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SOD: All Soaps... [6/2/09]

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For AMC this summer: Annie/Adam, and Ryan/Erica - romances. One thing I can say about Pratt, dude shocks me a lot (except for things like the mysterious murder mystery that is).

Will update by 9am EST.



AMC's Canary on Stuart's Demise

B&B Snags GH Star

Y&R's Nick and Jack Learn the Truth About Sharon

OLTL: Starr Learns the Truth

DAYS's Brady and Melanie: Trapped!

ATWT: Larry Returns to Oakdale

GL's Reva Arrested!

2009 Daytime Emmy Nominees!


B&B: Erica Is Blackmailed

Y&R: Chloe Leaves Billy

DAYS: Lucas Remembers

AMC: Kendall Is Arrested!

CASTING: C. Stause (Amanda, AMC) has extended her contract...again. C. Towers returns as Helena on GH. R. Hearst (Ric, GH) will appear on GH through mid-June.

Editors' Choice: Intervention, GH

POTW: Robert S. Woods & Hillary B. Smith (Bo and Nora, OLTL)


Robert Newman (Josh, GL)

Nathan Parsons (Ethan, GH)

Julia Barr (ex-Brooke, AMC)

There's a long retrospective on Stuart (AMC) in the issue as well.

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so Nick and Jack find out Sharon's secret....what that she is pregnant by an un-known source (one of those random men she had sex with imagining that they were Nick) and they fall over themselves to make her an "honorable woman" ?!?!?!?! they are a few decades to late!!!

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I loved the Erica/Ryan scenes a few weeks ago (a test to see how the audience would respond?) and am looking forward to see them pursuing that more.

And I have to admit that when Annie was living at the Chandler mansion last fall and Annie & Adam were teaming up to bring down Fusion I was a little intruiged at the possibility of these two.

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Cameron and Susan are good together, but it's just all the factors of Kendall/Ryan were just together romantically and Ryan having a son with Erica's daughter, a little too much to start a romance, IMO.

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