, Ted goes outside and sets a deadly trap for Tad.

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Lorna is scared to find Morgan at her door. He insists that he didn't rape her. Felicia and Dana show up; Lorna is relived. Cass thinks about dropping Morgan's case.

Lorna goes to Tops and sees Victor at the bar with a drink. He doesn't take a sip. She asks him to come home with her because she's scared to be alone.


Carl tells Rachel that she's mourned Mac for too long. He admits that he has feelings deeper than friendship for her. She doesn't want any part of it.

Jake asks Amanda to run Cory with him. Thinking it's best for the family, she agrees. Rachel calls an emergency meeting of the Cory board members. She resigns, but gives the family some very personal criticism for turning their backs on Mac's memory. Jake and Amanda are voted co-chairpersons.


Donna trades places with a call girl for her story on the escort service. A worried Matt saves her from getting involved with Grant's party chairman (her john), and the two kiss. When the chairman is booked on JAM SESSION, Matt and Donna panic that he'll recognize them.


Morgan rushes Frankie to the hospital, where she goes into premature labor. John is able to stop the labor and Frankie is OK. Cass is so grateful to Morgan that he agrees to be his lawyer.


Ryan questions Paulina about her legal involvement with Ian. Jake saves her by telling Ryan that Ian planned to turn himself in upon his return from San Cristobal. Ian sees sparks between the two ex-lovers. Paulina asks Ian to movie in with her, but he nixes the idea.


Grant meets Donna at Vicky's After she leaves, Grant sees some prenatal care pamphlets. When Vicky comes home, Grant asks if the baby she's carrying is his.


Vicky tells Grant that the baby is Ryan's. He doesn't believe her. Vicky tells him to check the hospital records, knowing that Marley Marley switched the dates. She calls her doctor and tells her not to show Grant the sonogram photo. A determined Grant asks his cousin, Kelsey, to get the photo for him. She says no. Ryan isn't too pleased when Vicky says she's going to get an abortion.

Donna and Matt are about to make love when Vicky bursts through the door. They quickly cover, but Vicky is too preoccupied to notice. Vicky asks Donna to come with her to get an abortion. Grant blackmails Donna: Get him definite proof of who the father is and he'll return the incriminating tape of the party chairman. She balks at the request.


Morgan overhears Lorna telling a detective that she ripped Morgan's shirt the night of the rape. Morgan hurries home to dispose it, but Cass stops him and they hand the shirt over as evidence to the police. Morgan goes to the espresso bar and has coffee with Brett. Jenna tells a shocked Brett about the changes against Morgan. Brett seeks advice from Father Pete, her friend from the convent. Morgan is suspended from the hospital, but John gets him back on staff. Kelsey is outraged.

Cass and Frankie test Morgan to see if he's really innocent. He passes, but is annoyed that they needed to pull the prank to believe him. Cass advices Morgan to track down Kyle. He says he's left messages, but Kyle hasn't called back. Lorna, Jenna and Victor return to Sassy's to recreate the scene before the rape. Lorna has an anxiety attack. Morgan and Cass arrive a while later, Morgan and Cass arrive a while later. Morgan gets into a fight with a sleazy photographer who taunts him.


Rachel checks into a hotel in New York and calls her family to say she's OK. Carl talks to Rachel briefly and hears the QEII yacht in the harbor. He figures out her whereabouts and heads there with Ito. Rachel slips away from them and rents a room above a hair salon.

Jake and Amanda hold a press conference about the future of Cory. Rachel sees a clip of it in New York. Paulina accuses Amanda and Jake of being romantically involved. Jake tells her she's jealous. Ian apologizes to the Corys, but Amanda doesn't want any part of it. Maggie orchestrates a romantic getaway for Ian and Paulina.


Grant tells Ryan how badly he wants to have children; he wishes Vicky's baby was his. A distraught Ryan finally admits that the baby is Grant's, but reveals that Vicky is terminating the pregnancy. Grant and Ryan rush to the clinic to stop Vicky. She is mad that Ryan spilled the beans.

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AMC had some ridiculous stuff there (the whole Ted/Tad hunting trip in the "wilds of Canada" LOL) but I admit I loved every second. Great to read this stuff again--I forgot about some of those stories (like Timmy's drug abuse--I remember one particularly campy episode where he had an LSD trip involving a singing lampost).

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I really hated the whole Tad/Ted Orsini thing. At this point, the whole "twin" thing had become ridiculous. Adam had one; Natalie had one (when Kate Collins played both roles); now Tad had one. Somebody else too? Oh yeah, I think right around this time Dixie found Doppleganger Will? Anyway...

