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OLTL: November Sweeps Sneak Peek from Soapnet.com

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From Soapnet.com

It's November Sweeps, folks, and we all know what that means -- this month on "One Life to Live" will extra juicy, extra dirty, and extra scandalous. You won't even believe what's in store -- we know we can't!

Firstly, Starr goes into labor and delivers a bouncing baby girl. Of course, Todd's making a beeline to the hospital. But is it to steal the baby or actually do the right thing? We're hoping the latter, considering he's just coming off having sex with Marty. Yes, for real. Next week the two have sex, there is major lovey-dovey talk and the earth sort of shakes, mostly because we'd never thought this would happen. You sort of have to see how it plays out.

Why? Because someone else enters into this story someone very familiar, yet entirely new who takes Todd, Starr and little baby Thornhart/Manning 's lives into a blender from which they may never recover. We are talking major, major stuff -- a story that's going to change "OLTL" forever.

Speaking of babies (and crazies), there's really no topping Tess. Next week she takes it to a whole new level. She heads out to Nash's vineyard where she, too, goes into labor. She has the very unwelcome task of delivering her baby all by her lonesome. Okay, not really, Niki Smith is there to help. WHAT? Trust us when we say, this isn't even anywhere NEAR how insane it gets.

And poor Natalie and Jared are still stuck in the secret basement glass prison! Remember when Blair was stuck in that car trunk for all that time? At least Natalie and Jared have a bathroom and cable. Anyway, with that bomb set to explode and Viki and Charlie unaware that their missing kids are literally right under their noses, we're starting to get a bit worried that not everyone will be walking out alive! But we love that Charlie and Viki are teaming up.

WAIT! We haven't stated the most extreme thing. JOHN AND MARTY FACE TO FACE! Yes! Next week they actually see each other. What do you think the first thing coming out of his mouth will be? "I love you" or "What in the sam hell are you doing with Todd"? Which means Marty will find out what Todd's been doing, which will mean & We'll leave it to your imagination, then to see how it plays out.

Our favorite part is that David Vickers the dog gets his very own story! And it's got a twist in it! But really, couldn't you just sit there all day and stare at him just staring back at you?

All this PLUS the return of the Bon Jour Cafe crew, someone leaves town and Llanfair explodes. Howzabout THAT for a month of thrills? See you there!

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