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ATWT- Unusual I Do

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An unusual 'I do' on 'As the World Turns'

BY Carolyn Hinsey

Emily asks the much younger Casey to marry her today on "As the World Turns," setting off a chain of events that lands her in the hospital.

"Emily hears this squinkling of a girl say, ‘Is that your girlfriend? She's a cougar!'" says Kelley Menighan Hensley, who plays the not-so-blushing bride. "I think that has something to do with it. Emily just gets the urge to have Casey all to herself and take the plunge."

He says yes, and they head for the airport.

"Apparently, you can do this in St. Louis without a waiting period," says Hensley). "So they jump on a plane and go get married."

There's more to this than meets the eye, because Rick Decker has drugged Emily.

"They end up at a hotel, of course, and consummate the marriage many times," says Hensley. "Emily comes out of her stupor after the fact, when he refers to her as ‘Mrs. Casey Hughes.' She's like, ‘What did you just say?' Then she sees the ring on her finger and loses it. She immediately says it has to be annulled."

No way, says the groom.

"He had all of his faculties when he agreed to marry her, but it's like she had a blackout. The fact that she's saying ‘I was not in my right mind when I made this decision' is hurtful to him. He doesn't understand it. They have a very long, silent flight back." Once home, "she struggles with the fact that, yes, she does love him. But does she want to be married to him, or anybody else for that matter? No."

While Emily struggles with her marriage next week, Casey's mom, Margo, gets wind of it and heads over to blast her. But she finds Emily collapsed on the floor and has to rush her to Memorial, leading to a Rick Decker-led hostage situation in the coming weeks.

And then ... "Grayson's coming back!' says Hensley, referring to pal and former co-star Grayson McCouch, who played Emily's love Dusty Donovan.

"I shouldn't say this, because Billy [Magnussen, who plays Casey] is like, ‘Thanks a lot!' but Grayson's my guy. We have such unfinished business on this show."

He'll return Sept. 24.


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