I liked Tommy Michaels as Timmy, but forgot this storyline. I always thought he was a good child actor, but my guess is he wasn't good-looking enough as he matured. It was a constant surprise how he was never SORASed. (The young Amanda was a good little child actress too, I thought).

My favorite storylines at this time was Erica/Kendall/Dimitri and Alec/Hayley/Arlene/Gloria. That last one was HAWT.

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Royce arrives at Lucinda's office as she is waiting for Mr.Grey to arrive with news of Royce's twin. Much to Lucinda's chagrin, Royce isn't interested and says he stopped by to invite her to his wedding. Lucinda is shocked. When Royce leaves, Mr.Grey arrives and says he tracked down the nurse who arranged the private adoption of Royce's twin. The nurse won't reveal the name of the twin-who is female-or the name of the adoptive parents. Lucinda tells Mr.Grey that she will spare no expense to find the twin.


Holden takes Lily to the bell tower and finds it's just as he remembered it. Lily fights her feelings when Holden tries to take her hand as they leave. Later, Holden tells Emma that he finally understands why everyone says his relationship with Lily was special.


In New York, Evan and Rosanna sleep together. Neither regrets their night of passion. Meanwhile, Hutch starts to have real feelings for Debbie, but walks out on her after she reveals the way that she schemed to get him.

After she and Evan return, Rosanna and Hutch finally talk thins out. Rosanna encourages Hutch to give Debbie more of a chance than he gave her.


At Linc's hotel suite,Debbie tells Linc that she told Hutch the truth. Linc explodes, but he calms down when he finds out Debbie didn't tell Hutch that they slept together. Linc comforts Debbie; they wind up in the bedroom. He's in for a surprise when Connor-who is supposed to be in Chicago on business- shows up wearing nothing more than a teddy under her raincoat. Connor flees. When Linc finally catches up to Connor, she says it's over between them.

Debbie returns to the farm and blurts out the truth to Hutch, who is furious. Hutch goes to Linc's hotel and finds his half-brother with his bags packed and on his way out.


Hal finds Connor's car on the side of the road. She has binged and purged. Hal sees her home. Meanwhile, Hutch confronts Linc, who finally admits that he slept with Debbie- on more than one occasion. An angry Linc also informs Hutch that Mary is his biological mother. Later, Debbie flees to New York.

Later, Linc shows up at Connor's place to plead his case. Evan, Royce and Emily are there. Royce tells Linc that he ought to resign from Walsh-Montgomery. But the next day, Linc shows up at work. Connor has to stop Evan from slugging Linc. Emily tells Linc he's a slime. When Cal returns from Waco, he is shocked to learn Linc is still working at W-M.


Mary admits to Hutch that she is his mother. Hutch listens to her story, then storms out. Cal arrives and comforts Mary. He is livid when he finds out that Linc sprang the news on Hutch.


Jason decides to surprise Iva on her cruise. She delights him by accepting his marriage proposal.


Dawn accepts Bob and Kim's offer of the garage apartment. Tom arrives to help her paint it. It's obvious that her feelings for Tom are growing.... Lily takes Holden to the stables to job his memory.... Lucinda and Damian agree that he is the right man for Lily. Damian arranges a surprise for Lily. He is having her horse, Big Max, transferredto Cal's stables.


Everyone in Oakdale chastises Linc for the despicable way that he treated Connor. Linc's lawyer, Fred Greer, advises him to sue for harassment if he is not treated the way the other executives at Walsh-Montgomery are treated. Linc shares this information with Connor. Afterward, Connor tries to buy him off, but Linc kisses her instead. A disgusted Connor leaves. Someone opens Cal's gun case with a key. Soon after, Linc is murdered.


Royce has a nightmare in which Emily turns into Julie while he is kissing her. Roger emerges in the dream and laughs at Royce. Royce wonders what it all means.

Before Emily and Royce's wedding, Susan asks Royce to postpone the nuptials. Later, Royce phones Emily and offers her a chance to back out. Much to Susan's dismay, Emily swears her undying love. Royce tries to discuss Susan's suggestion with Dr. Spiros, but they are interrupted by a call from Hal, who says he can't be best man because he is on his way to Kentucky to see his ill father. Royce asks Graham to stand up for him. The wedding proceeds without a hitch- until Royce freezes when it's time for him to say, "I do."

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Sheila spots Scott and Lauren in the hotel lobby, but it's too late to escape because Eric sees Lauren and greets her. Scott is stunned when Lauren introduces Sheila as Eric's wife but-to Lauren's surprise-Scott pretends he is meeting Sheila for the first time. Eric suggests the four of them have dinner.


