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DAYS: Week of 9/1/2008

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Stefano's last scene today:

Stefano: Marlena, what a pleasant surprise. You thought perhaps that you would never see me again, huh. But were you mistaken. Now that I’m back we have some unfinished business to attend to.

Stefano: I would also like to thank the rest of you all for rushing down to the station to demonstrate your unwavering support.

Tony: Father –

Stefano: You are all vermin, ingrates. My God, I am betrayed by my own family.

Stefano walks up to Tony.

Stefano: You disloyal fool!

Walks to EJ

Stefano: Pompous idiot!!

Goes to John

Stefano: Dishonourable bastard!!

To everyone

Stefano: Worthless!! The lot(?) of you! Totally worthless!! I want you out of my house, now!! This instant!!! OUT OUT OUT!!

Rock on, Stefano, rock on. :)

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Joseph Mascolo stole the show today..Loved seeing Stefano interact with so many of the vets...And Toups that scene rocked...I'm loving this Dimera power struggle storyline..It really needs to be told..And i just get excited whenever Stefano and John acknowledge each other as brothers....I love that after all they went through in the past, they turned out to be half-brothers..

on a negative note, Paul just revealing himself to Morgan was pretty lame...Another story that just gets wrapped up with no exciting conclusion..At least the Paul missing storyline is finally over..

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Maybe it's just me, but did anyone else find it odd that yesterday's (Tuesday's) episode ended brilliantly with Stefano yelling at everyone in the mansion.....and then the scene with him today begins with Tony and EJ calmly lounging around while Stefano pours drinks and talks with them, and John is gone.

Did I miss something here? lol I feel like more should have happened there, since it seemed to build to such a climax and then that's all we were left with at the beginning of today's show.

Granted, I didnt see anything today after the first act, so can someone fill me in? Did Stefano continue to go after EJ and Tony or did things relax?

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Today's show wasn't bad at all. Yesterday's wasn't either, aside from the Paul Hollingsworth storyline wrapping up. I don't care much for that story at all. But back to today.

The Abe, Lexie and Theo scenes at the park were great! For once, Abe and Lexie felt like actual characters, equal to the big 4, rather than supporting characters that only support the major characters. I know James Reynolds and Renee Jones can handle leading material. They've proven it in the past. And this week, it feels like they're finally getting that opporutnity again. I don't know if it's going to last long though. But the scenes were great. I love how the writers are showing us how affected Lexie is, moreso than Abe right now. In the beginning, it was Abe who was funny about Theo's autism, and you had Lexie, ready to tackle it. But after living with Theo's disorder for a few months, it's starting to take its toll on Lexie and I'm glad we're seeing that. I'm glad her perception about the disorder has changed. It's not going to be a walk in the park, and it's about time she realized it, and it's time they showed it.

I like that they used Steve and Kayla in these scenes as well. It's always great to see characters go in and out of storylines, rather than just being isolated. Lexie and Kayla's scenes were cute. I know they're not best friends. They barely ever had these kind of scenes in the past, but if you didn't know that, you would think they were the best of friends. Mary Beth Evans and Jones have great friendship chemistry, along with Kristian Alfonso when she's inserted. It's great. That was cute. And I like that they're mentioning the hospital board not being happy about the way the lockdown was handled. That was Lexie's job as Chief of Staff to keep the place running in order and she failed. She should be reprimanded for that. Little things like this help make the show more realistic and enjoyable.

Oh, and I loved Lexie's fantasy at the end of what Theo would be if he were normal. That was an awesome touch to add! Kudos to whoever thought of that one. You know that Lexie loves Theo, and would love him in any way, shape or form, but you know that she wishes he were "normal." That was probably my favorite part of today's show.

The pub scenes were pretty boring if you ask me. I hate Trent and I can't wait until Roscoe Born leaves. His time on this show can be so forgettable for me. Typical Higley character. Won't mean [[email protected]#$%^&*] six months from now.

I'm glad that Marlena is taking her life back, rather than pining for John to regain his memory. That was getting old to watch, considering we've been watching the same thing since January. It's about time Marlena figures that she might as well move on because the old John probably won't come back. I'm ready for John to start pining for Marlena, and in doing so, the old John begins fighting to reimerge and return.

I have to take time out and mention that I absolutely love the way Tony is being written right now. I never saw Tony in the 80s, but from what I've read in summaries, saw in old videos, and heard from older fans, this is the way the real Tony is. He's a torn/grey/complicated character. He's an anti-hero. Tony is not the evil character Reilly tried to make him while writing the show. He is a character that wants to make his father proud, and in doing so, he may resort to doing bad things, but he knows they're wrong and usually tries to fix them afterwards. That's the way Tony should be written, not the one-note cartoon a lot of fans were used to seeing before the reveal that it's been Andre for the past 15 years and not Tony.

The way Stefano ordered Tony around, to do things for him like getting the door or something along those lines, and you saw Tony give Stefano this look of dissatisfication, ponder for a second, but then he did what Stefano ordered him to do. I felt a real father and son connection between them in those scenes. EJ is pretty much the same way. Tony and EJ are pretty much in the same boat, and this is when I like both characters, when they're being written in this grey shade.

The DiMera family scenes have been awesome lately!

I don't know about anyone else, but the show has really turned around for me this week. I mean, this stuff is better than the Olympics stuff and everyone praised that [[email protected]#$%^&*]. I didn't really like it that much. This is the stuff that I'm tuning into and is goign to make me want to keep watching, which I am doing. I've loved this week so far. And that makes me wonder. Could this be Scott and the actors rewrites?

Everyone just assumed that the Olympics stuff was Scott's rewrites due to the vets being displayed and Stefano's return. However, if you remember one of Higley's blog posts, she said that she had big stuff coming for the Olympics. Maybe Stefano's return was part of her big plan. It fits if you ask me. And if you also ask me, everything that took place during the Olympics reeked of Higley IMO. So I'm going to go on thinking that the Olympic stuff was all Higley, and now, we're getting into Scott's rewrites. That has to be how it is. All of these stories are coming together and they're being written, sort of like Hogan's team used to, with the storylines interweaving with each other, something that was a huge staple on Y&R. This has to be Scott's stuff.

And if you remember, when news broke out weeks ago, it was said that the rewrites would take 6-8 weeks to air. It's been about 6 weeks since that news broke out, meaning the Olympics stuff would have been too soon to be the rewrites.

So that makes me worried. I'm finally enjoying DAYS, but with news that Higley's staying, I'm worried that her boring drab writing will return. What to do?

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