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OLTL SOW November Sweeps Spoilers

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These spoilers are from SOW but were posted at the SNS website.

"This sweeps is really all about payoff," promises head writer Ron Carlivati. "There will be a huge payoff for the Tess story, this Todd/Marty story, Tina ---- it's all payoff."


Poor Cole is coming to the one year anniversary of his mother, Marty's death. He decides to write a letter to her about his life now about how it would seem if she were still alive. He sends the letter to Starr and they come together at Marty's grave. Just as Starr stands supporting Cole at the grave, her water breaks.


Tess realizes her plan to get her hooks into Jared will not work so she comes up with a new plan to take Natalie and Jared off the face of the Earth. The pressure of what she is trying to do will have some effect on her unborn child. As Jared and Natalie desperately try to get through to Tess, Tess is hit with terrible pain. There is a possibility two women will be in labor during the sweeps. And there will be a third labor going on. A possibility there will be more than 2 babies born during sweeps.


Marty will be finding out everything. Todd will fall deeper and deeper in love with her, making it harder for him to lie to her. The big climax begins as Starr goes into labor, Todd starts packing suitcases to get ready for his plan and John shows up at his house. Meanwhile Marty will be wondering what to do with the feelings she has for Todd.


John cares for Blair and that will continue. He genuinely feels something for Blair and thinks Marty might not want him as she is not the same person she used to be. And Blair will not go down without a fight.


Still exploring the living arrangements between Rex and Gigi. Brody will remain a factor as Shane cares for him very much.


Cristian brings Lola and Vanessa to Llanview. Sarah may have some insecure feelings about those sexy Colombian women. Also Antonio and Talia are key to the showdown with Marty.


Their relationship comes to a head with Dallas thrown into the mix as another complication. They must reconsider if they want to be in a relationship. Can they overcome all the things Clint has done and will Nora accept him?


Bo needs a woman. But he will be very busy during sweeps and there are a lot of people who will be arrested.

Surprise returns:

Tea comes back and will be tied to Todd. She's also be involved with the Vega family. Tina has been secretly hoping Viki would come back and fix things. But with Cain back, Tina has even bigger problems.

David Vickers: the dog!

David Vickers is integral to sweeps. There will be a "shocking discovery" about David Vickers (the dog), that will even surprise Tina.

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