Stephanie is disappointed to learn from Ridge that Eric is in Catalina with Sheila. Later, Taylor tells Ridge that she saw him with Brooke at Cafe Russe, and they didn't look like they were working. Ridge storms out and meets up with Brooke in the steam room.


Sheila tries to talk Eric out of dining with the Graingers, but he won't hear of it. Meanwhile, the Graingers are stunned to discover each of them knew that Sheila survived the fire. Scott tells Lauren that Sheila visited him in the hospital and said she never stopped loving him. Lauren points out that Sheila didn't tell Scott that she'd remarried. Later, Sheila calls Lauren and says they should get together and discuss the situation.


Lauren meets with Sheila, while Scott heads for the pharmacy. The pharmacist suggests that Scott see a doctor since his condition has worsened. Meanwhile, Lauren tells Sheila that she's going to expose her to Eric. Sheila begs Lauren not to because she loves him, but Lauren doesn't buy it. They are interrupted by a call from Scott, who tells Sheila that he needs to see her. Sheila bolts. Lauren stays to wait for Eric.


Sally orders Macy and Anthony to iron out their differences. Later, Anthony visits Thorne to try and smooth things over. Thorne is about to slug him when Macy bursts in. Thorne tells Anthony that he's fired, but Macy insists Spectra needs Anthony. Thorne storms out because he suspects collusion between Macy and Anthony.


Ridge inadvertently sees some notes from Taylor's sessions with James. Ignoring patient/doctor confidentially, Taylor tells Ridge about James' situation, including his relationship with Sophia. Ridge changes the subject to babymaking. They are interrupted by Steph, who informs them that Lauren is in Catalina with Sheila and Eric.


When Sheila arrives at Scott's room, he is in agonizing pain and begs her to stay with him. Sheila phones for a helicopter to fly Scott to a mainland hospital. Meanwhile, Eric finds Lauren in his room. She is about to tell Eric about his evil wife when Sheila calls to inform them about Scott. Eric and Lauren rush to Scott's room. When Eric leaves to check on the helicopter, Scott asks Lauren to promise never to tell Eric the truth about Sheila. Lauren nods yes. When the paramedics arrive, it's too late. Scott has died.


Connor tells Steph that he won't let Ridge use Brooke Meanwhile, Karen asks Brooke whether security with Connor or a passionate future with Ridge will satisfy her. Brooke gets caught up in Karen's description of a life with Ridge. Later, Connor decides to share his suspicious about Ridge with Karen, who can't believe Ridge would be duplicitous.


Taylor is surprised when James refuses to list his mother's address on an insurance form. He says she wouldn't understand him being in therapy. Later, Taylor's secretary says she couldn't find an address listing for James's mother, Mary, in Elgin, Scotland, but she did find a listing for a Damon Warwick.


Macy enters the bar just as Sly informs Keith and Karen that he can't afford to keep them on staff. Meanwhile, Sally tells Anthony that he can't have his own label, but he might be able to have Macy. Later, Macy practically ignores Anthony when she hands Karen a schedule. Macy tells Sally that she feels bad for Keith and Kevin. She is touched later when Anthony re-enters with his two new assistants-Keith and Kevin.


Lauren returns to Genoa City with Scott's Body. Eric and Sheila return home. Sheila confesses to Mike that she loved Scott very much, especially since he asked Lauren not to reveal her past to Eric. Eric fills Ridge and Steph in on Scott's death. Eric tells them that Sheila's concern for a total "stranger" proves that there is more to his wife than he ever imagined. Eric halts his plans to divorce her. Steph is still suspicious of Sheila.

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Billie is upset when she suddenly remembers that Curtis molested her as a teen. Curtis frees her from his grasp and she goes home, where Bo is waiting. Ozzie arrives to question her about the parking lot shooting. Frizzled, Billie heads to the park and accidentally scratches her hand on a nail.

Kate worries when she finds a crumpled photo on the floor. Lucas goes out to buy a gun in the park. Victor gives Kate $100,000 and she brings it to Curtis.

Austin comes face to face with his "dead" father and punches him. Later, Billie finds Curtis in the middle of a drug deal. He injects her with heroin, drags her to the basement and is about to molest her when Kate arrives with his money. After covering the semi-conscious Billie with a tarp, Curtis has a bitter fight with Kate. Victor and Lucas secretly vow revenge when a badly beaten Kate returns home. She looks at a photo of her babies and gets out her gun. Austin discovers Billie in the basement and takes her upstairs.

