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AMC: Wednesday, August 20, 2008

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I thought this episode clearly showed Pratt's influence again.

When has Erica been so much her old self? The way she denied her feelings to Carmen while at the same time making sure Carmen thought Jack was just using her was classic Erica, as Eric said above. It's thrilling to watch this character finally return to manipulative form!

The Jack/Greenlee scenes were really good.

Jake did move out really quickly. I wonder if B&E were considering having him hook up with Greenlee at some point but Pratt changed things with the addition of Taylor?

I'm pretty sure there was a thread here a few weeks ago in the spoilers section about Pratt getting rid of Yaya. My guess is that Pratt wanted to focus on Jesse/Angie as a couple instead of their relationship with their kids.

Kendall still annoyed me more than Annie did. Like Cheap said, Kendall shouldn't be purposely antagonizing her crazy coworker and former friend, she should be getting her professional help. Also, it bothers me that Annie is justified in thinking Ryan still wants Greenlee since he now "loves" his ex.

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OK I'll agree with all that--even reading my post I agree youc an see more of Pratt's influence. (or of a NEW influence anyway).

WHile it was kinda a wasted scene I didn't even mind little bits like Tad and Aiden talking--you know just being *friends* the way people on soaps never seem to anymore.

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