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ATWT: Week of 10/20 Spoilers

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Derek lets Meg in on what Paul has been up to.

Meg confronts Paul with the truth and packs her stuff.

Dusty informs Lily he now owns Worldwide.

Jack gets his job back.

Carly ruins Jack's proposal to Janet, who eventually says yes.

Vienna and Henry spy a suitcase full of money in Spencer's room.

Katie rushes to tell a cop and thinking she is one, tells Dani.

Spencer says the money is fake, and Vienna guesses someone switched the cases.

Alison does some snooping for Luke.

Aaron surprises his estranged wife with divorce papers.



A Jennifer look-alike named Josie waltzes into town, captivates Dusty, and agitates Barbara.

Brad gets in trouble--again.

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These spoilers are just awful. I hate that the show revolves around Paul. Seriously TPTB at ATWT have a hard on for Paul. We've been going through this [!@#$%^&*] with Paul since Howarth arrived on the scene. I hate that Lucinda would easily give up her company. That company means so much to her.

The Jack and Janet spoilers are redux of Katie and Jack. Same script different female character inserted. Seriously, Goutman and Piss need new material.

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I hate how Janet (like you said, Ron) has become Katie 2.0 here lately in regards to a non-Carly storyline for Jack. Are TIIC really that ignorant to believe we want to watch the same recycled garbage or are they just hellbent on making CarJack-ers' lives utter misery?

As for the Howarth love, he's a good actor, but he's never fit the part of Paul IMHO. The way I understood the character was that he was a man who had made it his life mission to be nothing like his father, to be there for his mother like his father never was, and to head up the remains of his tattered family. But with Howarth in the role, all we've seen is Paul bitching about not wanting to be like his father and then pulling a James-esque stunt. It's getting old.

Lastly, ITA that Lucinda would never give up her company, but maybe: A) it's out of her control (i.e. if she goes to jail or something) or B) it's part of an agreement with either Dusty or the police in regards to their investiagtion behind the cover-up of Dusty's fake death. I'll wait and see how it plays out before I pass judgement just yet.

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I'm so sorry I read these. They don't make me want to watch one minute of this weeks show. :rolleyes:

I barely made it through Jack and Katie and I sure as hell don't want to sit through Act II of it with Janet. Let me know when everything is OK with CarJack and maybe I'll watch again. :rolleyes:

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