John asks Kristen to accompany him to see Curtis. She says no, but later sneaks away from Tony to find Curtis on her own. She runs into John. A worried Tony looks for Kristen and sees Stefano's bed empty.


The next morning, Curtis's dead body is discovered in the alley. The police find a bloody footprint nearby and human skin under his fingernails. Billie can't remember whether or not she killed her dad.

Wendy tells Billie that she heard her arguing with a man in the alley, but promises not to tell. Bo finds a piece of fabric next to the body. Billie notices that the Juliet costume she wore to Bo's birthday party is torn.

When John, Bo and Roman investigate the basement, they find a bag of jewels, which John recognizes as belonging to Kristen. She explains that Curtis kidnapped Stefano and she used the jewels as ransom. She is sure that Stefano has no connection to Curtis.


Kate gives Victor his $100,000 back, and admits that the man who beat her was the same one killed. Kiriakis agrees to keep his wife's secret, unaware that Lucas heard the whole thing.

When Bo looks at Billie's Juliet costume, he realizes that the rip and the piece of fabric match. Austin chimes in: Billie tore her sleeve in the park, and the piece of fabric must have fallen off in the alley. Abe doesn't buy the tale, and asks Bo to get the costume as possible evidence. Fearing that she will be linked to the murder, Billie throws the costume out. Bo finds the costume; when it's tested, fibers from Curtis's clothing are on it.

When Bo questions Billie, she admits that she can't remember what happened. Bo spots a needle mark on Billie's arm, and concludes that she's back on drugs. Billie lies and says that it's true, not wanting not wanting Bo to know about her real relationship to Curtis. After Billie confides in Austin that their dad molested her as a child any may have done it again on the night of his murder, Bo arrives with a search warrant.


Jennifer recognizes Curtis's picture in the paper as Austin's father. When she confronts Austin,, he asks her not to dredge up the horrors of his past. But Jenn swipes Curtis's wedding ring from the trash after Austin threw it away. She hopes it will lead her to Austin's mother. A jeweler traces the ring to Patterson's Jewelers in Chicago.

When Lucas admits knowing that Curtis was back in town and that Curtis was the man who beat his mom, Kate wonders what her son was doing the night of the murder. Later, Henderson promises Lucas he'll keep mum on the speeding ticket the young man got that night. Meanwhile, Kate confides in Marlena.

Vivian sneaks into Laura Horton's room and shows her a photo from Bella Magazine. Viv is tunned when the supposedly catatonic woman utters "Kate". Viv later learns that Kate was in Salem 18 years ago, living in a house owned by Bill Horton.


Sami is concerned when Isabella undergoes blood tests for jaundice. Her friend in the hematology lab tells Sami that there's no way Sami and Isabella have the same father. Sami erases the test results.... Jonah confesses to Abe that he was the Pacifier Vigilante.


When Kristen realizes how difficult it's becoming to distance herself from John, she tells Tony that she wants to push up their wedding date. John takes her to the Horton's cabin, hoping the memories they shared there will help her make up her mind. Kristen runs out of the Cabin when their closeness becomes too much, and falls off a cliff.

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Luke and Laura are rescued from the waterfall by a helicopter. They hang on until the chopper is over a country club wedding and drop into the pool. The Spencers congratulate the couple and speed off in a golf cart.


A crazed Rhonda goes looking for Ray at Kelly's. where she lets it slip to Ruby, Brenda and Jason that Ray molested Karen. Rhonda heads home, where Ray is waiting for her. They argue.

Jason tells Alan that Ray abused Karen. Alan calls Rhonda, but Ray knocks the phone out of her hand. Rhonda's screams prompt Alan to race over: He finds Ray kicking a bloodied, unconscious Rhonda. In a rage, Alan throws Ray across the room. He's dead.

Alan disguises his voice and calls an ambulance for Rhonda. He sneaks Ray's body out the fire escape, and speeds off with it in Ray's truck. Meanwhile, the Quartermaines are at a fancy dinner in Alan's honor wondering where he is. Scott and Katherine announce their engagement, to Damian and Lucy's chagrin. A sympathetic Jason escorts Karen. A disheveled Alan shows up, saying he had a flat tire. Steve interrupts: Monica can't make it- she's operating on Rhonda. Alan grabs Karen and heads for the hospital.


Felicia pleads with Mac to marry her. Oh, all right, Mac grins. Felicia flies into his arms and they make love. Ditto Lila and Edward, Steve and Audrey, in other parts of town.... Luke and Laura make their way back to P.C. and hide out in an abandoned house, Where they make love, too.


