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GH: Week of Sept 22

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I fastforward through Sonny and his next lady he will sleep with and the Sam and Jerry crap.

So for the rest of GH it was a boring day. People just moving around waiting for that dump wedding day to come so there can be action going on again with this show. Thats the only thing Guza knows its action so he doesn't have to really develop a story just through some action scenes in there and his done.

Best part today was Nikolas being sweet and understanding to Lulu and Lulu knowing she made her mom up in her head. Lucky being "Debbie Downer" is killing me. I want to slap him.

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Kate & Sonny :wub ... These are the people i fell in love with. I ahte what they have done to kate. Im glad to see she got some of her backbone back. I loved her telling maxie to be her MOH.

I loved Olivia & Carly's scenes. I love this carly, when she acts simi human yet still crazy. lol.

I really like Olivia so far.

Claudia needs to die. Now. Take ric, jtrevor and anthony with her.

Lulu & maxie had an amazing scene either earlier this week or last week. I love the relationship the show has made with these two. They are not BFF's, they are not enemies, yet they are not frenemies either. They just seem to get eachother and relate in a way nither ever thought they would.

Liason :wub:

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    • That's heartbreaking to hear. Julie had a tough life, but battled to become a national icon. She always had the utmost respect for Corrie and for its fans. I can't ever imagine Corrie without thinking of her. I hope she will be well taken care of.
    • It’s not as orangy today compared to yesterday but the air quality is still terrible.  I don’t ever remember this happening where I live. It sucks. 
    • Going home Sunday night it was crazy to see the full moon all red/orange. 
    • All of NYC and much of the Northeast look like they’re under a sepia filter right now due to poor air quality (the result of smoke from wildfires in Canada). People are recommended to stay indoors:  
    • I'm curious too. I really enjoyed it, I thought the actress was great and so warm even being limited to only "eye" acting. And while not the best written scene it did attempt to dig into the psychological and push and pull of Willow's conflict accepting someone she doesn't like in Nina as her mother and also accepting that the woman who raised her was neither a good mother or a good person.  JorBot can't kiss to save her life. Watching Zeke and Jordan passionlessly smash faces at each other wasn't the sweltering button to end yesterday's show on that they might have thought it was.
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