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Best/Worst SORAS decisions!!

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Best: Christel Khalil, Michael Graziadei, Lyndsy Fonseca, David Tom

Worst: Joshua Morrow when he first started


Best: Jennifer Finnigan, Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, Courtnee Draper

Worst: Drew Tyler Bell, Addison & Alex Hoover

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EJ WELLS!!!!!!! the dude was born in the mid/latye 90's and now hes in his mid 30's! Sami had a baby when EJ was a baby (or before?) and now EJ is that kids stepfather (well, former) and MARRIED to sami!

Shawn, Brady, Belle, Philip, Abby - This is one big mess. Shawn was born first in the late 80's. Brady & Abbyw ere born around the same time, Then came Belle. Years later Philip was a baby (around the timeframe EJ & Will were actually, i think). However somehow Belle was the first to be SORAS, then they did it with Shawn & Philip. The brought Brady back older than them all, and then Abby younger than them all? WTF!

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