Lucky and Sly are shot at when they go to the movies.... Monica saves Rhonda's life.... Ned fumes when Edward loans A.J. the money to buy Julia's ELQ stock.... Paul and Jenny return from Argentina outraged that Edward lied to them about Tracy's whereabouts.... Damian tells Lucy to thwart Scott's marriage plans by leaving town.


Luke and Laura sneak past Frank's thugs at the hospital by pretending Laura is in labor. Bobbie is thrilled to see her brother. Meanwhile, Sly hides Lucky at the lighthouse and tells his dad about the gunmen after Lucky. Bill calls the cops. Scared, Lucky and Sly run back to the catacombs. The thugs follow.

Bill tells Ruby where the boys are, and Luke, Laura and Bill are converge on the catacombs to find them. Bill takes a bullet mean for Lucky. The gunmen congratulate themselves for shooting "Spencer". To Sly's horror, Bill dies.


Upset over Scott's engagement, Lucy runs off to Dom's apartment in New York. She consoles herself by ordering things from the Home Shopping Network with Scott's credit card.... A shaken Karen goes to stay with Sean and Tiffany while Rhonda recovers. Gail counsels Karen.... Sean finds blood in Rhonda's pad, and overhears Jagger threaten to kill Ray.... Lucy heads for the Bahamas.... Sonny enlists Stone to work for Frank, too. Coincidentally, Jagger is thinking of becoming a cop.... Felicia and Mac argue about their wedding.... Damian is meeting with Ned when they hear Bill is dead. Damian abruptly bolts for the prison to see his dad-Frank Smith.


Poor Sly goes home with the Spencers. Laura comforts him. When Luke goes to report the murder, he is stunned to find that his old enemy, Sean, is police commissioner. Stay away, Luke barks.

Jenny and her mom are devastated to learn of Bill's death. So is Julia, who tells an unhappy A.J. that William Eckert was the love of her life. Before memorializing her misunderstood brother at the funeral, Jenny notes the morbid card sent by Holly. Tony praises Bill's hospital donations, and Luke gives the eulogy. Scott grumbles: It's just like Luke to take over a private funeral service.


Damian tells his father to lay off Luke and P.C.-that's his turf. Damian meets with a wary Luke and guarantees his safety in exchange for Luke's help smuggling Smith cohorts into the U.S. With no other options, Luke agrees. The Spencers celebrate coming out of hiding at the Joneses. Luke and Mac argue about Sean. Laura decides she likes Tony -he's so normal. Suddenly, Scott enters. What are you doing her? Luke demands. I live here, Scott sneers.


Julia moves to London to organize Barrett Enterprises. Jenny inherits all of Bill's holdings. The worried Quartermaines hold a meeting to figure out how to get Bill's ELQ stock from Jenny. It's too late: A vengeful Jenny and Paul have decided to sell the stock to Damian Smith.

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Nadine fears Buzz may be the father of Jenna's baby, so she asks Buzz if he's been sleeping with Jenna; he says no. Nadine quits WSPR and tells Roger that she'll tell him what she knows in exchange for info on Eleni. Roger swears he had nothing to do with Eleni's kidnapping. Nadine reveals Jenna's pregnancy. Roger vows nothing will come between him and his unborn child.


When Roger lies to Jenna about what's going on with Eleni, Jenna realizes she must devise a plan to get rid of him. Jenna asks Alex and Henry how she can divorce Roger without losing Spaulding to him. Alexandra deduces Jenna is pregnant and says it won't be easy. Jenna is stunned that Roger knows she's pregnant, but she pretends that she still cares for him. Later, Jenna asks for Buzz's help to escape from her husband.


George gets the better of Eleni in their fight and ties her up again. Alan-Michael gets a female cabbie to admit that she picked up George, who was carrying a stuffed lamb. When the Cabbie reveals George's location, Alan-Michael takes off: Lucy follows him. A-M gets to the spa before Frank and Buzz and distracts George long enough to untie Eleni. A-M and Eleni hide in the steam room, but George turns on the steam. Buzz and Frank are on their way.

ENEMY LINES:Eve is not pleased: Michelle nearly disrupts her dinner plans with Ed, and Holly scores points with Ed via Michelle. Holly senses Eve's resentment. When Holly catches Michelle snooping in Eve's apartment, Holly is left holding the bag. Ed and Steve know Holly's lying when she says she was investigating a strange noise.... Josh and Tangie begin a romantic evening at Cross Creek.... Bridget crashes her car on purpose, then tells Patrick that she was struck by a hit-and-run driver. Bridget gives Hart's license number to Patrick.

