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Claire spoiler (among others) from SOW

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Well that spoiler and the fact that Bope are continuously talking about how happy and healthy their family is and how they pray they will be through the holidays is a red flag for me that the Bope story has something to do with this. I also have a suspicion that maybe the truth about Claire will come out sooner then we all think with this development.

Oh I love the Carrie/Austin/Sami/Lucas stuff and the Marlena/Alex/John stuff sounds real good. That pearl scene from back in November suggests that there may still be more to this then Alex as an abusive husband but I think I am gonna like this story and twist.

The J&J spoiler is sad :( .

But I hope we get good flashbacks at the service and I am so excited about the J&J/Frankie triangle. Days is gonna definitely rockin and the ratings are gonna be surging (especially with holiday time upon us) the next few weeks :D .

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I am really liking where these spoilers are hinting that the show is going. First lets starts with BOPE.

We have them constantly reflecting on how lucky they are and how fortunate they are. This almost 100% guarantees that they will be stricken with tragedy in the new year and the hints to this are already beginning to be laid. With Claire needing a transplant, Chelsey getting into an awful car wreck leaving her close to death and rumours that Zack could fall gravely ill, all amidst the secret that Shawn is Claire's father, leads me to believe that we DAYS fans are in for a tear-jerker, as 1 or two of the ill characters will be killed off providing truly emotion riddled drama.

Also Alex having an abusive past, DEFINETLY intrigues my interest. Just WHAT does this mean about who he is and WHAT does it reveal about perhaps why he and marlena split up long ago. Perhaps he abused her and cause her first bout of amnesia, perhaps she went into hiding to get away from him which led her to Salem and a new life, there is DEFINETLY more to it than a simple love-triangle story.

Then we have Jack who is "dead", which several characters acting VERY suspicious about whether or not they know he is or not (did that make sense??). I definetly think Patrick and or Frankie/Bo know that Jack is alive and helped him get away. What type of reprucussions will THAT have on their relationships, and also WHERE IS JACk, what is he DOING? and when and HOW will be brought back?

Next we have the Austin and Carrie reunion, will it be a good one, will we watch them slowly fall back inlove with each other through months of cute and touching scenes, I hope so. In the meantime I want Sami to sorta cause problems but also be MASSIVELY conflicted by her feelings for Lucas and vice versa for Lucas, and of course I want Nicole to get down right nasty and do whatever she can to get Austin. A visit by psycho Nurse Ali or Rapist Alan Harris, would DEFINETLY be welcomed in the new year BIG TIME!

Of course as I mentioned above about the BOPE stuff, the reprucussions of that will also MASSIVELY affect the whole Belle/Shawn/Philip/Mimi quadrangle.

DAYS looks good going into 2006. Also, I have heard rumours that the show is planning on doing a cruise type story which will feature many core characters and could lead to several huge revelations about missing/past characters. (ie. the story sounds sorta like the Cruise of Deception storyline that was extremely popular in the early 90's). IMO this would be a great move!

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How can Matt Ashford/Jack fans have anything to be happy about? Jack is "dead" again, he doesn't get to spend Christmas with his family, Jennifer is in mourning for the 3rd year in a row, another man comforts Jennifer etc. Let me guess - Ashford will barely be on screen until April/May, and in the meantime, Frankie worms his way into Jennifer's heart again and she eventually has disgusting sex with him, at just the time Jack returns to town cured. I don't even need to watch this crap, I know what's gonna happen.

Sorry for the rant, but I see no further reason to ever watch DAYS again, at least while JER is in charge of the sinking ship! :angry::angry:

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