A vindictive Julie tells Patrick that Bridget faked her hit-and-run. Bridget explains to Patrick why she did it; he doesn't arrest her. Patrick could kick himself for being attracted to Eleni, but he can't help himself.... Dylan refuses to let Billy help him out of the Habberd mess; Lewis Construction will file for bankruptcy. Nick thinks there's another way and joins the battle against Roger. Alexandra realizes it's more to help Mindy's brother, Dylan than her.... Gilly and Hamp go on a date, but it's not as easy as they thought it would be. Gilly is blown away when Hamp says he wants her back. Gilly says she can't her job is still very important to her and she never wants to make excuses for it again.


George discover Lucy as Frank and Buzz arrive. Frank rescues Eleni and Alan-Michael from the steamroom in the nick of time, as Buzz tries to negotiate Lucy's freedom. George agrees to take the lamb in exchange for Lucy, but Alan-Michael tackles George before she can get out. Roger arrives and helps George escape before the police show up. In front of Patrick (the cop), Buzz demands Marina's lamb and Roger returns home to an empty house. Alan-Michael's celebration ends quickly when he discovers that the lamb no longer contains the document. Alan-Michael thinks Roger has it, and Roger realizes that Alex doesn't. Bess agrees to testify for Spaulding- if she can be protected from Roger.

When Jenna returns home, Roger says he won't let her leave him not that they're expecting a baby. Jenna asks Roger to leave the house because he lied to her about her father; Alexandra told her the truth. Roger reams out Alexandra for interfering in his life. Jenna tells Buzz that she threw Roger out. She wonders if she can still count on Buzz.


Josh is taken aback when Tangie relates a story that reveals she's not the kind of woman who can be taken for granted. Josh and Tangie's evening is interrupted by Billy, who needs Josh back in Springfield as quickly as possible. To Josh's chagrin, Tangie accepts Vanessa's invitation to stay at the Lewis house, and Mind hires Tangie as stylist. Josh is forced to take Tangie more seriously, but he's mot sure he wants to.


Alan-Michael and Lucy share a kiss.... The Coopers are thrilled when it's obvious that Marina hears Buzz's singing.... Kat finally admits she doesn't understand why David wants to become a cop....Jenna realizes that Nadine told Roger about her pregnancy. Buzz is shocked when Roger passes the news on to him. Jealous Nadine plans a romantic encounter for Buzz and tells him she wants to marry him again.

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Leo tells Shana about Patti's condition. Shana's upset that he withheld the news, but is optimistic about her daughter's health. Leo's still worried.


Gwyn fires Buck and Tess after learning that they left Curtis in Kuwait to take the rap for killing Tess's husband. Buck lies and informs Stacey he quit AE.

Clay gets another call from Dante- aka Joe Young- threatening his family. Alex is unable to trace the kidnapper's call. Clay asks Gwyn to leave town. Not without you, she replies.


His New York trip a bust, Casey comes home to find Steffi moved in. It's temporary, she claims.... Cooper wants to buy a house for Ally and Tyler; Ally wants to take it slow. At pins, Casey is distracted by Cooper and Ally. Steffi leaves feeling rejected. Back at the loft, Steffi eats and then exercises non-stop.


Ava confides to Dinah Lee that she wants to reunite with Alex, but is suspicious of his motives.... Dinah Lee's attempts to set up Trucker flop, but the two enjoy the evening anyway.... Jeremy admits to Kate that he loves Ava, but it won't work; Ava is too unpredictable. Tess arrives and fumes about being fired.


Frankie's angry over a remark his mom made to Shana about not being thrilled when she first learned she was pregnant. Angie tries to explain, but her beeper interrupts and she leaves. Charles sneaks into the Hubbards' house and grabs the incriminating videotape.


Ava tells Alex to prove that he loves her; he responds with a kiss. Still curious, Ava dons a disguise and trails Alex- straight to the FBI headquarters. When discovered, she admits to trying to uncover the reason behind his return to Corinth and his bodyguard job. Ava and Alex can't hide their true feelings.


Charles is nearby when Gwyn's psychic says that Curtis is in a prison of pain. The seer spots Charles's ring and says he must miss "her". After the kidnapping calls, Clay and Gwyn decide to give their love another try.


Jeremy wants to move back to Pine Valley. Don't run from memories, Tess advises. Jeremy recalls meeting Tess in Monte Carlo. Tess says she was once wed to a jealous Kuwaiti who died. Later, Tess tells Gwyn that she and Clay had sex.


Dante/Joe tells Dinah Lee and Trucker that his wife left him; he misses her. Dante/Joe envisions his wife- Tess! Dante/Joe overhears Buck say he's worried. If Stacey learns Buck was fired, She'll find out about the Kuwait ordeal. Dinah Lee introduces Buck to Dante/Joe; Buck doesn't recognize him. Dante/Joe plans to set Buck up for a fall.


At the photo shoot, Steffi overhears Casey tell Ally that he doesn't love Steffi. When the photographer yells at Steffi, Tess acts as her manager.... Shana and Leo bring Patti home. Shana has a social worker speak to Leo to allay his fears. Leo bonds with Patti.


FBI undercover agent Charles spots Frankie videotaping the cops bringing in a suspect. Charles fakes being arrested in order to save his cover. When the suspect jumps Frankie, Charles saves him. Frankie recognizes Charles as the guy who swiped his camera, but returned it.

Charles further protects his cover by yelling that all cops are pigs. When Charles mentions Frankie's father, a shocked Frankie wonders how he knew that Jesse was a cop. Charles says he overheard Frankie and Angie talking. Angie is curious about Charles.


Alex explains to a devastated Ava that he came to Corinth to work with the FBI; she was his cover. To prove his feeling, Alex tells Charles that he's quitting the force. Ava is afraid to trust her ex.


Clay briefs the family on the kidnapper's threats to hurt the family. Cooper, Ally and Tyler move home. Charles tells Clay that Alex is no longer his bodyguard. Ally and Coop rush an ill Tyler to the hospital. The Aldens get another threatening call; Charles traces it to the hospital. Dante/Joe moves toward Tyler's hospital room.

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Emily and Dorian are shocked to discover that they've been lured to a party for Sloan. When Viki accuses Dorian of convincing Emily to make the sexual harassment claim, Ms. Lord feigns ignorance and the coed is mute. After some kind words from Marty, Emily reveals the truth. Though Dorian tries to deny it, she's caught in her own lies, and Sloan is exonerated.

Dorian begs Sloan not to tell Cassie. He decides to comply- for the sake of his pregnant daughter-in-law's health. Dorian meets with Cassie and claims that she cleared Sloan's name. Happily, they plan a mother/daughter vacation.


In an effort to get Max and Luna back together, AL and C.J. stow away in the back of Tina's car when she goes to visit Luna at Avalon. Luna's in bad shape. She's been starving herself with Bobby's encouragement. Al and C.J. find a phone in the woods and call Max. The kids tell him about Avalon, but the phone goes dead before they can give him the number. Tina decides to spend the night at Avalon. Luna, who is sharing a bed with Bobby, dreams of dying and wakes up with a fever.


Nora finally tells Rachel about the tumor, but she can't bring herself to tell Bo. Later, Nora lets Ben know that she's decided to have the surgery. she runs into Bo in the hospital, but covers by saying she was just looking for Sheila. When Bo runs down the corridor to get something, Nora's sight dims. Blind and terrified, she calls for Bo.


Cassie visits Sloan. When the general leaves the room, Dorian bursts in. Thinking that Sloan has told Cassie about her machinations, Dorian tries to explain. Shocked, Cassie reads the university report that Sloan hadn't wanted her to see. Dorian watches in Horror as Cassie falls to the floor in pain. Andrew, Sloan and Viki rush Cassie to the hospital. Cassie and the baby are in danger.


Nora gets her sight back, and quickly covers when Bo asks her what's wrong. After a tension-packed discussion with Rachel, Ben tells Nora that he's scheduled her operation for the following day. An anxious Nora lies to Bo about having to visit her mother. Later, when Bo finds out that Nora's mom is on vacation, Nora fabricates a new story: Her father's taken ill, she says, and she needs to visit him alone. Bo drops her off at the airport. As planned, Rachel meets her mom there after Bo leaves. She starts to cry when Nora has a dizzy spell.


Thrilled with his singing success at Olanov's, Asa wants to sub for Alex again. He steals all her clothes, but Ms. Olanov won't be thwarted. Just as Asa's about to sing, Alex appears on stage wearing nothing but a teddy and high heels. She belts out a number, the crowd goes wild and Asa's very impressed.


In prison, Todd holds his hand under hot water and later tells Rebecca that he was injured by faithless inmates. Rebecca assures him that she'll be his friend. Thinking it may be his ticket out of jail, Todd also plans to join the prison football team.


At the hospital, Larry works frantically to save Cassie and the baby. The doctors perform a C-section as Andrew tries to cover his fear. Dorian blames Sloan for making her tell Cassie the truth. Andrew and Viki tell her that she's the one to blame. Everyone waits with bated breath as Larry delivers the news: Cassie has lost her baby. Devastated Andrew goes to the chapel to pray. When Dorian tries to explain herself, he grabs her by the shoulders, a murderous look in his eyes. Marty and Suede show up at the hospital and take Dorian home. Latter, she collapses on Marty'f floor and sobs uncontrollably. Cassie awakens and wants to see her baby. Andrew can't tell her what happened. She gets out of bed and looks for her baby. When Andrew finally gives her the bad news, she asks to see Dorian.


Max and Cain meet C.J. and Al at Avalon. Feigning fear, the little boys lie their way into the retreat and let the men in. Max tells Tina to take the kids home and arrange his wedding- he will rescue Luna. With Cain's help, Max swings into Luna's room on a rope. Bobby urges Luna to throe the key out the window and she obeys. Though Max proclaims his love for Luna, she's still under Bobby's spell. She informs Holden that if he truly loved her, he'd be able to see Bobby. Max asks Luna to give him all of her fear. Bobby slowly materializes for Max.

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Nina invites Cricket out to eat. Cricket tries to convince Nina to forget the past. When Cricket leaves, Nina spots a man with a scar on his neck. She recalls that Flo said her father, Rick, had a similar scar. Nina follows the man, but he disappears.


Victor is irritated that Brad is not free to leave Fenmore's- especially now with Lauren out of town. Feeling deserted by his top execs, Victor enlists Brad's help to convince Ash and John to rejoin Jabot. Brad returns with unexpected news: The Abbotts appear to be working for another company. Why else would Ashley be busy in the lab? Blade is frustrated that Ash is devoting more time to developing fragrances than to him.


Kay visits Victor and is surprised to see his Colonnade room date in his apartment. Curious, Kay invites Victor and Hope to dinner, but she's unable to learn more about her guests' relationship. She prays they are only friends- for Nikki's sake.


Anxious to consummate her relationship with Cole, Victoria sets the stage for seduction. When Nikki returns home early from her vacation, she notices Miguel making a special dinner, but thinks it is for the family.

Victoria dons a sexy nightie and fills the tack room with candlelight. She promises Cole that food will be the furthest thing from his mind.


Hoping that Lillie Bell will be gone by Thanksgiving, Nathan tries to accept her. Olivia suggests her mom receive intense therapy. She refuses.


Paul and Lynne jet to New York to rescue April from her abusive spouse. Paul gets April to admit that she fears Robert. Encouraged by her friends, April tells her husband that she's going to visit her mom- but returns to Genoa City instead.


Nikki interrupts Cole and Victoria just as they are about to make love. Luckily, Victoria is able to hide in the bathroom before her mother catches her in the act. Realizing that she has intruded on a romantic moment, Nikki apologizes and runs off. Victoria and Cole decide to wait until they are legally married.

Later, Nikki tells Victoria that Victor is coming over to look at her application for college. Victoria enlists Cole's help in writing the required essay. Cole joins Victoria's parents in touting the merits of higher education.

Nikki inadvertently mentions to Victor that the Abbotts are starting a new cosmetics company- something she heard from Jack. Victor goes to Ashely for clarification and finds her busy in the Jabot lab. He makes an impassioned plea for her to abandon the idea and return to Jabot. Ash flatly refuses. Her family is committed to work together. They will not let anyone block their plans.


As April settles in at Mary's, Paul and Cricket find her a support group for battered women. She is an unwilling participant. April's certain that she and Robert are different from the others.


Lauren breaks the news to a devastated Cricket that her brother, Scott, has died. Lauren explains that Scott had concealed his fatal illness from everyone, and he collapsed and died while he and Lauren were vacationing in Catalina.


Mamie intercedes and brings Lillie Bell and Dru together. Lillie Bell begs Dru's forgiveness for mistreating her. Dru leaves before she can answer.

While Nathan plans Lillie Bell's return to New York, Olivia wonders if her mother is well enough to leave.


A messenger delivers copies of Cole's book to the ranch. Nikki tears into the package and is delighted to see the dedication Cole made to her in print. Victoria is curious as to what a woman has to do to get a book dedicated to her.


Blade fears that Ashley's desire to work with her father and brother will supersede her desire to marry him. She reassures him, but her words ring untrue.

Jill implores Jack to abandon this "new company" scheme. She warns that John's health is too fragile to sustain the work load involved. Jack brushes her off.

Later, tempers flare when John and Jack butt heads over financing for the venture. John meets with a banker pal to finalize the deal and is informed that banks are taking a conservative stand on lending. Stressed by the rejection, John suddenly slumps over unconscious on his desk.

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